''Masque Of The Red Death'' was originally (in RPG terms) a campaign setting by TSR and WizardsOfTheCoast for the TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons system. Named after Creator/EdgarAllanPoe's story of the same name, it was an add-on to the TabletopGame/{{Ravenloft}} campaign setting. ''Masque Of The Red Death'' had several facets in common with {{Ravenloft}}--it was a gothic horror setting, with mysterious powers, and it had restrictions on magic and planar travel similar to Ravenloft's. On the other hand, it was set in a more modern era, an 1890s version of Earth called ''Gothic Earth'' - a latter supplement (''Chronomancy'') confirmed that this was the same Earth as that of the Historical Reference supplement line.

In this setting, character classes were {{Retool}}ed to more modern ones like "Athlete," "Criminal," and "Cowboy," and characters received salaries depending on their career. There were magic-using classes (the Adept) and priest-like ones (the Dilettante), along with some others that were rough parallels of the traditional D&D classes.

The Red Death in this setting was, as were the mists in Ravenloft, a mysterious force that was not strictly defined in the campaign materials. Several theories were floated in the materials to give [[DungeonMaster DMs]] something to play with. The Red Death was known to raise undead, make people insane or change them into monsters, and move locations around. The Red Death is the source of all magic in the realm.

In 2004, Creator/WhiteWolf published a sourcebook for ''Masque of the Red Death'', using the [[{{D20}} D20 system]], under the Swords And Sorcery imprint. In addition, some of the qabals, and even the Red Death itself, got {{cameo}} mentions in D20Modern's UrbanFantasy settings.