[[caption-width-right:350:''"Littlefoot... let your heart guide you..."'']]

Land Before Time is widely recognized as a classic Creator/DonBluth animated film, but it will have [[SomewhereThisIndexIsCrying the palaeontologists crying]]--[[TearJerker for more reasons than one.]]


[[folder: First Movie ]]

* Littlefoot's mother's death. [[MamaBear She fights off a lethal predator to protect not only her son, but Cera as well]]. She gets a fatal wound in the process, but still stays on her feet long enough to save them and get them to (relative) safety as an earthquake erupts around them. After all that, Littlefoot finds her, and she's utterly beaten up and he pleads with her to get up, and she does manage to for a moment, only to collapse. Then, as she succumbs to her injuries, her last words to her son are to head to the Great Valley and that she'll always be with him. He then watched as she finally died. The kicker? The end of the scene is pulled off with the camera pulling back, so that you can only see the outlines of the two characters against the darkness... you don't even realize she has died until you hear Littlefoot speaking to her and getting no response: [[PleaseWakeUp "Mother? Mother?!"]]
* Sometime after that, Littlefoot sees his shadow cast large on the side of a cliff, and mistakes it for his mother. Because you know she's dead, but he doesn't understand, and he's so ''sure'' she's back, he's so happy but you know better and you have to watch him, knowing what's coming...
** Made even worse when he licks the rock.
* Littlefoot's mother gave him a star-shaped leaf, which he holds on to as a memento of hers. What happens to it? It got ''crushed'' by none other than Sharptooth.
* Rooter comforting Littlefoot after his mother dies - he's initially gruff and annoyed, but then when he realizes why Littlefoot is so sad, he immediately comforts the kid and reassures Littlefoot that his mom will always be a part of him as long as he remembers what she taught him.
** Particularly the line: "It's ''nobody's'' fault." It's such a sweet line in its own right, showing the compassion an old dinosaur has for a heartbroken child (and hints that he's been in Littlefoot's place). However, if you've ever lost someone important, then you'll know how desperately you try to look for someone to blame for their passing, including yourself, and sometimes you really need to hear someone say that to you.
** But even after that, the fact that he only appears for a very short time and leaves as soon as he arrives. Excusable, however, due to the fact that he was a character created at the last minute to soften the blow the death scene had.
* The scene after Littlefoot meets Rooter. He's wandering aimlessly, and nuzzles his head against the ground while sobbing.
* The little pterodactyl tries to cheer Littlefoot up with food and Littlefoot just stares on dully, not even reacting...
* Littlefoot and Cera's fight. Cera is becoming more and more impatient while the others are at their wits end, and it all comes to a breaking point when Cera [[UngratefulBastard insults Littlefoot's mother]] and declares she's going another way. The two come to blows, with Cera coming out on top, and Littlefoot, holding back tears, yells at her to go on ahead.
* Cera walking off alone and then breaking down crying after her HumiliationConga [[spoiler:and [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone her remorse]] for almost getting her friends killed, but still being too proud to admit she was the one in the wrong]]. Sure, she was a massive JerkAss, and said HumiliationConga did feed her a [[BreakTheHaughty much-needed]] fat slice of HumblePie, but she's still a kid and [[JerkassRealization realizing how terrible she'd behaved]] after such a traumatizing experience is still not going to be pleasant.
* Littlefoot's mother appearing to him in the form of the clouds. As he tries telling her he tried and failed to find the Great Valley, her form seems to start departing.
** "Mother? Mother? Don't go, Mother! Don't go!" Geez...
* The song [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjE126KvPZI "If We Hold On Together"]]. Also the dialogue that comes before it; "And they all grew up together in the valley, generation upon generation, each passing on to the next. The tale of their ancestor's journey to the valley long ago. "
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVKJMEFfi9E Here's the cover]] with the kids who played Cera and Ducky, Anndi [=McAfee=] and Aria Noelle Curzon respectively, singing it.
* A meta example: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judith_Barsi What happened]] to Ducky's voice actress, Creator/JudithBarsi, a few months before the movie was released. (Warning: do not click that link unless you want a bigger TearJerker than all these examples ''combined''.) [[spoiler:Also, [[VerbalTic "Yep yep yep"]] is on her tombstone.]]


