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[[folder:Anime & Manga]]

[[folder: ''Anime/Code Geass'' ]]

* ''Fanfic/TheBlackEmperor'' ([[ link]])
* ''Fanfic/{{Mosaic}}'' (currently links to a disambiguation page) ([[ fic]])


[[folder: Manga/Death Note ]]

* ''FanFic/{{Bloodstains}}'' ([[]])
* ''FanFic/{{TheShinigamiWingDeal}}'' ([[]])


[[folder: Franchise/Digimon ]]

* ''[[FanFic/ChristmasEveWithDigimon Christmas Eve with Digimon]]'': ([[ Link]])
* ''[[FanFic/DavisAndKariInJackFrost Davis and Kari: in Jack Frost]]'': ([[ Link]])
* ''FanFic/TheDigiDudes'': ([[ Link]])
* ''[[FanFic/DigimonCloneWars Digimon Clone wars]]'': ([[ Link]])
* ''FanFic/ADigimonFairytale'': ([[ Link]])
* ''[[FanFic/DigimonMedievalTimes Digimon: Medieval Times]]'': ([[ Link]])
* ''FanFic/TheIslandOfDoom'': ([[ Link]])
* ''[[FanFic/MusicalTheWorstPossibleStress MUSICAL: The worst possible stress]]'': ([[ Link]])
* ''[[FanFic/ThePaladinOfDarkness The Paladin of Darkness]]'': ([[ Link]])
* ''[[FanFic/ShouldLifeBeCruelOrGood Should Life be Cruel, or Good?]]'': ([[ Link]])
* ''FanFic/AWeddingStory'': ([[ Link]])
* ''[[FanFic/WhereTheresLoveThereWillAlwaysBeHate Where There’s Love, There will Always be Hate!]]'': ([[ Link]])


[[folder: Manga/Hayate The Combat Butler ]]

* ''FanFic/{{Crest of Your Aegis}}'' ([[]])
* ''FanFic/BeCleftThyShadow'' ([[]])


[[folder: ''Anime/Inu Yasha'' ]]

* ''[[FanFic/CupidsShippo Cupid’s Shippo]]'': ([[ Link]])
* ''[[FanFic/ALoveThatWasMeantToBe A Love That Was Meant To Be!]]'': ([[ Link]])
** ''[[FanFic/LoveVSHateDakariKingMykan Love V.S Hate!]]'': ([[ Link]])


[[folder: ''Light Novel/The Familiar Of Zero'' ]]

* ''[[Fanfic/ZeroNoTsukaimaSaitoTheOnmyoji Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyoji]]'' [[]]


[[folder: Anime/Mai HIME ]]

* ''FanFic/{{Mai HiME Future}}''


[[folder: ''Anime/Mega Man NT Warrior''/''Rockman.EXE'' ]]

* ''[[FanFic/RockmanEXETheCollegeYears RockmanEXE: The College Years]]'' ([[]]) - Tropers/{{iamdatroper}}


[[folder: ''Anime/Neon Genesis Evangelion'' ]]

* ''[[Fanfic/EvangelionAtSchool Evangelion@School]]''


[[folder: ''Anime/Pokemon'' ]]


[[folder: ''Anime/Project A Ko'' ]]

* ''FanFic/FastFoodFreedomFighters''


[[folder: ''Manga/Ranma One Half'' ]]

* ''FanFic/TheBitterEnd'' ([[]]}
* ''[[FanFic/GenmasDaughter Genma's Daughter]]'' ([[]])
* ''[[Fanfic/RanmaSaotomeChiMaster Ranma Saotome, Chi Master]]'' ([[]])
* ''Fanfic/TabulaRasa'' (currently links to a disambiguation page) ([[]])


[[folder: ''Franchise/Sailor Moon'' ]]

* ''FanFic/SailorAndromedra'' - Tropers/{{Morgie}}. In short it's to ''Anime/SailorMoon'' what ''MyImmortal'' is to ''Harry Potter''. ([[ link]])


[[folder: ''Anime/Wedding Peach'' ]]

* ''[[FanFic/TheSuperDevilAndTheBandOfSeven The Super Devil and the Band of Seven]]'': ([[ Link]])


[[folder: ''Anime/Yu Gi Oh'' ]]

* ''FanFic/{{Crimson Ties in Lullabies}}'' ([[]])


[[folder: ''Comic Book/Amalgam Universe'' ]]

* ''FanFic/JusticeMenOfAvengers'' ([[ Link]])

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]

[[folder: ''Western Animation/Corpse Bride'' ]]

