The new ''JustForFun/InspectorSpacetime'' series has successfully branched out into three {{SpinOff}}s within the franchise: ''FE-Line'', ''The Mary Sue Predicaments'', and ''Peacemist: Nicer Post''.

Rendered in a [[RogerRabbitEffect combination of live action and anime]], FE-Line, after spending [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture many years]] as a stray, is taken in by the kindly Professor Yokoyama and his robot-obsessed nephew, Kenji[[note]]"Kenny" in the English-language dub[[/note]], who repair and upgrade him (except, apparently, for his Inspector Spacetime-related [[LaserGuidedAmnesia memory circuits]]). With their help, FE-Line defends the earth--[[TokyoIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse mainly Tokyo]]--against [[AttackOfThe50FootWhatever over-sized terrestrial]] and [[{{Kaiju}} giant extraterrestrial]] monsters.
This SpinOff provides examples of:
* AdorablyPrecociousChild: Kenji/Kenny.
* MegaNeko: When in [[HumongousMecha Giant FE-Line]] mode.
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman: Despite regularly saving the world, FE-Line must struggle to earn respect from ordinary people.
* WhoWearsShortShorts: Kenji/Kenny is never seen without them.

!!The Mary Sue Predicaments
In this HotterAndSexier, BloodierAndGorier {{Dramedy}}, Mary Sue thwarts alien invasions and other threats to Earth with the help of a gang of [[TeensAreMonsters ASBO-accumulating]] [[LowerClassLout chavs]], Elizabeth, Nitya, Roy, and Stella.
This SpinOff provides examples of:
* ClusterFBomb: From the first season finale of ''The Mary Sue Predicaments'', while Mary Sue flies a nuclear bomb toward the Blorgon flagship:
--> '''Blorgon Prince:''' We have infiltrated all of Earth's governments, poisoned your air, and captured your friends. Even now our fleet surrounds your pathetic world, ready to destroy it at my signal. What do you say to that?
--> '''Mary Sue:''' [[spoiler: Fuck you.]] [[spoiler:''Fuck you.'']] [[spoiler:'''Fuck you!''']] [[spoiler:'''''FUUUCK YOUUU!''''']] (explosion)
* ContinuitySnarl: The show's various attempts to reconcile the Fourth, Sixth, and Seventh Inspectors' investigations into Blorgon activity in London over the years ("Sympathy for the Borgons" in Series 1, "The Ultimate Blorgon" in Series 2, and "Ransom of the Blorgons" in Series 3).
* {{Retcon}}: Mary Sue's profession was retconned from photojournalist to vaguely defined social services [[MamaBear caseworker]] in order to establish her connection to the UsefulNotes/CouncilEstate gang. Plus she somehow acquired a teenage son, Mark.

!!Peacemist: Nicer Post
Jokingly pitched by the producer as "[[Series/AllCreaturesGreatAndSmall All Bug-Eyed Creatures Great and Small]]", the show chronicles the misadventures of Captain James Haggard trying to [[FishOutOfWater fit in]] with the quaint, bucolic village of Wylf-y-Fwddoch while conducting paranormal investigations on behalf of the Peacemist Institute. In contrast with ''The Mary Sue Predicaments'', Captain Haggard's adventures in this quiet town are decidedly LighterAndSofter.
This SpinOff provides examples of:
* [[AliensInCardiff Aliens In Wylf-y-Fwddoch]]: The Trope Namer. The Welsh hamlet of Wylf-y-Fwyddoch, population 109, is the site of [[NegativeSpaceWedgie multiple rips in the fabric of spacetime]], allowing anything that runs on [[AppliedPhlebotinum chrono-spacial flux energy]] (like the time booths) to recharge its batteries there. (Also, it's a fair bit cheaper to film in the Welsh countryside than in London.)
* ArbitrarySkepticism: The local villagers are rather phlegmatic about their quaint community's known oddities but highly suspicious of the Peacemist Institute's investigations into possible new ones.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In the first episode of ''Peacemist,'' the titular organization is variously referred to as the Peacemist Institute, the Peacemist Ministry, the Peacemist Agency, the Peacemist Corporation, and, on one memorable occasion, the Meatspice Institute. This was mostly sorted out by the second episode, although throughout the rest of the first season a sign above Captain James' desk read "Peacemist Institupe."
* TitleDrop: In the premiere episode, Captain Haggard remarks upon his arrival that the Peacemist Institute has sent him to a "nicer post" in Wylf-y-Fwyddoch than his previous one (i.e. bombed-out postwar Vienna in "The Cambiare Machine").
* TownWithADarkSecret: Wylf-y-Fwyddoch is home to at least eight different dimensional rips, five buried alien spaceships, a meteor capable of reanimating the dead, and a very suspicious flock of [[spoiler:telepathic]] sheep. As it's not ''too'' dark, owing to the family-friendly nature of the show, Haggard generally resolves problems by inviting the MonsterOfTheWeek over for a pint of ale, shepherd’s pie, and a folk song.