[[folder: Sorting Algorithm Of Deadness ]]

Using the scientifically '''''Infallible''''' power of the SortingAlgorithmOfDeadness, who do you think is the next in line for being brought back from the great Bus in the sky?

To use the Algorithm, simply add the Column's "Death Value", and divide by the number of applicable rows.

||align=center border=1 width=100%
|| ''Relative deadness factor'' || '''DeaderThanDead''' || '''[[PutOnABus Maybe Back Later]]''' || '''[[InferredSurvival Be Back Soon]]''' || '''[[ContractualImmortality Death? What's That?]]''' ||
|| '''Death Value''' || '''''[[FourIsDeath 4]]''''' || '''''3''''' || '''''2''''' || '''''1''''' ||
|| ''[[JustForFun/HowToKillACharacter Cause of death]]'' || [[DeathByIrony Irony]], [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Bridge Drop]], [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Overkill]], StuffedInTheFridge, RetGone || [[RedemptionEqualsDeath Redemption]], [[HeroicSacrifice Sacrifice]], BusCrash, MortalWoundReveal || NoOneCouldSurviveThat, just plain killed in battle || [[SuicidalGotcha Jumping]] ||
|| ''[[LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt Audience Expectation]]'' || AnyoneCanDie, KillEmAll || KilledOffForReal, TonightSomeoneDies || DisneyDeath || BackFromTheDead, DeathIsCheap, NobodyCanDie ||
|| ''Body Found?'' || [[DeaderThanDead Dead]] and [[MeaningfulFuneral Buried]]\\
[[ChunkySalsaRule Only Bits And Pieces]] || [[WakingUpAtTheMorgue At The Morgue]] || [[NeverFoundTheBody Never Found]], [[HumanPopsicle Frozen]], [[TakenForGranite Petrified]] || LeftForDead ||
|| ''Reaction'' || [[ReallyDeadMontage Montage]], BondOneLiner || HesDeadJim || ItsPersonal || FauxDeath ||
|| ''Last Words'' || [[OhCrap Crap]], KilledMidSentence, [[SedgwickSpeech Carry on men]], HisNameIs || CatchPhrase, FamousLastWords, FinalSpeech, ObiWanMoment || [[YouShallNotPass "Fly, you fools!"]] [[TemptingFate "Piece of cake"]] || "MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning" ||
|| ''[[{{Characters}} Characterization]]'' || RedShirt, [[DeathByOriginStory Loved One]], MauveShirt || RecurringCharacter, CListFodder || {{Regular}} || [[ContractualImmortality Protagonist, Archvillain]] ||
|| ''[[SeasonFluidity When did they die?]]'' || 10+ years ago, [[GrandFinale Series Finale]] || 5-10 years ago || Same year || [[StoryArc Same arc]] ||
|| ''[[BackFromTheDead "Died" and come back?]]'' || [[NotQuiteDead Not yet]] || Died once, but got better || [[FakingTheDead Twice]] || [[JokerImmunity I've]] [[StayingAlive lost]] [[DeathIsCheap count]] ||

If the character hasn't died yet (but seems likely to), see SortingAlgorithmOfMortality. All of this is trumped by the FirstLawOfResurrection.

Currently, [[spoiler:Shirley]] from ''Anime/CodeGeass'' and [[spoiler:the real Caulder]] from ''VideoGame/AdvanceWars: Days of Ruin'' have scored 4, the highest possible. The latter is more notable by having 4 in ''every'' category instead of getting the [=CLAMP=] bonus that the former got. [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Bowser]] is the leader of the death-defying derby at 1.5, even beating WesternAnimation/SouthPark's Kenny. However, some of the later deaths in ''Series/{{Smallville}}'' could get scores lower than that. [[spoiler:Chloe Sullivan]]'s death in "Fracture" manages to get the perfect score of 1, but no one takes it seriously now that she had "died" about five times.

'''Baseline Example: The death of {{Superman}}.'''
* Cause: HeroicSacrifice, so he's not coming back from that too quickly, or the sacrifice will be cheapened. 3.
* Genre: It's a comic book, so DeathIsCheap. 1.
* The Body: DeaderThanDead, a PietaPlagiarism too for supes sake! So no chance of FakingTheDead. 4.
* Reaction: ReallyDeadMontage, uh-oh. 4.
* Characterization: Protagonist. 1.
* When did he die: Same year, so 2.
* Come Back?: This was a first, so 4.
* Average: So add it up... we get a pretty high score, 19! Since it's not a videogame, divide by 7, and we get... 19/7 = 2.7, meaning supes isn't coming back for at least a few months, maybe even years. In actuality the ''Death Of Superman'' happened in January 1993 and he came back some time before May 1994.


'''Now let's make a prediction with the recent death of Franchise/{{Batman}} in ComicBook/FinalCrisis.'''
* Cause: HeroicSacrifice, give or take. 3.
* Genre: Comic book, so DeathIsCheap. 1.
* The Body: [[DeaderThanDead Dead and buried]], but it's a little more complicated. Still, it's a 4.
* Reaction: [[HesDeadJim He's Dead Clark]], plus "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" probably counts as a ReallyDeadMontage. 3.5.
* Last Words: "[[FamousLastWords Try Me]]." 3.
* Characterization: It's [[MemeticMutation The Goddamn Batman]], people. 1.
* When did he die: Same year, so 2.
* Come Back?: This would be the first time, so 4.
* Average: 21.5/8= 2.7. A semi-high score, and DC seems to be sticking to this one for a while. Still, he'll definitely be back, likely before the end of 2010 at the latest.

'''Note: This sub-page is for LiveActionTV examples only. Please ensure that you put new examples in the correct WMG/SortingAlgorithmOfDeadness sub-page.'''



Tony Almeida.
* Cause: Killed by the guy who killed his wife... I'd say that counts as a [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Bridge Drop]], he really wasn't sacrificing himself for anything. 4.
* Genre: DEFINITELY AnyoneCanDie, not a good start for Tony. 4.
* Body: Hell yes, he was in a bodybag, he's DeaderThanDead. 4.
* Reaction: No ReallyDeadMontage (though in ''Series/TwentyFour'', only Teri got one of these), no silent clock. I'll count it as HesDeadJim. 3. (For what it's worth, there was a bit of a "Really Dead Montage" for him. But still, no silent clock ...)
* Characterization: A [[CListFodder Regular]]. 2.
* When did he die?: In ''Series/TwentyFour'''s timeline, just under five years before, which puts him in line for the maximum. 4.
* Average: 4 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 4 = 21/6 = 3.5. Not QUITE deader than disco, but still pretty dead. I guess that's why ''Series/TwentyFour'' fans are so pissed that they're bringing him back for season seven.

However, as for Jack Bauer's father Phillip...
* Cause: Died in a fiery explosion with planes bombing the very oil rig he was at. Very flashy, very spectacular... NoOneCouldSurviveThat. 2.
* Genre: AnyoneCanDie Anyone Can Die]], same as Tony. 4.
* Body: Well, they NeverFoundTheBody... 3.
* Reaction: Wasn't really a reaction, since he was a bad guy... N/A.
* Characterization: BigBad of season six. 1.
* When did he die?: Right now, the same year in the 24 timeline... 2.
* Average: 2 + 4 + 3 + 1 + 2 = 12, 12/5 = 2.4... somewhere between Back Next Episode and Back Next Season. 24 fans begin to wonder why the writers chose TONY to be the one they brought back for season seven...

We'll go ahead and do Jack Bauer (end of season seven) too.
* Cause: HeroicSacrifice, he contracted a deadly disease to stop the deployment of a bioweapon. 3.
* Genre: DEFINITELY AnyoneCanDie. 4.
* Body: Ended the season comatose. I'll count that as Frozen. 2.
* Reaction: "I'm not ready to let you go." Indication that his daughter will do anything to save him... quite hopeful... 1.
* Last Words: A series of [[FinalSpeech final speeches]] given to both Renee Walker and an imam. 3.
* Characterization: Protagonist. 1.
* When did he die?: Same arc. 1.
* Died and came back?: Twice, technically. 2.
* Average: 3 + 4 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 17/8 = 2.13. Of course they're not going to kill Jack Bauer off. He'll be back probably the first hour of season eight. They MIGHT have him spend a couple hours in a coma (if they want to highlight Renee some more), but he's Jack Bauer, he'll be back snapping necks and killing terrorists by hour three at the very latest.

