!!The cartoons

* ''Never Sock A Baby''
* Popeye's DearJohnLetter from ''I Never Changes My Altitude''.
* Olive listening over the radio as Popeye gets the tar knocked out of him in ''Let's You And Him Fight''.
* A small one but Olive thinking Popeye's been torn apart by the giant bird (either that, or fried by the lava from the volcano) in ''WesternAnimation/PopeyeTheSailorMeetsSindbadTheSailor'', all the while Bluto / Sindbad laughs at the whole thing.
-->'''Olive''': POPEYE! OH, POPEYE, MY POPEYE! '''''COME BACK TO ME!!'''' ''(cries, until Popeye comes back with the bird cooked like a chicken / turkey)''[[note]]Popeye: "There you are, with gravy!"
* ''Goonland'' - as in the movie entry below, Pappy's dismissal reduces Popeye to tears, muttering "He don't even know his own skin an' bones!"

!![[{{Film/Popeye}} The movie]]

* "Swee'Pea's Lullaby".
** And before that, his lamenting about taking Swee'Pea away from Olive Oyl.
* Pappy flat-out refusing to acknowledge Popeye as his son (at first) is rather sad, especially since Popeye himself is so joyous to find his father.