* The Chipmunks were named after the top executives of Liberty Records, their original label: Al Bennett[[note]]the company president[[/note]], Si Waronker[[note]]the company vice president and record producer[[/note]] and Ted Keep[[note]]the recording engineer[[/note]].


!!For Albums/Soundtracks:

* From ''Let's All Sing with the Chipmunks'':
** At the end of "Ragtime Cowboy Joe":
--->'''Alvin:''' (''speaking'') [[Franchise/TheLoneRanger HHHIIIIII HHOOOOOOO AAAALLLLVVIIIINNN]]!!!
** The Chipmunks sing "[[Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs Whistle While You Work]]" in the form of rock n' roll.
** The original issue of the album depicted three realistic looking chipmunks on the cover with Alvin making a pose like the then-recently deceased [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Jolson Al Jolson]]. Then when the album was reissued two years later, a new cover was substituted with ''WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow'' animation cel setup reenacting the poses the original chipmunks made but now Alvin is shown making a pose like Music/ElvisPresley.

* The countries Dave and the Chipmunks visit in ''Around the World with The Chipmunks'' are UsefulNotes/{{Mexico}}, UsefulNotes/{{Japan}}, UsefulNotes/{{France}}, [[UsefulNotes/SaudiArabia Arabia]], UsefulNotes/{{Germany}}, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Pole North Pole]], UsefulNotes/{{Hawaii}}, UsefulNotes/{{Italy}}, UsefulNotes/{{Scotland}}, UsefulNotes/{{Spain}}, UsefulNotes/{{Switzerland}} and [[UsefulNotes/{{Britain}} England]].
* From ''The Chipmunk Songbook'':
** For the ending of "Git Along, Little Doggies" :
--->'''Dave:''' (''irately singing'') A-yippie-ti-yi-yo, COME HERE, little Chipmunks! Better CLEAN UP THIS MESS before I count to three. Put the saw horses back now, GET A MOVE, little Chipmunks! Or you'll think ya met up with [[Literature/UncleTomsCabin Simon Legree]]eeeeeeeeeee-ee-eeeeeeeee-ee-eeeeee-ee-eeeeee-ee-eeeeeee-eee!
** The Chipmunks also cover "While Strolling in the Park One Day" (Ed Haley) and "Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)" (Harry Dacre).
* From ''Christmas with The Chipmunks'', The Chipmunks cover "Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)" (Music/GeneAutry & Oakley Haldeman), "Up on the House Top" (Benjamin Hanby), "Silver Bells" (Jay Livingston & Ray Evans), "[[WesternAnimation/RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer]]" (Johnny Marks), "Jingle Bells" (James Lord Pierpont), "Over the River and Through the Woods" (Lydia Maria Child), "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" (J. Fred Coots & Haven Gillespie), "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" (Meredith Willson), "Frosty the Snowman" (Walter "Jack" Rollins & Steve Nelson) and "White Christmas" (Irving Berlin).
* From ''Christmas with The Chipmunks: Vol. 2'', The Chipmunks sing "Jingle Bell Rock" (Joe Beal & Jim Boothe), "Hang Up Your Stockin'" (Jack Mann), "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane), "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" (Wilf Carter), "All I Want for Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)" (Donald Yetter Gardner) and "The Night Before Christmas" (Clement Clarke Moore).
* ''The Chipmunks Sing the [[Music/TheBeatles Beatles]] Hits'' tribute album not only have Dave, Alvin, Simon and Theodore wearing [[Franchise/TheBeatles Beatle wigs]] but cover said band's hits.
* ''The Chipmunks Sing With Children'':
** According to the notes by Rostom "Ross" Bagdasarian, the chorus was the Jimmy Joyce Children's Chorus, all arrangements made by Pete King.
** The songs Alvin, Simon and Theodore cover are "[[Theatre/TheSoundOfMusic Do-Re-Mi]]," "Rag Mop" (Johnnie Lee Wills & Deacon Anderson), "Me Too (Ho-Ho! Ha-Ha!)" (Harry M. Woods, Charles Tobias & Al Sherman), "Mr. Sandman" (Pat Ballard), "Tonight You Belong to Me" (Dottie West), "[[Film/MaryPoppins Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious]]," "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No,_No,_Nanette Tea for Two]]," "[[Film/TheManWhoKnewTooMuch Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)]]," "[[Music/BingCrosby Mississippi Mud]]," "Down by the Old Mill Stream" (Tell Taylor), "Theatre/HelloDolly" and "[[Music/PuffTheMagicDragon Puff, the]] [[WesternAnimation/PuffTheMagicDragon Magic Dragon]]."
* ''Chipmunks à Go-Go'' has The Chipmunks singing "[[Music/TheBeachBoys California Girls]]," "This Diamond Ring" (Gary Lewis & the Playboys), "[[Music/BobDylan Mr. Tambo]][[Music/TheByrds urine Man]]," "[[Music/HermansHermits Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter]]," "I'm a Fool" (Dino, Desi & Billy), "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" (Lesley Gore), "The Race Is On" (Jack Jones), "King of the Road" (Roger Miller), "Downtown" (Petula Clark), "The 'In' Crowd" (Dobie Gray), "[[Music/TomJones What's New Pussycat?]]" and "[[Music/HermansHermits I'm Henry the VIII, I Am]]."
* Title of 1968 music album by [[StageName Dave Seville]] and The Chipmunks is ''The Chipmunks see Film/DoctorDolittle'', even covering all songs from the movie.
* Among the songs [[StageName Dave Seville]] and The Chipmunks cover in ''The Chipmunks Go to the Movies'' are "Film/ChittyChittyBangBang," "[[Film/ChittyChittyBangBang Hushabye Montain]]," "[[Film/TheWizardOfOz We're Off to See the Wizard]]," "[[Disney/TheJungleBook The Bare Necessities]]," "[[Film/MaryPoppins Chim Chim Cher-ee]]," "[[Theatre/{{Oliver}} Consider Yourself]]," "[[Film/ChittyChittyBangBang You Two]]" and "[[Film/ChittyChittyBangBang The Roses of Success]]."

