* ''Demons Dance Alone'' was chock full of this. Standouts include the "Loss" section and "Make Me Moo."
* ''Animal Lover.'' From "What Have My Chickens Done Now?" and "Two Lips" (in which a mad rush to buy tulips leaves everyone with tulips and nothing else [[note]]Loosely based on [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulip_mania true events]] at that[[/note]]) to pieces like "Dead Men," My Window," and "Inner Space," in which a woman recounts her visits to a bitter, detached father spending his last days in a hospital, this is considered one of the band's more depressing pieces, from a time when they were at their most pessimistic.
* The group's rendition of "{{Bury Me Not|OnTheLonePrairie}}," from the Cube-E show.
* The last two tracks from ''Freak Show.'' "Lillie" is about a young member of the audience who's so screwed-up mentally that she gives the performers the creeps, while "Nobody Laughs When They Leave" is comparatively, quite a DarkReprise of "Everyone Comes To The Freak Show."
-->Everyone comes to the freak show\\
to laugh at the freaks and the geeks\\
[[spoiler:Life is a lot like the freak show\\
'Cause]] nobody laughs when they leave.