[[folder: Drowned Ammet ]]

* Mitt realizing that [[{{Jerkass}} Al]] [[spoiler:is his father, that they are NotSoDifferent at being jerks, and that Al hates him for messing up the initial assassination plot. After this, Mitt decides to become a better person instead of becoming Al.]]

[[folder: The Crown of Dalemark ]]

* It turns out that one of Maewen's mentors is [[spoiler:Duck]] from the previous book, and he had asked her to impersonate [[spoiler:his daughter Noreth who is a potential new leader]]. When he finds out that [[spoiler: [[AdultFear Noreth has died on her crusade]]]], he lashes out at Maewen even though she says she was only doing what he ordered her to do. Eventually he breaks down crying.
** Going on from this, a minor TearJerker when Mitt and Maewen encounter Cynnoreth. [[spoiler:Given that "Noreth" is a diminutive of "Cyynoreth," Duck named his daughter after his sister.]]
* Maewen [[spoiler:returns to the present]] and learns that Mitt [[spoiler:died and was buried in the mausoleum ''right outside her window'']].