* ''Chipmunk Punk'' has The Chipmunks performing "Let's Go" ([[Music/TheCars Ric Ocasek]]), "Good Girls Don't" (Doug Fieger), "How Do I Make You...?" ([[Music/TheVeronicas Billy Steinberg]]), "[[Music/TomPetty Refugee]]", "Frustrated" (Doug Fieger & Berton Averre), "Call Me" (Debbie Harry & Music/GiorgioMoroder), "[[Music/BillyJoel You May Be Right]]", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" ([[Music/{{Queen}} Freddie Mercury]]) and "My Sharona" (Doug Fieger & Berton Averre).
* ''Urban Chipmunk'':
** Not only does the album title spoofs 1980 movie ''Film/UrbanCowboy'', but the cover spoofs the movie's cover as well.
** The Chipmunks cover "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" (John Denver), "[[Music/KennyRogers The Gambler]]", "Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)" (Robert Emmons & Chips Moman), "I Love a Rainy Night" (Eddie Rabbitt), "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboy Chipmunks" (Bruce Brothers), "Coward of the County" (Edgar Bowling & Bobby Wheeler) and "[[Music/WillieNelson On the Road Again]]".
** The album features Music/JerryReed[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Lunchbox"[[/labelnote]], Larry Butler[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song"[[/labelnote]] and Brenda Lee [[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Made For Each Other" [[/labelnote]].
** The CD bonus track has The Chipmunks covering "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" (The Charlie Daniels Band)" and "[[Music/BrooksAndDunn Boot Scootin' Boogie]]".
* ''Chipmunk Rock'':
** The abum cover spoofs Music/DeepPurple's fourth studio album ''In Rock''.
** The Chipmunks sing "Bette Davis Eyes" (Kim Carnes), "[[Music/RickSpringfield Jessie's Squirrel]]", "[[Music/{{ABBA}} Take a Chance on Me]]", "[[Music/PatBenatar Hit Me with Your Best Shot]]", "Leader of the Pack" (The Shangri-Las), "Queen of Hearts" (Juice Newton), "[[Music/{{Devo}} Whip It]]", "[[Music/PatBenatar Heartbreaker]]" and "[[Music/ElectricLightOrchestra Hold on Tight]]".
* ''The Chipmunks Go Hollywood'' has The Chipmunks covering "[[Music/{{Survivor}} Eye of the Tiger]]"[[note]]Which was most famously used in ''Film/RockyIII''[[/note]], "[[Theatre/{{Annie}} Tomorrow]]", "[[Series/TheDukesOfHazzard The Dukes of Hazzard Theme Song]]", "[[Film/{{Grease}} You're the One That I Want]]", "[[Series/TheGreatestAmericanHero Believe It or Not]]", "[[Film/ETTheExtraTerrestrial E. T. & Me]]", "Film/NineToFive", "Film/{{Fame}}", "[[Film/{{Arthur}} Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)]]" and "Film/ChariotsOfFire".
* ''WesternAnimation/TheChipmunkAdventure'' soundtrack:
** The Chipmunks cover "Wooly Bully" (Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs).
** Also, "The Girls of Rock 'n' Roll" the Chipettes and Chipmunks cover is from ''Film/TheMalibuBikiniShop''.
** Several places are mentioned in "Weekend in France, Italy, England, Amsterdam, Greece...":
'''Dave:''' (''speaking'') We're not in [[UsefulNotes/TheNetherlands Holland]], Alvin.\\
'''Chipmunks:''' (''singing'') And the chime of [[UsefulNotes/{{London}} Big Ben]]\\
Where the guards stand\\
So straight at [[UsefulNotes/{{London}} the palace]]\\
'''Dave:''' (''speaking'') We're not in [[UsefulNotes/{{Britain}} England]].\\
'''Chipmunks:''' (''singing'') And the leaning tower\\
Even though it is bent.\\
'''Dave:''' (''speaking'') Not UsefulNotes/{{Italy}}.\\
'''Chipmunks:''' (''singing'') There is nothing as great as UsefulNotes/{{Spain}}\\
Or dancing at {{Oktoberfest}}\\
My heart soars in [[UsefulNotes/TheNetherlands Amsterdam]]\\
And skiing in [[UsefulNotes/{{Germany}} San Moritz]]\\
We crawled over\\
The [[UsefulNotes/{{China}} Great Wall of China]]\\
And woke up in [[UsefulNotes/{{Hungary}} Budapest]].\\
There is nothing as great as Nome\\
'''Dave:''' (''speaking'') UsefulNotes/{{Alaska}}?\\
'''Chipmunks:''' (''singing'') Or sailing down the blue [[UsefulNotes/{{Europe}} Danube]]\\
The royalty of UsefulNotes/{{Monaco}}\\
'''Dave:''' (''speaking'') [[MusicalisInterruptus Okay that's it you guys]], [[LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn hold it right there]]. There's no dancing snakes or kangaroos or lions approaching, we're in UsefulNotes/{{Greece}}! Home of the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the Eiffel Tower!\\
'''Alvin:''' (''speaking'') Dave, the Eiffel Tower is in UsefulNotes/{{France}}.\\
'''Dave:''' (''speaking'') I knew that! You guys have got me all mixed up! UsefulNotes/{{London}}, UsefulNotes/{{Switzerland}}, [-where-] [--are--] [---we?---]
* ''The Chipmunks and The Chipettes: Born to Rock'':
** Both groups cover "You Keep Me Hangin' On" (Kim Wilde, originally The Supremes).
** The Chipmunks cover "Faith" (George Michael), "[[Music/PetShopBoys Always on My Mind]]," "[[Music/MichaelJackson Bad]]," "La Bamba" (Los Lobos, originally Ritchie Valens), "Mony Mony" (Music/BillyIdol, originally Tommy James & The Shondells) and "Do You Love Me" (The Contours).
** The Chipettes cover "[[Music/TheBangles Walk Like an Egyptian]]", "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" (Belinda Carlisle), "Venus" (The Shocking Blue), "[[Music/WhitneyHouston I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)]]" and "Pink Cadillac" (Natalie Cole, originally Music/BruceSpringsteen).