* ''[[FanFic/BrotherOfTheCorpseBride Brother of the CORPSE BRIDE]]'': ([[ Link]])


[[folder: ''[[Western Animation/Rankin Bass Jack Frost Jack Frost ]]
* ''[[FanFic/RakinBassJackFrostJackIsBack (Rakin Bass: JACK FROST)... Jack is Back!]]'': ([[ Link]])

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]

[[folder: Franchise/Star Wars ]]

* FanFic/{{TROOPS}}
* FanFic/GeorgeLucasInLove


[[folder: ''Literature/Carrie'' ]]

* FanFic/CarrieAwakening ([[ Link]])


[[folder: ''Literature/Harry Potter'' ]]

* ''FanFic/HarryPotterBecomesACommunist'' ([[ Link]])
* ''FanFic/OfDragonsAndStags'' ([[ Link]])
%%* ''FanFic/TwilightKillsTwilight'' ([[ Link]] -- Tropers/RealSindri)


[[folder: ''Literature/Redwall'' ]]

* ''FanFic/BloodOmen'' ([[ Link]])
* ''FanFic/{{Enough}}'' (disambiguation page) ([[ Link]])


[[folder: ''Franchise/Tolkiens Legendarium'' (including ''Literature/The Lord Of The Rings'') ]]

* ''[[FanFic/AmongTheEorlingas Among the Eorlingas]]'' [[]] --@/{{Kernigh}}
* ''[[FanFic/DontPanic Don't Panic!]]'' [[]] and its sequel ''[[Fanfic/OkayNowPanic Okay, NOW Panic!]]'' [[]] --@/{{Kernigh}}
* ''[[FanFic/ForProprietysSake For Propriety's Sake]]'' [[]] --@/{{Kernigh}}
* ''FanFic/GroundhogGDIME'' [[]] --@/{{Kernigh}}
* ''FanFic/{{Vortex}}'' (disambiguation page) [[]] --@/{{Kernigh}}

[[folder:Live Action TV]]

[[folder: ''Series/Star Trek Voyager'' ]]

* ''FanFic/Plan7Of9FromOuterSpace'' [[]] --@/{{Korodzik}}. Source of quotes for quite a ''lot'' of trope pages, yet still has no work page.


[[folder: ''Series/NCIS'' ]]

* ''[[Fanfic/ShardsToAWhole Shards to a Whole]]'' ([[ link]])

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* FanFic/RewritingTheBook


%%[[folder:Tabletop Gaming]]

[[folder:Video Games]]

[[folder: ''Franchise/Ace Attorney'' ]]

* ''Fanfic/PhoenixWrightAdeptAttorney'' [[]] ~ SoItBegins


[[folder: ''Video Game/American Mc Gees Alice'' ]]

* ''Fanfic/BehindSanity'' [[]] -- Tropers/{{Gogoroth}}


[[folder: ''Franchise/Pokemon'' ]]

* ''[[Fanfic/{{Derpedex}} Derpédex ]]'' ([[ here]])


[[folder: ''Franchise/Sonic The Hedgehog'' ]]

* ''Fanfic/SonicPoint3XC'' [[]] -- Tropers/KarjamP


[[folder: ''Video Game/System Shock'' ]]

* ''Fanfic/FreeRadical'' [[]] -- Tropers/{{Korodzik}}


[[folder: ''Video Game/Touhou'' ]]

* ''[[FanFic/TheSealedEsotericHistory Hifuu Club Activity Record ~The Sealed Esoteric History~]]'' [[]] -- Tropers/{{Matteste}}


[[folder: ''Video Game/Wario Ware'' ]]

* ''Fanfic/DiamondCityBlockout'' [[]] -- Tropers/MarioKing98341

[[folder:Web Animation]]

[[folder: ''Web Animation/Homestar Runner'' ]]

* ''Fanfic/PomPomsEleven'' [[]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]

[[folder: ''Western Animation/Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers'' ]]

* ''FanFic/ChipNoirDalesRescueRangers'': A series of somewhat DarkerAndEdgier fanfics. They can be found [[ here]].
** Fly to the Light
** Plots
** Color Me Confused
** Swarm
** Wedding Bells Will Chime; Death Knells Shall Clang
** My Dinner with Monty
** Payback
** Homefront


[[folder: ''Western Animation/Ed Edd N Eddy'' ]]

* ''FanFic/FreakyEdDay'' ([[ Link]])


[[folder: ''Western Animation/Kim Possible'' ]]

* ''FanFic/WalkingTheLineSaga'' ([[]]): Tropers/{{RandomChaos}}. A wonderful LongRunner of a fanfic, well written and sweet.


