Somehow, even Franchise/StreetFighter manages to get in on the heartstring tugging action.


[[folder:The Games]]
* In Super Street Fighter 4, a couple of the endings are genuinely sad, namely Guile and T Hawk's endings. Guile's is more bittersweet, as he [[spoiler:visits Charlie's grave and has a toast on it, vowing to finish his takedown of Shadaloo so that Charlie can have closure.]] T. Hawk's is genuinely depressing, as he [[spoiler: finds Juli/a with Rose's help, but her experience with Shadaloo has totally traumatized her, and she is unable to remember who Hawk even is.]] Guile's can put a bit of a glow in the heart knowing that [[spoiler:he succeeded, since Shadaloo is gone by Street Fighter 3's events, so Charlie can rest in peace,]] but Hawk's ending is probably one of the most depressing things you would ever see in a fighting game.
* Guile's ''original'' ending in SFII was a big-ass tearjerker, actually. [[spoiler:His wife and pre-teen daughter practically have to beg Guile to not kill Bison because [[IfYouKillHimyouWillBeJustLikehim they don't want him to lower himself to commit deliberate murder]] and plead with him to return home with them.]] One single, simple phrase can still make many a player sniffle like a little child once in a while:
-->Guile: "[[spoiler:A-Amy]]? Is that... [[spoiler:my little Amy]]...?
* The Alpha series gives us [[spoiler: Juni]]'s downright heartbreaking ending, where [[spoiler: she and Juli (aka Julia, T. Hawk's friend/girlfriend) hug each other in front of Bison's body as they become {{Empty Shell}}s (And they won't get better for a LONG time.)]] The montage in which [[spoiler: Charlie and Chun-Li discuss the project that made them borderline {{Robot Girl}}s]] really doesn't help.
-->[[spoiler: Juni]]: We are... we are... Always... [[spoiler: Sir Bison's...]]
* Whether the player [[FanPreferredCouple ships]] [[{{Ninja}} Guy]] and [[LadyOfBlackMagic Rose]] [[PlatonicLifePartners or not]], [[ the scene in Guy's ending]] [[spoiler: where Guy holds Rose in his arms and begs her not to give into darkness]] is pretty heartwretching. [[spoiler: And it becomes a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming in Rose's own ending, since she hears his voice and manages to wake up, [[EarnYourHappyEnding finally earning something similar to a happy ending]].]]
* [[TheWoobie Bison's Dolls]] are a bunch of once normal and innocent girls who were kidnapped and brainwashed to become super soldiers. Most of them remember nothing of their past lives, are completely loyal to Bison, and even after Bison's death, the nightmare doesn't end. In ''IV'' [[GirlInABox they're kept]] [[PeopleJars in capsules]] since Seth plans to experiment on them all until they die, which is barely averted by Cammy and Guile's effort; and later the players learn how [[spoiler: Juni and Juli]] are [[BreakTheCutie so badly traumatized]] that [[spoiler: Juni [[TraumaInducedAmnesia can't remember anything]] and, as said above, Juli [[EmptyShell is near-catatonic]].]] The paragraphs below [[FromBadToWorse make everything even worse...]]
* [[spoiler: Decapre's ending]] in'' Ultra Street Fighter IV''. To put it mildly; [[spoiler: Cammy may have [[FaceHeelTurn become an agent for Bison]] all over again, [[LoveMakesYouEvil just to]] [[AlwaysSaveTheGirl save her "younger sister" Decapre]].]]
** Actually, ''everything'' about [[spoiler: Decapre]] is a [[TheWoobie serious punch to the heart and guts]]. [[spoiler: Her]] prologue is completely heartbreaking, specially with [[spoiler: all these flashbacks to her and the other Dolls being experimented on, and the young Cammy taking a protective older sister role towards her, and Decrapre's confusion and rage that finishes with her getting out of the capsule she has been stashed inside, saying [[MadnessMantra "Killer Be... kill... kill... kill... kill them all...! KILL ALL!"]].]] [[WhamEpisode Quite the nasty, heartbreaking surprise.]]
* [[TragicHero Cody's entire]] [[KnightInSourArmor character developement]] from VideoGame/FinalFight to VideoGame/StreetFighter. In Final Fight, Cody and his best friend Guy fought to rid the city of the Mad Gear gang, and rescue Cody's girlfriend Jessica. And while both were lauded as heroes, Cody was thrown into prison by a corrupt cop he had defeated along the way. While in prison, he develops an addiction to fighting that he carried with him when he got out, resulting in him walking the streets, looking for even the slightest reason to fight. When he is thrown back into jail, everybody but his best friend Guy abandons him. Eventually, he breaks out of prison to enter the various World Warrior tournaments. And while deep down, Cody is still a hero who longs to return to what he once was, he seems to have mostly convinced himself that he can never be a hero again.