* ''The Chipmunks Rock the House'':
** Both Chipmunks and Chipettes sing "[[Music/{{Madonna}} Express Yourself]]" and "[[Music/{{Roxette}} Joyride]]".
** The Chipettes cover "[[Music/TheB52s Roam]]," "[[Music/{{Roxette}} It Must Have Been Love]]," "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)" (Betty Everett / Music/{{Cher}}) and "[[Music/PaulaAbdul Cold Hearted]]."
** The Chipmunks cover "[[Music/BillyIdol Cradle of Love]]," "Freedom! '90" (George Michael), "[[Music/MCHammer U Can't Touch This]]," "Wiggle It" (2 in a Room), "Unbelievable" ([=EMF=]), "[[Music/NewKidsOnTheBlock Hangin' Tough]]" and "[[Music/VanillaIce Ice Ice Baby]]."
* ''Chipmunks in Low Places'':
** Features Billy Ray Cyrus[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Achy Breaky Heart"[[/labelnote]], Tammy Wynette[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Stand by Your Man"[[/labelnote]], Music/AlanJackson[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Don't Rock the Jukebox"[[/labelnote]], Charlie Daniels[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Brothers and Old Boots"[[/labelnote]], Music/WaylonJennings[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Outlaws"[[/labelnote]] and Aaron Tippin[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"There Ain't Nothin' Wrong with the Radio"[[/labelnote]].
** The Chipmunks do "I Feel Lucky" (Mary Chapin Carpenter) and "Down at the Twist and Shout" (Mary Chapin Carpenter).
* Canned Heat is featured singing "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late" on the ''Chipmunks' Greatest Christmas Hits''[='=] only bonus track).
* Compilation music album ''Here's Looking at Me!'':
** Could be a referent to the well-known "[[Film/{{Casablanca}} Here's looking at you, kid]]" line.
** "[[Music/TheCars Let's Go]]" is sung.
* ''A Very Merry Chipmunk''
** Featured are Music/KennyG[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)" & "The Chipmunk Song Reprise"[[/labelnote]], Music/PattyLoveless[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" (Johnny Marks)[[/labelnote]], The Boys Choir of Harlem[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Christmas Time Uptown" (Paul Espel, Karmyn Lott & Malcom Dodds)[[/labelnote]], Music/GeneAutry[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"WesternAnimation/RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer" (Johnny Marks)[[/labelnote]], Music/CelineDion[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Petit Papa Noël" (Tino Rossi)[[/lablenote]], The [=UCLA=] Chamber Singers[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"The Little Drummer Boy"[[/labelnote]] and Music/AlanJackson[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Santa's Gonna Come in a Pickup Truck"[[/labelnote]].
** James Ingram sings "I Don't Want to Be Alone for Christmas (Unless I'm Alone with You)" where none of the Chipmunks participate.
** In "'A' Comes Before 'B'", Alvin mentions several characters while signing.
---> "SantaClaus, Santa Claus,\\
A comes before B!\\
But [[Series/BarneyAndFriends Barney]], [[WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead Beavis]], [[WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead Butthead]]\\
Are now in front of me!\\
Just the other night\\
I turned on the TV\\
[[WesternAnimation/BugsBunny Bugs]] was selling sneakers\\
To [[WesternAnimation/TheFlintstoneKids Barney and Betty]]\\
Oh Santa Claus, Santa Claus\\
[[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Bart]] is a big hit\\
[[Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast Beast has got his Beauty]]\\
And Franchise/{{Barbie}} never quits!\\
Oh Santa Claus, Santa Claus\\
[[WesternAnimation/ThePebblesAndBammBammShow Bamm-Bamm]]'s on the rise\\
If Baby [[WesternAnimation/YogiBear Boo-Boo]] makes a comeback\\
I'm just gonna die!\\
* ''When You Wish Upon a Chipmunk''
** The Chipmunks and The Chipettes cover "[[Disney/TheLionKing Hakuna Matata]]", "[[Disney/{{Pinocchio}} I've Got No Strings]]", "[[Disney/{{Aladdin}} Friend Like Me]]", "[[Disney/TheLittleMermaid Kiss the Girl]]", "[[Disney/{{Pocahontas}} Colors of the Wind]]", "[[Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast Be Our Guest]]", "[[Disney/LadyAndTheTramp He's a Tramp]]," "[[Disney/TheThreeCaballeros The Three Caballeros]]," "[[Disney/TheLittleMermaid Under the Sea]]" and "[[Disney/{{Pinocchio}} When You Wish upon a Star]]".
** On the album cover, Simon is Disney/{{Pinocchio}}, Alvin is [[Disney/{{Aladdin}} Genie]] and Theodore is either [[Disney/{{Cinderella}} Fairy Godmother]], the [[Disney/{{Pinocchio}} Blue Fairy]], either [[Disney/SleepingBeauty Merryweather, Flora or Fauna]] if not [[Disney/PeterPan Tinkerbell]].
* "Macarena" (Los del Río), "[[Music/{{Madonna}} Vogue]]," "[[Music/TheBeeGees Stayin' Alive]]," "Play That Funky Music" (Wild Cherry), "I'm Too Sexy" (Right said Fred), "Turn the Beat Around" (Vicki Sue Robinson & Music/GloriaEstefan), "[[Music/TheIsleyBrothers Shout]]" and "[[Music/TheB52s Love Shack]]" are sung in ''Club Chipmunk: The Dance Mixes''.
* ''The A-Files: Alien Songs'':
** This 1998 music album title is, of course, inspired by ''Series/TheXFiles''.
** During "The X-Files Theme," Alvin and Brittany play AgentMulder and AgentScully.
** Also from the song, the alien ask where Roswell Celebration is:
--->'''Brittany:''' It's near UsefulNotes/LasVegas.\\
'''Alien:''' Oh yes, where Music/{{Elvis|Presley}} played.\\
'''Brittany:''' Elvis is dead.\\
'''Alien:''' [[ElvisLives No]] [[ElvisHasLeftThePlanet he's]] [[HesJustHiding not]]. Oops.
** Throughout the "[[Music/{{Bananarama}} Venus]]" song, Jeanette tries to tell Brittany something:
--->'''Jeanette:''' Euhm Brittany, [[LampshadeHanging this song doesn't belong on the album]]. It's not about the planet UsefulNotes/{{Venus}}, it's about the [[Myth/ClassicalMythology goddess]].
** Alvin, Simon, Brittany and Eleanor portray the roles of Riff Raff, Dr. Scott, Magenta, and Columbia in "[[Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow The Time Warp]]" song.
** Alvin mentions [[Creator/MarkHamill Luke Skywalker]] during "Franchise/StarWars: Cantina Band."
** Songs "The Purple People Eater" (Sheb Wooley), "[[Creator/WillSmith Men in Black]]," "[[Music/EltonJohn Rocket Man (I Think It's Going to Be a Long, Long Time)]]," "[[Music/TheDoors People Are Strange]]," "[[Music/TheByrds Mr. Spaceman]]" and "[[Music/MissingPersons Destination Unknown]]" are also covered.

* ''[[Film/AlvinAndTheChipmunks Alvin and the Chipmunks: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]]'':
** The Chipmunks cover "Bad Day" (Daniel Powter), "Funkytown" (Lipps Inc.)" and "Only You (And You Alone)" (The Platters).
** Featured are Jason Gleed[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Follow Me Now"[[/labelnote]], Chris Classic[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Witch Doctor" & "Ain't No Party"[[/labelnote]], Rebecca Jones[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Come Get It" & "Ain't No Party"[[/labelnote]], [=DeeTown=][[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) Rock Mix"[[/labelnote]] and Al D[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Get Munk'd"[[/labelnote]].
* ''Undeniable'':
** The Chipmunks cover "[[Music/BonJovi Livin' on a Prayer]]", "[[Music/BobMarley Three Little Birds]]", "[[Music/{{Blink182}} All the Small Things]]", "[[Music/{{Journey}} Don't Stop Believin']]", "[[Music/LedZeppelin Rock and Roll]]", "[[Music/{{Daughtry}} Home]]" and "[[Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow Time Warp]]".
** [=DeeTown=][[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"We're the Chipmunks (Remix)"[[/labelnote]] and Drew Seeley[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Shake Your Groove Thing"[[/labelnote]] are featured.
* ''[[Film/AlvinAndTheChipmunks The Squeakqueal: Original Motion Picture Sountrack]]'' features Honor Society[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"[[Music/TheKinks You Really Got Me]]"[[/labelnote]], Queensberry[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"The Song"[[/labelnote]] and Charice[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"No One"[[/labelnote]].
** The Chipmunks cover "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" (Dead or Alive), "[[Music/TheBeeGees Stayin' Alive]]" and "[[Music/{{Foreigner}} I Want to Know What Love Is]]."
** The Chipettes cover "[[Music/{{Pink}} So What]]," "Put Your Records On" (Corinne Bailey Rae), "[[Music/{{Beyonce}} Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)]]" and "[[Music/KatyPerry Hot ‘n Cold]]."
** Both Chipmunks and Chipettes cover "We Are Family" (Sister Sledge) and "Shake Your Groove Thing" (Peaches & Herb).

