[[folder: Sorting Algorithm Of Deadness ]]

Using the scientifically '''''Infallible''''' power of the SortingAlgorithmOfDeadness, who do you think is the next in line for being brought back from the great Bus in the sky?

To use the Algorithm, simply add the Column's "Death Value", and divide by the number of applicable rows.

||align=center border=1 width=100%
|| ''Relative deadness factor'' || '''DeaderThanDead''' || '''[[PutOnABus Maybe Back Later]]''' || '''[[InferredSurvival Be Back Soon]]''' || '''[[ContractualImmortality Death? What's That?]]''' ||
|| '''Death Value''' || '''''[[FourIsDeath 4]]''''' || '''''3''''' || '''''2''''' || '''''1''''' ||
|| ''[[JustForFun/HowToKillACharacter Cause of death]]'' || [[DeathByIrony Irony]], [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Bridge Drop]], [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Overkill]], StuffedInTheFridge, RetGone || [[RedemptionEqualsDeath Redemption]], [[HeroicSacrifice Sacrifice]], BusCrash, MortalWoundReveal || NoOneCouldSurviveThat, just plain killed in battle || [[SuicidalGotcha Jumping]] ||
|| ''[[LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt Audience Expectation]]'' || AnyoneCanDie, KillEmAll || KilledOffForReal, TonightSomeoneDies || DisneyDeath || BackFromTheDead, DeathIsCheap, NobodyCanDie ||
|| ''Body Found?'' || [[DeaderThanDead Dead]] and [[MeaningfulFuneral Buried]]\\
[[ChunkySalsaRule Only Bits And Pieces]] || [[WakingUpAtTheMorgue At The Morgue]] || [[NeverFoundTheBody Never Found]], [[HumanPopsicle Frozen]], [[TakenForGranite Petrified]] || LeftForDead ||
|| ''Reaction'' || [[ReallyDeadMontage Montage]], BondOneLiner || HesDeadJim || ItsPersonal || FauxDeath ||
|| ''Last Words'' || [[OhCrap Crap]], KilledMidSentence, [[SedgwickSpeech Carry on men]], HisNameIs || CatchPhrase, FamousLastWords, FinalSpeech, ObiWanMoment || [[YouShallNotPass "Fly, you fools!"]] [[TemptingFate "Piece of cake"]] || "MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning" ||
|| ''[[{{Characters}} Characterization]]'' || RedShirt, [[DeathByOriginStory Loved One]], MauveShirt || RecurringCharacter, CListFodder || {{Regular}} || [[ContractualImmortality Protagonist, Archvillain]] ||
|| ''[[SeasonFluidity When did they die?]]'' || 10+ years ago, [[GrandFinale Series Finale]] || 5-10 years ago || Same year || [[StoryArc Same arc]] ||
|| ''[[BackFromTheDead "Died" and come back?]]'' || [[NotQuiteDead Not yet]] || Died once, but got better || [[FakingTheDead Twice]] || [[JokerImmunity I've]] [[StayingAlive lost]] [[DeathIsCheap count]] ||

If the character hasn't died yet (but seems likely to), see SortingAlgorithmOfMortality. All of this is trumped by the FirstLawOfResurrection.

Currently, [[spoiler:Shirley]] from ''Anime/CodeGeass'' and [[spoiler:the real Caulder]] from ''VideoGame/AdvanceWars: Days of Ruin'' have scored 4, the highest possible. The latter is more notable by having 4 in ''every'' category instead of getting the [=CLAMP=] bonus that the former got. No characters have got the lowest possible score of 1 yet, but [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Bowser]] is the leader of the death-defying derby at 1.5, even beating WesternAnimation/SouthPark's Kenny.


'''Baseline Example: The death of {{Superman}}.'''
* Cause: HeroicSacrifice, so he's not coming back from that too quickly, or the sacrifice will be cheapened. 3.
* Genre: It's a comic book, so DeathIsCheap. 1.
* The Body: DeaderThanDead, a PietaPlagiarism too for supes sake! So no chance of FakingTheDead. 4.
* Reaction: ReallyDeadMontage, uh-oh. 4.
* Characterization: Protagonist. 1.
* When did he die: Same year, so 2.
* Come Back?: This was a first, so 4.
* Average: So add it up... we get a pretty high score, 19! Since it's not a videogame, divide by 7, and we get... 19/7 = 2.7, meaning supes isn't coming back for at least a few months, maybe even years. In actuality the ''Death Of Superman'' happened in January 1993 and he came back some time before May 1994.


