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!So You Want To...

* Eat The Flesh Of The Living (Or: How To LARP A Zombie Character)
* Intentionally Jump The Shark So You Don't Have To Make This Show Anymore
* Write A Book That Sells Maybe Twenty Copies
* [[VideoGame/IWannaBeTheGuy Be The Guy]]
* [[VideoGame/MonkeyIsland Be A Pirate]]
* [[YoungWizards Be A Wizard]]
* [[ToBeAMaster Be A Master of]] Franchise/{{Pokemon}}? [[DareToBeBadAss Do you have the skills to be Number One?]]
** [[EarWorm We all live in a Pokemon world! I wanna be the greatest master of them all!]]
* [[TheAmandaShow Win five dollars]].
* [[Manga/OnePiece Become King of the Pirates]]
** [[NarutoTheAbridgedComedySpoofSeriesShow Find the ]][[ShowWithinAShow One ]][[StylisticSuck Piece]]
* [[ChewBubblegum Not Run Out Of Bubblegum While Kicking Ass]].
* [[Manga/DeathNote Take A Potato Chip... AND EAT IT!!]]
* Become President
* [[Wiki/SCPFoundation [DATA EXPUNGED]]]
* [[Franchise/YuGiOh Be The King of Card Games]]
* Write those [[OfficeSpace TPS reports]]? 'Cause that'd be greeaaat.
* Write A MarySue
* [[WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire Be a Millionaire]]
* Change the world
* [[Music/{{Kiss}} Rock And Roll All Night And Party Every Day]]
* [[VideoGame/HotelMario Remind Mario To Check For Lights]]
* [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 Know How Joel and Mike Eat and Breathe, and Other Science Facts]]
* [[Disney/TheLionKing Be Prepared]]
* [[Disney/TheJungleBook Walk Like You, Talk Like You]]
* Get Us All Killed?
* Come Back To My Place
* [[Blog/HowToWriteBadlyWell Write badly, well]].
* Die
* [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Build A Snowman]]
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* Make A Joke About The So You Want To Namespace.
* [[DepartmentofRedundancyDepartment Make A Joke About The So You Want To Make A Joke About]] [[RecursiveAdaptation The So You Want To Namespace Page.]]
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