->''"The world would indeed have been a different place had the Roaring Twenties not delivered the wonders promised by visionaries. Instead, war walkers now stride across the battlefield of Europe, huge supertanks thunder over North Africa, rocket fighters duel high above the Pacific, adventurers and superspies battle the Nazi forces in the shadows and scientists work feverishly in their laboratories to perfect the next doomsday weapon for their masters. Powered by advanced science, will the darkness of fascism spread across the world, or can brave men and women prevent it?"''
-->-- '''Introduction to the main rulebook'''

What happens when you cross StupidJetpackHitler with SovietSuperScience and DieselPunk? You get Gear Krieg! Gear Krieg is an alternate history game setting that takes on World War II, where the technology curve is a little more steep than in our own reality. Technology, such as personal jet packs, [[CoolPlane rocket fighters]], and [[WalkingTank walking tanks]], are developed during the course of the war, sometimes massively changing events and famous battles. Should be noted that the series practically runs on RuleOfCool.

Has two sister games (both of which also exploit the minis game/RPG bifecta), TabletopGame/JovianChronicles (a nearish-future SF game featuring larger mechs in space) and TabletopGame/HeavyGear (a more-distant-future SF game featuring smaller mechs for land warfare).
!! Setting contains examples of:

* AlternateHistory: Somehow I don't remember hearing about German Panzer Divisions being equipped with mechs in history class.
* CoolGuns : Oh Hell Yes!
* CoolPlane: Rocket interceptors.
* DieselPunk: The beating heart of the series.
* JetPack: Complete with Nazi stormtroopers!
* MilitaryMashupMachine: Where do we begin? Probably the RealLife UsefulNotes/WorldWarII military hardware that is TransformingMecha. Or the Land Battleship example of TankGoodness below.
* UsefulNotes/NazisWithGnarlyWeapons: With a few minor additions.
* UsefulNotes/NikolaTesla: Amongst other things he invented a particle beam cannon for the Maginot Line.
* NoSwastikas: As is typical, the ''Balkenkreuz'' is used as a marking on all German units.
* OvershadowedByAwesome: the RealLife World War II weapons have a tendency to be overshadowed by the fictional equipment.
* RuleOfCool: This series practically runs on it!
* SpiderTank: one or two examples show up in the series.
* StupidJetpackHitler: Let's see they have mechs, supertanks, jet packs and a whole bunch of other stuff.
* TankGoodness: Let's see you have realistic tanks like the Tiger. Then you have something like [[http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/2458/rattemk2byflyingdebriswd1.jpg this.]] a 1,000-tonne tank armed with two 280 mm SK C/34 naval guns, 128 mm anti-tank gun, two 15 mm Mauser MG 151/15 autocannons, eight 20 mm Flak 38 anti-aircraft guns and armored with 9 inches of solid steel. The kicker? ''They're also real designs.''
** The P.1000 Ratte and P.1500 Monster were actual German (paper) designs green-lighted by Hitler, but canceled by Speer in 1943; their inclusion in the game is somewhat reasonable, given the other technological handwaves.
* TwoFistedTales: The series' soul.
* WalkingTank: Most [=PanzerKampfers=] fall into this category.
* WeirdHistoricalWar: Instant weird, just add [[ForScience SCIENCE!!!]] And [[HumongousMecha MECHA!!!]]