And finally, Teri Bauer.
* Cause: Killed by her husband's coworker/ex-lover. [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Bridge Drop]] 4.
* Genre: AnyoneCanDie. Definately. 4.
* Body: DeaderThanDead. 4.
* Reaction: A ReallyDeadMontage - the only one in the series to date. 4.
* Last Words: Closest to OhCrap or KilledMidSentence. 4.
* Characterization: Loved one. 4.
* When did he die?: Series finale, 13 years ago show time. 4.
* Average: 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 28/7 = a perfect 4.


[[folder:''Battlestar Galactica'']]

The show-runner has claimed he wanted us, in the gap between seasons, to ponder Starbuck's highly ambiguous post-mortem appearance. Is she an Obi-Wan style hallucination, or properly BackFromTheDead? Let's see if the algorithm can tell us.
* Cause of Death: Redemption/suicide, so 3.
* This show has previously been at pains to establish that AnyoneCanDie: 4.
* Body: Never Found, and the search was called off, on the always suspicious grounds that NoOneCouldSurviveThat. Looking more hopeful. 3.
* Reaction: No ReallyDeadMontage, but plenty of grief-y scenes intended to hammer home her properly-deadness. [[HesDeadJim She's dead, Apollo.]] 3.
* Characterization: Some fans characterize Starbuck as TheHero (with a low chance of permanent death) while others see her as the fracked-up TheLancer to Apollo's more straight-arrow [[TheHero Hero]] (which would make her much more expendable).
** But: we've been frequently told she's TheChosenOne, and tellingly, we still haven't seen what this might entail. So lets give her a 1.
* Died and come back?: Not unless you count her surviving a crash landing in season 1, so 4.
* Final, non-algorithm bit of evidence? She's an asbestos-coated PluckyGirl.
* '''Average:''' (19/7 = 2.71) Conclusion? A fine effort at keeping us guessing, but still, very probably back in the flesh.

[[spoiler: Starbuck is an uncertainty lich. She has been observed in the same shot, at the same time, as being both dead and alive. We just haven't observed which version 'is' Starbuck, as one must wonder if one can be in both states at once...]]


[[folder:''Being Human'']]

* Cause of Death: HeroicSacrifice, 3
* Audience Expectation: AnyoneCanDie, 4
* Body Found: DeaderThanDead, 4
* I don't think it was on the list
* Last Words: Putting it under FinalSpeech: 3
* Characterization: [[spoiler: One of the protagonists, so I'll just say 1.5]]
* When Did They Die: SeasonFinale isn't on the list so I'll put 2.5
* Died And Come Back?: Nope, not really, 4
* Final score: [[spoiler: 22/7=3.14-Don't count on it]]


[[folder:''Blake's 7'']]

Let's start with Roj Blake.
* CoD: Shot [[spoiler:by Avon when he thought he switched sides to the Federation]], so Death By Irony. 4
* Genre: Anyone Can Die. 4
* Body Found: Dead & Buried. 4
* Reaction: [[spoiler:All the other protagonists are shot after they are told he didn't betray them after all.]] So say a Montage-level thing. 4
* Last Words: Kind of Killed Mid Sentence. 4
* Characterization: Protagonist [[spoiler:for the first two seasons, recurring character in the last two. But since the show is named after him]]...1.
* When: Well the show ended. 4
* Came back: Presumed dead once. Obviously got better. 3
* Average: 28/8 = 3.5. Stick a fork in him, he's done.

Next is the [[TheLancer Lancer]], Kerr Avon.
* CoD: [[spoiler:Surrounded by Federal troops.]] Therefore, Overkill. 4
* Genre: Anyone Can Die. 4
* Body Found: We don't see him dying, so for our purposes its Never Found. 3
* Reaction: [[spoiler:BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM over the credits.]] Calling it for Montage. 4
* Last Words: [[spoiler:Grinning like a madman in an Bolivian Army Ending.]] Hmm...Oh Crap works best. 4
* Characterization: Protagonist. 1.
* When: Show ended. 4
* Came back: Never. 4
* Average: 28/8 = 3.5. As dead as [[spoiler:Blake]].

Then for Vila Restal.
* CoD: Surrounded, Overkill. 4
* Genre: Anyone Can Die. 4
* Body Found: Either Dead & Buried or Left For Dead [[spoiler:(he fell differently than other members of the Seven when shot)]]. We will measure both. 4 or 1
* Reaction: [[spoiler:Blake is dead, everyone else is being shot up.]] Montage-level again. 4
* Last Words: Oh Crap-ish. 4
* Characterization: Protagonist. 1.
* When: Final episode. 4
* Came back: Never. 4
* Average: 29/8 & 26/8 = 3.625 OR 3.25. Average of Average is 3.4375. Less dead than either [[spoiler:Blake or Avon]], still more than likely incorporeal.

How about a few for fun, starting with Oleg Gan.
* Heroic Sacrifice to save the rest of the team. 3
* Genre: Anyone Can Die. 4
* Body Found: Dead & [[spoiler:very definitely]] Buried. 4
* Reaction: He's Dead, Jim initially, [[spoiler:but the next episode was in part based on Blake trying to atone for his death]]. So, Montage-level. 4
* Last Words: [[spoiler:Crushed by a door and then the ceiling while warning everyone away.]] Famous Last Words & "Run, you fools!" combo. Give it a 3.
* Characterization: Protagonist. 1.
* When: Within the last five years of the show in-universe. 3
* Came back: Never. 4
* Average: 26/8 = 3.25. Less dead than expected. Still in no-hoper territory.

And what about Cally?
* CoD: [[spoiler:Trapped in an underground base, it explodes, no-one goes through the rubble to check on her.]] No One Could Survive That! 2
* Genre: Anyone Can Die. 4
* Body Found: The body is Never Found. 3
* Reaction: He's Dead, Jim. Hardly ever mentioned again after the episode and no montage-style stuff during it. 3
* Last Words: Yep. 3.
* Characterization: Protagonist. 1.
* When: Same year. 2
* Came back: Never. 4
* Average: 22/8 = 2.75. Surprisingly less likely to be dead [[spoiler:than most all of the other Seven (barring Orac of course). See you around, Cal]]!

Finally, Jenna Stannis.
* CoD: Apparently killed while [[spoiler:blockade running]] off-screen [[spoiler:between the Season 2 and Series finales]]. Sounds like a Bridge Drop to me. 4
* Genre: Anyone Can Die. 4
* Body Found: The body is Never Found. 3
* Reaction: He's Dead, Jim. Mentioned casually. 3
* No last words recorded, so we will skip this one.
* Characterization: Ex-protagonist, [[spoiler:disappeared for two seasons]]. Call it a Regular. 2.
* When: Within the last 5 years or so. 3
* Came back: Never. 4
* Average: 23/7 = 3.286. Around the same territory as [[spoiler:Gan and Vila]]; pretty much dead meat.


[[folder:''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'']]

Buffy's Death at the end of Season 5
* Cause: Sacrifice -- 3
* Genre: AnyoneCanDie[=/=]DisneyDeath -- 2.5
* Body Found?: Dead and Buried -- 4
* Reaction: Montage -- 4
* Last Words: Final Speech -- 3
* Characterization: Protagonist -- 1
* When: Same Year -- 2
* Died Before?: Once -- 3
* Total: 22.5/8 = 2.8125 -- Maybe back later (but sometime soon)
** Oh look, she comes back early in the next season!


[[folder:''Burn Notice'']]

* Cause of Death: Larry stabbed the guy, so I'll say bridge drop: 4
* Genre: Killed Off For Real: 3
* Body Found: Pretty much at the morgue: 3
* Last words: Oh crap: 4
* Reaction: Oh crap: let's call it a 3
* Characterization: Regular: 3
* When did thye die: Same year: 2
* Died and come back: No: 4
* Score: 3.25 Yeah, I doubt he's coming back.

