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[[caption-width-right:300:The first boxed set]]
''Mutant Chronicles'' is a post-apocalyptic role playing game created by the Swedish company Target Games. It also spawned a semi-successful franchise: two {{Collectible Card Game}}s (''DoomTrooper'' and ''TabletopGame/DarkEden''), three {{Board Game}}s (Fury of the Clansmen, Blood Berets and Doom Troopers: Siege of the Citadel) two tabletop wargames (War Zone and Mutant Chronicles: Collectible Miniatures Game), a VideoGame (''VideoGame/DoomTroopers'', the second one planned to be a RTS in the vein of ''VideoGame/DawnOfWar'' was canned), a novel trilogy, a short ComicBook series and a film whose writers apparently just didn't know or [[TheyJustDidntCare Just Didn't Care]], not to say it wasn't still good on its own.

What's it all about? Earth gets too tight for the {{MegaCorp}}s, so after battling for quite a time, they go and colonize the whole inner Solar System (and a few outposts beyond), since AllPlanetsAreEarthLike (MASSIVE terraforming). Sadly, [[UsefulNotes/TheBritishEmpire Imperial]] colonizers go a planet too far, reaching the mysterious Tenth Planet (named Nero) and unleashing the CosmicHorror - The Dark Soul along with its [[HumanoidAbomination Apostles]] and their [[TheLegionsOfHell Dark Legion]]. People go nuts and form [[ReligionOfEvil evil cults]], the Dark Symmetry makes [[AIIsACrapshoot all sufficiently powerful computers go evil]], [[DemonicInvaders Demonic]] AlienInvaders expand their ranks with {{Squick}}y BodyHorror Shop creations from cybernetic [[TheUndead zombies]] and {{mutants}} of different kinds to Franchise/{{Godzilla}}-sized zombies to biomechanical {{Spider Tank}}s. In short: TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.

Of course, the {{MegaCorp}}s try to stop them, get their asses handed to them a couple of times, and if not for a {{Church Milit|ant}}ia called the Brotherhood, they'd [[MemeticMutation fail forever]]. With the Brotherhood's help, the bigger part of humanity repents (mainly because the [[KnightTemplar Brotherhood's]] [[WellIntentionedExtremist methods are brutal,]] [[TheExtremistWasRight but work for humanity's good]]), leveling the playing field. On the other hand, [[WeAreStrugglingTogether corporate rivalries aren't forgotten]]; if the Corporations aren't kicking Legion ass, they're most probably butting heads over resources. If the [[UsefulNotes/UnitedNations Cartel]], a body formed especially to mediate among the {{MegaCorp}}s, allows it. Most of the time, it does.

Most of the franchise is set about a thousand years after the defeat of the Dark Legion's first onslaught; humanity has rebuilt, but much of its past achievements have been impossible to equal (computers are usually based on vacuum-tube technology, most firearms still use jacketed lead bullets, and anything terraformation-related is still LostTechnology save for maintenance). And while the Megacorporations are once again at each others' throats, corruption and moral decay are spreading everywhere, even the vaunted Brotherhood, just as the Dark Legions and Dark Symmetry, which by then were barely more than a myth to most people, are making a comeback after marshalling their forces for another go at destroying humanity...

As of February 2013, a third edition of the pen-and-paper RPG rules, as well as a complete reboot of Warzone have been announced.

!!Trope In The Name Of The Cardinal!:

* AbnormalAmmo: Some Dark Legion guns use it: black holes, corrosive chemicals, bullets that [[FaceHeelTurn turn you into]] [[TheDarkSide a Heretic]] and energy drained from ''[[FetusTerrible demonic fetuses]]''. Squicky.
* AIIsACrapshoot: Played straight in the backstory, adjusted for the RuleOfFun in the game itself. Cybertronic is a [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Corporation built around cyborgs, androids, AIs and computers.]] Their AI-controlled war machines tend to go berserk from time to time if you happen to roll a CriticalFailure.
** Double-subverted in that [[spoiler:Cybertronic's supposed [=AIs=] are actually wetware/hardware interfaces (i.e. the main component is always a cybernetically-enhanced BrainInAJar)]].
