Since Nuzlocke revolves around the concept of ''VideoGame/{{Pokemon}}'' getting KilledOffForReal, it's only natural that it would be filled with these moments.

!!!Main series:
[[caption-width-right:350:"Our suffering had only begun."]]

* The pictured example. It has Ruby's first death on the team in the form of a poisoned Beautifly. What hurts more is that [[HopeSpot he was just a few moments away from the Pokemon Center]].
* The finale of Season 1. [[spoiler: Steven is down to his last Pokemon, Metagross. Ruby commands Absol to use Perish Song, as he knows that none of his remaining Pokemon can take Metagross one on one. On that same turn Absol is KO'd by a Meteor Mash, 3 Perish Song counters remaining. Ruby follows with Katie, and she is easily disposed by an Earthquake from Metagross, 2 Perish Song counters remaining. Now Ruby is down to his last Pokemon, Sceptile, and as a HopeSpot arrives he is reminded of all the Pokemon he lost to get there, and that everything was for a reason; he just had to survive until the end of the turn for the Perish Song to take effect.]]
** Then [[spoiler: Metagross used Hyper Beam. And everything faded to white.]]
* [[spoiler:Gulliver's]] HeroicSacrifice.
* [[spoiler:Pony's death definitely qualifies.]]
* Episode 29. [[spoiler: Buddy, Doakes, Blamo. You shall be missed.]]
** [[spoiler: Buddy's line: "Right... just one turn." as he [[GoOutWithASmile grins]] is particularly heart-wrenching.]]
* Season 2, Episode 19 is probably the most heartbreaking non-death strip in the whole series. [[spoiler:It details the end of Charmander and Squirtle's friendship, caused by Ruby's challenge.]]
* [[ "You have to remind it what's important."]]
* The [[ What is the Nuzlocke Challenge?]] page.
* And then during the showdown with Mewtwo, [[spoiler:Sawyer is killed and Bruce is separated from Ruby, leaving him with no Pokemon left]].
* Blastoise returning to Pallet to visit Bulbasaur, and both of them sitting under the stars in memory of Bruce.
* Ruby gets his first casualty in ''White: Hard Mode'' with [[spoiler: Hank dying to N's Pidove]]. What makes it worse is that it was displayed in the form of a GoryDiscretionShot.
* After finally beating an opponent, [[spoiler: and avenging Hank, Senor Fluf is the next to go down. [[GoOutWithASmile His last words to Ruby ask if he saw him beat N's Pidove, proud of his accomplishment]], right before he closes his eyes for good.]]
** Those same tears become bitter [[spoiler: when N walks up and hits Ruby with a simple truth, that in turn potentially reopens every single tearjerker death in the past. "Yes, it is sad... But remember... They wouldn't have died... if you hadn't caught them."]]
* The reveal of [[spoiler:Isis']] identity. Even Katelyn is disturbed by what she sees...
--> Katelyn: "...holy [[CurseCutShort fu--]]"

!!!Emerald Comic - A Shoeless Adventure:
* Chapters 10 and 11. Each Pokémon gets a well-developed character, and when they die, it hits hard.

!!!Freddy's Nuzlocke Adventures:
* Towards the end of his first run comes [[ this]]. The music ''does not help''.

!!!Landwalker's Nuzlocke:
* [[spoiler: Rikishi's]] HeroicSacrifice during the [[spoiler: Champion battle.]] Complete with a flashback.
* In Landwalker's Yellow run, [[spoiler: the death of Blue's Raticate, trampled by evacuees when the SS Anne burns/sinks. Complete with shots of Blue desperately screaming and searching for it.]]
** Also, [[spoiler:Lun the Diglett's death.]]
** [[spoiler:Amy's death to a self-destructing Koffing. Red's reaction after all of it concludes ''does not help''.]]

!!!A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge:
* [[ Lavender Tower]].
* [[ Part 25]] cements Gary as a JerkassWoobie with extra emphasis on the {{Jerkass}}. [[ More painfully-well applied music follows]].
* The battle against Lorelei has a wham moment that hits ''hard''. [[spoiler: A mere one episode after joining, Vinny the Magneton- already shaping up to be a fan favorite- is killed by Lapras' critical Surf.]] Good night, sweet prince.
* Petty's formspring makes an earlier event much harsher. Remember when James tossed Gary out of the S.S.Anne? [[spoiler: His Raticate died saving him]]
* [[ The final battle with Gary]]. [[spoiler:Nadine going down after a stray Future Sight gave Gary's Charizard enough of an edge to finish her off. Made worse in the comments for the page, where Petty describes how she simply didn't have any choice but to let Nadine die due to Charizard's speed outclassing anything else on her team.]]
** On top of this, immediately following the battle, [[spoiler: Oak arrives and coldly shuts down Gary's protests, driving home the very same favoritism towards Locke that [[FreudianExcuse messed up Gary]] so badly in the first place]].
--->[[spoiler:'''Gary:''' But Gramps! I WON! I was Champion! I was actually SOMETHING until she--]]
--->[[spoiler:'''Oak:''' GARY. Go home. (He then proudly embraces Locke, ignoring and turning his back on his grandson) Come with me, Locke. We'll enter you into the Hall of Champions.]]
* A rare tearjerker induced by a happy scene. [[spoiler: Spuds and Barb adopt an egg.]]
* [[ The grand finale.]]

!!![=NyaChan's=] Nuzlocke:
* In Pearl, she loses [[spoiler: her starter, who's been through ''everything'' with her]] to [[spoiler: ''[[PowerfulButInaccurate Fissure]]'', [[UndignifiedDeath of all things]], during the Elite Four.]]
* The end of the Pearl run. [[spoiler: DownerEnding doesn't even ''begin'' to cover it...]]

