Monsterhearts is a game about the awkward and messy lives of teenage monsters who are filled with emotional issues. It is a hack of the Apocalypse World rules, with it's mechanics heavily influencing the feel and theme of it's setting. In this game you are not in full control of your character, your a teenager who is heavily influenced by the decisions of other players and your hormones. The different monster archetypes in Monsterhearts are called Skins, in the main game there are ten default skins but there is also Second Skins which will possess multiple new skins, and their are two free additional skins (selkie and serpentine).

!!This game provides examples of:
* CyberneticsEatYourSoul: Hollow can arise from people who have mechanical parts, implying that the cybernetics have removed their sense of identity.
* DamageReduction: Werewolves bathed in moonlight can have damage they take reduced.
* EveryoneIsBi: It can come off this way since anyone can roll to turn on anyone else, regardless of gender.
* GameMaster: The Master of Ceremonies (MC) fills this role.
* GrapplingWithGrapplingRules: Thankfully averted. In Monsterhearts grappling would just be resolved through a Volatile roll or two (and maybe a Hot roll or two as well...).
* HitPoints: Characters in Monsterhearts can take up to four harm and then die.
* HybridOverkillAvoidance: While an individual might only be able to possess a single skin characters can take moves from other skins to take on their traits, or you can use a season advance to fully change the character from one skin to another while still retaining the moves of their old skin.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: Wyrms aren't giant reptiles with wings, they're collectors. They are people who horde things and people, can trade Strings, and "some" can transform into beasts of talons and coils.
* OurGhoulsAreCreepier: Ghouls can hunger for different things rather than just eating people, some feed on fear or chaos, while others hunger for power. Their sex move also causes sex with their partner to count as something they hunger for, and What the Right Hand Wants can turn the ghoul from an undead into a monster that was constructed and feeds on something different.
* ParanormalRomance: Comes with the territory. The game evens tarted as a jokey send-up of the genre.
* {{Splat}}: The various Skins.
* UnconventionalAlignment: Angels have a sliding scale of Trespass and Forgiveness instead of possessing a Dark stat. That goes closer to forgiveness when you do what other people tell you.
* UrbanFantasy: The default setting for Monsterhearts is a high school in the modern day, except there are monsters like vampires and unicorns living amoung us.
* WhiteMage: Unicorns are goody-two-shoes who can empower other people by giving blessings, ensure people succeed on tasks before they even happen, or changing a failure into success just through believing in the person.