%%* The whole concept of the game.
%%* The endings in general can be quite affecting.
* ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAsIYidvH7o Acceptance]]''.
* This exchange from two of the endings:
-->[[spoiler:'''Cheryl:''' You've been with me for so long...]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Harry:''' I always will be.]]
-->[[spoiler:*Harry turns to ice*]]
** The "Love Lost" ending shows [[spoiler:Cheryl taping Harry's departure from his family after their divorce, and him kneeling down to her to explain - [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxV8j2m8HSk "Even though Mom and Dad don't love each other anymore, we both love you - and we always will."]]]]
*** [[spoiler: Also from "Love Lost", Harry notices Cheryl and tells her, gently, "don't film this." Cheryl's been replaying and replaying her home movies to try to keep her grip on the perfect image of her father throughout the whole game, but never getting to the truth because she rewinds before she gets there. He tells her not to film it because he already knows divorce is tough on a kid, and having such a concrete reminder will only hurt her in the long run; the fact that he understands his daughter so well suggests he really was as attentive and loving as she remembers.]]
* The "Drunk Dad" ending counta too: [[spoiler:when he notices Cheryl filming him, Harry asks in a harsh tone "Am I supposed to dance for you?" and than demands that she bring him another beer.]] [[spoiler:He really wasn't the loving, kind dad Cheryl had longed for in this ending.]]
* In "Wicked and Weak", we find out that [[spoiler:Harry was abused by Dahlia, and Cheryl has a constant reminder of it on tape. In this ending, it's surprising Cheryl ever forgave her mother.]]
* The big reveal at the end, which escalates with Kaufmann getting increasingly agitated with [[spoiler:Cheryl and her delusions]]. The WhamLine is finally delivered as [[spoiler:Harry is shown entering the room from the player's perspective.]]
--> '''Kaufmann:''' [[spoiler: Your dad wasn't a hero. Wasn't your knight in shining armor. [[ParentsAsPeople He was a human being]]. You never knew him, and you never will. The dad walking around in your head isn't even a ghost. He never existed. A Frankenstein's monster, a child's fantasy! But you're alive. Your mother is alive. She's not the monster you make her out to be. You need to live your life... Cheryl.]]
* Some players get annoyed at the video of Cheryl and Harry playing over and over again in the beginning. However, it is the last thing that's shown in the game, and since we know the real story by then, it makes the video ten times sadder.
** Mary Elizabeth [=McGlynn's=] vocal work drives it home.
* [[spoiler:"Why did you have to die? It wasn't my fault..."]]
* The story of Harry and Dahlia, as glimpsed [[spoiler: through Cheryl's repressed memories. Two teens who fell in love in high school, got married, and only realized that what they had going in high school would not suffice for a lifetime of marriage until ''after'' they had a child. The end result, a messy divorce and years of strained relationship between Cheryl and Dahlia after Harry's death and Cheryl demonizing her mother.]]
* Similarly, [[spoiler: Cheryl's experiences after her father's death were ''far'' from pleasant, as most of the events from the cabin onwards are implied to have happened to her. She may have been date-raped at a party, was rumored to be having an affair with a teacher (which was likely her confiding in him regarding her personal life, instead), and she ''definitely'' stabbed a security guard who'd taken pity on her, overreacting to his approach.]]
* One of the early memories found in the game is a voice mail in the video store. It's of an irate women angry because the video store accidentally destroyed her wedding video and it was her only copy. [[spoiler: After playing through the game, you'll realize who that woman was: Dahlia, so the wedding video was of her and Harry. It really does cement that, no, she wasn't the monster Cheryl thought she was and that she still loved Harry.]]