* Olive trying to hold back tears and whispering to her grandfather that she doesn't want to be a loser "because Daddy hates losers."
* Also [[spoiler:"Grandpa won't wake up."]]
* When Dwayne learns [[spoiler: he's colorblind, which means he won't be able to become a test pilot.]]
** [[spoiler: The look on Frank's face when he realises this; he hates himself for having to tell Dwayne the truth, knowing it'll destroy his dream.]]
** [[spoiler: Then when Olive is able to get Dwayne back to the bus.]]
* This exchange:
-->'''Sheryl:''' I'm so glad you're still here.\\
'''Frank:''' That makes one of us.
* The "Do you think there's a Heaven?" scene between Olive and Frank.