This pop singer has more than a few emotional songs.

* "[[ Fuckin' Perfect]]" is raw and heartwrenching. Who hasn't been that person? Then there's the video and it's notorious scene of the girl ''carving the word "Perfect" into her arm'' while attempting to bleed to death in the bathtub. It makes her epiphany shortly after all the more satisfying.
* "Who Knew" is a song that should make anyone who's thinking back on a loss they never expected cry. Especially knowing the story behind it - she wrote it for a guy friend of hers who died of a drug overdose when he was in high school.
* "Conversations With My 13-year-old Self". If you have or are going through a time in life where feels like nobody really understood you, then that song (which pretty much sums everything up) can seem as if it's speaking directly to you.
* The story behind the video for "Raise Your Glass." Pink's gay best friend got married and she threw their wedding party in her backyard, and then her friend's mother started crying because gay marriage still wasn't legal in most of the US. Hence, Pink made the video where a gay couple gets married in the first thirty seconds.
* "I Don't Believe You" is another very emotional song. Even just the first line in the song can make one feel incredibly depressed.
** The music video makes it worse. The plot line is a bride that has been left at the altar by the groom. To make it more heart-wrenching, P!nk is wearing her actual wedding dress in the video.
* Even if your parents didn't get divorced, "Family Portrait" is an otherwise nightmarish depiction on growing up with parents who just won't stop fighting.
** The bridge, which lists all of the typical baggage which comes with a child of divorce, is where it really touches a nerve.
-->"I don't wanna have to split the holidays\\
I don't want two addresses\\
I don't want a step-brother anyways\\
And I don't want my mom to have to change her last name"
** Pink sounds absolutely desperate when she starts ad-libbing variations on "Daddy, please don't leave" and "I'll be a good girl" at the end.
** Pink's father admitted that he cried when she first played it for him, realizing for the first time what he and her mother had put her through.
* "Just Like a Pill".
* "Numb".
* "Dear Mr. President".
* "I Got Money Now".
* "Long way To Happy".
* "Lonely Girl".
* ''The Truth about Love'' features a song called "Try", which is very emotional and inspiring.
** There's also "Just Give Me a Reason" with Nate Ruess of Music/{{Fun}}
* "Sober".
* "Glitter in the Air" is tearjerking in how intensely emotional the song is.
* "Run". Especially toward the end when [[spoiler:a small child can be heard singing]].