Larry [[spoiler:at the end of season 5]]
* Cause of death: No one could survive that: 2
* Type of show: Killed off for real: 3
* Body found: Never found: 2
* Reaction: Tricky to figure out
* Last words: OhCrap expression: 4
* Character: Recurring: 3
* When: Same arc: 1
* Came back alreddy: Let's count the prison as a "death" due to the fact that the first fake was so much of his character and say 2
17 with 7 boxes is 2.4: Possible. The fact that the newspaper at the end says ''2'' people died implies Larry is alive.



Warrick Brown.
* Cause of death: The deadliest cause of all - death by RoleEndingMisdemeanor. 4.
* Audience Expectation: KilledOffForReal, arguably tipped over into AnyoneCanDie by this moment. 3.5
* Body Found?: And buried. 4.
* Reaction: MeaningfulFuneral. 4.
* LastWords: None, in too much pain to speak before he dies. No score.
* Characterization: Member of a team of protagonists, but had been going OutOfFocus as of late. He was arguably the main character of the season he dies in, though. 1.5.
* When did they die?: Four seasons ago. 3.
* "Died" and come back?: The three previous season finales had all involved fakeout deaths of main cast members, but never him. 4.
* Final score: 3.43. He's doomed.



Rita Morgan (Season Four).
* Cause: Pure irony, considering Dexter [[spoiler:postponed their honeymoon in order to kill her murderer after he had already killed Rita, who was supposed to leave early specifically to AVOID THIS]]. Basically the definition of a 4.
* Genre: Death is usually limited to the BigBad of the season and Dexter's victims. 3.
* Body Found: By Dexter [[spoiler:in a bathtub full o' blood]].
* Reaction: FlatWhat. 2.
* Last words: Like that final phone message didn't break your heart. 4.
* Characterization: Regular. 2.
* When: I think it's been about a week since the episode aired. 1.
* Came back: Not yet. 4.
* Average: 24/8 = 3. I'd say that unless she too becomes Dexter's subconscious, she's gone for good.


[[folder:''Doctor Who'']]

The Master (series 3)
* Cause of death: [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Bridge Drop]] (shot by his wife and refused to regenerate). 4.
* Genre: As a whole and for allies, KilledOffForReal is the common option. But for iconic villains, JokerImmunity applies, so DeathIsCheap. 1.
* Body: burned - DeaderThanDead (cremated). 4. BUT there's the ring which escapes the Doctor's notice, which is rather like a HumanPopsicle. Let's say 2.
* Reaction: HesDeadJim. 3.
* LastWords: FinalSpeech. 3.
* Characterization: Archvillain - and how. See below. 1.
* When did he die? Last year. 2.
* "Died" and come back? Countless times. 1.
* Average: 17/8 = '''2.25'''. He'll be back, likely next season.
** Did come back after a season and a half.

The Master (series 4)
* Cause of death: HeroicSacrifice. 3
* Genre: For iconic villains, JokerImmunity. See above. 1
* Body: [[LeftForDead Never seen to actually die.]] 1
* Reaction: Best fit is closest to ItsPersonal... so... 2
* When did he die? Same year. 2.
* Characterization: Archvillain. 1.
* "Died" and come back: AND HOW. 1 (Though for The Master... it would almost be worth inventing a negative)
* LastWords: FinalSpeech. 3.
* Average: 14/8 = 1.75... He'll be back. [[spoiler: [[Recap/DoctorWhoS34E12DeathInHeaven (S)he was, eventually.]]]]

* Cause of death: NoOneCouldSurviveThat - left on a burning and exploding spaceship. 2
* Genre: For iconic villains, JokerImmunity. See above. 1.
* Body: LeftForDead 1
* Reaction: brief regret 2
* Characterization: Archvillain 1
* LastWords: FinalSpeech 3.
* When did he die? Same year. 2.
* "Died" and come back? Two actual deaths (Dalek gun and the Time War), repeatedly left for dead. 2
* Average: 14/8 = '''1.75'''. He'll be back, most likely.

The Daleks as a race (Journey's End)
* Cause of death: Overkill. 4.
* Genre: For iconic villains, JokerImmunity. See above. 1.
* Body: We see them all explode. 4.
* Reaction: HesDeadJim. 3.
* LastWords: OhCrap. 4.
* Characterisation: Archvillain. 1.
* When: Same year. 2.
* "Died" and come back: Lots of times. 1.
* Average: 20/8 = '''2.5''' - remarkably high for Doctor Who, and might keep them dead for a few seasons. But forever? No.
** And, true to form, the Daleks were back and ready to [[CatchPhrase EX-TER-MIN-ATE!!!]] three episodes into Matt Smith's first season, in shiny new casings, no less!

On the other side of the fence Doctor Donna, who's as good as dead (a slight stretch).
* Cause of death: DroppedABridgeOnHim - mind erased - 4
* Genre: KilledOffForReal (for companions and allies) - 3
* Body Found: Living with her parents - 4
* Reaction: Montage - as the Doctor "killed" her - 4
* LastWords: OhCrap. LittleNo. - 4
* Characterisation: Regular - 2
* When did she die? Same year - 2
* "Died" and come back? Once, as Donna - 3 (Turn Left)
* Average: 26/8=''3.25''. She'll probably be back one day, perhaps not with the same face and certainly not under the same production team.

* Cause of death: HeroicSacrifice - 3
* Genre: KilledOffForReal (for companions and allies) - 3
* Body found: [[NeverFoundTheBody Not found]] - 3
* Reaction: [[HesDeadJim Shes Dead Doctor]] - 3
* Characterization: Companion role, so technically Regular - 2
* When did she die: Long ago - 4
* "Died" and come back: Never - 4
* Average: 22/7 = 3.142857, back next season. Or not... it's been well over 40 years and she hasn't come back.

* Cause of death: Time War. Was supposedly subjected to something that [[NoOneCouldSurviveThat nobody could survive]], but it's not clear precisely ''what''. - 2
* Genre: KilledOffForReal (for companions and allies) - 3
* Body Found?: Gallifrey burned, so the body was [[NeverFoundTheBody not found]]. - 2
* LastWords: KilledMidSentence (tentatively). Death was apparently in the space of one second. - 4
* Reaction: The Doctor has stated numerous times that he had no choice but to kill all Time Lords. [[HesDeadJim They're all dead, Jim]]. - 3
* Characterization: She was a regular. - 2
* When: Offscreen, first mentioned in 2005. - 3
* "Died" and come back?: Discounting regenerations (which isn't strictly a physical death), never before. - 4
* Average: 23/8=2.875.
** Hasn't returned, but the 50th anniversary special makes it much more likely.

Ramón Salamander.
* Cause of death: Sucked into the Time Vortex. NoOneCouldSurviveThat - 2
* Genre: A fairly popular, but not A-list villain (see above). KilledOffForReal - 3
* Body: Never found - 3
* Reaction: The Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria knew what had happened. - 3
* Characterization: Guest character - 3
* When: Long ago - 4
* "Died" and come back: No - 4
* Average: 22/7 = 3.142857. Maybe, maybe not.

* Cause of death: HeroicSacrifice - 3
* Genre: KilledOffForReal (for companions and allies) - 3
* Body: Never found - 3
* Reaction: Those silent credits over his broken star make it a 4
* LastWords: FamousLastWords - 3
* Characterization: Regular - 2
* When: Long ago - 4
* "Died" and come back: Not really - 4
* Average: 26/8 = 3.250. Back next season, somehow.
** Brought back in Big Finish, [[spoiler:as an old man from an alternate time line, in which he'd survived the crash thanks to Block Transfer computations and found some giant scorpions, who made him their king.]]

Seventh Doctor
* Cause of Death: Medical error from exploratory heart surgery. Not expected to survive. - 1
* Genre: KilledOffForReal (for companions and allies). - 3
* Body Found?: It's in the morgue. - 3
* Reaction: A small montage of the doctors [[LargeHam bemoaning cruel fate]] and Sylvester [=McCoy=] [[LargeHam milking his death for everything he can]] - 3
* Final Words: [[OhCrap "Timing malfunction! The Master! He's out there! I've got to stop!"]]. - 4
* Characterization: Protagonist, sort of - 1
* When: Not 20 minutes into the movie. - 1
* Died and Came Back: Several instances of avoiding death, but not quite death itself. - 4
* Average: 20/8. 2.5.
** Came back almost immediately, after regenerating into Creator/PaulMcGann.