'''Now let's make a prediction with the recent death of Franchise/{{Batman}} in ComicBook/FinalCrisis.'''
* Cause: HeroicSacrifice, give or take. 3.
* Genre: Comic book, so DeathIsCheap. 1.
* The Body: [[DeaderThanDead Dead and buried]], but it's a little more complicated. Still, it's a 4.
* Reaction: [[HesDeadJim He's Dead Clark]], plus "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" probably counts as a ReallyDeadMontage. 3.5.
* Last Words: "[[FamousLastWords Try Me]]." 3.
* Characterization: It's [[MemeticMutation The Goddamn Batman]], people. 1.
* When did he die: Same year, so 2.
* Come Back?: This would be the first time, so 4.
* Average: 21.5/8= 2.7. A semi-high score, and DC seems to be sticking to this one for a while. Still, he'll definitely be back, likely before the end of 2010 at the latest.[[supersecretspoiler: CORRECT!]]

'''Note: This sub-page is for WebOriginal examples only. Please ensure that you put new examples in the correct WMG/SortingAlgorithmOfDeadness sub-page.'''


[[folder:''Channel Awesome'']]

Ma-Ti in ''WebVideo/SuburbanKnights''

* Cause: HeroicSacrifice - 3
* Genre: DeathIsCheap, - 1
* Body Found: Cremated - 4
* LastWords: A FinalSpeech to the Critic - 3
* Reaction: Funeral and montage (plus song) - 4
* Characterization: Recurring - 3
* When: Same arc - 1
* "Died" and Come Back: Not that I know of - 4
* Average: 21/7 = 3.142857. Unless that extra quest to resurrect him succeeds, he's doomed.


[[folder:''Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog'']]

Hmmm... how about Penny?:
* Cause of death: Death ray pieces to the sternum sounds a bit too much like DeathByIrony, if you ask me. 4.
* Genre: DHSAB matches the real world rather closely-- that said, it's unknown whether MadScientist resurrection is possible or not. I'll mark it as KilledOffForReal. 3.
* Body found?: Yes. Oh, yes. 4.
* Reaction: Well, the bit after it qualifies as a [[ReallyDeadMontage Montage]] (albeit in a slightly twisted way), so... 4.
* Characterization: Regular. 2.eserection is pretty much confirmed to be
* When did she die: This arc! 1.
* Ever died and come back?: Not that I know of. 4.
* So, 4+3+4+4+2+1+4 = 22/7 = 3.142857. '''VERDICT''': Dead, not sleeping. Sorry, Doctor Horrible!
* I'd argue that the Genre allows for a far higher genre score. A) [[WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog Dr. Horrible]] is set [[DeathIsCheap in a comic based universe]] B) There is at least 1 undead character, Dead Bowie. C) Dr.Horible is a MadScientist you know the ones who pull stuff like cloning and Literature/{{Frankenstein}}.
** Yeah, but characterization would more accurately be a 4, and Last Words would probably be a 3. So this would be counterbalanced.


[[folder:''Gaia Online'']]

Johnny Gambino:
* Cause of death: Shot rather messily by an assassin at close range. 4
* Genre: BackFromTheDead 1
* Body Found?: The police found it. It's since apparently been cremated and the urn is placed at the feet of his memorial statue. 4
* Reaction: [[HesDeadJim He's Dead, Edmund.]] 3
* Last Words: A FinalSpeech. 3
* Characterization: Regular, but given his prominence in the plot as a whole and lack of a protagonist, I'll give him a 1.
* When did they die?: Same arc. 1
* Died and come back?: Once, if I recall correctly. 3
* Total: 20/8 = 2.5. There's still hope, but the plot will have to pull off something pretty impressive to bring him back.


