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Hello there Tropers! This is @/KafukaFuura, here to describe the wonderful little show we call ''Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei''.

SZS is a delightful SliceOfLife [[GagSeries comedy series]] which recaps my highschool days. The show has a [[BlatantLies fairly upbeat and silly tone]]. It started off as a manga drawn by the delightful Mr. Creator/KojiKumeta and was later animated by Creator/StudioShaft, who of course put their own [[MindScrew unique and creative touch]] on it.

Apart from [[ThePollyanna me]] of course, the show's cast, mostly made up of my close friends and classmates, include:
* ''Chiri Kitsu'': An [[SuperOCD intelligent and hard-working]] girl and my closest friend. [[AxCrazy Seems to really like]] [[ShovelStrike shovels]].
* ''Matoi Tsunetsuki'': A loyal girl who's very good friends with everyone and [[StalkerWithACrush will never abandon or desert anyone]]. It's just [[InsistentTerminology Deep]] [[StalkingIsLove Love]]!
* ''Abiru Kobushi'': Animal lover extraordinaire. Said to be a victim of AbusiveParents, but that's silly! Nobody here could possibly be suffering in a wholesome show like this!
* ''Kiri Komori'': Our resident [[{{Hikikomori}} Zashiki-warashi]]!
* ''Nami Hito'': Just an [[GenericGuy average girl]].
* ''Kaere Kimura'': A foreigner with [[SplitPersonality Dissociative Identity Disorder]], which is like whether or not you put soy sauce or ketchup on ramen.
* ''Meru Otonashi'': She's a bit of a [[ShrinkingViolet shy girl]] who prefers to talk mainly via texting, but [[BlatantLies her voice is really the]] MostWonderfulSound.
* ''Taro Maria Sekiutsu'': Another foreigner, who came to Japan through [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial perfectly legal means]]. Hit our Prime Minister on the head once.
* ''Kagero Usui'': Our [[{{Invisibility}} resident fairy]].
* ''Nozomu Itoshiki'': Our wonderful WackyHomeroom teacher! [[TheEeyore Is a bit]] [[DespairEventHorizon odd]] [[SuicideAsComedy in his habits,]] but that's alright, [[UnwantedHarem we all love him anyway!]]

So there you have it! Please enjoy!

...What, you're saying that ''Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei'' is a [[BlackComedy dark]], [[BlackComedy morbid]] and [[MindScrew surrealist]] social satire with a [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters cast]] of [[DysfunctionJunction psychotic stereotypes]]? That's ridiculous! ''[[CatchPhrase How could a show like that exist so close to me?!]]''

[[labelnote:I'll just have to make it all better.]]http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/PsychoFuura_2611.JPG[[caption-width:317:[[color:red:'''''[++Much Better++]''''']]]][[/labelnote]]