!!Extra Credits
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05fxAOCVeWE&feature=feedu Both]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIi_XzAJEyg&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL parts]] of the second part of of Video Game Addiction. [[IronWoobie Poor James]].....
** The worst part? While James eventually made it out of his crisis, his friend didn't.
* Allison leaving.
* EA's mission statement, contrasted with their present approach to game design and marketing, as seen in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh3FN3YCwYk An Open Letter to EA Marketing]].
* A noteworthy case is when they depict sadism in an episode talking about it (Due to the game Hatred gaining a lot of attention at the time), the way that they draw how vulnerable the victims are in the picture and what happens to them can be upsetting, in fact they warn viewers beforehand about this.

!!Extra History
* Extra History - World War 1: The Seminal Tragedy - Chapter 2: One Fateful Day in June. The last words of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. It's Daniel's delivery that does it.
-->'''Daniel Floyd:''' The Archduke looks over, barely noticing the gendarmes wrestling the young man by the car to the ground. His only sight is for his wife, lying quietly on the floor of the car. He reaches out with a hand weak and heavy. Something is wrong with his neck. He can't quite think straight. He sees her and he utters one last wish "Sophie, Sophie, don't die! Live for our children." A man leans over and asks if he's badly hurt. He thinks he says "It's nothing, it's nothing..." He repeats the phrase, each time a little more quietly, and neither of them live through the hour.
* The ending montage in Extra History - World War 1: The Seminal Tragedy - Chapter 4: The Final Act. No narration--just "In Flanders Fields" and images of the scars left behind by the war.
** The fact that the poor German ambassador was pretty much on his hands and knees begging his Russian counterpart to call off the mobilization. What did he get? Just one word, "No." And just like that, the very thing he was desperately trying to avoid happens. The only heartwarming moment to come from this is that his Russian counterpart did at least offer to help him pack his things to go back to Germany.
** Again, it's Daniel's delivery.
-->'''Daniel Floyd:''' Then PourtalÚs rises to his feet, and takes the piece of paper from his pocket, and says "In that case, sir, I have the honour to inform you that...we're at war." He's still struggling to collect himself, saying "''*sighs*'' I never thought I'd be leaving Russia like this. I don't know how I'll be able to pack." ''*opening piano notes to [[TearJerker/{{Music}} In Flanders Fields]] start to play*'' Sazonov kindly offers to send somebody to help gather his things. And a month later, a million men are dead. The Seminal Catastrophe has begun.
** For a bunch of cartoon characters with no arms and sticks for legs, they can get ''remarkably'' expressive.
** The entire Seminal Tragedy series, as we all know [[ForegoneConclusion what's going to happen]]. We keep seeing opportunities where maybe, just maybe the tragedy would be averted, [[YankTheDogsChain but we know they won't]], and the show misses no opportunities to remind us just how tragic the events are.
* Anyone who knows of the full tale of Justinian's reign knows that his successful campaign to retake Rome wouldn't do much good in the long haul...should they return to his story, it won't end on a happy note.
** Spare a penny for Belisarius.
* The First Crusade. The one that's considered the ''successful'' one no less; so. many. lives. wasted. For seemingly no other reason than...well...nothing. To think that this was only the ''first.''