This is simply what you think is the (not some of the, '''''the''''') best example of any trope (an objective trope, not subjective, since this already is subjective). The "Crowning Example" if you will.

There could be several reasons you think an example is the best.
* You think it's the best in terms of illustrating the trope.
* You think it's the most well done.
* It's your favorite play in that trope.
* You just really like the source material.

Oh, and each troper gets one example per trope, no more. Also, don't go "no, this is," or phrases like that. This is about our own personal favorites.

Named because Film/BillAndTed use "Most triumphant" to describe things they think are [[TotallyRadical bodacious, non-heinous, righteous and most excellent]].

Not to be confused with UrExample (unless, of course, the UrExample manages to fall into the criteria for ''this'' trope). See also TropeCodifier.

'''NOTE: Do not pothole to this on the main wiki.''' See UrExample, TropeNamers and TropeCodifier for what you are probably looking for.
* TriumphantExample/{{A}}
* TriumphantExample/{{B}}
* TriumphantExample/{{C}}
* TriumphantExample/{{D}}
* [[TriumphantExample/{{E}} E ]]
* TriumphantExample/{{F}}
* TriumphantExample/GToI
* TriumphantExample/JToL
* TriumphantExample/MToO
* TriumphantExample/PToR
* TriumphantExample/{{S}}
* TriumphantExample/{{T}}
* TriumphantExample/{{U}}
* TriumphantExample/VToX
* TriumphantExample/YToZ