* Heather's death with "Who Wants To Live Forever" playing in the background.
* Pretty much all the main character deaths of the series.
** Tessa, killed at the very beginning of Season Two in a completely senseless death by a mugger, just after she and Duncan had decided to get engaged.
*** All the more so, since Duncan proposed to her immediately after remembering a gypsy telling him that he would love many women, but never marry. In an attempt to ScrewDestiny, Duncan may have actually cosmically caused Tessa's death.
** Darius, the kindly immortal priest, was murdered in his own church after centuries of forswearing The Game and doing no harm to anyone.
** [[spoiler:Richie]] is killed at the end of Season Six by [[spoiler:Duncan himself]] after the demon Ahriman tricks them both with illusions into fighting a duel against each other.
*** The worst part of this is the immediate aftermath. After [[spoiler:Duncan kills Richie]], he endures the quickening but at this point both he and the audience are still unsure whether he killed [[spoiler:Richie or demon!Richie]]. He calls out [[spoiler:Richie's]] name uncertainly. [[spoiler:Richie]] steps out from behind a pillar nearby... and then [[WhamLine smiles wickedly]].
** The scene is made even more painful by Joe breaking down in tears at the sight and Duncan demanding Methos(who turns away in disgust) take his head.
* Connor's death in Endgame.
-->'''Connor''': One of us has to die now, old friend\\
'''Duncan''': No.\\
'''Connor''': And you know it.\\
'''Duncan''': No.\\
'''Connor''': Good-bye, Duncan, my true brother.
-->'''Duncan''': I love you, Connor.