The man that sent the envelopes in "The Impossible Astronaut". A 194-year-older Eleventh Doctor.
* Cause of Death: [[spoiler: Arguably RedemptionEqualsDeath. The Doctor was running for a long time and then turned around to let his fate be sealed. He knew his assailant's identity]]. - 3
* Genre: [[spoiler:The Doctor has had some near misses and {{Disney Death}}s]]. - 2
* Body Found?: [[spoiler: Amy, Rory and River]] were watching. [[spoiler:Rory cremated the corpse to avoid aliens from prodding around with Time Lord biology, at River's orders. Dead and buried.]] - 4
* Reaction: ItsPersonal, so personal that when the [[spoiler: younger Doctor appears in the next scene]], they think it is the punchline for a cruel joke. - 2
* Final Words [[spoiler: [[YouShallNotPass "Whatever happens, do not interfere."]]]] - 2
* When: Same arc - 1
* Died and came back: [[spoiler:Only one of the Doctor's regenerations could really be considered "dead" (Seven-to-Eight), and even that's more of a heavy anaesthetic. He was also in his Ninth incarnation erased from time by some ClockRoaches (and got better)]]. - 2
* Average: 16/8. 2.00. [[spoiler:[[FakingTheDead He wasn't dead.]] And he didn't post the letters personally either.]]

* Cause of Death: Killed for his Nazi Face Turn. RedemptionEqualsDeath - 3
* Genre: Related to [[JokerImmunity the Daleks]], so DeathIsCheap - 1
* Body: DeaderThanDead - 4
* Reaction: [[HesDeadJim He's Dead Doctor]] - 3
* Characterization: MauveShirt - 3
* When: Years ago - 4
* Dead and came back: Never - 4
* '''Average''': 25/7=3.142857. He's gone.

Fewsham from ''The Seeds of Death''.
* Cause of Death: RedemptionEqualsDeath - 3
* Genre: Lesser, non-A-list villain, so DeaderThanDead - 3
* Body: DeaderThanDead - 4
* Reaction: He's dead, Doctor - 3
* Characterization - DirtyCoward - estimate a 3 for that.
* Last Words: "[[spoiler:Every word has been heard on Earth]]", so MyDeathIsOnlyTheBeginning - 1
* When: Years ago - 4
* Died and Came Back: Never - 4
* Average: 25/8=3.125.

Harrison Chase from ''The Seeds of Doom''.
* Cause of Death - DeathByIrony - 4
* Genre: Lesser, non-A-list villain, so DeaderThanDead - 3
* Body: Not much left to find - Never found - 3
* Reaction: He's dead, Doctor - 3
* Characterization - C-list villain - 3
* Last Words: A manifesto - 3
* When: Years ago - 4
* Died and Came Back Never - 4
* Average: 27/8-3.375

Rassilon, (''The End of Time'')
* Cause of Death [[RunningGag (of Rassilon)]]: DeathByIrony - 4
* Genre [[RunningGag (of Rassilon)]]: For iconic villains, JokerImmunity. See above. - 1
* Body [[RunningGag (of Rassilon)]]: NeverFoundTheBody - 3
* Reaction [[RunningGag (of Rassilon)]]: BondOneLiner. "Get out of the way." - 4
* Characterization [[RunningGag (of Rassilon)]]: BiggerBad, indirect because of the presence of the Master - 3
* Last Words [[RunningGag (of Rassilon)]]: KilledMidSentence (actually he didn't get a sentence) - 4
* When [[RunningGag (of Rassilon)]]: Same Year - 1
* Died and Came Back [[RunningGag (of Rassilon)]]: Once(at least) - 3
* Average: 23/8=2.875. He'll be back.

Jack Harkness ([[LateArrivalSpoiler first]] [[FirstEpisodeSpoiler death]])
* Cause of death: Sacrifice. 3.
* Genre: As a rule for ''Series/DoctorWho'' companions, KilledOffForReal. 3.
* Body Found?: Done and buried. 1. LeftForDead
* Reaction: None direct apart from the Daleks going past. 3.
* LastWords: FamousLastWords. "EXTERMINATE!" "I kinda figured that." 3.
* Characterization: Recurring. Not top-billed in series 1. 3.
* When did they die? Same arc. 1.
* Died and come back? Not quite. 4.
* Average: 21/8 = 2.375. Places him in the [[PutOnABus BackNextSeason]] range.
** Resurrected by the Bad Wolf later ''in the same episode''.

Rory Williams (first death)
* Cause of death: Both RetGone and HeroicSacrifice. 4.
* Genre: KilledOffForReal (for companions and allies) - 3
* Body: Non-existent, 4
* Reaction: ReallyDeadMontage, 4
* Last Words: Arguable OhCrap, 4
* Character: Recurring, 3
* When: Same arc, 1
* Died and come back?: Not in reality, 4
* Average: 25/8=3.125. Could be back.
** Officially back, just a few episodes later.

* Cause: The Time War. NoOneCouldHaveSurvivedThat - 2
* Genre: KilledOffForReal (for companions and allies) - 3
* Reaction: The Doctor mentions Gallifrey burning. - 3
* LastWords: KilledMidSentence (tentatively). Death was apparently in the space of one second. - 4
* BodyFound: No - 3
* Role: Regular - 1
* When: During the last days of the Time War, first mentioned in 2005. - 3
* "Died" and come back: No - 4
* Average: 23/8=2.875... -- Be Back Soon
** As with Romana, the 50th anniversary special retcons the ending of the Time War to allow the writers to bring her back. Should be noted that she was killed off in the audios after escaping the Time War though, making the retcon irrelevant.

Magnus Greel.
* Cause: HoistByHisOwnPetard - 4
* Genre: He was a one-shot villain, so 3
* Reaction: He's dead, Jago - 3
* LastWords: VillainousBreakdown - 4
* BodyFound: Crumbled in front of people - 4
* Role: C-list villain - 3
* When: Long ago - 4
* "Died" and come back: Not yet. - 4
* Average: 3.625. The Doctor might theoretically visit World War VI at some point.

Lucie Miller.
* Cause: HeroicSacrifice bordering on [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill overkill]] by crashing and blowing up a nuclear spaceship. 3.5
* Genre: KilledOffForReal (for companions and allies) - 3
* Body Found?: NeverFoundTheBody but only because it was blown up, so averages to - 3
* Reaction: The tape recorder repeats is basically a montage - 4
* Last Words: [[spoiler:FamousLastWords Lucie Bloody Miller!]] - 3
* Role: RegularCharacter by season 4 - 2
* When: 4 years ago in the range's finale - 3.5
* "Died": Never - 4
* Average: 3.25 -- Could come back, but not very likely.



Irene Adler.
* Cause of Death: StuffedIntoTheFridge 4
* Audience Expectation: KilledOffForReal, for most of the season. 3
* Body: Never found. 2
* Reaction: ItsPersonal. Boy, was it ever. 2
* Character: DeathByOriginStory. 4
* When did they die: pre-series, so 1.
* Final score: 16/6 = 2.6. She's revealed to be FakingTheDead, among other things, in episode 23. So the algorithm works!



* Cause of Death: DroppedABridgeOnHim: 4
* Audience Expectation: This is a Joss Whedon show, so AnyoneCanDie: 4
* Body: Dead and Buried: 4
* Reaction: Closest would be a ReallyDeadMontage: 4
* Last Words: KilledMidSentence: 4
* Characterization: Regular: 2
* Time: ''Serenity'' was basically the SeriesFinale: 4
* Died and Come Back: Not yet: 4
30/8 = 3.75 - Seriously, he managed to score higher than either of the ''Skins'' characters and they're in a realistic fiction show. Sorry, fans, he's not coming back.

Shepherd Book.
* Cause of Death: 3
* Audience Expectation: See above: 3.5
* Body: Dead and Buried/[[ChunkySalsaRule Only Bits And Pieces]] (since he was used as part of the Reaver camouflage): 4
* Reaction: ItsPersonal: 2
* Last Words: FamousLastWords: 3
* Characterization: Regular: 2
* Time: Also in ''Serenity'', so same as above: 4
* Died and Come Back: Not yet: 4
25.5/8 = 3.19 - Nope.