* In ''VideoGame/StreetFighterIV'' all of the titles unlocked by using a character tell something deeply personal about them, when they aren't being funny in a cheeky way. What's one of Ryu's title cards? "Wish I had a family". [[PlayerPunch OUCH!]] [[spoiler: If ''WebVideo/StreetFighterAssassinsFist'' and/or ''Anime/StreetFighterAlphaGenerations'' '''are''' canon, Gouken may be his biological father by Goutetsu's daughter Sayaka.]]
* In [[ Gen's]] base [=SF4=] Arcade Mode opening, he speaks to the deceased Dorai (Chun-Li's father) about how his daughter has grown into an admirable woman...and then grabs his chest in pain and flashes back to when his cancer prevented him from saving Dorai from bring kidnapped by M.Bison, all the while cursing his frail body, clearly blaming himself for Dorai's death.
* Charlie sacrificing himself at the end of Alpha 3. To elaborate; him, Chun-Li and Guile have just infiltrated Bison's base and are planting explosives to destroy the Psycho Drive. As they are doing so, Bison ambushes them and incapacitates the three of them. As he approaches Guile to kill him, Charlie tackles Bison and orders the others to leave while he holds Bison back. Several minutes later, the base explodes, taking Charlie and Bison down with it. Meanwhile, Guile is watching the explosion and is implied to be [[ManlyTears crying.]] Some time later, Guile holds Charlie's [[TragicKeepsake dogtags]] and swears to honor his memory, while at the same time holding some small hope that he is still alive somewhere.
** There's a brief CrowningMomentOfAwesome in there. Charlie manages to hold his own against Final Bison, explicitly stated to be the strongest Bison has ever been, for at least several minutes while already injured.
* ''Street Fighter V'' makes it even worse by confirming that [[spoiler: Charlie did indeed survive, but was mangled horribly, and apparently underwent extensive and horrific surgery, and now resembles a stitched-together monstrosity.]] Even worse, [[spoiler: Charlie's body may have recovered, but his mind certainly has not. Gone is the cool-headed but passionate beacon of justice and mentor to Guile and occasional partner/almost boyfriend to Chun-Li from ''Alpha''. In his stead is a cold-blooded, cynical, and ruthless assassin who will not hesitate to remove any obstacles in his way of his goal, even if said obstacles are people he once called friends.]]
** [[ His story mode]] manages to be an even ''bigger'' punch to the gut and heart by confirming that his ''Alpha 2'' ending, the one where he's betrayed by his fellow Air Force unit and shot via helicopter before being sent careening off a Venezuelan waterfall, is his '''''canon''''' death. One has to wonder what was going through his mind during that moment. A paragon of justice and virtue, betrayed by those he once called comrades. To make it worse, it pretty much retroactively renders Charlie's HeroicSacrifice in ''Alpha 3'' [[ShootTheShaggyDog null and void]].
*** Hell, even the ''title'' of his story mode is one big TearJerker by appropriately naming it, "The Man Who Lost It All".
* Many victory quotes against Evil Ryu in Street Fighter IV, especially from friends and associates of Ryu, express severe shock, sadness, concern or disappointment at his fall from grace. Some are quite heartbreaking.
--> Ken: "Ryu... Is that really you!? What the hell happened? Ryu!"
--> Sakura: "Ryu-san! Wake up, please!"
--> Sagat: "I am so disappointed, Ryu! Is this the power you so desired!?"
--> Gouken: "Don't give in to this power, Ryu!"
--> Dhalsim:"I pray that the hatred insinde of you is extinguished quietly..."
** But perhaps the most painful quote comes from Gouken when he fights Evil Ryu as a hidden boss.
--> Gouken: "You are no pupil of mine."
* With Guile confirmed as a DLC character for ''V'', you can now experience the long-awaited yet saddest matchup in the series. Guile, who has gotten past his desire for revenge against Bison for killing his best friend, versus Charlie, said best friend who has been brought back from the dead and became what Guile stopped himself from becoming. Their win-quote dialogue to each other says it all.
--> Nash: "[[WeUsedToBeFriends I have nothing left to say to you.]]"
--> Guile: "Nash... '''[[IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight What on earth happened to you?!]]'''"