!!!Kynim's Diamond Nuzlocke:
* Page [[ 21]] and [[ 22]]. [[spoiler: Josie the geodude dies from poison]] The "no heal items" rule bites back.
* [[ Fantina Gym Battle]] with [[ sad death video]] [[spoiler: Apparently ghost Pokemon can die]]
* [[ Flint Battle]] with [[ another sad death video]].

!!!Kynim's White Nuzlocke:
* WeHardlyKnewYe: Kiki the Patrat [[spoiler: was caught in one route and almost immediately killed by a Youngster's Lillipup.]]
* [[ Walter's backstory]] [[spoiler: He stayed with his former owner, who had dementia, until he passed away.]]
** [[spoiler:Made all the worse when he performs a HeroicSacrifice along with Freddie and a newly-caught Pidove in Pinwheel Forest.]]
* Mimi is nearly crushed by rocks [[spoiler:[[ and is saved at the last second by Jordan, at the expense of his life.]]]]
** And the next chapter focuses solely on the aftermath to show how major it was. [[spoiler: Zach and Jojo's evolutions, even though it is their final forms, do not change the tone slightly]].
** [[spoiler:Jordan]] even got "Saddest Death" for the 2013 Nuzlocke Awards on the Nuzlocke forums. That is how much of a TearJerker it was.
* And another heart-wrenching death has been tallied up: [[spoiler:Mimi's. At the hands of Marshal's Throh. Now she's TogetherInDeath with Jordan...]]
** Imagine how poor [[spoiler:Andy]] will react once it's found out...
** [[HarsherInHindsight It gets worse]] when you realize that [[spoiler:Zach is now the only original team member left from before the Pinwheel Forest massacre]].
** And now [[spoiler:Mimi]] won "saddest death" for 2016.

!!!wizard898's Moemon: Hard Mode:
* A heartwarming picnic takes on a bittersweet air when Saya goes to help clean off her master's mouth and he rebuffs her.
* [[spoiler: Ruru's]] HeroicSacrifice, especially as her [[spoiler: Static kicking in]] proves key to their victory. The expression [[spoiler: poor Chu]] makes as it sinks in just ''makes it worse''.
* Chapter 21: [[spoiler: Volt's death. Just to see a poor sweet little girl implied to be beaten to death...that just sucks. Doubles as a YouBastard moment for Team Aqua.]]
* 22 rubs salt in the wound, as Tooh blames their trainer for what happened, calling him weak and refusing to follow him any longer. [[spoiler: Umpa joins her.]]

!!!Nonparael's Nuzlocke Runs:
* The three-part Episode 10 of the Moemon LG run, combines this with WhamEpisode: first, Gale Oak reveals he ''knows'' what the heroine is trying to accomplish, calling her cause 'crazy'. Then [[spoiler: he forces Sienna's charmander friend Allie to kill Sienna, followed up by Tia's death. The heroine reveals herself as a moemon Weepingbell, but Gale ''has her pokeball'', and Nail performs a HeroicSacrifice]]. To rub it all in, Gale [[EvilGloating mocks her afterwards]].
* In the Black run, [[spoiler: Nineveh's death]] from [[ Part 43.]]

!!!Bruce Wayne's Platinum Nuzlocke:
* The death of [[spoiler: Barbara]] against [[spoiler: Jupiter's Skuntank]]. The reactions from the rest of the team only serve to make it all the more tragic and heartrending.

!!!Mike's Crystal Nuzlocke:
* [[ Shuckie's death]] is quite saddening. It's amazing to see the death of a Shuckle being so sad.

!!!Lenni's White Run:
* It's like [[spoiler: watching your dog die]]. [[ No, literally.]] To make matters worse [[spoiler: his body shows up in later pages during the rest of the battle.]]
** [[ Also, this.]]

!!! Aouli's "The Meek" LG:
* The death of [[spoiler: Kat the Raticate]] in Rock Tunnel. The author's description of her own reaction as it happened qualifies too.

!!! Robin's Emerald Nuzlocke:
* After spending about four pages rounding out [[spoiler: Lassie's]] character [[spoiler: he's killed by a random kid's Nincada.]]

!!! "It's a Hard Life" Leaf Green Nuzlocke:
* When half the cops in Kanto are after Robin and trainers keep trying to kill her for the reward, Lt. Surge is the first person who actually tries to help, treating her as a child instead of a criminal. But the combination of bad luck, miscommunication, and a terrified, homeless and ''armed'' 10-year-old means [[spoiler:Elektra loses her remaining eye.]]

!!! Nix's Fire Red Nuzlocke:
* Rick [[spoiler:being killed by a wild Spearow. Nix is devastated.]]
** Said wild Spearow is caught and named Dredd. He evolves into a Fearow, [[spoiler:only to be killed by Misty's Starmie]].
* After being told that she couldn't control her Pokemon in battle, Nix orders Charlie to "go wild," and this leads to Charlie [[spoiler:burning Rupert (Gary's Raticate) alive. Surprisingly, this is treated as a GoryDiscretionShot.]]

!!!Jet's Black Nuzlocke:
* Our first casualty: [[spoiler:Broccoli the Pansage]], dying to save the Munna he has a crush on.
* [[spoiler:Bottles']] death, not helped by him being a Kamina expy.
* [[spoiler:Lilly]]'s death may be the worst so far--[[spoiler:we get a five second HopeSpot before she narrates a heartwrenching monologue about how unfair it is that she has to die now and how much she wishes it could have lasted longer as she plummets to her death. Her funeral afterward is also heartbreaking, with Jet wallowing in guilt and her Pokemon crying at Lilly's grave. Special mention goes to Firedog, who just sits there at her grave, [[HeroicBSOD too distraught to even say anything]].]]