* AliensAndMonsters: The Dark Legion. Part this, part that. And {{mutants}} and [[TheLegionsOfHell demons]] too.
* AllThereInTheManual: See above. ''Warzone: Universe Under Siege'' manual serves backstories by the bucketload, not mentioning the comic book series starring signature characters.
* AlwaysChaoticEvil: The Dark Legion.
* AmazonBrigade: Lots. Etoiles Mortant, Mourning Wolves, Vestals and Valkyries to name a few. All supremely BadAss Special Forces within their respective organizations.
* AmbiguouslyEvil: Cybertronic. They use AIs, which have proven themselves to be a conduit for the [[DarkSide Dark Symmetry]], seemingly without ill effects. They mysteriously lure employees away from other corporations. They seem to have developed some form of MindControl. Their contributions to the Brotherhood are token at best. But they also send plenty of their troops to become Doomtroopers, provide other Doomtroopers with weapons, and no Cybertronic employee has ever shown signs of following the Dark Symmetry.
* AndIMustScream: The appropriately named Screaming Legionnaires, one of the fates for those Heretics who aren't saved from TheCorruption.
* AristocratsAreEvil: Although far from universal, Bauhaus has a lot of those. Stahler from the comic being evil beyond the usual level.
** The Imperial also have their fair share, the intrigue and dirty business at one time resulting in the Sad Struggle, a ShoutOut to the British Isles' many wars, [[CivilWar civil]] or otherwise.
** Mishima too, as a matter of fact, since they follow a particularly harsh brand of Tokugawa era Bushido, but their sourcebook exposits on the growing corruption within the noble families.
* ArmCannon: Most Mecha have them.
* ArmyOfThievesAndWhores: Capitol has two flavors. The conventional flavor is the Freedom Brigades, men and women who are trading ten years of brutal service in the most Light-forsaken hellholes in the solar system for a clean rap sheet and Capitol citizenship. The less conventional one is the Free Marines, which is a penal battalion for highly decorated Spec Ops veterans who for some reason have been sentenced to death.
* ArtificialLimbs: Domain of Cybertronic. Even if not entirely metal/plastic/inhuman, they will have metal bits and wires sticking out as a hint.
* TheAtoner: The entire Imperial corporation. It was Imperial explorers who broke the Seal of Repulsion, and released the Dark Soul. Imperial has done everything in its power to make up for their great shame since.
* AxeCrazy: Heretic Corruptors and Destroyers, most of Muawijhe's Legions, Imperial Wolf Packs.
* AuthorityInNameOnly: Lord Mishima is in theory the head of Mishima, and as such one of the six most powerful people alive. In practice, the only people who obey him are his ten thousand or so retainers and his only duties are to represent Mishima in the Cartel, but everyone knows that all negotiations of weight with Mishima need to be done directly with one of the High Lords.
* BadassArmy: Lots if not all.
* BadassBiker: Imperial Fenris Bikes and Necromowers, though the latter are more like Badass Quads.
%%* BadassGrandpa: Jake Kramer, Brotherhood personalities Cardinal Dominic, Inquisitor Nicodemus and Sebastian Crenshaw. To name a few.
* BadassInANiceSuit: Cartel Field Agents from the original ''Warzone'' sported suits, and the heretic corporate raider John Baptiste from ''Warzone: Resurrection'' wears one as well.
%%* BadassLongcoat: Jake Kramer.
%%* BadassLongRobe: Brotherhood elite units, like Inquisitors.
%%* RetiredBadass: Crazy Capitol vet Jake Kramer. With a flamethrower.
* BadPowersBadPeople: The Dark Legion. No exceptions, Dark Symmetry kills any good qualities.
* {{BFG}}: Lots. From the popular Deathlockdrum anti-tank [[GatlingGood vulcan rifle]], to Big Bob Watts' shoulder-mounted Atlas Megacannons, to a good handful of Legion guns.
%%* {{BFS}}: Dark Legion Nepharites love them. Imperial Wolf Packs too (if they don't have AnAxeToGrind, of course).
