The creation of Tina Peskowitz of Sioux City, Iowa, a thirteen-year-old girl who rose to prominence during a legendary stint at Website/FanFictionDotNet and joined ''JustForFun/AvatarAndTheAirbendingFellowshipOfVampireSlayers'' as a writer and producer midway through its first season. Peskowitz found favor with the audience for her light-hearted plotting and whimsical production touches (Asmodeus' pink armor, a perennial {{cosplay}} favorite, was her idea), but her distaste for violence and blatant {{Fanservice}} put her at odds with [=TVn=] [[ExecutiveMeddling network executives]]. Disheartened by a conflict that no amount of ThePowerOfFriendship could resolve, Peskowitz finally left ''Avatar'' after directing the PoorlyDisguisedPilot for ''My Little Rainbow Princess'', a show of her own about love, companionship, deep character development, and pretty animals.

The series follows the gently comedic adventures of Christina L. [[MeaningfulName Ponycrown]], an ordinary seventh-grader who discovers that she's the secret heir to the ancient Pony Empire. With the position comes any number of cool prerogatives and magic powers - but also the burden of defending the Empire from those would do it harm. With the help of her friends-- including Belle [[BilingualBonus Minyoneydu]] and Rod, the Hugs Robot, can Christina turn aside the forces of impoliteness, [[SavingChristmas save Christmas]], reunite her estranged parents, ''and'' win the student council election? [[spoiler:Yup. Except the reuniting thing. That happens in the musical, but it ain't canon.]]

The first three episodes aired on the Happy Otaku Fun Channel, but when that folded (and a good thing it did too-all it aired was [[{{Macekre}} badly-dubbed anime so bowdlerized you couldn't recognize it]], SugarWiki/SoCoolItsAwesome anime you'd love to watch but can't because it's not subbed or dubbed, reruns of mindless sitcoms, and this) it aired on the Sugar Vision Network ([=SVn=]), a sister channel to [=TVn=] that's much more family friendly in a ''Series/DoctorWho'' way, as opposed to a bad way.

Also see the polar opposite, ''DarthWiki/ThePunishersSongOfEvangelionAndIMustScream''. Oh, and there's a crossover planned. May God have mercy on our souls.
!!Season One
* SugarWiki/LyteAndFloofy
* SugarWiki/FlyingUpTheSlipperySlope
* SugarWiki/ErmineCapeDefect
* SugarWiki/GenreKindness
* SugarWiki/ThisIsYourPremiseOnHugs
* SugarWiki/TheCakeIsAFact
* SugarWiki/RecyclingInSpace
* SugarWiki/PuppyExMachina
* SugarWiki/IHaveAMouthAndIMustSing (the MusicalEpisode)
* SugarWiki/HugtocracyRod
* SugarWiki/HuffyTheKitten
* SugarWiki/JohnnyLearnsToShare (Part 1 of a crossover with ''DarthWiki/ThePunishersSongOfEvangelionAndIMustScream'')
* SugarWiki/LetUsEatCake (a follow-up to Episode 6)