Alejandro's death in episode 2.20.
* Cause of death: [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Bridge Drop]] via a really, really stupid (and unarmed!) confrontation with last season's BigBad '''(4)'''.
* Genre: It ''used to be'' AnyoneCanDie, but several characters exhibit DeathIsCheap and can extend the favor '''(3)'''.
* Body: DeaderThanDead, and confirmed by a girl who can find anyone ''alive.'' '''(4)'''.
* Reaction: He was a third tier character and has had only his sister angsting over his death with an "ItsPersonal". '''(2)'''.
* Characterization: RedShirt from day one (apparently confirmed by the actor as well), only barely ''hinting'' at Mauve Shirt, it only got worse when he and his sister ran into Sylar, at which point he was the third wheel in a tertiary plotline. '''(4)'''.
* When did he die: Same Year, so '''(2)'''.
* Average: 19/6, Add it up and you get... '''3.16'''. Bye bye, Alejandro.

D.L. Hawkins' death in ''Four Months Ago''.
* Cause of Death: Actually managed to survive a HeroicSacrifice at the end of Season 1, only to be killed by some random goon in the middle of the TimeSkip to Season 2. Definitely DroppedABridgeOnHim. 4.
* Genre: As stated above, Season 1 was AnyoneCanDie, whereas Season 2 really likes to play around with DeathIsCheap. I give it a 3.
* Body: Dead and buried. DeaderThanDead. 4.
* Reaction: We get a GoryDiscretionShot to Niki's shocked face as D.L. gets shot in the chest, then we see Niki and Micah morning over his grave. I'd say HesDeadJim. 3.
* Characterization: A Series Regular, although the whole Niki arch was kind of tenuously related to the show's main plotline. I'd still give him a 2.
* When did he die: "Four Month Ago", so Same Year. 2.
* '''Average''': An even 3. D.L., we hardly knew ya...

Sylar's Death in "Dual"
* Cause of Death: Stabbed in the back of the head and left in a burning building. NoOneCouldSurviveThat '''2)'''
* Genre: For DL and Alejandro it might have been 3, but this is Sylar we're talking about '''(2)''' if not less
* Body: NeverFoundTheBody '''(3)'''
* Reaction: Claire and family watching the building burn, reassuring each other he's finally gone. '''(2.5)'''
* Characterization: Archvillain from the audience's point of view, Protagonist from the writer's. Either way '''(1)'''
* When did he die: Same Arc '''(1)'''
* Died and come back?: You could argue this back and forth but being impaled in season one and having his throat slit in season three should both count, so '''(2)'''
* '''Average''': 13.5/7 = '''1.92''' He showed up the next episode without even bothering to explain his survival. He's Sylar, he '''always''' comes back.
** ''He'' didn't explain. Noah Bennet said in a later episode that the fire melted the brain-impaling glass that [[GoodThingYouCanHeal kept him dead.]]

Daphne's death in ''"Cold Snap"''
* Cause of Death: Septic bullet wound. It was originally delivered when [[spoiler: she]] showed up to try and save the fugitives after the plane crash, so we'll call it a HeroicSacrifice. '''(3)'''
* Genre: Normally Heroes borders on DeathIsCheap, but the recent Volume has been better about characters ''staying dead'', so KilledOffForReal. '''(3)'''
* Found the Body?: Died in [[spoiler: Matt Parkman's]] arms at the hospital. '''(4)'''
* Reaction: A flatlining heart-monitor told us HesDeadJim. '''(3)'''
* Characterization: Recurring Character and Love Interest, '''(3)'''
* When did [[spoiler: she]] die?: Same arc. '''(1)'''
* Died and came back?: Not yet. '''(4)'''
* '''Average''': 21/7 = '''3'''. When even the [[WordOfGod director]] says a character's [[KilledOffForReal gone for good]], you know they're not coming back.

Nathan's death in the season four finale.
* Cause of Death: Stupidly attacked ''Sylar'', and was shown with throat viciously cut on screen. Bridge drop, 4.
* Genre: Supposedly AnyoneCanDie, but for some DeathIsCheap, so 3.
* Body Found: Yes, and shown on screen. 4.
* Reaction: Considering the massive [[spoiler:MindRape of Sylar]] to account for it, possibly close to a montage. Otherwise, not dwelt upon much. 3.
* Characterization: Protagonist, but also TheAtoner, so 2.
* When: Same year, nearly the same arc as it was only two or three episodes ago. 1.5.
* "Died" and Come Back: [[spoiler:Yes, in season one and two. Infamous for doing this after finales, which drops the score.]] 1.5
* Average: 19/7 = 2.71. But seeing as it's one of the more popular (Read, Polarizing) characters of the show, expect him back fairly soon. Like, next few episodes.



Amber Volakis.
* Cause Of Death: Multi-organ failure caused by poisoning. Wilson pulled the plug on her for God's sake. Definitely qualifies as a bridge drop. '''4'''
* Genre: KilledOffForReal. '''3'''
* Body Found?: Hell yes. '''4'''
* Reaction: Kinda "He's Dead, Jim'', but the farewell scene clearly qualifies as a Montage. I'd give this one a '''3.5'''
* Characterization: Recurring Character/Loved One. Another '''3.5''' here.
* When Did They Die?: Been two years. Let's count this one as a '''2.5'''
* Died and Came Back?: Nope, never. '''4'''
* Average = '''3.5''' - Should be dead as the dodo. We'll see...



Anyone who died before the show began, but returned.
* Cause of Death: varies, but I definitely remember one (Eko's brother) being DeathByIrony... so let's go with 4.
* Genre: Anyone can die... except the main characters (with notable exceptions). So, it's about 3.5
* Body found: Varies. For Jack Shepherd's father, his corpse was being transported in to be buried; for Eko's brother, it was taken on the plane. 3.5
* Reaction: No clue.
* Characterization: LovedOne (more or less), so 4
* When did they die?: Eko's brother died many years ago, while Jack's father just died before the series began. Splitting the difference, it's about 3.
* "Died" and come back?: Not until the series starts, so 4 (until the series begins, after which it changes to 3). 3.5 works best.
* Average: (4+3.5+3.5+4+3+3.5)/6 = 3.5833333333333333333333333333333. They're definitely coming back. Then again, we know that since it's already happened. (Note that [[spoiler:most or all of them were actually the smoke monster/The Man in Black in disguise]].)

Now let's try Charlie, a fan favorite.
* Cause of Death: HeroicSacrifice, 4
* Genre: AnyoneCanDie, mostly, 3.5
* Body Found: LeftForDead, 1
* Reaction: HesDeadJim, 3
* Last Words: FamousLastWords, "[[spoiler:Not Penny's Boat]]" (written on his palm), 3
* Characterization: Regular, so 2
* When did they die?: Less than five years ago. 3.
* "Died" and then came back: Nope, 4.
** Unless you count [[spoiler: when Ethan hangs him and Jack got him better, then it's 3.
* Average: (4+3.5+1+3+3+2+3+4)/8 = 2.5625 (or (4+3.5+1+3+3+2+3+3)/8 = 2.4375) Not bad odds, but not great, either. Plus he sorta came back in Hurley's visions.
** In which he said he was definitively dead, but hey, it's all in Hugo's mind, right?

John Locke after the season 5 finale.
* Cause Of Death: Somewhere between Sacrifice and DeathByIrony, 3,5.
* Genre: With his death, the series has reached the official AnyoneCanDie status, 4.
* Body found? Dead but not buried, 3,5.
* Characterization: One of the main protagonists, 1.
* When did he die? Same arc, 1.
* "Died" and come back? Thrice, when he was thrown from the eight floor, when the hatch exploded and when Ben left him for dead in the pit, 1.
* Average: (3,5+4+3,5+1+1+1)/6 = 2.33. The black shirt dude who has taken his appearance better be careful, 'cause Real Locke is quite likely to come back with vengeance.