[[folder:The Film]]

* [[spoiler:Guile's (fake) death earlier on can qualify to those who watch the movie without much familiarity with the series, and so end up getting the impression he was KilledOffForReal.]]
** Creator/RaulJulia's whole performance, as he knew [[YourDaysAreNumbered he didn't have much time left]] and wanted to secure a big paycheck for his family, plus [[CrowningmomentOfHeartwarming do a role]] [[SoMyKidsCanWatch his kids wanted to see]]. [[DyingMomentOfAwesome And it was fucking awesome, too.]] Although the film as a whole is often ridiculed as being one of the sillier video game adaptations (and that's saying something), Julia's final appearance is generally treated with well-deserved respect, to the point where he was even posthumously nominated for a Saturn Award.
* Charlie is mutated and tortured halfway into insanity, [[spoiler:and then he, and the man who tried to help him die in an explosion.]] Talk about ''depressing''!
* Before the final battle, Guile reminisces some happy memories he had with Charlie with ''Worth Fighting For'' by Angelique Kidjo playing.
* "¡Vaya con Dios!" ("Go forth with God!") [[note]]Raúl Julia died not too long after filming the movie, as said above. The film is dedicated to him, with these words.[[/note]]

[[folder:Animated Media]]

* Anime/StreetFighterIIV has[[spoiler: Fei Long's intense and tearful HeroicBSOD when he thinks Chun-Li's father, who trained him and treated him like a son, is dead]].
* The scene from ''The Ties That Bind'' where [[spoiler: Ryu snaps massively upon seeing Viper torture Cammy, '''practically loses himself to the Satsui no Hado''' [[BerserkButton out of anger]] and a tearful Sakura has to give him a CooldownHug to stop him]] is surprisingly powerful, and it's not helped by how [[spoiler: Ryu [[TwistedKneeCollapse slumps to his knees]] [[WhatHaveIBecome in horror]] upon coming back to his senses, with [[TheWoobie poor Sakura]] still hugging him, and a GreyRainOfDepression falls on them both as well as on Ken and the injured Cammy.]]
* From ''Anime/StreetFighterAlphaTheAnimation'', [[spoiler: Shun's death in [[DiedInYourArmsTonight his "older brother" Ryu's arms]].]]
* Anime/StreetFighterAlphaGenerations may not be fully canon, but damn it is depressing. Specially in [[spoiler: the flashbacks to Akuma and Gouken's more or less happy lives before it went FromBadToWorse]], and the BittersweetEnding where [[spoiler: Akuma recovers some parts of his humanity after almost killing Ryu in battle (and mind you, this particular AlternateUniverse all but states that ''Ryu is Akuma's son'')]] and later [[spoiler: the OldMaster that Ryu befriends passes away, and Ryu leaves after mourning him.]]
* Even the cartoon has one in "Eye of the Beholder." Blanka rescues the Japanese Prime Minister from an attack, only for the man to run away screaming that he's a monster. Blanka deals with his angst over being mutated for the rest of the series.

[[folder: The Comics]]
* It may not be canon, but Shadow is sure to make fans of [[spoiler:Charlie]] shudder. Shadow is [[spoiler: Charlie, after being captured by Bison post Alpha 3 and experimented on, tortured, and brainwashed.]] He is so far gone that he beats [[spoiler:Guile]] to a bloody pulp without any hesitation, and is willing to attack [[spoiler:Chun-Li, with whom Charlie was almost an OfficialCouple.]]
** It becomes slightly heartwarming when Shadow breaks Bison's control and sacrifices himself to save [[spoiler: Chun-li and Guile]] by destroying the cliff him and Bison are standing on with a [[spoiler:Summersault Justice]], which is specifically differentiated from [[spoiler:Shadow Justice]] to show that for a brief moment, [[spoiler:Charlie]] has regained control of himself.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* [[ Ryu: Then and Now]], an animated short made by Egoraptor (of Game Grumps and Awesome Series fame). The short begins with Ryu during the SFII days, getting ready to take on the world. It then skips ahead to 20 years later, in which [[spoiler:he is now a businessman. The short ends with him looking at a picture of his young self and remembering the good ol' days, and starting to tear up as he does so.]] Anyone who grew up with the series is sure to shed a tear when watching this.
* The two short movies made by [=ChubbyBoyFilms=]:
** In the ''[[ Balrog: Behind the Glory]]'' documentary, we see Balrog's father clearly torn up over how teaching his son to defend himself from bullies (the only time they ever really bonded, at that) was a misguided first step that led to him becoming a murderer and infamous criminal. Also, what caused him, the Heavyweight Champion of the World, to become said criminal: his trainer and the public drove him to become more and more vicious and fouling until he killed a challenger with a headbutt, and that got him banned from boxing and made into a joke.
** While Vega's backstory is already sad enough, ''[[ El Matador]]'' manage to make it ''worse'' by having young Vega try to intervene before his stepfather can murder his mother - only for both of them to fall out of the window, killing her instantly. And the end shows why he works for Bison: [[BecauseYouWereNiceToMe because he recognizes him as beautiful]].