* ''[[Film/AlvinAndTheChipmunks Chipwrecked: Music from the Motion Picture]]'':
** Both Chipmunks and Chipettes do a blend of "[[Music/LadyGaga Born This Way]]", "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" ([=McFadden=] & Whitehead), and "[[Music/KatyPerry Firework]]".
** Both groups also cover "[[Music/{{LMFAO}} Party Rock Anthem]]," "[[Music/LadyGaga Bad Romance]]" and "[[Music/{{Pink}} Trouble]]." They even cover "Club Can't Handle Me" (Flo Rida) on the bonus track.
** The Chipettes cover "Whip My Hair" (Willow Smith), "[[Music/{{Rihanna}} S.O.S.]]" and "[[Music/DestinysChild Survivor]]". The three even do an amalgamation of "We No Speak Americano" (Yolanda Be Cool) and "Conga" (Miami Sound Machine)" featuring Barnetta [=DaFonseca=].
** [=BASKO=][[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"[[Music/TheGoGos Vacation]]"[[/labelnote]], Classic[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"We Have Arrived"[[/labelnote]] and Nomadik[[labelnote:SONG(S)]]"Say Hey" (Michael Franti & Spearhead) & "Real Wild Child" (:Johnny O'Keefe)"[[/labelnote]] are featured.

!!For ''WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow'':
* [[OurGhostsAreDifferent J. P. Lester]] the BedsheetGhost from "HauntedHouse" sounds a lot like Creator/JerryLewis.
* When Alvin's looking through his obnoxious neighbor's house while standing on top Theodore's head [[ScoobyStack who's standing on Simon's head who's standing on Dave's]] in "Good Neighbor," one of the pictures hanging on the neighbor's wall is a {{parody}} drawing ''Arrangement in Grey and Black: Portrait of the Artist's Mother'' by James Abbot [=McNeil=] Whistler, which coincidentally has a plaque under the picture calling it "[[InJoke Whistler's Mother]]."\\
There's also a picture of [[NurseryRhyme Mother Goose]] hanging on the wall.
* After showing Dave and boys a ''very long'' list of names supposedly pledged to encourage radio stations to stop playing Chipmunk music in "Squares" in favor of ClassicalMusic:
-->'''Frumpington:''' ...and to bring [[Music/JohannSebastianBach Bach]] back '''''ALIVE'''''!
** When leaving the Seville residence, Ms. Frumpington sings an excerpt from [[Music/LudwigVanBeethoven Beethoven]]'s Fifth Symphony before stopping when she hears the sound of dripping water.
* The plot of "Alvin's Alter Ego" has Alvin seeing the results of him working alone and not with his brothers via his [[GoodAngelBadAngel devil self and angel self]] just how [[Film/ItsAWonderfulLife George Bailey]] saw what it would be like if he never was born.
* Some of the inventions Crashcup claims to be his is [[TheWrightBrothers flight]], [[Creator/BenjaminFranklin electricity]] and the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Graham_Bell telephone]]. He also claims to have invented a [[Literature/TheTimeMachine time machine]].
* Clyde appears on a parody of ''This is Your Life'' in "[[NamesTheSame This is Your Life]], Clyde Crashcup!"
* In "Sam Valiant Real Estate," Sam Valiant points to an old tree with a rope tied to a branch:
-->'''Sam Valiant:''' And here's the favorite of all children, 'The Franchise/{{Tarzan}} Tree!' You there, the talkity one! (''Goes over to Theodore and pushes him to said tree'') C'mon, don't be bashful! Swing like Tarzan! Ya know, "[=AaAaAaAaAah=]!"
* The newspaper first reporting about the stolen necklace seen in "Eagle in Love" is ''[[Franchise/MarvelUniverse Daily Bugle]]''.
* The dragon Alvin imagines in "Sir Alvin" resembles [[WesternAnimation/BeanyAndCecil Cecil]].
* Dave's second cousin twice removed on his father's side Chuck Wagon from "Hillbilly Son" wears an equivalent UsefulNotes/DavyCrockett hat.
* The musical interlude of "Yankee Doodle" plays on the recorder when Alvin tries helping Stanley the Eagle make music with a pair of cymbals during "Eagle Music."
* How Alvin tricks obnoxious social director Roger Marshall into getting into the lifeboat and sending him into the sea from "Alvin's Curse" is like how [[Literature/HanselAndGretel Gretel]] tricked the witch by getting her to climb inside the oven.

[[folder:Musical Segments]]
* Dave and the Chipmunks visit UsefulNotes/{{Venice}} during the "Oh, Gondaliero!" musical segment as well as UsefulNotes/{{Paris}} in "I Wish I Could Speak French."
* One of the masks Dave has hanging on his wall in "Witch Doctor" are the {{tragedy}}/{{comedy}} Greek theatre masks. Among the masks in Dave's collection, he also has a Yaqui Indian mask, a Peruvian mask, an Inroquois Indian mask and a mask from Tibet.
** Dave exclaiming "I made that record once!" in regards to the Chipmunks wanting to sing the song is in regards to [[ActorAllusion Ross Bagdasarian]] doesn't consider "Witch Doctor" not being a Chipmunks song, the first true song by the Chipmunk Trio being "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)."
* In "Ragtime Cowboy Joe," the director is (supposedly) based off Creator/AlfredHitchcock, possibly in regards to [[ActorAllusion Ross Bagdasarian]] appearing in ''Film/RearWindow''.
* Magic shop owner from "Pop Goes the Weasel" is named Sam {{Myth/Merlin}}.
* The Chipmunks help a guy named [[TheWildWest Buffalo Bill]] from "Buffalo Gals" find his long lost girlfriend by singing at a local TV station.
* The president in office at the time of "Alvin for President" would have been UsefulNotes/JohnFKennedy.

