[[caption-width-right:350:The usual reaction to this movie.]]
* Watching the Giant struggle in pain as the electrical wires he had been trying to eat at the power plant electrocute him. It's the first indication that this isn't just a monster, but a sentient being with feelings, which is why Hogarth goes back to save it.
* [[spoiler: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4dT2eBWI2M The Giant's]] HeroicSacrifice]]: "[[MeaningfulEcho You...stay. I...go. No following.]]"
** "''[[ItMakesSenseInContext Superman...]]''" Who knew that Creator/VinDiesel could reduce grown men to tears with a single word? [[ComicBook/{{Superman}} Kal-El]] himself would be honored.
** The way Hogarth whispers "I love you," as The Giant takes off.
** Hogarth tearfully clinging to the Giant's finger as he pulls it away.
* "Souls don't die..."
* The Giant after [[spoiler: believing Hogarth to be dead. Even savvy viewers that knew otherwise got choked up by the Giant grieving for his friend.]] Especially when he starts trembling and buries his face in his hands.
** If you listen close during that scene, you can hear the Giant whimper, "Hogarth."
** The way [[PleaseWakeUp he nudges]] [[spoiler:[[PleaseWakeUp his unresponsive body]],]] [[MeaningfulEcho just like the deer]], and starts crying as he puts two and two together.
** Watching the Giant [[spoiler: succumb to his defense mechanism that he so desperately wants to defy, especially after almost killing Hogarth with it]]. It's both tragic and horrifying to see this GentleGiant [[spoiler:suddenly turn into the monster he doesn't want to be]].
** [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone The Giant hyperventilating like a frightened child]] once he [[spoiler:snaps out of his rage and goes back to normal]].
* The deer in the forest and Hogarth's explanation of the concept of death to the Giant.
-->'''Hogarth:''' Things die...It's a part of life. It's bad to kill. But it's not bad to die.
* This exchange of dialogue:
--> [[spoiler:'''Annie:''' Shouldn't we get to a shelter?]]
--> [[spoiler:'''Dean:''' ...it wouldn't matter...]]
** Just the hopelessness and sense of realism in his voice...
* The scene after Hogarth [[spoiler:nearly gets vaporized by the Giant when they were playing a game and the Giant mistook Hogarth's toy gun for a real weapon, and Dean yells at him, calling him "a big gun that walks." Giant then gets a "[[MyGodWhatHaveIDone My God, What Did I Almost Do?]]" moment when he sees a bus with a vaporized hole as Dean tells him, "You almost did ''THAT'' to Hogarth!"]]
** "I- I not gun."
*** Later echoed for a SugarWiki/{{Awesome Moment|s}}.
* The scene where the Giant approaches the dead deer, and learns about the concept of death for the first time. [[spoiler:Even more sad considering [[HeroicSacrifice what happens to him]] later on.]]

* What happens when you combine the Tear Jerker endings of ''Iron Giant'' and ''Disney/WreckItRalph''? [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fvLRA2W1wM Cue the waterworks.]]
* [[http://xombiedirge.com/post/56952728193/you-are-who-you-choose-to-be-by-adam Superman.]]
* Ted Hughes, author of the original novel who [[ApprovalOfGod absolutely loved the film]], died mere months before it was completed.