* BigBad: The Dark Soul, leader of the Dark Legion and the closest thing to a genuine GodOfEvil there is in the setting. Thankfully it needs proxies to do anything.
* BilingualBonus: In the film, Creator/RonPerlman says the Our Father in Irish.
* BlackMagic: Dark Symmetry, the secret arts and philosophy of the Dark Legion, and ''very'' sadistic.
* BladeOnAStick: Halberds and spears are often used by Mishima and Dark Legion forces. In the latter case, [[ChainsawGood with chainsaws]].
* BlingOfWar: Mishima with their samurai-styled armors, Brotherhood with {{Badass Long Robe}}s and Imperial Wolf Packs to name a few. Also, Erwin Stahler's default mode wears a full dress uniform with an embroidered sash.
* BodyHorror: Dark Legion is rife with this. Heretic Corruptors, Metropolitan Prophets and Cairaths to name a few. And if you're a Heretic, pray to your Apostle you don't start succumbing to TheCorruption, because only being turned into a full monster can save you from a FateWorseThanDeath.
** In ''Warzone: Resurrection'', you can have your Cultists play a Body Horror Russian roulette. There's a slim chance of turning into a Necromutant, a large chance of violently exploding, equally large chance of simply dropping dead and, if things go particularly badly, a slim chance of dropping dead so hard that your army's commander feels it and loses a hit point.
* {{Brainwashed}}: Dark Legion Cultists. And Cybertronic too.
* TheBrute: Algeroth (GeniusBruiser version; he represents all aspects of war, including strategy and technology)
* BurnTheWitch: Brotherhood Inquisitors use flamethrowers... see below...
* CanineCompanion: Pride to Mitch Hunter. As of ''Resurrection'', Pride has gone from appearing in one unpublished comic to becoming a playable character.
* ChainsawGood: Capitol Sergeants have chain swords. Brotherhood Inquisitors have flamethrowers with chainsaw bayonets. And Legion has guys with chainsaw halberds.
* ChanceMeetingBetweenAntagonists:One ''War Zone'' battle scenario works like this, pitting two scout teams (the [[AmazonBrigade Bauhaus]] and [[HighlyVisibleNinja Mishima]]) against each other. The scenario starts with the sergeants of both sides already dead; both scout teams have been crawling through tall grass and somehow FailedASpotCheck until the leaders nearly bumped into each other.
* ChestBurster: How Metropolitan Prophets show up on the battlefield: by popping out of enemy infantry unit members.
* ChildSoldiers: Literally, and powered by horror. The Children of Illian are [[UndeadChild kid-sized zombies]] that overrun their enemies and bludgeon them to death with maces shaped like rattles. Or snipe them with high-impact slingshots. It's much, much less funny than it sounds.
* ChurchMilitant: The Brotherhood. On the flipside, Dark Legion Cultists are an evil version of this.
* ColdSniper: Cybertronic Chem.IMN. Basically, a Franchise/{{Terminator}} with sniper rifle and chemical weapons. Calistonian Sundancers (space demons with sniper rifles and {{Cool Helmet}}s) as well.
* CombatMedic:
** Most Corporations field them. Cybertronic "personality" Dr Diana is an example.
** The Legions of Demnogonis have a spectacularly squicky version in the Curators, intelligent plague-spreading zombie medics that double as {{deadly doctor}}s. Demnogonis's troops are about the only one who'd care for their treatment.
* CombatTentacles: Vahldredd The Hunter and Tekron Warmasters, both from the Dark Legion. Also from Team Evil, the [[LadyOfWar Nepharite Overlord of Algeroth Golgotha]] has a ''segmented'' variant (they look like spider legs, but are as flexible and versatile as less rigid types), and all Nepharites of Ilian go in combat with animated spiked chains attached to their armor.
* CoolHelmet: Bauhaus troops wear pickelhaubes and skull-shaped helmets, some Mishima troops wear kabutos, old figures of Capitol heavy infantry wore football helmets, Calistonians wear bone masks and Brotherhood Mortificator and Inquisitor helmets became iconic of the game.