!!For ''[[WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunks Alvin and the Chipmunks/The Chipmunks]]'':
[[folder:Pun-Based Episode Titles]]
* "Unidentified Flying Chipmunk": The Chipmunks watch Creator/StevenSpielberg's ''Film/ETTheExtraTerrestrial''.
* "The Chip-Punks" = possibly a reference to the New Wave music album ''Chipmunk Punk'' by The Chipmunks.
* "Alvin... and the Chipmunk": Episode plot is a spoof of ''Literature/ThePrinceAndThePauper'' since both Alvin and the other chipmunk switch places.
* "Santa Harry" = spoof on 1953 [[ChristmasSongs Christmas song]] "Santa Baby" by Senator Jacob K. Javits's niece Joan Javits and Phillip Springer.
* "Rich and Infamous": Alvin makes a reference to Music/BillyJoel, Slim Whitman and Music/{{Prince}}.
* "A Horse, of Course" = part of the lyrics to a 1960 sitcom, coincidentally main character [[Creator/AlanYoung Wilbur Post]] voices Grandpa Seville in his first two appearances:
-->"A horse is ''a horse, of course'', of course,\\
And no one can talk to ''a horse, of course'',\\
That is, of course,\\
Unless the horse\\
Is the famous [[Series/MisterEd Mr. Ed]]!"
* "Some Entrancing Evening" = "Some Enchanted Evening," which refers to a show tune from ''Theatre/SouthPacific'' (as well as the name of a Music/BlueOysterCult album).
** Fictional show ''This Is Your Father'' is a take on classic documentary television series ''This Is Your Life''.
* "Maids in Japan": The Chipmunks are forced to sing "[[Theatre/TheMikado Three Little Girls from School]]" while disguised in kimonos and face masks.
* "Who Ghost There?": The Chipmunks decide to [[Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}} hunt ghosts]] while singing a familiar theme song.
* "Stayin' Afloat" = based off the song "Stayin' Alive" by Music/TheBeeGees.
* "The Gold of My Dreams": "[[Film/GoldDiggersOf1933 We're in the Money]]" is sung by The Chipmunks.
* "Every Chipmunk Tells a Story":
** "[[Film/BeverlyHillsCop The Heat is On]]" is sung by The Chipmunks.
** The episode has strong elements from the 1950 Japanese period drama film ''Film/{{Rashomon}}''.
* "Middle Aged Davey" = based of the 1980 movie ''Middle Age Crazy''.
* "Teevee or Not Teevee" = [[Creator/WilliamShakespeare Shakespearean]] quote "[[Theatre/{{Hamlet}} To be or not to be]]... that's the question."
** Fictional ''The Johnny Letterman Show'' is a parody of ''The David Letterman Show''.
* "How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?" = the famous post-UsefulNotes/WorldWarI phrase "How're you going to keep them down on the farm once they've seen GayParee?"
* "I Love L. A." = Shares the same name as a Music/RandyNewman song.
* "Alvin, Alvin, Alvin!" = Play on popular phrase "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" by [[Series/TheBradyBunch Jan Brady]] or Dave's catchphrase "Theodore, Simon, Alvin!" if not "Alvin, Alvin, Alvin!".
** Music/BruceSpringsteen's mentioned multiple times.
* "No Chipmunk is an Island": After Dave says he plans to turn the attic into a guest room:
-->'''Simon:''' Who's he thinking of inviting over? {{Dracula}}?
* "Once Upon a Crime": During the conclusions to Dave's story, each Chipmunk portrays the following fictional heroes:
** SIMON is [[Franchise/{{Zorro}} Sorro]]
** THEODORE is [[RobinHood Friar Munk]]
** ALVIN is [[Franchise/{{Superman}} Supermunk]]
* "Home Sweet Home": Music/MichaelJackson's mentioned and StockFootage of him performing "Billie Jean" [[RogerRabbitEffect live]] appears.
* "The Chipmunks go to the Movies" = title of the last season shares the same name as 1969 album by [[StageName Dave Seville]] and The Chipmunks, which is also the final studio album made by Rostom "Ross" Bagdasarian (Sr.) three years before his death, followed by an eleven year gap until the release of the next Chipmunk album ''Chipmunk Punk'' by Ross Bagdasarian (Jr.).
** ''Film/{{Jaws}}'' is parodied in the opening.
** At the end of said opening, Alvin does the [[Creator/MetroGoldwynMayer MGM lion roar]] imitation.

[[folder: Shout Out Episode Titles]]
* "[[Series/TheATeam The C-Team]]"
** Creator/MrT even plays an [[WesternAnimation/MisterT animated version]] of [[ActorAllusion himself]].
* "[[Literature/FromHereToEternity From Here to Fraternity]]"
* "[[Film/TheIncredibleShrinkingMan The Incredible Shrinking Dave]]"
* "[[Film/UrbanCowboy Urban Chipmunk]]"
** The title also spoofs The Chipmunks' first country album.
** Not to mention, Music/DollyParton voices an animated version of herself.
* "[[Film/TheTroubleWithHarry The Trouble with Nanny]]"
* "[[Literature/TheSwissFamilyRobinson Swiss Family Chipmunks]]"
* "[[Series/ILoveLucy I Love Chipmunk Valentine Special]]"
** The attire Alvin wears while sleepwalking could be a tribute to Franchise/{{Zorro}}, down to him riding a horse.
* "[[Film/TheSpyWhoLovedMe The Chipmunk Who Bugged Me]]"
* "[[UsefulNotes/GrammyAward The Victrola Awards]]"
* "[[Theatre/MyFairLady My Fair Chipette]]", which also spoofs the original non-musical version, George Bernard Shaw's ''Theatre/{{Pygmalion}}''.
* "[[Film/TheGreatestShowOnEarth The Greatest Show-Offs on Earth]]"
* "[[Literature/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs Snow Wrong]]"
** Brittany wears the exact same attire as [[Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs Snow White]].
* "[[Film/RomancingTheStone Romancing Miss Stone]]"
* "[[Film/MrSmithGoesToWashington The Chipmunks go to Washington]]"
* "[[Series/ThePriceIsRight The Prize Isn't Right]]"
* "[[Film/WhatEverHappenedToBabyJane Whatever Happened to Dave Seville?]]"
** The SoapOpera Theodore watches is called ''[[Series/TheYoungAndTheRestless The Young and the Anxious]]''.
* "[[Music/JesusChristSuperstar Simon Seville, Superstar]]"
* "[[Franchise/BackToTheFuture Back to Dave's Future]]"
* "[[Theatre/MyFairLady My Pharaoh Lady]]"
* "[[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089393/ Just One of the Girls]]"
* "[[Film/TheBreakfastClub The Brunch Club]]"
** Theodore mentions wanting to become fit like Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger.
** The play both Eleanor and Brittany star in is called ''[[Theatre/TwoGentlemenOfVerona Two Gentlewomen of Verona]]''.
* "[[Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet Theodore and Juliet]]"
* "[[Film/ItsAWonderfulLife Dave's Wonderful Life]]"
** Simon's introduction is a parody to ''Series/{{The Twilight Zone|1959}}'', not to mention his appearance and delivery is a parody of Creator/RodSerling.
* "[[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073596/ Queen of the High School Ballroom]]"
* "[[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Nightmare on Seville Street]]"
* "[[JekyllAndHyde Dr. Simon and Mr. Heartthrob]]"
** ''Toddler Beat'' is a spoof of teen magazine ''Tiger Beat''.
** Episode semi-spoofs both ''Literature/TheStrangeCaseOfDrJekyllAndMrHyde'' and ''Film/TheNuttyProfessor''.
* "[[Film/WeirdScience Unfair Science]]"
* "[[Literature/TheLegendOfSleepyHollow The Legend of]] [[Literature/SleepingBeauty Sleeping Brittany]]"
** [[Disney/SleepingBeauty Maleficent]] is mentioned.
* "[[Film/ThreeMenAndABaby Three Chipmunks and a Puppy]]"
* "[[ThePhantomOfTheOpera Phantom of the Rock Opera]]"
* "[[Literature/ThePrincessAndThePea The Princess]] [[Literature/ThePrinceAndThePauper and the Pig]]"
* "[[Franchise/BackToTheFuture Back to Our Future]]"
** The Chipmunks cover Music/HueyLewisAndTheNews' "[[Film/BackToTheFuture Back in Time]]."
** Upon the '80s Chipmunks returning to their home circa ''The Alvin Show'':
--->'''[='80s=] Simon:''' [[LampshadeHanging Everything looks so flat]].\\
'''[='80s=] Alvin:''' Yeah, who painted this place? WesternAnimation/TheFlintstones?
* "[[Film/ETTheExtraTerrestrial S. T. The Space Traveler]]"
* "[[Film/{{Gremlins}} Gremloinis]]"
** The episode also takes a nod to ''Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}}''.

