[[caption-width-right:350:''"I'm just a woman who fell in love with you. Nothing more."'']]
* The apparent death of Ada Wong.
** In the A scenario, it has probably the saddest piece of music in the game. It captures the utter grief and anguish of Leon perfectly. He holds his head and falls to his knees in complete despair. Before then, he'd promised her many times his duty as a cop compels him to protect her, only to lose her before the end.
** See also {{Narm}} due to cheesy voice acting.
** In fairness, [[NarmCharm most RE fans have a high tolerance for this]]. Of course, the ''novelization'' of that scene hits a lot harder, mostly because we as readers have gotten to hear a lot of Ada's thoughts over the course of the story, and have consequently grown more attached to her as a character.
* Sherry meeting her almost dead mother in Claire B.
** Sherry's life before, during and after the game. Her parents do love her, but they spent most of their time engaging in horrific biological experiments so they didn't have much time for their only daughter. In arguably the cannonical version, she gets "impregnated" by her mutated father and never even gets to say goodbye to her mother. THEN, she gets to spend the next 12+ years of her live in government captivity as a test subject, with only occasional visits from Claire to make her feel better.
** While playing one of the saddest pieces of music [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AQICKJNOiw]] in the entire ''series''.
* The police station notes and logs mostly combine this and NightmareFuel as they tell how the police officers make repeated, desperate attempts to escape or fight off the monsters they are facing, with one officer's log ending with him about to commit suicide.
* If you read his file in [[VideoGame/ResidentEvil3Nemesis the third one]], then David's death, mentioned in a report found in the police station, becomes this. He was DrivenToSuicide, vowing after a 'staff meeting' (the police officers regrouping to discuss what they're going to do about the zombies) to blow his brains out due to letting a coworker [[HeroicSacrifice who saved his life at his own cost]] die due to being a coward... but the meeting was attacked by the zombies and he was torn to shreds.
* The fact that the entire Police Station had prepared a welcoming party for Leon, a new guy that probably none of them had ever met. You can tell that (demented Chief Irons notwithstanding) this cozy small town police station would have been an awesome place to work at just because of the camaraderie. Then of course, the T-Virus happens, and you spend the rest of the game eliminating the walking, cannibalistic carcasses of the very people who were dying to welcome you into the force.