* CoolOldGuy: Sebastian Crenshaw. The best assassin The Brotherhood has, not only doing his job, but also mentoring the younger Mortificators. And being a hit at parties.
** Subverted with Cardinal Dominic, as while he's an incredibly BadassGrandpa, he's mostly a bitter, cynical old KnightTemplar bastard; one of the few pleasures he has is [[LovesTheSoundOfScreaming the screams of suspected heretics]] while he [[ColdBloodedTorture "interrogates"]] them.
* CorporateWarfare: Before and after everything went to hell.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Erwin Stahler. A high-level Bauhaus executive and a high-ranking Dark Symmetry cultist. A tie-in comic shows him morphing into a massive armored behemoth, an ability he retains in War Zone.
** A new ''Warzone: Resurrection'' Dark Legion character, John Baptiste, is a corporate raider, and his special abilities revolve around manipulating Resource cards that allow for use of special abilites.
* TheCorruption: Dark Symmetry again. It is, however, curable, hence why the Inqusition is respected and liked by those in the know.
* CosmicHorrorStory: Not mandatory, but it's easy for the GameMaster to make any campaign into this. It's just as easy to make it one flavor or another of LovecraftLite, though.
* CreepyChild: Voice of Demnogonis. Looks like a perfectly normal child and drains life from your troops pretty quickly. Also the Children of Ilian (see ChildSoldiers above).
* CyberneticsEatYourSoul: That's what The Brotherhood thinks about Cybertronic. They just wait for a bigger screw-up to round up the whole corporation and [[KillItWithFire burn them]]. Whether it's true or not is intentionally left a mystery.
* TheDarkSide: Dark Symmetry. Use anything touched by it, and you will likely be touched by Corruption and turn into a BrainwashedAndCrazy Heretic if the Inquisition can't cure it.
* DeadlyDecadentCourt: Any of the three nobility-styled {{MegaCorp}}s can have some aspects of this among its constituent noble houses, but the courts of Overlord Mishima and his three heirs are the best example.
* DeadlyDoctor: Most field medics are armed. The Dark Legion's Curators take this UpToEleven, however.
* DeathFromAbove: Jump infantry, paratroopers, drop pods.
* DeathSeeker: Imperial Mourning Wolves, as they're all widows of Imperial Wolfsbane killed in combat with the Dark Legion. Think woad-painted {{Action Girl}}s with [[ChainPain spiked chains]], Wolverine-style claw bracers and the attitude of a [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}} dwarf Slayer]] and you're not too far off the mark. Capitol's Martian Banshees as well (although either gender can be part of those).
%%* TheDarkChick: Demnogonis, Dark Apostle of disease.
* DemonicInvaders: The Dark Legion are aliens, but they look the part and have similar behaviors and schemes.
* DieselPunk: The game's theme and style sure counts.
* TheDragon: Ilian, eldest of the Dark Apostles and mistress of sorcery.
* DropTheHammer: Dark Legion's Gomorrean Emasculators wield big-ass warhammers. And dual gatling guns implanted in their shoulders.
* DualWield / GunsAkimbo : Happens often, with units using [[GunAndSword swords and guns]] (or two melee weapons) at the same time. Played way too straight with Crucifiers, who have FOUR arms and a weapon in every one.
* EarthThatUsedToBeBetter: A blasted, post-apocalyptic wasteland, which is too polluted, resource-poor and sparsely populated to be of much interest to anyone.
* EldritchAbomination: The Dark Soul. It's a piece of the original Nothing that "was" before the Big Bang that wants a return to the good old days of nonexistence. '''''[[OmnicidalManiac Badly.]]'''''
* FantasyCounterpartCulture: All of 'em.
** Bauhaus - Germany, Russia, France and Italy, served as 19th Century-style [[AristocratsAreEvil Evil Aristocracy]].
** Capitol - the friggin' {{Eagleland}} looking like they're still stuck in the UsefulNotes/VietnamWar (and Canada too, according to one of the novels).