[[folder: Episodes With Role-Play]]
* "[[Literature/{{Cinderella}} Cinderella? Cinderella!]]" casts Brittany as Cinderella, Miss Miller as the wicked stepmother, Jeanette and Eleanor as the wicked stepsisters, Simon as the [[FairyGodmother fairy godmunk]], Theodore as the palace messenger, godmunk's assistant, and [[AsHimself himself]], Alvin as the Prince, and Dave as the King.
* "[[Series/MiamiVice Chipmunk Vice]]" features Dave as a bartender at the Lavender Orchid and Alvin as a detective.
* "[[Series/{{Moonlighting}} Dreamlighting]]" features Brittany and Alvin as Bratty Hayes and David Alvinson, Jeanette as Ms. Dapest, Simon as Simon le Simon, Eleanor as Ms. Snoop, and Theodore as the Nose.
* "Elementary, My Dear Simon":
** The cast features Simon as Franchise/SherlockHolmes, Theodore as Dr. Watson, Alvin as Professor Moriarty, and Dave as Inspector Seville.
** Contrary to [[BeamMeUpScotty belief]], the title actually comes from ''[[Literature/{{Psmith}} Psmith, Journalist]]'' by Creator/PGWodehouse.
* "Food for Thought"
** Alvin plays UsefulNotes/ChristopherColumbus, a pilgrim and General George Armstrong Custer; Simon plays Queen Isabella's High Councilor, a pilgrim, and Chief Sitting Bull; Brittany plays Queen Isabella and a pilgrim; Jeanette plays a pilgrim and Betty Ross; and Eleanor plays a pilgrim.
** When naming Columbus's ships:
---> '''Alvin:''' The Niña, the Pinta and the [[UsefulNotes/RMSTitanic Titanic]].
** After telling the Pilgrims had to build houses, Alvin explains they built three different houses out of [[Literature/ThreeLittlePigs straw, hay and bricks]] and when [[TheBigBadWolf the wolf]] shows up, Simon cuts in.
** Theodore wants to hear about the Pilgrim's feast known as the first Thanksgiving:
--->'''Alvin:''' They sent out for shakes and fries from [[UsefulNotes/{{McDonalds}} McPilgrim's]].
* "Literature/TreasureIsland" features Alvin as Jim Hawkins, Simon as Dr. Livesey, Theodore as Squire Trelawny, Dave as Long John Silver, and Brittany as Mrs. Hawkins.
* "[[Series/CharliesAngels Alvie's Angels]]" features the Chipettes as the Angels, Alvin as "Alvie Seville", Theodore as Ted Bombley, and Simon as himself.
* "[[Film/TheMalteseFalcon Maltese Chipmunk]]": Alvin's dream ends with him saying "[[Film/{{Casablanca}} this could be the start of a beautiful friendship]]."
* "[[Disney/AliceInWonderland Alvin]] [[Disney/PeterPan in Netherland]]" casts Alvin as Peter Pan, Brittany as Wendy Darling, Simon as John Darling, Theodore as Mr. Smee, Dave as Mr. Darling and Captain Hook, Jeanette as Tinker Bell, and Eleanor as Princess Tiger Lily.
* "[[Literature/AChristmasCarol Merry Christmas, Mr. Carroll]]" casts Dave, Theodore, and Simon as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.
* "[[Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk Daytona Jones and the Pearl of Wisdom]]" casts Alvin as [[Franchise/IndianaJones Dr. Daytona Jones]], Simon as Dr. Seri-Toga Jones, Theodore as a guide, and Brittany as Bambi.
* The ''Franchise/{{Frankenstein}}'' {{Parody}} episode features Simon as Dr. Victor Frankenstein and Alvin and Theodore (at various points) as FrankensteinsMonster.
* "[[Franchise/StarTrek Star Wreck]]: [[Film/StarTrekVTheFinalFrontier The Absolute Final Frontier]]" includes Alvin as Captain James T. Dirk, Simon as Speck, Theodore as Dr. Moamz [=McRoy=], Jeanette as Lieutenant Uhaha, and Eleanor as Ms. Supra.
* "[[Film/{{Batman}} Batmunk]]" casts Simon as Brice Wayne/[[Franchise/{{Batman}} Batmunk]], Theodore as Happy the Butler, Brittany as Nicki Nale of the Chipmunk Quarterly, and Alvin as [[ComicBook/TheJoker The Jokester]]
* The ''[[Franchise/StarWars Star Wars Episode V]]: Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack'' {{Parody}} features Alvin as Luke Skywalker, Simon and Theodore as C-3PO and R2-D2, and Dave as Darth Vader.
* "[[Film/{{Big}} Bigger!]]" features the three Chipmunks as "Alvin, Simon, and Theodore Smith", with Dave as "David Smith", while the three Chipettes play the three members of the Babes, Barbie, Annabelle, and Samantha.
* "[[Franchise/{{Robocop}} Robomunk]]" features Alvin as Officer Malone/Robomunk, Simon as Dr. Simonize (likely a takeoff on the name of auto-care manufacturer Simoniz), Brittany as Officer Violet Bronson, Eleanor as The Mayor, and Theodore as Mr. Pinkie.
* "[[Film/NationalLampoonsVacation Irrational Buffoon's European Vacation]]" casts Dave as Clark Sevillewald, with the three Chipmunks playing Alvin, Simon, and Theodore Sevillewald, while Brittany shows up as Alvin's girlfriend. The episode also spoofs ''Series/AmericasFunniestHomeVideos''.
* "[[ComicStrip/DickTracy Chip Tracy]]" features Alvin in the title role of Chip Tracy, Jeanette as Bess Blueheart, Theodore as Kiddo, Brittany as Breathmint Baloney/[[spoiler:The Glove]], Dave as Police Chief Bland, Eleanor as the doorwoman at Grumble's club, and Simon as Professor Laboratory.
* "[[Film/{{Splash}} Sploosh]]" includes Jeanette as Princess Montana, Simon as Trusty, Alvin as Dr. Buford Bubbles, Brittany as Miss Dalia, Eleanor as Montana's Maid, and Theodore as Montana's servant, Godfrey.

[[folder: Characters]]
* Fictional "The Johnny Letterman Show" host [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed Johnny]] [[CompositeCharacter Letterman]] from "Teevee or Not Teevee" is an amalgam of Johnny Carson and David Letterman.
* Name of the little girl Alvin, dressed as SantaClaus, asks during his scheme to make enough money to buy himself another Golden Echo Harmonica in "[[ChristmasSpecial A Chipmunk Christmas]]" is [[Literature/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas Cindy]] [[WesternAnimation/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas Lou]].
** [[WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow Clyde Crashcup]] and [[UsefulNotes/AbrahamLincoln President Abraham Lincoln]] both appear in Alvin's dream.
* Golfer [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed Elmer Palmer]] in the episode "Match Play" is a parody of legendary golfer Arnold Palmer.
* Grandpa Seville's [[Creator/AlanYoung voice actor]] previously [[ActorAllusion voiced]] two farmers, Aaron Slick of ''Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick'' and Farmer Smurf from ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs''.
* Show host [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed Bobby Leach]] from "Dave's Dream Cabin" is a parody of Robin Leach of ''Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous''.
* Name of the Chipettes' guardian while at the Australian orphanage in "A Chipette Story" was Olivia, a possible gender bent reference to Literature/OliverTwist.
** The Chipettes sing "[[Theatre/{{Annie}} Tomorrow]]."
* The psychologist Alvin sees in "Alvin in Analysis" is [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed Dr. Wiesenhiemer]], a parody of sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

