* Rincewind's HeroicBSOD and the description of him scrabbling through the rubble of [[spoiler:the ruined library]] just about broke me. And then at the end when [[spoiler: he stays behind in the Dungeon Dimensions]]...
** Not just that but the [[spoiler:ruined library]] at all. Being a great lover of books it was heart-breaking, especially after all we've been told about it. There was also the matter of [[spoiler:whether the Librarian got out or not]].
* Rincewind's [[HeroicSacrifice one good deed]]. WAAAAAAH!
** ''Sourcery'' is the only book I have ever read that has literally made me cry. It takes quite a lot to do that.
** When he's fighting the Thing, he notices that Coin isn't running. Then he starts to - ''toward'' Rincewind. Rincewind has to resort to screaming ''the same abusive line Coin's father told him when he tortured the boy'' in order to get Coin to obey and escape back into the world. And then the portal closes, meaning that's the last thing he said to Coin. This troper just put down the book that instant and bawled.
* Spelter and Carding- both starting out as your standard vicious wizards, both coming to realize something is horribly, horribly ''wrong''... and both discovering that RedemptionEqualsDeath. Extra-horrible bonus points for Carding, since the ''readers'' get a GoryDiscretionShot but ''Coin'' [[ForcedToWatch doesn't]].
* The beginning with Ipslore and his wife's death: "All my magic could not save her."
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