A Hallmark Presentation refers to any story that is assumed to be told in the LighterAndSofter style traditionally associated with the ''Series/HallmarkHallOfFame'' series of [[MadeForTVMovie made-for-TV films]], which, appropriately for a greeting-card company, tend to specialize in RoseTintedNarrative.

Basically, A Hallmark Presentation is the [[SugarWiki/SweetExists bright and cheerful]] [[CounterTrope alternative]] to the LifetimeMovieOfTheWeek!

It is thus often used as a ''[[strike:negative]] er,'' positive intensifier, in comparisons with DarkerAndEdgier works:

"Damn, ''[[LifetimeMovieOfTheWeek Not Without My Daughter]]'' made ''Film/DancerInTheDark look like a Hallmark Film!"''

This has turned it into a minor colloquial expression in the U.S., associating ''"a Hallmark Presentation"'' with "Hallmark card sentiment", which is an example of {{Flanderization}} in real life.

Ironically, ''Hallmark Hall Of Fame'' is a pretty well-respected long-runner produced and aired by Hallmark, and the quality has a considerably wide range with many standout offerings. Not unlike {{Creator/HBO}}, there are many actual Hallmark-produced films that contain biting drama and subvert the general stereotype of A Hallmark Presentation.

For info on the actual long-running ''Hallmark Hall of Fame'' series, see ''Series/HallmarkHallOfFame''.

DarkerAndEdgier installments of the ''Hallmark Hall of Fame'' series may be noted on that page as '''subversions''' of the trope.

A Hallmark Presentation describes works that fit in the more general popular conception of "Hallmark Sentiment".

Cynical persons may consider this a form of {{Glurge}}, but it is perhaps broader than that.

This trope describes a [[ShowGenres Genre]] notable for TV drama, but examples can be found in all media.

!!Tropes traditionally associated with "Hallmark Sentiment" include:
* {{Glurge}} (sometimes)
* LighterAndSofter
* {{Melodrama}}
* ProductPlacement (special case: actual ''Series/HallmarkHallOfFame'' films are produced and "presented" by Hallmark, like sponsored opera telecasts, and range from LighterAndSofter to DarkerAndEdgier).
* RoseTintedNarrative
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVsCynicism: On the idealistic end of the scale, usually.
* SugarApocalypse: Sometimes.
* TastesLikeDiabetes.

!!Examples can be found in the following works:

* Any movie that plays on ''Hallmark Channel'', including '[[ThreateningShark Shark Swarm]]''.