* In the first stanza of the opening theme song "It's been a while but we're back with style" may refer to the fact there was a decade hiatus of Chipmunk songs since Bagdasarian's untimely death and his son taking the mantle of Dave Seville in 1981.\\
The lyric "coming on stronger than ever before" may refer to their [[WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow first]] cartoon show.
* Alvin gets a job to buy himself a [[Franchise/{{Transformers}} Trans–]][[WesternAnimation/ChallengeOfTheGoBots Go–Go Bot]] toy in "Alvin's Summer Job".
* The Chipmunks sing "[[Literature/FlowerDrumSong I Enjoy Being a Girl]]" in "A Dog's Best Friend Is His Chipmunk".
* Dave's TV message to Alvin in "Grounded Chipmunks" makes a reference to ''Series/MissionImpossible'' by saying "Your mission, should you choose to accept it..." and "This tape will self-destruct in five seconds."
** At one point, Alvin houses an alien that not only looks like [[Film/ETTheExtraTerrestrial E.T.]] but sounds like [[Franchise/TheMuppets Kermit the Frog]].
** Simon admits to feeling like he's in a ''Series/LeaveItToBeaver'' rerun.
** ''Film/LoveStory'' is mentioned.
* In "Help Wanted: Mommy", the Chipettes sing "I Wanna be Loved by You" from the 1928 ''Good Boy'' musical.
* The place Dave's parents live in "Grandpa and Grandma Seville" and "How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?" is called "South Spoon Ranch", a parody of [[Series/{{Dallas}} Southfork Ranch]].
* In "The Cruise," Simon pretends to be Franchise/SherlockHolmes and Theodore as his assistant, [[TheWatson Doctor Watson]].
* Music/LawrenceWelk is mentioned in "The Return of Mr. Adventure."
* ''Publishing Wearhouse'' from "Big Dreams" is a parody of Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes.
* "Dance of The Hours" from the opera ''La Gioconda'' opera was specially given lyrics for "Mother's Day".
* ''Public Court'' from "Tell It to the Judge" spoofs ''Series/ThePeoplesCourt''.
* Creator/WillSmith hosted the "Rockin' Through the Decades" special under the [[ActorAllusion alias]] "[[Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir Fresh Prince]]" and the "Witch Doctor" intro melody in was, in order of appearance, done in the style of Music/LittleRichard, Music/ElvisPresley, Music/JimiHendrix, Music/BobDylan, Music/MichaelJackson and Music/BruceSpringsteen.
** Original Chipmunk song "Alvin's Harmonica" is heard in the background while Will Smith is on TheFifties set.
--->'''Will Smith:''' Now, not many people know this, but The Chipmunks taught Elvis how to wiggle his hips, Music/ChuckBerry the dog walk and Music/LittleRichard how to play the piano... [[BlatantLies at least that's what Alvin said]] and we all know what a prayer book Alvin is.
*** Clips from an episode of ''Series/TheEdSullivanShow'' with Rostom "Ross" Bagdasarian (aka Dave Seville), ''WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow'' musical segment "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)" and "[[ChristmasSpecial A Chipmunk Christmas]]" performing "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)" are shown.
*** Also, during the fifties era, Theodore sings "[[Music/LittleRichard Tutti Frutti]]" and Alvin sings "[[Music/ElvisPresley Heartbreak Hotel]]" while both are dressed as the respective musician.
** On TheSixties set, Music/TheBeatles, Music/TheByrds, Music/TheTurtles and Three Dog Night are mentioned by Will.
*** The Chipmunks are dressed like the respective bands when signing "[[Music/TheBeachBoys Surfin' USA]]", "[[Franchise/TheBeatles She Loves You]]" and "[[Music/TheRollingStones (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction]]".
*** ''WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow'' musical segment "The Alvin Twist" is shown.
** Will mentions Music/DonnaSummer, Music/StevieWonder and Music/TheBeeGees while on TheSeventies set.
*** While singing "Crocodile Rock", Simon's dressed as Music/EltonJohn.
** On TheEighties set, Will mentions Music/MichaelJackson being one of the musical giants.
*** Alvin [[RogerRabbitEffect appears alongside Michael Jackson]] in the original "Smooth Criminal" and "Beat It" music videos.
** On TheNineties set, while talking on the phone:
--->'''Alvin:''' What do you mean Music/PaulaAbdul's not available!? She didn't want to upset the cast? What about Music/JanetJackson? Still on tour!?
** In order, Ben Vereen, Creator/RichardMoll, Music/KennyLoggins, a young Creator/RavenSymone, Shelley Duvall, Markie Post and Music/LittleRichard appear as themselves.
** During the end credits, clips from ''WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow'', ''WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunks'' (episodes done by both Creator/RubySpears and [[Creator/DiCEntertainment DiC]]/Mukarumi-Wolf-Swenson and ''WesternAnimation/TheChipmunkAdventure'' are shown.
* In "Cookie Chompers III," Alvin refers to himself as "[[Wrestling/HulkHogan Hulk Alvin]]."
* When both Chipmunks and Chipettes are shipwrecked on an island during "Island Fever," they decide [[Literature/TheSwissFamilyRobinson to build houses and use what they can find]] to survive.
* Fictional ''Lifestyle of the Truly Fabulous'' from "Dave's Dream Cabin" is a parody of ''Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous''.
* "A Rash of Babies" has the mention of Music/BruceSpringsteen, Music/BillyJoel and Music/TheRollingStones.
** The Chipmunks sing "[[Theatre/ByeByeBirdie What's the Matter with Kids Today?]]."
* Episode plot of "The Gang's All Here" has the Chipmunks as well as the Chipettes rallying up a gang [[spoiler:and failing]] to face against a gang called the Steam Rollers like in gang film ''Film/SwitchbladeSisters'', where replacement leader Maggie and a couple of the Dagger Debs (Donut and Bunny) recruits Muff (played by Marlene Clark) and her gang of African-American militants from across town to take on newly arrived gang led by Crabs. Janice Karman, who voices both Theodore and all three Chipettes, played Bunny.\\
Also, how the Chipmunks faced the Steam Rollers at the roller rink with the Chipettes given them support as cheerleaders, is similar to a scene where the Dagger Debs and their male counterparts, Silver Daggers, have a showdown against Crabs' men in a roller rink. Only difference being [[spoiler: when Theodore and his brothers need help against the Steam Rollers, do the Chipettes assist them and the Steam Rollers. Both Dagger Debs and Silver Daggers loose when the roller rink scene in ''Switchblade Sisters'' proves disastrous when Crabs' men show up armed with rifles and killing the boyfriend of the Dagger Deb's leader, who's brutally assaulted thus causing her to miscarry.]]
* Both Chipmunks and Chipettes attend UsefulNotes/ThomasEdison Elementary School.
* In one attempt to get Dave to remember himself in "Too Hip to be Dave," Alvin plays "Witch Doctor", "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't be Late)" and "[[ThemeTuneCameo We're the Chipmunks]]" on the piano.
* Through the show's run, the two groups done songs by Music/TheGoGos, Music/MichaelJackson, Jack Silverman, Music/{{Blondie}}, Music/IrvingBerlin, Olivia Newton-John, Music/{{Queen}}, The Boomtown Rats, Music/GeneAutry, Music/TheBeachBoys, Francis Scott Key, Music/StevieNicks, Music/KennyRogers, Leslie Gore, Kool & the Gang, Johnny Rivers, Music/BillyJoel, Matthew Wilder, Music/PatBenatar, Music/NeilSedaka, Ella Fitzgerald, Music/TheBeatles, Music/BobSeger, Stray Cats, The [=BusBoys=], Music/WillieNelson, Bill Haley & His Comets, Phil Shenale, Music/{{Devo}}, Music/TheCars, Music/KennyLoggins, Creator/ShirleyTemple, Music/{{Steppenwolf}}, Music/CyndiLauper, Music/HueyLewisAndTheNews, Music/LittleRichard, Ray Parker Jr., Music/ZZTop, Bonnie Tyler, Music/{{Madonna}}, Music/RodStewart, Joe Cocker, The Drifters, Creator/SammyDavisJr, Glenn Frey, Patti [=LaBelle=], Pointer Sisters, Music/TheWho, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Music/TheBangles, Music/ArethaFranklin, Robert Palmer, Music/RandyNewman, John "Jellybean" Benitez, The Angels, Music/TheIsleyBrothers, Jennifer Warnes, Sheb Wooley, Ben E. King, Music/OtisRedding, Steve Lawrence, Music/LindaRonstadt, The Coasters, The Supremes, Kim Wilde, Music/BuddyHolly, Wang Chung, Music/EddieCochran, The Clovers, Music/TheAndrewsSisters, Music/CreedenceClearwaterRevival, Music/ElvisPresley, The Searchers, Music/JerryLeeLewis, The Ronettes, The Contours, Music/TheMoodyBlues, Music/TheEverlyBrothers, Ritchie Valens, Music/RayCharles, Tom Whitlock, Music/JamesBrown, The Move, Fine Young Cannibals, Johnny O'Keefe, Music/IggyPop, Music/RoyOrbison, The Exciters, Music/PaulSimon, Bobby Pickett, Scandal, Music/ThinLizzy, The Arrows and Music/GiorgioMoroder, either more than once or two versions of the same song.