Just for fun, Nikki and Paulo.
* Cause Of Death: DeathByIrony. It was Nikki's own stupid fault that she didn't listen to Arzt when he told her that the scent of the spider would attract others, plus the whole "Paulo lies"/"Paralyzed", plus just opening your eyes as the first shovel of earth hits your face when your friends bury you. Pretty darn ironic. 4
* Genre: As stated above, 3.5
* Body found?: Paralyzed and buried. Paralyzation practically over when the rest starts burying them, so I count this as a left for dead. 1.
* Reaction: Not really a montage, but they get a really long funeral scene and the whole episode is centered around them being buried alive, so 4.
* Last Words: Nikki gets a pretty FamousLastWords: the whole "Paolo Lies"/"Paralyzed" thingy. 3
* Characterization: ''Technically'' regulars. 2
* When did they die?: : A few years ago. 2.
* "Died" and came back?: Nope. 4.
* Average: (4+3.5+1+4+3+2+2+4)/8=2.9375. Pretty dead.


[[folder:''Mr. Robot'']]

Susan Jacobs.
* Cause of Death: taser shorted her pacemaker: 4
* Audience Expectation: Killed Off For Real: 3
* Body Found: Cremated: 4
* Reaction: Montage, plus horror from fSociety: 4
* Last Words: Famous Last Words, essentially: 3
* Characterization: Recurring Character: 3
* When did they die: Same year: 2
* Died and come back?: Not yet: 4
* When did they die: Same Year: 1
* Final Score: 28/8=3.5 Seeing as she was cremated, she's likely to stay very dead indeed.

Elliot Alderson.
* Cause of Death: Redemption? Betrayal? Whatever you call, it pretty much a 3
* Audience Expectation: Killed off for real, as a number of other have been, though not yet to AnyoneCanDie levels: 3
* Body Found: Left for Dead comes closest: 1
* Reaction: Oh, Crap! I just killed my partner! followed by tears. Let's go with 3
* Last Words: the expression screams Oh Crap! so a 4
* Characterization: Protagonist: 1
* When did they die: same year: 2
* Die and come back? Not Yet: 4
* Final Score 21/8=2.625 His actor has revealed that [[spoiler:he has shot scenes for the next season, so we'll see]]


[[folder:''Power Rangers'']]

Dark Specter.
* Cause of death: Two planet-destroying missiles to the face. NoOneCouldSurviveThat. 2.
* Genre: DisneyDeath, 2
* Body: Vanished. Never found. 3
* Reaction: HesDeadJim. 3.
* Characterization: Archvillain to end all archvillains. 1
* When?: A good while ago. 3
* Died before?: Nope. 4.
* Average: 2.57. Deader than expected, but could very well still be out there.



Nick Cutter
* Cause of death: No One Could Survive That - 2
* Genre: DeathIsCheap - 1
* Body found: Dead but not buried - 3.5
* Reaction: HesDeadJim - 3
* Characterization: Protaganist - 1
* When did she die: Same Episode - 0.5
* "Died" and come back: Never - 4
* Average: [[spoiler:14/7 = 2. Back next episode. See you next week, Prof. Cutter]]


[[folder:''Robin Hood'']]

* Cause of Death: HeroicSacrifice. '''3'''.
* Genre: KilledOffForReal. '''3''''
* Body Found: DeaderThanDead. '''3'''.
* Reaction: Montage. '''4'''
* Characterization: Protagonist. '''1'''
* When did she die? Same Arc or Same Year. '''1''' or '''2'''
* Died and come back? Not yet. '''4'''.
* 2.67 or 2.83 depending on the "When did she die" score. Reasonable chance of a return.



* Cause of Death: Shot himself to force Sherlock into a SadisticChoice - 4
* Audience Expectation: KilledOffForReal - 3
* Body Found: DeaderThanDead. 4
* Reaction: He's Dead, Sherlock. 3
* Last Words: FamousLastWords: 3
* Characterisation: Archvillain. 1
* When did they die?: Last season. 2
* Died and come back: Nope. 4
* Final score: 24/8 = 3. Probably not.



Mark Jenkins.
* Cause of Death: Closest is [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Bridge Drop]], seeing as he just...died. 4
* Audience Expectation: The first supporting character to die, but the tone of the series would lead to expectations of KilledOffForReal: 3
* Body Found: Found dead in his chair, DiesWideOpen: 4
* Reaction: A HesDeadJim from [[spoiler: his son]]: 3
* Last Words: ObiWanMoment ([[spoiler: peaceful reconciliation with Sid the night before his death]]): 3
* Characterization: Somewhere between Loved One and a Supporting Character: 3/4
* Time: Several seasons ago, in a season that is now dead and buried: 4
* Died and Come Back: No: 4
* 28/8 = 3.5 OR 29/8 = 3.625 - The deadest character in the series.

Chris Miles.
* Cause of Death: The closest would be MortalWoundReveal - they revealed the episode right before that he had the same brain disease that killed his brother - so: 3
* Audience Expectation: Not quite AnyoneCanDie, but definitely KilledOffForReal: 3
* Body Found: Dead with a MeaningfulFuneral: 4
* Reaction: A HesDeadJim from Cassie: 3
* Last Words: ObiWanMoment : 3
* Characterization: Regular: 2
* Time: Several seasons ago, but the episode before the generation finale, which is basically a SeriesFinale for that cast of characters: 4
* Died and Come Back: No: 4
* 26/8 = 3.25 - Not happening.

Freddie Mclair.
* Cause of Death: DroppedABridgeOnHim: 4
* Audience Expectation: See above: 3
* Body Found: They didn't find the body, but we saw the blood splatter as he was beaten and Cook found his bloodied shirt in the finale, which was treated like ChunkySalsaRule - averaging to: 3
* Reaction: ItsPersonal from Cook: 2
* Last Words: He had none specifically, but his reaction would be closest to the ones under: 4
* Characterization: Regular, but one of the main ones in the cast: 1.5
* Time of Death: Episode before generation finale, which as above counts as a: 4
* Died and Come Back: No: 4
* 25.5/8 = 3.19 - Slightly more likely than [[spoiler: Chris]], but still probably not happening.

We know what the result was, but oh, what the hell...let's put Tony circa the S1 finale through it.
* Cause: Getting him hit by a bus was basically a Bridge Drop, but there was also a redemptive quality to it: 3.5
* Audience Expectation: At this point, no one had any idea what to expect, so: 2.5
* Body: He was taken the hospital: 2.5
* Reaction: Closest would be FauxDeath: 1
* Words: Mid-sentence: 4
* Characterization: Protagonist: 1
* Time: It was in the middle of an arc when he got hit: 1
* Came Back: At this point, not yet: 4
* 18.5/8 = 2.31 - It could have gone either way, really. As it turned out, [[spoiler: he lived]].



Chloe Sullivan.
* Cause of Death: HeroicSacrifice, 3
* Audience Expectation: OriginalCharacter, high possibly of KilledOffForReal, 3
* Body Found: At the morgue, 3
* Reaction: "Sorry, she didn't make it", 3
* LastWords: [[{{Irony}} Ironically]], something along the lines of PleaseDontLeaveMe to ComicBook/LoisLane, 3... maybe
* Characterization: Regular, 2
* When did they die?: Same arc, 1
* "Died" and come back?: Not yet, 4
* Final score: 2.75
* Result: [[spoiler:She came back to life in the same episode after being dead for three hours. Rather anticlimatic. She had other deaths, but it is either AllJustADream or "Death? What's That?" Due to ResurrectiveImmortality.]]

Chloe Sullivan (''Fracture'').
* Cause of death: It'd count as a HeroicSacrifice, but not when [[spoiler:she kind of knows she can't die]], 1
* Audience Expectation: DeathIsCheap, just ''look'' at the Smallville entry, 1
* Body Found?: Unorthodoxly, Clark tells Lionel to leave her for dead, 1
* Reaction: Faux Death, 1
* LastWords: Nothing notable, 1
* Characterization: The main female protagonist at this point shared with Lana, but even more important, 1
* When did they die?: Same arc, 1 (what does this field do, anyway?)
* "Died" and come back?: I've really lost count. Let me check the DeathIsCheap entry...for the time being, 1
* Final score: There you go, a perfect 1.
* Result: Predictably resurrects herself in less than a day.