[[folder: ''Western Animation/The Legend Of Korra'' ]]

* ''[[Fanfic/LotusHybridizationSeries Lotus Hybridization]]'' series ([[]], [[]]).


[[folder: ''Western Animation/The Legend Of Zelda'' ]]

* ''[[FanFic/ZeldaCartoonJackFrost (Zelda Cartoon)… Jack Frost!]]'': ([[ Link]])


[[folder: ''Western Animation/Libertys Kids'' ]]

* ''[[FanFic/LibertysKidsIntoTheFutureAndIntoSpace LIBERTY’S KIDS: Into the Future, and Into Space]]'': ([[ Link]])
* ''[[FanFic/LibertysKidsThePastVSTheFuture LIBERTY'S KIDS: The Past. V.S The Future]]'': ([[ Link]])


[[folder: ''Western Animation/My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic'' ]]

* ''FanFic/ComesTheSunset'' ([[ Link]] and another [[ Link]])
* ''FanFic/DawnsFury'' (([[ Link]]))
* ''[[Fanfic/EquestriaGirlsTheEmpoweredWorld Equestria Girls: The Empowered World]]'' ([[ link]])
* ''FanFic/HowTheSunsetSparkles'' ([[ Link]]) and another ([[ Link]])
** ''FanFic/PutARingOnIt'' ([[ Link]] and another ([[ Link]])
** ''FanFic/TruthOfTheHeart'' ([[ Link]] and another ([[ Link]])
* ''FanFic/InTheShadowAndTheLight'' ([[ Link]] and another [[ Link]])
* ''[[FanFic/ItsABluebloodWorld It's a Blue(blood) World]]'' ([[ Link]])
* ''FanFic/LiftUpTheHumble'' ([[ Link]])
* ''FanFic/LightInTheDarkness'' ([[ Link]] and another ([[ Link]])
* ''Fanfic/TheMonsterBelow'' ([[ link]]) - Tropers/TroperNo9001
* ''Fanfic/ShippingAndHandling'' ([[ link]]) - Tropers/TroperNo9001
* ''{{Fanfic/Sunset}}'' (currently links to a disambiguation page) ([[]])
* ''FanFic/{{Valiant}}'' (currently links to a disambiguation page)([[ Link]])
* ''FanFic/VengeanceOfDawn'' ([[ Link]] and another [[ Link]])


[[folder: ''Western Animation/Phineas And Ferb'' ]]

* ''FanFic/TheMeetingSeries'' (the first part can be read [[ here]]): @/MsAmiClassified. A collection of {{Crack Fic}}s, with Doof and Perry as the main characters in the first two fics and Doof-2 and Platyborg afterward. Technically has three parts, the last being uncompleted as of this edit, which increases to six with another under production if you include the oneshot series "In Between Dimensions" as well as "The Change Game Series". Becomes an incredible {{Doorstopper}} if you also add in the side stories (many of which are necessary to understanding certain parts) and oneshots.


[[folder: ''Western Animation/Teen Titans'' ]]

* ''FanFic/JustSuper'' ([[ Link]])

[[folder:Multi-Fandom ]]
* ''FanFic/MobileEquestriaGirlsGundam00'' ([[ Link]])
* FanFic/ThisIsOtakudom
* ''[[FanFic/PowerRangersRevolution Power Rangers: Revolution]]'': ([[ Link]])
* ''[[FanFic/PunisherVersusPredatorBloodSummer Punisher versus Predator: Blood Summer]]'' [[ link]] : Tropers/RealSindri
* ''[[FanFic/TheSuperSmashBrothersOfMelee The Super Smash Brothers of Melee]]'': ([[ Link]]):
* ''Webcomic/TransformersMosaic'': [[ Transformers: Mosaic]] is a unique project involving many, many individual teams of writers and artists creating self-contained one-page fancomics starring dozens of different characters from almost every single Franchise/{{Transformers}} continuity that range from the [[CrowningMomentOfFunny comedic]], [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome awesome]], [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming heartwarming]], and [[TearJerker tragic]]. Some of the official writers and artists have even contributed stories to the project.
* ''[[FanFic/TheWarOfMegazordsVSGundams The War of Megazords VS Gundams]]'': ([[ Link]])

[[folder:Fan Work creators]]
* [[Creator/{{Nyislandersgirl}} nyislandersgirl]] ([[ link]])
* [[Creator/SeerKing SeerKing]] ([[ link]])
* [[Creator/Shadenight123 shadenight123]] ([[ link]])