''GURPSAlternateEarths'' is (as you may have guessed) a ''{{GURPS}}'' sourcebook (well, rather two books, but they're both covered here) about AlternateHistory -- or rather, alternate timelines which the characters may visit in one campaign, or live in from the start. Describes twelve timelines (six in each book) in loving detail.

The scenario "Centrum" inspired @/MaxSinister's Literature/ChaosTimeline.

!!!All worlds:
* AllohistoricalAllusion
* AlternateHistoryWank: The only thing changing is who (or what) is wanked high.
* InSpiteOfANail
* RichardNixonTheUsedCarSalesman: Malcolm Little (Malcolm X) as VP of the rest-US in a world where the CSA successfully seceded. David Duke as POTUS in a world where The Nazis win World War II and the US become their fascist satellite. Jabir ibn Hayyan as a Roman chemist inventing mustard gas in 767. Swedish king Charles XII invading Britain. Roman emperor Heraclius founding a new empire in Africa after Constantinople falls. And Adolf Hitler ending up in an insane asylum painting more watercolors.
** The sequel had some more of these. [[Creator/AynRand Alissa Rosenbaum]] writing novels about heroic rail builders in Nationalist Republican Russia. Japanese admiral Hiyoshimaru fighting European pirates for the Ming emperors. St. Bernhard of Clairvaux and St. Dominic de Guzman converting still-pagan Scandinavia to a somewhat different Christianity. Ibn Sina inventing calculus in 1006. Jan Masaryk elected Archon of an Austrian empire turned republic. And finally, Otakar Przemysl kicking out the Mongolian oppressors from the Holy Roman Empire in Centrum.
* SpiritualSuccessor: Gurps Infinite Worlds.


Starts to diverge when filibusters take over Nicaragua and help the CSA become independent. Later, they will take over most of Mexico and Central America. The US (which took much of Canada) is allied with Germany and help them win UsefulNotes/WorldWarOne.

* ActionGirl: In the US, women serve in all branches of the military.
** DarkActionGirl: They also commit as many violent crimes as men do.
* AlternateHistoryWank: For the CSA, Germany and arguably the US progressives and the united Indian republic.
* BalkanizeMe: The US (which takes over western Canada instead) and China
* UsefulNotes/ColdWar: USA vs CSA. In-universe called The Long Drum Roll.
* CoolTrain: The US have a lot of them, and they're faster than anywhere else.
* UsefulNotes/GaulsWithGrenades: Charles de Gaulle invents "guerre-eclair" (blitzkrieg)
* UsefulNotes/ImperialGermany
* UsefulNotes/JohnFKennedy: With [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_X Malcolm Little]] as his VP.
* NukeEm: The Franco-German War ended in a German victory because the Germans got the bomb first.
* ShoutOut: The picture shows a CSA officer named [[GoneWithTheWind "Butler"]] looking much like Creator/ClarkGable.
* SouthernBelle
* SpaceFillingEmpire: Germany owns about two thirds of Africa.
* StrawFeminist: To Southrons, every Yankee woman is a man-hating harridan.
* ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld

Diverges with the assassination of UsefulNotes/FranklinDRoosevelt. During the terms of Charles Lindbergh and the not-that-competent John Nance Garner and Henry Wallace, the US become politically split and polarized. Meanwhile, the Nazis and Japanese conquer half the world in the 1940s, and then finish the job with the aid of subversion from William Dudley Pelley's fascist Union Party.
* AlternateHistoryWank: Guess for whom.
* BalkanizeMe: The SovietUnion, which is no more.
* CoolTrain: ''[[GratuitousGerman kugelbahnen]]''
* CrapsackWorld
* FamousNamedForeigner: The current ''führer'' and successor to Viktor Alchsneiss is named Günter Wallraff. In our world, that's the name of a decidedly leftist German author. Makes you wonder how much research they did on that.
* FictionalUnitedNations: Welt-Achse (World Axis)
* UsefulNotes/ImperialJapan
* UsefulNotes/NaziGermany
* UsefulNotes/NazisWithGnarlyWeapons: Gnarlier than ever. In the present, their army has kevlar armor, tanks with railguns and neutron bomb howitzers.
* NukeEm: The nazis didn't hesitate to level Denver, Dallas, St. Louis and Omaha in 1950 and Pittsburgh, Atlanta, San Antonio, Salt Lake City and Calgary in 1976 when the Americans started an uprising.
* ShoutOut: The picture of the nazis deporting the Jews of Houston (happening in the 1980s) is based on the famous picture of the Warsaw Ghetto 1943. Except that they are wearing time-appropriate clothes - the little boy on the right has a baseball cap.
* SpaceFillingEmpire: Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.
* ThoseWackyNazis