[[folder:''Sons of Anarchy'']]

Half-Sack/The Prospect.
* Cause: The actor wanted to leave the show, and his death was VERY sudden. Dropped a Bridge on him. 4
* Genre: After a string of Killed Off for Real deaths spanning two seasons, it was already almost an Anyone Can Die show. This definitively made it so. 4
* Body Found: Dead and Buried, with a very moving funeral, albeit next season. 4
* Reaction: When killed, his killer says a Bond One-Liner ([[spoiler:"They took my son, I'll take theirs"]]) that actually works two ways [[spoiler:considering he then steals Abel, Jax's son]]. 4
* Last Words: None, very realistically, considering he was stabbed in the lung. No score.
* Characterization: Regular. 2
* When did he die?: Last year. 2
* Died and Come Back: Nobody does that on SoA, least of all a plucky comic-relief character. 4
** Total: 24/7= 3.43. He's not coming back unless there's a huge paradigm shift in the writing.


[[folder:''Star Trek'']]

Captain Kirk.
* Cause of death: DroppedABridgeOnHim. Literally. However, at the same time a HeroicSacrifice. 3.5.
* Genre: When you're dead in ''Franchise/StarTrek'', you're usually dead. 3.
* Body Found?: Done and buried. 4.
* Reaction: [[HesDeadJim You're Dead, Jim]]. 3.
* Characterization: Protagonist; however, Generations was a torch-passing movie. 1.5
* When did they die? 10+ years ago. 4.
* Average: 19/6 = 3.166... Sorry fanboys. Your only hope to see the good captain alive again is if by some miracle they greenlight a movie covering her maiden voyage. And we all know that's a crazy notion.
** [[Film/StarTrek Or IS it?]] (Although that's an AlternateContinuity. And even though it features the [[spoiler:original Spock]], the producers stated they discarded featuring the original Kirk because he died)

The Borg Queen (The [[Series/StarTrekVoyager Voyager]] death, not the First Contact one)
* Cause of death: [[spoiler:HoistByTheirOwnPetard Assimiliated a virus.]] 4.
* Genre: KilledOffForReal. 3
* Body Found? [[spoiler:Destroyed in explosion]] so 3
* Reaction: None. 0
* Last Words: FinalSpeech. 3
* Characterization: BigBad. 1
* When did they die? SeasonFinale. Discounting one movie
* "Died" and Come Back? She gets killed in almost all of her appearances. 1
* Average: 2.25. Could potentially be brought back, although she probably won't appear in canon again in the Prime Universe.



Dr. Weir from ''Series/StargateAtlantis''
* Cause of Death: Redemption/heroic sacrifice (after being turned into a Replicator, she "destroyed" herself (and all her non-violent Replicator followers) because "Replicators are too dangerous to exist"), although since she stepped through a Stargate into space, ''technically'' her cause of death was [[SuicidalGotcha Jumping]]. I give her a '''3''' anyway.
* Genre: ''Stargate Atlantis'' has had ''many'' AnyoneCanDie moments, especially with regard to {{Mauve Shirt}}s and other supporting characters. Since they brought back ''Dr. Beckett'', however, the status of main characters has changed from Anyone Can Die to DisneyDeath. I give her a '''2'''.
* Body Found?: Her body's drifting in space, but since she's a Replicator, other than boredom that might not be that much of a setback. Definitely [[HumanPopsicle Frozen]]. '''2'''.
* Reaction: A lot of extremely sad expressions from the entire cast. [[HesDeadJim She's Dead Jim]]. '''3'''.
* Characterization: Was a main character with top billing, but as the civilian leader she wasn't part of the FiveManBand. I'd give her a '''1.5'''.
* When Did They Die?: Same Year. '''2'''.
* Died and Came Back?: First she was brought back as a clone, then in her final, final episode her original mind possessed the city's computer before downloading itself into a Replicator body. So she's done it twice. '''2'''.
* '''Average''' = '''2.21'''. It seems they could just dial the Stargate and pick her up if they ever need a friendly Replicator to run a mission for them. They could easily bring her back for a cameo in the final episode or even the DVD movie which is going to be the GrandFinale. Then again, they "killed" her off in the final season of the show, so it's entirely possible that was her send-off, and she'll stay dead (if that's true, her manner of demise is truly ridiculous).

The apparent death of ''Series/StargateAtlantis'''s semi-main antagonist, Michael, about 3/4ths of the way through the final season of the show.
* Cause Of Death: Thrown off the top floor of the Atlantis main tower. Of course, death by falling counts as [[SuicidalGotcha Jumping]] if we don't see the impact. '''1'''.
* Genre: Supposedly AnyoneCanDie, as they're been pretty free about bumping off [[MauveShirt Mauve Shirts]] on a regular basis, although with both Beckett and Weir back from the dead, the show's now 100% DisneyDeath when it comes to main characters. I'll split the difference and give it a '''3'''.
* Body Found?: Apparently not, as it's not mentioned at the end of the episode. They NeverFoundTheBody. '''3'''.
* Reaction: Not much, actually. The characters briefly discuss the galaxy being a safer place now that he's dead, but that's pretty much it. HesDeadJim. '''3'''.
* Characterization: Was pretty much the closest thing the series had to a BigBad, due to the lack of a central Wraith villain. If the Wraith = [[Series/DoctorWho the Daleks]],then [[spoiler: Michael]] = the Master. I'll put him down as an Archvillain. '''1'''.
* When Did They Die?: A couple episodes ago, so Same Arc. '''1'''.
* Died and Came Back?: On two occasions, the Atlantis team thought he was on a ship or planet they had just blown up. In both cases, they were wrong. Of course, both times the writers obviously left the door open for him to have escaped, something that's missing from his 1000-foot drop off a tall building. Still, back from the dead twice is back from the dead twice. '''2'''.
* Average = '''2'''. Maybe they'll bring him back in one of the DVD movies. With his Wraith HealingFactor, there's a MillionToOneChance he might have survived. And he might have had the foresight to clone himself, too, seeing as how he did it to Dr. Beckett.

Ford in Series/StargateAtlantis.
* Cause of death: NoOneCouldSurviveThat. It's acknowledged that such situations aren't final. '''2'''
* Genre: KilledOffForReal happens to many side-characters, or at least it did in SG-1. 3. However, characters such as Ford's season two status ''always'' die and ''always'' stay that way. So, ''should'' be 4, but let's go by the book. '''3'''
* Body: No. '''3'''
* Reaction: Doesn't quite fit any of the choices.
* Characterization: Ex-regular. '''2.5'''
* When: Last seen mid-season two. Season four just ended. '''2.5'''
* Died and returned: Last seen in situations that looked bad before, but never quite this bad. '''4'''
* 2+3+3+2.5+2.5+4= 17/6. Final death value: 2.833. Ford's chances of returning ''eventually'' aren't so bad. However, the writers seem to have forgotten him, which may prove more final than any pesky exploding ship.

Sha're in ''Stargate SG-1''
* Cause of Death: Was under control of a goa'uld and attacking Daniel, forcing Teal'c to kill her. I'll make it RedemptionEqualsDeath - '''3'''.
* Genre: Mostly KilledOffForReal. There explicitly exists a means of bringing someone back from the dead (sarcophagus), but the Good Guys avoid using it. Make it '''2.5'''.
* Body: [[DeaderThanDead Dead]] and [[MeaningfulFuneral Buried]]. '''4'''.
* Reaction: The makers even go to tease the audience by showing a means of her possible resurrection - and shatter it as Daniel's dream/hallucination. [[HesDeadJim She's Dead Jim]], and I am being generous. '''3'''.
* Characterisation: Loved one. '''4'''.
* When: Many, many seasons ago. '''3'''.
* Came back: Not really. '''4'''.
* Result: 3.357 - she's not going to return. (Though, the authors have opened the door to an AlternateUniverseFic - what if the dream were reality and vice vera?)



Dean Winchester.
* Cause: Delayed HeroicSacrifice -- [[spoiler:he traded his soul for his brother's life.]] 3
* Genre: AnyoneCanDie -- this is the death that proves it -- but characters have come BackFromTheDead in the past. I'll call it KilledOffForReal. 3
* Body found: Yup. 4
* Reaction: [[spoiler: Sam cradles the body in his arms and cries.]] 3
* Characterization: Protagonist. 1
* When did he die: Just recently. 1
* Died and come back: Only if you count [[spoiler: "In My Time of Dying"]], and he didn't ''quite'' die then. 4
* Total: 19/7 = 2.71. See ya next season.
** Season 4: [[spoiler: he's back!]]