** Cybertronic - multinational corporate hive.
** Imperial - United Kingdom, mostly with an Elisabethan/Victorian feel. Some of the units are [[ViolentGlaswegian violent]] [[{{Scotireland}} Scotirish]] Highlanders with a berserk streak and love for facepaint.
** Mishima - Mostly Edo Japan, with {{samurai}}, {{ninja}}s and warrior monks. A few bits and pieces of other asian cultures are present, such as TheTriadsAndTheTongs as the main criminal organisation, and the city of Fukido, which is basically Hong Kong (it's on lease to Imperial for 99 years following a lost war, natch).
* FateWorseThanDeath: Being processed into any of the Legionnaire or Necromutant variants. Or even "reanimated" into Cybertronic service... when your original Corporation manages to capture you alive.
* FeudalFuture:
** Mishima is based on Tokugawa-era ''bushido'', and a particularly brutal brand at that. Land and industrial rights are given as fiefdoms, with the High Lords doing as they please. Social mobility is pretty much non-existent, though that is changing.
** Bauhaus are also purely feudal, but less oppressive. Bauhaus nobles, unlike their Mishiman counterparts, have a strong sense of ''noblesse obligé'', and commoners who distinguish themselves can be raised to the nobility. That said, commoners are second-class citizens in Bauhaus, and no bones are made about that.
** Imperial flip-flops a bit. While less extreme than Bauhaus or Mishima, power lies firmly with the clan chiefs and their families. Commoners have little power, but they ''do'' have a fair bit of influence. It is very possible for commoners to rise to power by working their way up in the civil service, distinguishing themselves in battle or taking advisory positions with powerful people.
** Capitol is a subversion. The corporation is governed by shareholders voting their stock like a modern day corporation, with the CEO holding a position analogue to that of the president of the United States.
** Cybertronic gets things done. Somehow.
** The Brotherhood are an electory theocracy led by the Cardinal, who is elected by the leading figures in the Brotherhood and holds his position until death.
* FiveBadBand: The Dark Soul and its Apostles fit pretty well.
* FluffyTheTerrible: Billy the Dark Prophet.
* ForeverWar: Probably not ''forever'', but it's certainly dragging on for centuries.
%%* GambitPileup: When you consider dominance of the solar system as the prize,
* GasMaskLongcoat: Imperial Trenchers. Trenchcoats and gasmasks and Brodie helmets, oh my!
* GasMaskMooks: Basic infantry of Bauhaus, Capitol and Imperial. The rest is more fashionable.
* GatlingGood: Many heavy machine guns are those. Amount of barrels may vary, from three to [[MoreDakka shitload]].
* GeoEffects: In the tabletop wargames, pieces of terrain provide cover, concealment, the usual blah.
* GermanicEfficiency: Bauhaus. In spades.
* GirlWithPsychoWeapon: Mourning Wolves, who wield a length of chain with a weighted end on one hand and Wolverine-like claws on the other. And Bauhaus personality Valerie Duval, who uses blade-tipped tonfas with one shot 20mm autocannon rounds in the other end.
* {{Golem}}: Dark Legion creations (hence the full name being 'Golem of Darkness').
* GratuitousGerman: The names of some Bauhaus units and characters.
* GratuitousJapanese: The names of some Mishima units and characters.
* HandCannon: Many of the setting's pistols, at least visually. It says a lot when [[http://www.ambient.ca/cpunk/images/piranha.gif the Piranha Handgun]] (which was [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Alucard's gun]] before Alucard even existed) is designated on the setting as a ''backup for undercover agents''.
* {{Hellgate}}: Nero has one to the Dark Legion's strongholds. Closing it would be a decisive victory.
* HumongousMecha: Imperial Hurricane Walkers. Not as humongous as Praetorian Behemoths, but still pretty big.
** Cybertronic's Eradicator Deathdroids approach this scale; however, the absolute king of this trope in-universe is (unsurprisingly) Mishima, ranging from the 8-10 ft. [[PoweredArmor Shoa Ace custom battle armor]] to the 100-ft. [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Gigameka]].
* InterserviceRivalry: Introduced in ''Warzone: Universe Under Siege'', where each faction has units divided between separate "services" that usually don't mix up.
