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!!From the first film:
* Shrek explaining to Donkey why he is the way he is:
-->'''Shrek:''' It's the world that has a problem with ''me!'' People take one look at me and say, "Ahh! Help! Run! A big, stupid, ugly ogre..." *depressed* They judge me before they even know me...
* The TwistEnding of ''WesternAnimation/{{Shrek}}'': [[spoiler:"...I'm supposed to be beautiful..." "But you ''are'' beautiful."]]
** And don't forget the scene after Shrek and Fiona split up, and everything's going as planned, but both are completely miserable. What really pushes it into tearjerker territory is the heartbreaking "Hallelujah" playing in the background.
** The misunderstanding where Shrek overhears Fiona saying, "Who could ever love a beast so hideous and ugly?" is painfully hard to watch. Extra points for being depressing both from Fiona's side ''and'' Shrek's side of the conversation.
* ''"I live alone! Me! My swamp! Nobody else, understand? Especially useless, annoying, pathetic'' '''''talking donkeys!"''''' Just...that. During the whole line, he's obviously trying not to cry, and for once in his life he's let himself have a friend, let himself fall in love, and he thinks it can't be and is trying to shove Donkey out of his life. To make it worse, there's Donkey's clearly-hurt expression and
-->''Donkey:'' But...I thought--
-->''Shrek:'' Yeah, well you know what? You thought wrong!

!!From TheMusical
* ''Who I'd Be'', which has been called the [[Theatre/{{Wicked}} Defying Gravity]] of Shrek.
-->''An ogre always hides,''
-->''an ogre's fate is known.''
-->''An ogre always stays in the dark''
-->''and all alone!''
** It gets worse with the second use of that line, which also serves as TheReveal for the [[ItWasHisSled five people]] that didn't know about Fiona's secret.
-->'''Shrek:''' A big, bright beautiful world! ...But not for me.
-->'''Fiona:''' An ogre always hides, an ogre's fate is known...
-->'''Fiona and Shrek:''' An ogre always stays in the dark.
-->'''Donkey:''' You're all alone...
* It's played as BlackComedy and an EstablishingCharacterMoment, but "Big Bright Beautiful World" is awfully sad, too.
-->And so, the little ogre found a muddy patch of swampland far, far away from the world that despised him. And there he stayed, tucked away and [[FriendlessBackground all alone]]... ''[[SourOutsideSadInside which was just the way he liked it!]]''
* The song "I Know it's Today" counts as one. It's beautiful and it ends with the three actresses playing Fiona singing in harmony and is probably the perfect establishing character song, but let's step back and think about this for a moment. Both young Fiona's are describing their rescuer, but when we reach adult Fiona she doesn't care who gets her out. SHE JUST WANTS OUT. Not just that, let's break down the numbers. The youngest Fiona (age 7) has been there 23 days, the next (age 9?)had been there about 2 and 1/2 years, and adult Fiona has been lock in that tower for over 23 YEARS! And as for the trio at the end- how much do you want to bet that this song is something Fiona has sung to herself during her whole stay to help keep sanity and hope?