Bela Talbot.
* Cause: KarmicDeath. [[spoiler:She had sold her soul to ensure her parents' deaths so she could inherit their money.]] 4
** [[spoiler: Well, that and because her dad was molesting her.]]
* Genre: KilledOffForReal. See above. 3
* Body found: No, offscreen death. 3
* Reaction: Not shown. [[spoiler:Dean, at least, seems to think she deserved it.]] 3
* Characterization: Recurring villain. 2
* When did she die: Just recently. 1
* Died and come back: No. 4
* Total: 20/7 = 2.86. Hopeful, except WordOfGod says she's not coming back.]]

* Cause: No one could survive that! [[spoiler: "possessed" by Leviathans, walked into a river where he presumably exploded.]] 2
* Audience Expectation: DeathIsCheap. 1
* Body Found?: Left for dead. 1
* Reaction: ItsPersonal. 2
* Last Words: Fly, you fools! 2 [[spoiler: "You have to run, now! Some of them held on inside of me. Dean, they're so strong--the Leviathans!"]]
* Characterization: Regular. 2
* When did they die? Current arc. 1
* "Died" and come back?: Twice. 2
11/7=~1.6. He's so coming back.


[[folder:''Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'']]

Cromartie's recent "permanent" death.
* Cause of Death: All the main characters get together and unload boxloads of bullets into him, and Cameron finally finishes him off with multiple armor-piercing shotgun blasts to the face (which is powerful enough to rip open part of his metal "skull" and expose the machinery inside). NoOneCouldSurviveThat (Except Ahnuld ''already'' did in ''[[Film/terminator2JudgmentDay T2]]''). Sarah also smashes his "chip", which (being essentially his brain) is about as permenant a death as you can get. '''2'''.
* Genre: A pretty DarkerandEdgier show, with lots of side characters being killed left and right (quite a lot of it done by the main characters). However, none of the main cast[=/=]FiveManBand have died (except for [[spoiler: Cromartie]] himself), so thus far it's been KilledOffForReal. '''3'''.
* Body Found?: Buried in the desert by the main characters. Sarah says she'll come back later with something to destroy it completely, but we never see her actually do so. '''4'''.
* Reaction: Everyone at the burial has an air of finality (and relief!). HesDeadJim. '''3'''.
* Characterization: Was apparently the main antagonist for most of the show's running (and even made the main cast title credits in Season 2), but now halfway through Season 2 they seem to have introduced an actual BigBad in the form of CorruptCorporateExecutive Catherine Weaver/the T-1001. So, I'd split the difference and give him a '''1.5'''.
* When Did They Die?: A couple episodes ago, so same arc. '''1'''.
* Died and Came Back?: Was decapitated by a particle beam rifle and considered destroyed, but pulled himself back together and came back for more. So, he's done it once. '''3'''.
* Average = '''2.5'''. I ''supposed'' there's an outside chance Cameron switched the chips around, and kept Cromartie's chip for herself while giving Sarah the chip she saved from several episodes back.
** Well, apparently Cromartie himself is dead after all, but his body is currently being used by ZeiraCorp as a mouthpiece for SKYNET.



Toshiko Sato, series 2.
* Cause of death: HeroicSacrifice. If she didn't drag herself along with that gunshot wound, the nuclear explosion would have got her instead. 4
* Genre: AnyoneCanDie. 4
* Body: DeaderThanDead. 4
* Reaction: HesDeadJim. 3
* Last Words: FinalSpeech. 3
* Characterisation: Regular. 2
* When: A couple seasons back. 2
* Come Back?: No. 4
* 26/8 = 3.250. Not promising.

Owen Harper, series 2.
* Cause of death: HeroicSacrifice. 4
* Genre: AnyoneCanDie. 4
* Body: Trapped in an irradiated room. NeverFoundTheBody. 2
* Reaction: HesDeadJim. 3
* Last Words: Final Speech. 3
* Characterisation: Regular. 2
* When: A couple seasons back. 2
* Come back: Earlier, for varying definitions of "back". 3
* 23/8 = 2.875. Maybe we haven't seen the last of the King of the Weevils.

Ianto Jones, series 3.
* Cause of death: [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Bridge'd]]. Infected with an alien virus. Alien ''junkie'' virus. 4
* Genre: AnyOneCanDie. Hell, two have already (see above). 4
* Body: DeaderThanDead. 4
* Reaction: HesDeadJim. 3
* Characterisation: Regular. 2
* When: this arc. ''Yesterday'', 1
* Come back before?: If you count Kiss of Life in Cyberwoman, then yes. 3
** Also, taking into account he also died in ''Turn Left'', then it's down to 2
* Average: 21/7 = 3.

Vera Juarez, [[Series/TorchwoodMiracleDay series 4]].
* Cause of Death: Burned alive. NobodyCanDie (literally), but that's a FateWorseThanDeath. Let's call it Overkill. 4
* Genre: NobodyCanDie, but given the nature of things, this section becomes non-applicable.
* Body: OnlyBitsAndPieces: In episode 6 Colin, states that she's dust. 4
* Reaction: ItsPersonal. 2
* Last Words: [[OhCrap Horrifying Screaming]]. 4
* Characterisation: Regular. It was honestly looking like she was going to be a proper TW character. It was even made official by Jack in the same episode. 2
* When: Same Arc. 1
* Died Before? No. 4
* 21/7 = 3.00. We may never see her again.


[[folder:''Warehouse 13'']]

James MacPhearson in the first episode of Season 2.
* Cause: Killed without any warning by a villain only introduced earlier that episode, so DroppedABridgeOnHim. 4.
* Genre: The only main character to die so far was Artie, and he was brought back via Disney Death less than five minutes of screentime later. 2.
* The Body: We saw it disinegrate. 4.
* Reaction: Artie seems sad, but we get nobody else's reaction. 3.
* Last words: FinalSpeech. 3.
* Characterization: Archvillian. 1.
* When: Last season. 3.
* Come Back?: Not yet. 4.
* (4+2+4+3+3+1+3+4)/8=24/8=3. Since the "time" aspect of it will increase over the course of the next season, and, unlike Artie, there was no way for him to come back yet established, he might just be gone. If he does come back, it will almost definitely be because of H.G. Wells' time machine (it will be MacPhearson earlier in life, of course, but same guy).

S3 finale was quite a massacre of characters. Let's see, chronologically:

* Cause: sacrifice, YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness (3.5)
* Expectation: the series uses DisneyDeath a lot, however, by the end of the two-parter it's not so certain. (2.5)
* Body: at the morgue (3)
* Reaction: it's personal. Wow, [[spoiler:Claudia]] can be ''very'' scary. (2)
* Last words: a video message, (3)
* Characterization: regular in S3 (2)
* When: same arc (it's not over yet...), (1)
* Came back: not yet (4)
* 21/8='''2.625''', since [[spoiler:Claudia]] is hell-bent on resurrecting [[spoiler:him]], we will probably see [[spoiler:him]] again.

H.G. Welles.
* Cause: redemption, sacrifice (3)
* Expectation: the same (2.5)
* Body: atoms floating around (4)
* Reaction: between It's personal and He's Dead, Jim (2.5)
* Last words: 2
* Characterization: recurring (3)
* When: same arc (1)
* Came back: from death, nope. (4)
* 24/8='''3''', maybe [[spoiler:she]]'ll be back.

Mrs. Fredrick.
* Cause: bridge drop (4)
* Expectation: still 2.5
* Body: [[spoiler:shown her true age, insta-mummy]] (4)
* Reaction: nobody really liked [[spoiler:her]], He's dead, Jim (3)
* Last words: none (4)
* Character: recurring (3)
* When: same arc (1)
* Came back: nope, but [[spoiler:avoided aging using her link to W13 for like 80 years]], 3.5
* 25/8 = '''3.125''', unlikely, even more so that [[spoiler:Claudia is destined to be the new caretaker]].


[[folder:''White Collar'']]

* Cause: Bridge drop, 4
* Genre: Killed Off For Real, 3
* Body Found: Never found, 2
* Reaction: It's Personal, 2
* Last Words: N/A
* Characterization: [[spoiler:Loved One]], 4
* When did they die: Same year, 2
* Died and come back: Not yet, 4
** Total: 21/7 = 3 even. Pretty dead, but you never know.