!!Stage version

* [[DarkReprise Somewhere That's Green Reprise]]. WAAAH.
** Depending on the actress and how it's done, that song the first time around also counts.[[note]]In the longrunning off-Broadway play and the film, there was only '''one''' Audrey: Ellen Greene.[[/note]]
* When you think about it, Seymour has never been loved in his life. He was abandoned at the Skid Row Home for Boys and subsequently taken out by a guy who hated him, made him sleep under the counter, and kept him around to do the work. Then he gets a magic plant, and suddenly Mushnik wants to be his dad! Audrey loves him! The world loves him! Everything's perfect...and ''then'' he's [[BreakTheCutie forced to go on a bloody, awful, evil killing spree]], in part because he's afraid that if he gets rid of the plant, Audrey won't love him anymore.


* Anyone who's seen Audrey's reprise of "Somewhere That's Green" as she dies in the director's cut knows that had it been left in the original theatrical version, [[AwardSnub she would have won an Oscar.]]
** The musical build up to the dramatic chord actually makes this troper feel a bit of sympathy for Seymour, even if the whole situation's his fault.
** It's even worse in the film than in the musical, for several reasons. Seymour had ''just'' proposed to Audrey, and they were about to elope together--she was [[BloodSplatteredWeddingDress in her wedding gown]], for crying out loud! Plus, when Patrick Martin shows up afterwards, he finds Seymour standing at the top of a building, tears in his eyes, all ready to jump.
** In fact, after the first take, Frank Oz told Ellen Greene that her performance was too restrained, and to let it all go. The next take was the last one.