[[folder:''Protectors of the Plot Continuum'']]

* Cause: DeathByIrony - 4
* Genre: KilledOffForReal Sometimes - 3
* Body Found: DeaderThanDead - 4
* LastWords: OhCrap - 4
* Characterization: Recurring Character - 3
* When: Less than five years ago, Real World reckoning - 2.5
* "Died" and Come Back: Never - 4
* Average: 24.5/7=3.5, [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Literature/Discworld Squeak ]]

Agent Nick:
* Cause: DroppedABridgeOnHim - 4
* Genre: KilledOffForReal - 3
* Body Found: DeaderThanDead - 4
* Reaction: BigNo by his wife - I'd say a 3
* Characterization: Regular - 2
* When: Less than five years ago, Real World reckoning - 2.5
* "Died" and Come Back: Never - 4
* Average: 18.5/7≈2.643, Back Next Season


[[folder:''Red Panda Adventures'']]

August Fenwick, AKA the Red Panda:
* Cause: Bomb planted on his plane, so... NoOneCouldSurviveThat? 2
* Genre: KilledOffForReal - 3
* Body Found: NeverFoundTheBody - 2
* LastWords: [[KilledMidSentence "Doc Rocket, quickly! We have to--"]] - 4
* Reaction: ItsPersonal - 2
* Characterization: Protagonist - 1
* When: Judging by [[spoiler: Kit's pregnancy]], it's now been about 6 months. 2
* "Died" and Come Back: Nope - 4
* Average: 20/7 = 2.857, but you just know the FirstLawOfResurrection applies here. (Although it's not exactly a case of "they can't kill off the guy whose name is in the title", since he's now acquired an IdentityImpersonator.)
** Update: [[spoiler: Officially confirmed to be alive.]]


[[folder:''Red vs. Blue'']]

* Cause: [[spoiler:HeroicSacrifice.]] '''3'''
* Genre: Reconstruction has been very much AnyoneCanDie. '''4'''
* Body found: No, just LeftForDead. '''1'''
* Reaction: We don't see direct reactions. However, [[spoiler:Caboose still seems to be hopeful.]] Possibly FauxDeath, but we don't know. Call it a '''1'''.
* Characterization: Protagonist. '''1'''
* When: [[spoiler:Last episode.]] '''1'''
* Died and Came Back: [[spoiler: Sort of. He's an A.I. so he's never actually died before despite it looking like it.]] '''4'''
* Average: '''2.14'''. Not very likely to stay gone long.

* Cause: [[spoiler:Once again, HeroicSacrifice.]] '''3'''
* Genre: AnyoneCanDie. '''4'''
* Body found: Nope. LeftForDead, '''1'''
* Reaction: None seen. Could be FauxDeath, but we don't know. '''1'''
* Characterization: Protagonist. '''1'''
* When: [[spoiler:Same, last episode.]] '''1'''
* Died and Come Back: [[spoiler: From AlmostDead, yes. From Dead for Real, no.]] '''4'''
* Average: Same as above, '''2.14'''. No chance he's dead for real.
** Who's to say he died, anyway? He was a human, and he set off an electromagnetic pulse. Unless he had a pacemaker, I don't see how that would have killed him.
*** He just got shot. Granted, he's taken more damage in the series, but with the [=EMP=] having gone off, he wouldn't be able to use healing units anymore.
** [[spoiler:Back as of Episode 4 of Recreation.]]

* Cause: Pretty much unknown, just casually mentioned. Gonna go with an average '''2'''
* Genre: Death is cheap, at least for main characters (church dies in what, the third episode?) '''1'''
* Body Found: Left for Dead. '''1'''
* Reaction: [[spoiler:Grif thinks it's a Faux Death on her part, everyone else thinks She's Dead Jim, let's go with an average of]] '''2'''
* Characterization: Somewhere between C-list fodder and a mauve shirt '''3.5'''
* When did they die: Same year, '''2'''
* 'Died' and come back: Once, but got better, according to [[spoiler:Grif]], '''3'''
* For a total of 14.5, divided by 6 = 2.41, probably back in the next series.