* TheJuggernaut: Dark Legion has a good few of 'em, size XXXL. The Mercurian Maculator and Praetorian Behemoth, for instance. The biggest of all though is the [[OurGiantsAreBigger Bio-Giant]].
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Zig-zagged. Katanas are the best standard-pattern swords. There are several other types of swords, such as claymores forged by clan Gallagher, which are significantly better, but they are either {{Ace Custom}}s or {{Ancestral Weapon}}s.
* LaserBlade: Cybertronic Machinators use these.
* LaserSight: Some elite units can be equipped with those.
* LibertyOverProsperity:
** A common reason to go Freelancer. Most often inverted later on, when the would-be tough guy realises ''knowing'' you get a paycheck at the end of the month, instead of having to queue at the Brotherhood soup kitchen, was pretty sweet.
** A source of a lot of conflict between Bauhaus and Capitol. Capitol likes to portray Bauhaus as a BreadAndCircuses {{Dystopia}}, whereas Bauhaus are equally prone to point to Capitol's anarchic nature, the astronomical violent crime rates and the hypocrisy of claiming democracy when 11 families control 50% of the votes. Neither side is portrayed as completely right, though. It's just a matter of deciding which you prefer.
* LighterAndSofter: Has a lot of the same elements and feel as TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}, but is a lot more hopeful. Oh, MutantChronicles is plenty grimdark by most standards, but here compassion and respect for human life are still important, the Emperor-analogue still leads humanity from the front and it feels like humanity actually has a chance.
* LongevityTreatment: Exists but between the exorbitant cost, the invasive surgeries and the severity of the diet and exercise regimens required for the treatment to be effective, few people bother.
* LostTechnology: Averted: Technology from before the arrival of the Dark Symmetry still exists, but has been deactivated. All corporations still have blueprints for targeting computers, laser weaponry and orbital attack platforms archived, just waiting for the day when someone figures out a way to shield them from Dark Symmetry.
* MagicKnight: Most Brotherhood sergeants in Warzone. Most Brothehood personel period (yes, even the ostensibly noncombatant missionaries and administrators) in the RPG.
* UsefulNotes/{{Mars}}: Capitol has its capital there, they even dragged a whole freaking ASTEROID to serve as a third moon stabilizing the planet's orbit.
%%* McNinja: Mortificators, for example.
* MedalOfDishonor: The Capitolian Shooting Star medal. It is given to pilots and air crews who have bailed out over enemy territory and made their own way home. The Capitol Air Force considers it an award for getting shot down or otherwise screwing up, and derisively refers to it as "The Golden Parachute".
* MegaCorp: Subverted in most cases. The major players are referred to as "megacorps", but Capitol is the only one which is a corporation by the modern definition.
* MercyKill: Units can be outfitted with a special auto-injectors pumping them full of toxins whenever they get under the influence of Dark Symmetry.
* MoreDakka: A good couple of weapons fall under this one, Bauhaus [=AZ61=] '''Twin Rotary Shotgun''' being one of the most {{egregious}} examples.
* MrFanservice: Nick Michaels. Lessee... TallDarkAndHandsome, HellBentForLeather, ManInAKilt, WalkingShirtlessScene and TroubledButCute, all in one supremely dangerous package.
* MultiArmedAndDangerous: Brotherhood Crucifiers.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Dark Legion runs on those. Algeroth The Apostle Of War, Demnogonis The Befouler, Ilian The Mistress Of The Void, Muawijhe (''pronounced "moo-ah-jee"'') The Lord Of Visions, Semai The Lord Of Spite - and that's just the beginning. Their units have equally colorful names - Immaculate Furies, Gomorrean Emasculators and Zenithian Soulslayers, for example. The Nepharites, for their part, ave names mostly inspired from Abrahamic religions like Golgotha or Absalom. Not mentioning the ''weapons'', like Ashreketh, Azoghar, Kratach or Vassht.
