There are a boatload of references and {{Running Gag}}s taken from the [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic source]] [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} materials]]. There are also some references to the MLP fandom itself (e.g. [[Memes/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic memes]], popular fanon, and [[Characters/FriendshipIsMagicBackgroundPonies background ponies]]).

{{Mythology Gag}}s are listed here as well.
!!!Mythology Gags
* The Fluttersleuth sequence is an homage to ''Webcomic/ProblemSleuth'', the predecessor to ''Homestuck''.
* Rarity finds Sparkler's name appealing "for some undefinable reason", a reference to the G1 pony Sparkler who Rarity was based on.
* A mysterious pony tries to remember Fluttershy's name -- "Posie or something?" Again, a G1 reference.
* The Batterqueen's retinue are all old-generation ponies. In her challenge against Minty, she makes a magic heart-patterned candy cane, while Minty presents a sock. This is a reference to the direct-to-DVD movie ''A Very Minty Christmas''.
* Non-pony mythology: For the baking competition, Love Lock hired an official time keeper. Said keeper is a curly-maned pony with a long scarf and hourglass cutiemark, aka the ponified Fourth Doctor, with the task of determining the best ''[[Creator/TomBaker timed baker]]''.
* Most of the Rainbow Ponies are G1 characters who appeared in the "Ember's Dream" cassette story. As for Rainbow Dash's "Aunt" Ember, her design is based on [[ this one's]].
* [[ Ember and Velvet]] [[ go way back.]]
* Shadow Lobster Kingpin is a play on Shadow Mobster Kingpin from the Problem Sleuth secret pages.

!!!MLP Fandom Shout-Outs
* "Certainly you got rather more adventure than you bargained for today -- [[FanFic/ItsADangerousBusinessGoingOutYourDoor itís a dangerous business, really, walking out your front door]]..."
** In [S] R: Walk around, this message pops up when trying to cross the InsurmountableWaistHeightFence as Rarity:
-->You cannot cross the fence because you don't know how to teleport.
-->If only you would encounter some sort of mother goddess figure of another species who could teach you to sort of shimmer in and out of existence, far more elegantly than even Twilight does. Such a [[StealthPun shimmer would]] be wonderful.
* There's a reference to ''WebVideo/FriendshipIsWitchcraft'''s unusual {{Sound Effect Bleep}}s when Twilight accidentally uproots one of AJ's trees.
-->[[SoundEffectBleep Buy some apples!]] ...[[SubvertedTrope is what youíre going to have to do to make this up to her, you bet]].[[note]]Alternatively, "Buy some apples!" could be read as the actual curse, with Twilight making a quick recovery afterward.[[/note]]
** Cloud Kicker is unable to say anything other than "Cloud!", a trait shared by background ponies in that particular abridgement.
** Rarity mentions the Sleep Song.
* Rainbow Dash crashes into the taffy machine. "Boy, when you go to visit Pinkie, you expect to have a good time, [[Fanfic/{{Cupcakes}} not to be turned into some sort of colorful food!]]"
* The page "[[ TS: Play a wicked trumpet solo to unwind a little]]" contains a reference to the FunnyBackgroundEvent [[ in this video]].
* One of Granny Smith's stories contains a ShoutOut to [[WebAnimation/PonyDotMov APPLE.MOV]]: "...and she ate eleven apples and five of those were in a single sitting! Why, the rest of us just sat there and stared, I can tell you. 'Apple Bloom,' we told her, 'you can't eat all those apples!' But she went and said..."
* The shutting down of Website/{{Ponibooru}} gets a nod when Pinkie explains how she had to abandon a certain hole she'd been using for her [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E20ItsAboutTime emergency stash]] of pony figurines. "Rest in peace, [[{{Pun}} pony burrow]]."
* [[ Maplejack]], [[ Love Lock]] and [[ Dizzy Pinwheel]] are from [[ this]] ''WesternAnimation/{{Mad}}'' episode, which itself is referencing ''MyLittlePony''. While it's somewhat hard to see, Twilight has a portrait of [[ Starlight Bright]] in her library, while Rainbow Dash has one of [[ Snow Cone]].
* Golden Rule gets into an argument with [[spoiler:Skaia]] over the latter's insistence that Applejack is best pony.
* Carrot Top refers to herself as a [[ simple mare with simple dreams.]]
** Later: "I'm going far, far beyond my garden, Bubblecup."
* A few book titles can be seen [[ here]], all the names of post-apocalyptic fanfics: ''Fanfic/{{Antipodes}}'', ''Fanfic/FalloutEquestria'', and ''Fanfic/TheEndOfPonies''.
* Bubblecup says "I am not a clever pony", alluding to a certain [[ fan]] [[ musician]].
* In order to enter the Medium, Pinkie Pie needs to destroy her cruxite artifact, shaped like Rainbow Dash, with a knife. Unlike [[Fanfic/{{Cupcakes}} a certain fanfic counterpart]], she does not savor the idea of carving up Dashie.
* The Dewey Decimal System of Twilight's Fetch Modus [[NamesTheSame has the same name]] as [[{{FanFic/Anthropology}} another pony's adopted father]]. This may be unintentional, though.

!!!Other Shout-Outs
* Applejack's Fetch Modus is based on ''TabletopGame/ApplesToApples''.
* [[ Friendship specibi]] can potentially be set to [[WebVideo/SassyGayFriend sassygaykind]]. Also [[Series/{{Friends}} joeykind, monicakind, phoebekind, rachelkind, chandlerkind, and rosskind]].
* Pokey Pierce is turned into Webcomic/PokeyThePenguin.
* Fluttershy recalls the story of ''Daring Do and [[,_or_the_Tiger%3F the Lady and the Tiger]]''.
* The time-travelling Mysterious Mare-Do-Well paraphrases ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartII'': "Third, if you ever have a daughter who, when she's eight years old, accidentally sets fire to the living room rug, go easy on her."
* Pinkie Pie has a variation of [[Manga/DeathNote shinigami eyes]], as shown when she's setting up the Pegasus Rescue Party. In her case, it shows a pony's name, description and time until their next birthday, rather than time until death.
* The rainbow ponies have a song about [[Literature/LatawnyaTheNaughtyHorseLearnsToSayNoToDrugs a naughty horse named Latawnya]].
* Some writing on the wall can be seen [[ here]] saying [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} "The cakes are alive."]]
* [[ LoSaD as a pony]] is known as "Sailor [=LoSaD=]". [[Franchise/SailorMoon What does that remind you of?]]
* If you notice closely, on Twilight's cruxite artifact, you can see [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda the Triforce]] -- or something resembling it, anyway.
* "All you have to do is be that authority and say something simple like [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} 'come with me if you want to live,']] and they'll follow along without asking any time-wasting questions."
* [[ These]] [[ two]] pages include an obvious reference to ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' in Berry Punch's lines.