* The scene where the reader realises just why Death is enjoying pretending to be the Hogfather, and how sad he is that he can't do it forever.
--> [--[[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Ho. Ho. Ho. ]]
* When Death decides to screw Narrative Convention and utterly subvert the [[Literature/TheLittleMatchGirl Little Match Girl]] story, despite Albert's objections.

[[folder: The Hogfather can. The Hogfather gives presents. There's no better present than a future. ]]

* Death has just demanded to be left alone with Hex, who asks "Big Red Lever Time?" -- it wants to know if it is about to die.
** This, from a Magitek computer that, however brilliant, is emotionally still young enough cry when its Fluffy Teddy Bear is taken away.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzpCodZsSGw I have a task for you, thinking engine...]]
* The Tooth Fairy, or [[spoiler: the first Bogeyman. He was the absolute epitome of everything that goes [[ThingsThatGoBumpInTheNight bump in the night]], yet he grew so attached to the children he was created to frighten that he saw all the terrible and ''real'' things in the world. His reaction? To ''protect'' children. He dedicates everything that he is and ever will be to creating a safeguard against the things that children truly ought to be scared of, but never ''should'' be. In his words...]]
-->[[spoiler: Tooth Fairy: If you leave all those teeth around, ''anything'' could happen...you don't die here. You just get old, listening to the laughter.]]
** As a frame of reference, [[spoiler: he must be ''ancient''. His final action was mustering enough power to literally frighten two hardened Thieves and a renegade wizard to death. He was intended to subsist on fear, but he managed to last for as long as the Tooth Fairy had been legend.]]
* Catseye telling the others about his fear of the dark. Sure, he's a hardened criminal, but there's something really sad about the way he just lays out the facts.
-->Catseye: Now shut up talking about it.