[[folder: The Sequels ]]

* The ending to ''Journey to Big Water'' [[spoiler:(Mo just didn't want to leave his new friends)]] and the song "No One Has To Be Alone" (especially the [[AwardBaitSong end credits version]]). To some, even scenes from a sequel (or even a '''song''' from said sequel) can be tearjearking.
* "Family" in ''The Big Freeze.''
* In ''The Big Freeze'', after Spike leaves the valley with a herd of his own kind, his mother and sister are despondent. Ducky's mother goes to her daughter and tries to talk to her about it, and Ducky sadly keeps brushing her off again and again until she snaps at her mother. By that point, while plenty of dialogue applies to Ducky, you realize that Ducky's mother isn't just trying to talk to her about how her daughter feels, especially after she keeps getting brushed off - Ducky's mother is confessing how ''she'' feels now that her son has left her for who knows how long.
* " Always There" from the fifth movie.
* The final verse of "On Your Own" (From The Secret of Saurus Rock), and the entirety of "Bestest Friends" (From the end of The great Longneck Migration)
** In fact, the ending of "The Great Longneck Migration". Littlefoot's distress at having to choose between his friends and grandparents, or his long-lost father. His grandparents distress at the thought of losing him, which they try very hard to cover up for his sake. And his final explanation to his father that [[spoiler: he just isn't ready to leave his friends and grandparents, despite really wanting to go live with his father]].
** Littlefoot's initial reaction to meeting his dad. Instead of a joyous reunion, RealityEnsues and Littlefoot runs off with tears in his eyes and feelings of betrayal in his brain. Subverted when they talk it over and begin to bond.
* "The Time of Great Giving": Realizing ''why'' [[TheBully Hyp]] has been a jerk after his dad shows up.
* Pterano's backstory in VII is pretty harsh. [[spoiler: [[MyGreatestFailure Blinded by arrogance, he accidentally lead a smaller herd into an earthshake/ambush that killed off ALL OF THEM except for him, and he barely managed to escape.]] (and that's only because he can fly) He's shown ''watching at least one follower die'' (the swimmer that falls off the cliff). When he meets back up with the main herd at the Valley, he can only turn his back and cradle his head in his hands in grief and shock. ''Ouch.'']]
-->'''Grandpa Longneck:''' He never told us what did happen, only that it wasn't his fault... And we never saw any of the others again...
** To make it worse, take a look at Pterano's expressions and body language in that flashback. [[spoiler:He really did ''try'' to take control of the situation, and he really wanted to help them. But to put it bluntly, the poor guy just wasn't cut out to be a leader (as Grandpa and Grandma Longneck pointed out after the flashback). The whole situation was just too much for him to handle and he was ForcedToWatch them die without being able to help them.]]
** Even years after, he's still haunted by [[spoiler:the massacre]]. When Ducky [[spoiler:falls from the mountain during the climax, he immediately starts to hallucinate/have flashbacks of the swimmer who fell off the cliff because of him. Luckily, this time it turns into a CrowningMomentOfAwesome when he manages to save her in time.]]
* You have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by "Bestest Friends", tackling the implications that a friendship that has lasted ten movies might come to a physical end even if the gang will always be best friends in their hearts.
* In the prologue of ''Journey of the Brave'', which recaps the series both for newcomers to the series and longtime viewers, we get a direct mention of Littlefoot's mother - that "the perils of this world had claimed Littlefoot's mother". It may be a form of NeverSayDie, but it's still poignant to be included in the revival of the series after so many years.
* At the end of ''Journey Through the Mists'', even though he became friends with the heroes, especially Spike, Tickles chooses not to return to the Great Valley with the dinosaurs, presumably because his main family was still in the Valley of Mists. Therefore, there's a scene in which they have to part ways.
* In the fourth movie, "Grandma Longneck's Lullaby", as she tries to help Littlefoot cope with the impending death of Grandpa Longneck. [[FridgeHorror Made even worse]] by the fact that she is Littlefoots ''maternal'' grandmother.