* For all the flak it's taken, [[spoiler: Data's]] death counts as a tear jerker. While Jerry Goldsmith's score definitely helps, seeing the other members of the crew so solemn and quiet afterwards, and in one case, burst into tears, really hammers it home that he's gone. It's even harder for people who grew up watching the show, and subsequent movies, for someone they followed through all the episodes, and all the adventures, is now gone forever...[[ExpandedUniverse even if he does eventually come back]].
** The shocked look on Picard's face when Data slaps the transmitter enhancer on him really sells the scene.
** As does Deanna's blubbering at the wake.
** When Riker talks about first meeting [[spoiler:Data]], [[ContinuityNod he mentions that he was whistling a song, but now he's having trouble remembering the title]].[[note]]It was "Pop Goes the Weasel".[[/note]]
* The scene when Data deactivated B-4 after rescuing Picard from Shinzon. Since he's an old prototype of Data and Lore, he wasn't programmed with everything that his "brothers" learned. He obviously didn't realize that he was betraying Picard and everyone on the ''Enterprise'' by giving Shinzon important information. He sounds so scared and childlike when he asks Data why he's being restrained and being deactivated.
** Just imagine how Data must have felt. He had found his long-lost "brother" and he had helped reconstruct him, just like he did with Lore. He had to shut down ''another'' sibling because of what he had done.
* Picard's last attempt to convince Shinzon to do a HeelFaceTurn. The look on Picard's face after Shinzon thoroughly rejects his plea is heartbreaking, especially when you consider Picard knows that ''that'' was what ''he'' would have become in Shinzon's circumstances.
** Because of his age and connection to him, Picard at first regards Shinzon as something of a long-lost relative, even though he's not sure if he can trust him. Once he discovers Shinzon possesses the Theloran ray, he ruefully confesses to Beverly he ''wanted'' to believe him.
-->'''Picard:''' Whatever he's after, it isn't peace.
-->'''Beverly:''' Is he a lot like you?
-->'''Picard:''' ...Oh yes.
* In a meta sense, the promise of peace between TheFederation and Romulus becomes this after [[spoiler: [[Film/StarTrek Romulus gets destroyed]]]].
* On a meta level, Creator/TomHardy was so hopeful that this film would launch him to stardom that he became depressed when this film flopped, [[CreatorBreakdown and he got suicidal, turning to drugs and alcohol]]. To this very day, he still hates to talk about ''Nemesis'' in any significant detail.