!!!Roma Aeterna:
Instead of the sinister Tiberius, a surviving Drusus takes over Rome after Augustus' death. During the following two millennia, Rome will expand, fall apart twice and reunite again and expand further. Their technology also develops, albeit not as fast as in our world.
* AlternateHistoryWank: Rome, Rome and Rome again.
* BalkanizeMe: China (not by the Romans, though)
* {{Eagleland}}: Hesperia (Roman America) has a similar image.
* TheGloryThatWasRome: More glorious than ever!
* InterfaithSmoothie: The Greco-Roman religion added American, Egyptian and Indian gods to their pantheon.
* {{Jesus}}: May have been pardoned by the emperor, if he lived at all.
* TheRomanEmpire
* SpaceFillingEmpire: Rome covers Europe, Africa north of the rainforest belt, the Middle East, Central Asia and India, most of South America and half of North America.
* SteamPunk: They have boxy, heavyweight steamcars.

John Trastamara survives, hence no united Habsburg empire. The way history develops is... odd: Charles II and Louis XVI prevent revolutions which otherwise would have lead to more democracy and the creation of republics, and at the end, the whole democratic phase is somehow skipped, since the world transforms into a typical cyberpunkish society where nothing else counts but how rich you are.
* AlternateHistoryWank: Japan, oh so much. Also, Sweden, France and Brazil which are the other three superpowers.
* BalkanizeMe: North America, (still) Germany
* CyberPunk
* JapaneseChristian: In this reality Japan is almost entirely Christian, having converted in the 16th century.
** ChristianityIsCatholic: In great part thanks to above and Japan also being by far the world's most powerful nation, almost 50% of total world population are Catholic - rising to 90% with the elites.
* JapanTakesOverTheWorld: More successful than ever. They manage to reign over two thirds of the world population!
* NukeEm: Synarchist Sweden nukes four British cities when their pawns don't win the Civil War. As a result, 60% of Britain's population dies or emigrates.
* SpaceFillingEmpire: Japan, of course. How much? The eastern half of Asia (incl. India), the Pacific islands and Madagascar, and the western bit of North America.
* UsefulNotes/WorldWarOne: The Pyrrhic War occurred for much the same reasons as UsefulNotes/WorldWarOne did historically (a GambitPileup of secret alliances that finally blew out), but it began in 1927 and ended in a stalemate that precluded any chance of a UsefulNotes/WorldWarTwo.

The Carthaginians discover America, so the Old World diseases hit America two millennia earlier. The Roman Empire falls apart after Nero's been killed, and the various barbarians make sure Europe never recovers. Then the Aztecs start the Industrial Revolution.
* AlternateHistoryWank: Mongols, Aztecs and Iroquois.
* BalkanizeMe: Western and Southern Europe, which were smashed too many times by barbarian hordes and part of the Mongol Empire for a long time.
* ForWantOfANail: The reason Rome falls apart: Since the west European provinces have had access to New World staple crops for a long time, they're no longer dependent on Egyptian grain, so the economy and politics disintegrate fast.
* InSpiteOfANail: Most {{egregious}} example. The Aztec people still exists although history diverged more than two thousand years before them.
* MadeASlave: Many Europeans who're sold to the Mongols and Aztecs then.
* SpaceFillingEmpire: The Mongol Empire, which still holds most of Eurasia.
* SteamPunk

UsefulNotes/NikolaTesla marries the daughter of J.P. Morgan, gains financial support to take out Edison, and can realize all his cool inventions.
* AlternateHistoryWank: Science!
* UsefulNotes/CivilRightsMovement: Set back a few decades due to the lack of UsefulNotes/WorldWarTwo and the Holocaust, which in our world discredited the concepts of eugenics and scientific racism. Women's rights have also been set back; they have the vote in the US, but haven't gotten past the 1920s.
* CoolTrain: ''[[GratuitousGerman blitzbahnen]]''
* TheFifties: Even about twenty years later, the world is still much like this. (UsefulNotes/WorldWarTwo was avoided, the war which brought down the SovietUnion was shorter and more one-sided, thus less upsetting for the world.)
* FictionalUnitedNations: Played with. The League of Nations was real, but even more toothless than the UN is today, and didn't last very long. Here...see UnitedNationsIsASuperpower.
* ForScience
* IWantMyJetpack: And here, you get it!
* [[UnitedNationsIsASuperpower League of Nations Is a Superpower]]: Due to the power of the World Science Council (established with the aid of JP Morgan's money and Nikola Tesla's inventions), and the war against Stalin's Soviet Union, the League is rapidly developing into a world government.
* MadScientist: They're very fitting for this world.
* [[spoiler:MinovskyPhysics: It is hinted that the laws of physics might differ a bit in this timeline.]]
* UsefulNotes/NikolaTesla
* OmnidisciplinaryScientist: A characteristic of scientists in this world is that they can have the Science! skill, an ability that allows them to know about scientific discoveries in any field. The concept was later generalized into "wildcard skills" in Fourth Edition, and the exclamation point became a generic marker for wildcard skills instead of particularly distinguishing [[ScienceHero Science!]] from vanilla science.
* PunkPunk: DieselPunk overlapping with [[RaygunGothic Atom Punk]].
* TechnologyPorn
* VestigialEmpire: Socialist France is one of the six Great Powers of the League of Nations and a ruling colonial power, in theory. In practice, it's barely even a major power in Europe, and its colonial empire is nothing but an albatross around its neck.
* ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld

