[[caption-width-right:314:[[Franchise/StarWars Hmm... that seems]] [[http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/1/1a/R2d2.jpg familiar]].]]

->'''[[Franchise/StarWars Arty Dedeux]]:''' [[ComicBook/SilverSurfer You could be my HERALD, in fact! I could design you a special golden surfboard for you to fly through the cosmos on, and--]]\\
'''Player:''' Great! I'll be back soon to get that surfboard!
-->-- "Gravity Anomaly" quest

''VideoGame/{{WarpForce}}'', being made by Creator/ArtixEntertainment, has many, many [[ShoutOut Shout-Outs]] to other works, although unlike the others (well, maybe apart from ''VideoGame/{{MechQuest}}''), most of its references tend to be ScienceFiction related.

!This game provides the following [[ShoutOut Shout-Outs]]:

* In one [=WarpGuardian=] quest, the player travels [[Franchise/StarWars through the desert planet Hennaooine to find the last Star Knight, Ken Benobi]]. You don't find him, but you do find Opie-Juan, third-to-last Star Knight (who goes on to be a recurring character).
** Speaking of ''Star Wars'', Hans Olo from ''VideoGame/{{AdventureQuest}}'' also appears in the game.
** Arty Dedeux, a genius BountyHunter, appears in two quests. In addition to his name, he also has an armor very similar to [[Franchise/StarWars R2-D2]]. When first introduced, he speaks in a few BEEP [=BOOPs=], but quickly stops.
** The name of the robot [=F10A7=] is a reference to R2-D2.
* During a quest, the [=WarpForce=] recieve an SOS from the "Series/RedDwarf", which is initially believed to be ship, but later revealed to be an actual star. Near the star system is a mining corporation where dwarves are employed as slaves, some of which presumably sent the SOS. However, some slave-dwarves are [[HappinessInSlavery loyal to their captor]], one of which (called Lister) attacks you.
* In the "Time Anomaly" quest, there is [[ComicStrip/BuckRogers Bork Dodgers]].
-->'''Player:''' So just where do YOU come from that all you need is a fuel-propelled rocket to travel?\\
'''Bork Dodgers:''' I come from a world called Earth. It was the year 1952... or was it 1983... Either way, it was a long time ago. So, I started on a journey around our solar system, but something malfunctioned. Things malfunctioned A LOT when I was at the controls. That's how I got my name. So this malfunction, it propelled my ship into a much wider orbit. It took me so long to get back to Earth-- that when I finally got back, hundreds of years had passed! Needless to say, I was disappointed to learn that I could no longer wear bellbottoms and get away with the look. Before long, though, my expertise got me a job with the Intergalactic Council, and I was sent on a mission to protect Earth from a variety of humanoid mustache-and-goatee sporting aliens. My favorite nemesis was a beautiful alien princess named Nutella, though. Her eyes were hazel, but she was totally nuts. Evil alien princesses... stay away from them!
* Sgt. Lucky describes a scene similar to ''Film/{{Alien}}'' which causes the player to believe that {{Chest Burster}}s have laid eggs down his throat. [[spoiler:It is later revealed to just be gas.]]
* When the Hand of Creation intiates a quiz to confirm your identity, it asks the question "''Who actually gave you the Hand of Creation for safekeeping?''". One of the possible answers you can say is "[[Series/SesameStreet Cookie Monster]]". It's wrong, of course.
* The description for the [=WarShovel=] weapon is "In the grim future of the Shovel there is only War!", referencing ''[[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer40000}} Warhammer 40,000]]'''s TagLine "In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war".
* The LoadingScreen for the Sick Bay has the caption "[[GoshDangItToHeck Darn it]], I'm a doctor, not a magical creature with huge ears!", referencing a ''Franchise/StarTrek'' [[MemeticMutation meme]] "Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a...".
* In the "Gravity Anomaly" quest, Arty Dedeux, in addition to his ''Franchise/StarWars''-related name, references the ComicBook/SilverSurfer, the herald of Galactus who rides a surfboard through the cosmos. See the page quote.
* One of the quests involves a mysterious artifact called the "[[Franchise/StargateVerse FarGate]]", a device which is revealed to be one of many which contain portals to other gates far away.
* The name of the quest "[=FINception=]!", which involves a Dream Machine that takes things from people's subconcious while they're dreaming and makes it real, is a reference to the film ''Film/{{Inception}}''. Aside from the dream theme, the quest has little to do with the actual film however.
* Dr. Rem's worst nightmare in "[=FINception=]!" is a crow called [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy Crowger]]. He appears after Dr. Rem goes to sleep, and introduces himself with "One, two... Freddy's coming for you...".