* NewTechnologyIsEvil: People are afraid to build too capable computers after the last ones they had went on the fritz, and murderously so, due to Dark Symmetry. Of course, Cybertronic just doesn't care.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: The Imperials done this twice, first is when they went to Pluto they unleashed the Dark Legion, and again when they reached another planet beyond Pluto they released the Dark Symmetry.
* NightOfTheLivingMooks: Legionnaires, unfortunate casualties reanimated by the Dark Legion.
* NoOneGetsLeftBehind: Capitol sergeants get PAID for this.
%%* ObstructiveBureaucrat: Cartel, some Megacorp officers as well.
* OfficerAndAGentleman: Bauhaus. Mostly. Imperial has some, to go with the Britishness of their theme.
* OldMaster: Sebastian Crenshaw, again. If you've been a {{Ninja}} for longer than many people live, you become good at it.
* OneWingedAngel: Stahler from Dark Legion. When you shoot him for the first time, he turns into a heavily armored behemoth with massive claws.
* OrganicTechnology: Dark Legion Necrotech. Part organic, part demonic, all squicky.
* OriginalPositionGambit: In ''Ilian'', there are two short stories on this theme. Humans join the cult of Ilian because they want to become the exploiters rather then the exploited. And of course, their futures are so bright, since Ilian will smile upon them forever... until they fail or get backstabbed by each other, that is. Suckers.
* PistolWhipping: Averted. Pistols work in close combat, but in the shooty way.
* PoweredArmor: Bauhaus and Mishima mecha are basically those. And in ''Warzone: Resurrection'', heavy infantry of most corporations got upgraded to Powered Armor status.
* PrivateMilitaryContractors: Cartel has them in heaps.
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy: Mishima and part of Imperial has this philosophy.
* PsychicPowers: Brotherhood calls them Art, Mishima also got some flashy ones in ''Warzone: Universe Under Siege''.
* ReligionIsMagic: The Brotherhood had this as part of teaching themselves psionics.
* ReligionOfEvil: Dark Symmetry (the philosophy of the Dark Legion) and its Apostles.
* {{Room 101}}: Mentioned a couple of times in the fluff. Both literally and metaphorically.
* SaintlyChurch: The Brotherhood. Yes, the Brotherhood runs an Inquisition, executes heretics, suppresses other religions, demands attendance and tithes (in practice if not theory) and violently opposes any new technology. And guess what? [[TheExtremistWasRight It's all at the very least justifiable, and in most cases necessary.]] The Brotherhood is also the one unifying factor among the corporations, and runs banks, schools, soup kitchens and hospitals.
** Unfortunately, likely due to renewed efforts by the Dark Soul to crush humanity, [[CorruptChurch corruption]] has begun to take root in many of the less righteous individuals and subgroups.
* {{Samurai}}: Mishima's nobles and military, of course. They recently integrated ashigaru commoner-soldier units into the military, though, due to growing manpower needs and changing times. The enticement of escaping second-class citizen status (i.e. become a samurai yourself) if you perform well enough makes recruitment easy.
* ScaryBlackMan: Big Bob Watts. Imagine MichaelClarkeDuncan with two freaking [[{{BFG}} CANNONS]] on his shoulders. Yeah. There.
* SealedEvilInACan: And Imperial was stupid enough to open it ... Twice!
* ShouldersOfDoom: One of the worst offenders in existence. Some figures have no armor apart from gargantuan shoulderpads. Old Capitol figures and Imperial special forces units stand out even by the standards of the setting. Then there's Erwin Stahler...
* SinisterScythe: Some Dark Legion units wield those.
* SlidingScaleOfSillinessVersusSeriousness: Hopelessly stuck on the serious end.
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Played straight in Capitol, Cybertronic and Legion, less so in other factions that have whole {{Amazon Brigade}}s.
* SoulsavingCrusader: The Inquisition, again. Bonus points for being actually effective (their primary goal is curing Dark Symmetry Corruption before it overtakes Heretics completely and returning them to human society).
* SpaceMarine: Two literal kinds in Capitol alone (Assault Marines being the "true" Space Marines and Free Marines being an ArmyOfThievesAndWhores).
