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-> ''Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, [[WartsAndAll the ill deeds along with the good]], [[BeAllMySinsRemembered and let me be judged accordingly]]. [[ShoutOutToShakespeare The rest... is silence]].''
-->-- '''[[spoiler:Dinobot]]''', his FamousLastWords.

* [[spoiler:Dinobot]]'s death - and Shakespearean death speech.
** Also touching is Rattrap's final goodbye: [[spoiler: "You may be a slag spouting saurian, but [[IronicEcho it's nice to know where you stand."]]]] [[spoiler:Dinobot]] replies with, [[spoiler:"Upwind of you, for preference, Vermin." At first, Rattrap opens his mouth to make another comeback, but then he just smiles and says nothing, letting Dinobot have the last insult.]]
* [[spoiler:Dinobot]]'s funeral, where the other Maximals ''fly over his funeral in the [[DueToTheDead "missing man" formation]]''.
** [[spoiler:Rattrap, who has been a constant irritant up until now]] is the first to salute. And this was after their last conversation was an argument over Dinobot's allegiance. The fact that this action made Rattrap of all Maximals salute him really puts it in perspective.
** Optimus Primal's words to [[spoiler:Dinobot]] are especially touching, in light of recent events [[spoiler:after "Maximal, No More". Optimus may have doubted Dinobot's allegiance back then but he will never again doubt how much of a hero Dinobot truly was]].
--->'''Optimus Primal:''' He lived a warrior and died a hero. Let his spark join the Matrix... the greatest of Cybertron.
* Blackarachnia's [[spoiler:DisneyDeath]] in "Crossing of the Rubicon" may not generate tears, but it's certainly sad. Even if you're aware [[spoiler: she comes back with a Transmetal upgrade.]]
* In "Law Of The Jungle", Tigatron's actions inadvertently lead to the death of Snowstalker, a female tiger he ...formed a bond with. OddFriendship or not, you can't deny the sadness when he mourns the loss of her, shedding a single tear in beast mode.
-->'''Tigatron:''' Goodbye, Snowstalker. Let your hunting ground shelter you now.
* [[spoiler:The title character's death]] in "Transmutate", with a haunting, pain-filled wail while [[spoiler:trying to stop [[NiceJobBreakingItRivals Rampage and Silverbolt from fighting]]]], followed by an almost child-like final line:
--->'''[[spoiler:Transmutate]]:''' Friend...good. Friend...dark. I...am...hurt.
** Rampage's wailing scream. For all his monstrosity, he had found a kindred spirit. Transmutate managed to bring out a semblance of decency out of a monster, and he ends up killing it.
** It's easy to miss, but there's a scene in "Transmutate" when the Maximals are unable to get a hold of Silverbolt and Optimus Primal decides to go and find him personally, saying "I don't want to lose anymore friends." After [[spoiler:Dinobot's death]], and earlier in the season there was [[spoiler: Tigertron and Airrazor's abductions]] you can tell it's starting to take a toll on Optimus.
* During the series finale, [[spoiler:Dinobot II begins to remember who he was.]] Even worse, [[spoiler:he could have saved himself but chose to stay on the Nemesis as it exploded and die with honor (perhaps as atonement for the things he did when he shared his spark with Rampage)]].
* The deaths of [[spoiler:Depth Charge and Rampage]]. The two were locked in an endless cycle of mutual torment, and in the end, they both managed to find a semblance of peace. This is in spite of the fact that [[spoiler:Depth Charge]] meets his death NOT wanting to fight [[spoiler:Rampage]], but willingly goes to try and [[spoiler:disable Nemesis himself (following Optimal Optimus' orders without any snark or reluctance) against the whole Predacon crew including Transmetal II Dinobot and Megatron]].
* In "Feral Scream, Part 1," Cheetor appears to die when Megatron's Transmetal 2 machine explodes. The episode establishes pretty quickly he's still alive, but Depth Charge (thinking otherwise) takes back a piece of his armor and breaks the news to Optimus. The look on ol' Big Bot's face is downright heartbreaking.
** In a later scene:
--->'''Optimus:''' ''[sadly]'' Cheetor. This is my fault, Rhinox. I was rough on him, so he... so he tried to prove something.
* [[spoiler:Tigatron and Airazor's abduction]] as they clasp hands and vow that their sparks will always find one another.
** A subtle one from the same episode, but notable. Dinobot and Rattrap had destroyed the Predacon tower that was preventing the Maximals from warning [[spoiler: Tigatron and Airazor]] in the first place, and were sharing a rare moment of open comraderie with each other... until they are informed that they were "too late." Even Dinobot's spirits drop because of the loss of two respected allies.
* [[spoiler:The sudden death of Tigerhawk.]] Two old friends brought back as one, in a very powerful body and ''the'' strongest combatant in the Beast Wars, and we barely get to see them again before they get horribly disintegrated. The ''Nemesis'' dispatches [[spoiler:Tigerhawk]] so easily it is terrifying to know it's ''that'' strong.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShyWLONIcp8 This]] tribute to the fallen Maximals.