Turgot manages to reform France, which prevents TheFrenchRevolution - and UsefulNotes/TheAmericanRevolution as well, since he won't support republicans against one fellow king. Only two centuries later, one great power (Russia) becomes the republican Dominate.
* AlternateHistoryWank: For the great European monarchies.
* BalkanizeMe: Germany except for Prussia and Austria
* CoolTrain: The trains of Russia which impress less with speed and more with size.
* SpaceFillingEmpire: Britain and Spain (which kept their empires) and Russia (which includes Finland, Manchuria, Korea, Japan and Alaska - and was even bigger in the past)

Ming China never scraps its fleet and starts to expand - first into Vietnam, later into Europe when their pirates attack... and there's no end, it seems...
* AlternateHistoryWank: This time, it's China.
* TheIrishMob: Irish 'Triads' have become very powerful across the globe and have developed their own martial art form.
* JustBeforeTheEnd: The Emperor appears to have lost the Mandate of Heaven.
* ShoutOut: To "TheSecondComing." The line for one section header is "The Center Holds."
* SpaceFillingEmpire: China covers most of Eurasia (except for Russia, Persia and the Ottoman Empire), Australasia and half of the Americas and Africa.
* ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld

The Vikings manage to take Constantinople and capture the secret of Greek Fire. They manage to extend their rule over half of Europe, North America, Russia and Siberia.
* AlternateHistoryWank: For Vikings.
* {{Pirate}}: Everyone's doing it. Except for the Scandinavians (no surprise), the [[LongList Moors, Chinese, Malay, Yanomami, Hanse Germans, Gujerati and Nihonese]] are also into it.

An eccentric Muslim scholar refutes the pagan Greek philosophers using rationalism. In combination with an Arab printing press, the Muslims take over the world and also develop science and technology way faster.
* AlternateHistoryWank: Islam.
* AwakeningTheSleepingGiant[=/=]SealedBadassInACan: The whole timeline is presented as this with regards to the Infinite Worlds setting. Both Homeline and Centrum are, quite rightly, scared shitless of the prospect that Caliph might learn the Secret.
* SpaceFillingEmpire: The Bulgarian caliphate covers our Russia, southeastern Europe, and the north and west of North America / Talentis.
* TechnologyPorn: Despite being in the 17th (Christian) century, they already have colonies in space, {{nanotechnology}} and skyscrapers made of artificial diamonds.

"The Divine wind" never happens, so Britain stays under the Stuarts and gradually becomes Catholic again.
* AlternateHistoryWank: Averted; the setting gets too weird to say that any power is wanked up. For some times, the Bourbons.
* UsefulNotes/TheAmericanRevolution, TheFrenchRevolution and RedOctober: The Austrian revolution is a mix of all of these, though it bears the greatest resemblance to the failed Revolutions of 1848.
* TheFundamentalist: The American Covenant is a Puritan theocracy, bearing a strong resemblance to the [[EnglishCivilWar Commonwealth of England]].
* GoodRepublicEvilEmpire: Played broadly straight with the Republican Alliance being firmly represented as the good guys. That said some of the monarchies - Britain and Lousiana - are presented as not ''that'' bad and conversely the American Commownwealth is a HolierThanThou quasi-theocracy.
* InSpiteOfANail: Despite the short-term ascendancy of France due to England's weakness, France does not remain a dominant power in the world in the current era.
* TheSoundOfMartialMusic: The Hapsburg Empire dissolves on schedule, except that it also includes Russia, and Russia does ''not'' suffer the October Revolution.
* WeAreStrugglingTogether: Austria is a bit of a mess.
** TheRevolutionWillNotBeVilified: ...but the rebels know that they can't afford to [[DividedWeFall hang separately]], and currently the liberals are keeping everyone together and mostly civilized.

!!!United States of Lizardia:
The K-T extinction event never happens - leading, 65 million years later, to an almost exact equivalent of the modern world, except populated by lizard-men.
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs
* JokeLevel: This world is mainly there to make it clear that alternate universes don't ''have'' to make sense, and nobody on Homeline is even going to ''try'' explaining just how the hell this world came about. The consensus is that the gods think it's funny.

A more successful Angevin (Anglo-French) empire gradually takes over all the world. When the empire falls apart, a meritocracy centered on Terraustralis (Australia) rebuilds the empire. And then, they start discovering and conquering other timelines...
* AlternateHistoryWank: The Angevins, and the British Empire in general...until 1902, then it becomes a completely new society.
* TheRival: Centrum for Homeline