From Out of Mind, York:
* Cause: Shot on his blind side, Death By Irony. 4
* Genre: It switched to KilledOffForReal ''upon'' his death, not sure that counts. We'll call it a 2 to be optimistic.
* Body Found?: Dead and...well, exploded, but that counts as Buried here. 4
* Reaction: Optimistically, ItsPersonal from Tex. 2
* Last Words: KilledMidSentence, more or less. 4
* Characterization: Practically the definition of a MauveShirt. 4
* When did they die?: Over a year ago now, but not yet five. 2.5
* "Died" and come back?: Not yet, 4
* Total score: 26.5/8 is about 3.3. That's pretty dead.

At the end of Reconstruction, Delta:
* Cause: NoOneCouldSurviveThat, 2
* Genre: KilledOffForReal, 3
* Body Found?: ...Um. That's kind of complicated, going to have to say N/A.
* Reaction: No real time for one, N/A.
* Last Words: FinalSpeech, 3
* Characterization: MauveShirt, 4
* When did they die?: Same year, 2
* "Died" and come back?: Once, from Out of Mind to Recovery One. 3
* Total score: 17/6 is 2.8. Still possible, but he might be gone.

Let's try Tex now:
* Cause: NoOneCouldSurviveThat, 2
* Genre: Between her apparent death and the current series, it's shifted from DisneyDeath to KilledOffForReal. Say 2.5
* Body Found?: Yes, but she doesn't need it. n/a
* Reaction: As close to ItsPersonal as you'll ever get from Church. 2
* Last Words: As of Reconstruction, OhCrap. 4
* Characterization: Regular, 2
* When did they die?: More than a year, less than five. 2.5
* "Died" and come back?: I've lost count, but only twice that anyone really thought she was dead. Say 1.5
* Total score: 16.5/7 is 2.36. She'll be back.
** [[spoiler:Back as of Revelation. Maybe.]]

And finally, as of Recreation, Donut:
* Cause: [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Bridge Drop]], 4
* Genre: KilledOffForReal, thus far. Might shift upward if he's actually dead, but for now that's a 3.
* Body Found?: Gonna call this n/a because it just happened.
* Reaction: Cries of disbelief. I'll call it as ItsPersonal. 2
* Last Words: KilledMidSentence, 4
* Characterization: Regular, 2
* When did they die?: Same arc, 1
* "Died" and come back?: Once, in the first season, before the drama set in. Still counts. 3
* Total score: 19/7 is 2.7. Even taking into account that 'got shot and fell down' doesn't necessarily mean 'dead', we may actually lose him.
** [[spoiler:A sponsors-only extended ending shows him getting back up. The way it's done is fodder for more Wild Mass Guessing, but he's definitely back, regardless.]]



Iron Manatee:
* Cause: NoOneCouldSurviveThat[=/=]Sacrifice by way of two nukes and being impaled by a knife the size of a bus, 2.5
* Genre: AnyoneCanDie, and most do, 4
* Body: Never found, 3
* Reaction: Everyone was kind of busy at the time, and everyone died anyway, so I'll say 2
* Characterization: One of the major protagonists and arena champion, 1
* When: Considering the next one will be called Timefights, who knows, left blank
* Died and come back: Nope, a few people have and quite a few are saved from mortal wounds; but The Empire's Champion had never even been serious injured. 4.
* Got a 2.75, which seems rather unlikely since WordOfGod was that he was definitely dead and when combatants are resurrected its normally through supernatural means, something that he had no truck with. Could be brought back through some other means, but combatants, especially dead ones, don't normally return in another series.



Cinder Fall (as of Volume 5, Episode 13):

* Cause of Death: Jumping = 1
* Audience Expectation: KilledOffForReal = 3
* Body Found: Frozen = 2
* Reaction: BondOneLiner = 4
* Last Words: Crap = 4 (she doesn't actually say anything but it's plastered in her face)
* Characcterization: Archvillain = 1
* When did they die: Same Arc = 1 (update to 2 if she doesn't come back in the following episode)
* "Died" and come back?: Died once, but got better = 3

Average = 2.25

This is a pretty mixed once since the whole fight was very cathartic yet she pretty much got a DisneyDeath and she has been TheHeavy of the show so the writers need some courage to kill her.