** And then there are the Capitol Navy Special Forces, the [[PunnyName Sea Lions]].
* SpawnBroodling: the Heretic Corruptors in ''Warzone: Universe Under Siege'' could turn killed enemies into Undead Legionnaires. In ''Warzone: Resurrection'', it's given to Dark Legion's special character, Fabien von Hoelle, and Necromutant Leaders.
* SpiderLimbs: Golgotha. In ''Warzone: Resurrection'' Cybertronic hero Doctor Diana got a backpack with medical implements on spider limbs too, akin to Warhammer 40000's MadScientist Fabius Bile.
* SpiderTank: First created as a prop for miniature battle photos, the Dark Legion Black Widow was upgraded to a real unit in ''Warzone: Resurrection''. Other examples are Dark Legion's Tekron Warmasters, Cybertronic Cancer Machine Guns and ''Warzone: Resurrection'' redesign of the Cybertronic Scorpion LMG.
* SpikesOfVillainy: To drive the point home, Legion has this stuff liberally applied throughout. Golgotha's SpiderLimbs, Stahler's OneWingedAngel armor and some Nepharites, for example.
%%* SpyCatsuit: Etoiles Mortant.
%%* StandardSciFiSetting: More or less straight. Confined to the Solar System only, though.
* SwordAndGun: Depends on the unit. Brotherhood infantry is usually the embodiment of this trope.
* TakeCover: It helps. See "Geo Effects" above.
* TakingYouWithMe: Mishima Faceless Ones are Kamikaze on foot, and their Suicide Warheads are essentially MiniMecha {{Action Bomb}}s. Crescentian Martyrs and Blessed Tears fit here in the "Allahu akbar '''KABOOM!'''" way as well.
** ''Warzone: Resurrection'' gives this ability to Dark Legion Heretics.
* TortureTechnician: In the fluff, Inquisitors. In Warzone, and very squickily, Eonian Justifiers. To name a few.
* TurnBasedStrategy
* {{Ubermensch}}: Vince Diamond. In short: bleached {{Cyborg}} VinDiesel. Some other Cybertronic troops also qualify.
* {{Uncanceled}}: Twice. First, Excelsior Entertainment revived the tabletop wargame as "Mutant Chronicles Warzone: Universe Under Siege" in 2003, coming up with new miniature designs and entire new units (Tekron Warmasters for example). Then, in 2013, Prodos Games funded the fourth edition of the tabletop wargame, "Warzone: Resurrection" through Kickstarter, while Modiphius Games started working on the third edition of the "Mutant Chronicles" role-playing game in 2015.
* UndeadChild: Children of Ilian. They beat the crap out of your units with rattles and slingshots.
* WarfareRegression: Considering what the Dark Symmetry does to advanced electronics, it's no surprise that weapons tech also declines.
* WarForFunAndProfit: The second part happens when Megacorps start butting heads over resources. No fun for the troops, though.
%%* WhipItGood: ''Warzone: Resurrection'''s new Bauhaus hero, Angelica Drachen.
* TheWildHunt: They're Illian's executioners of failures and people who need to be disappeared. Be sent to their dimension and it's a one-way trip, with your future existence either being a hardscrabble run from them or having your very soul torn apart.
* WritingAroundTrademarks: Sort of. Nothing is stated outright, but it's heavily implied that Bauhaus is the contemporary retail chain [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bauhaus_(company) Bauhaus]], and that Imperial grew out of clan Murdoch, which, in turn grew from UsefulNotes/{{Rupert Murdoch}}'s media empire. There is also mention in the fluff of ''[[{{Cats}} The Devil's Cats]], a [[LongRunner long-running]] musical by [[TSEliot T.S.]] [[AndrewLloydWebber Webber]].
* WorldHalfFull: There's a Dark Legion of quasi-demonic aliens out there, humanity cannot seem to get its act together, people have been forced into the perpetual misery of war...and yet humanity's factions honestly want the best for it, there is no shortage of genuine heroes, and the Dark Legion can be defeated.
* ZombieApocalypse: Legionnaires aplenty. Those guys are zombies WITH GUNS. Also, painfully literal in TheMovie.