!!For the animated films[[note]]''WesternAnimated/TheChipmunkAdventure'', ''WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunksMeetFrankenstein'' & ''WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunksMeetTheWolfman''[[/note]]:
[[folder:The Chipmunk Adventure]]
* As Dave goes over his suitcase, Alvin comes running into the room:
-->'''Alvin:''' Please Dave! I need a little culture in my life! The [[UsefuNotes/{{Paris}} Eiffel Tower]], the UsefulNotes/{{Vatican}} City Sistine Chapel, the Louvre in UsefulNotes/{{Rome}}.\\
'''Simon:''' The Louvre is in UsefulNotes/{{Paris}}, Alvin.
* Dave [[Film/ZorbaTheGreek goes on a business trip]].
* When the race starts, the Chipmunks head off to [[UsefulNotes/{{Mexico}} Mexico City]] and the Chipettes get caught up in Hurricane3 Arlene that Simon warned Jeanette about before reaching Bermuda.
** Of the places both Chipmunks and Chipettes visit during the "Off to See the World" song are [[UsefulNotes/{{Peru}} Machu Picchu]], [[UsefulNotes/{{Brazil}} Rio de Janeiro]], [[UsefulNotes/{{Venezuela}} Angel Falls]], UsefulNotes/{{Istanbul}} and UsefulNotes/{{Venice}}.
*** During the Chipettes' photo montage, they are shown visiting the [[UsefulNotes/{{Britain}} White Cliffs of Dover]], the [[UsefulNotes/TheNetherlands Netherlands]], UsefulNotes/{{Switzerland}}, UsefulNotes/{{London}}, the [[UsefulNotes/{{Rome}} Colosseum]], the [[UsefulNotes/{{Paris}} Arc de Triomphe]], the [[UsefulNotes/{{Italy}} Leaning Tower of Pisa]] and UsefulNotes/{{Germany}}.
** Both teams meet up in [[UsefulNotes/{{Greece}} Athens]], where Alvin and Brittany begin bickering, each claiming they can "out-rock and roll" the other.
* The Chipettes travel to UsefulNotes/{{Egypt}} where they pass [[Art/TheSphinx Sphinx]].
* When deciding on a shortcut, the Chipmunks camp in a jungle on uninhabited coral island Howland Island located just north of the equator in the central Pacific Ocean.
* Upon discovering Eleanor brought along the baby penguin, the Chipettes head to UsefulNotes/{{Antarctica}} where [[spoiler:they discover Klaus and Claudia's ploy]].
* Not the first time [[Anime/TheMysteriousCitiesOfGold some native tribe]] mistook a character for [[GodGuise a god]].

[[folder:Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein]]
* One of the lines in the song "If A Monster Came Into Our Room" has this lyric:
-->'''Alvin:''' I am [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} the Munkinator]]-[-or-]-[--or--]-[---or---]!
* During the Chipmunks' "There Are things Out There" opening song, Simon pops up dressed as a [[OurVampiresAreDifferent vampire]] if not {{Dracula}} and Alvin appears wrapped as a {{mummy}}.
* Film title reflects earlier Creator/AbbottAndCostello horror spoofs such as ''Film/AbbottAndCostelloMeetFrankenstein''.
* Frankie the Frankenstein Monster is basically the animated version of Creator/{{Universal}}'s [[Franchise/UniversalHorror Frankenstein Monster]] played by Creator/BorisKarloff.
* Second time Creator/MichaelBell voiced a character (Doktor Frankenstein) who builds a humanoid being, the first one was Handy Smurf of ''[[WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs Smurfs]]'' who built Clockwork Smurf as well as Clockwork Smurfette.

[[folder:Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman]]
* One of the lyrics in "Monster Out in You":
-->'''Alvin & Simon:''' (''singing'')...\\
How do you do?\\
What's up with you?\\
Little brother, [[Literature/TheStrangeCaseOfDrJekyllAndMrHyde Mister Hyde]]\\
How come you're howling at the moon tonight?...
* The Chipmunks and Chipettes now attend "[[WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow Clyde C. Crashcup]] Elementary School."
** Both Chipmunks and Chipettes are in the school production of ''Theatre/JekyllAndHyde'' with Simon in the lead.
* The cure Madame Raya states for lycanthropy is [[Film/TheWolfMan1941 silver]].
* While talking with Madame Raya, Alvin and Simon identifies Theodore as "[[Film/BadMoon Uncle Ted]]."
** Just like [[Film/AnAmericanWerewolfInLondon David Kessler]] and [[Film/AnAmericanWerewolfInParis Andy McDermott]], [[spoiler:Theodore's bitten by a werewolf and transforms into one.]]
** [[spoiler:Theodore's]] personality is also altered like [[Film/IWasAteenageWerewolf Tony Rivers]]'s.
* The Seville's new neighbor is Lawrence Talbot who's based on Lon Chaney, Jr.'s [[Film/TheWolfMan1941 Larry Talbot]].
* Film title reflects earlier Creator/AbbottAndCostello horror spoofs like ''Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man''.
* When [[spoiler:Theodore transforms into a werewolf for the first time]], an Alvin doll and a Simon doll from ''WesternAnimation/TheChipmunkAdventure'' are seen.
* On the ''Alvin and the Chipmunks Scare-Riffic Double Feature'' [=DVD=], there's a werewolf on the front and back cover, which was supposed to be the wolfman from here but it's the wolfman from ''Monster Mash''.

!!For the live-action films[[note]]''Film/LittleAlvinAndTheMiniMunks'', ''Film/AlvinAndTheChipmunks'', ''The Squeakquel'' & ''Chipwrecked'', and ''Road Chip'' [[/note]]:
[[folder:Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks]]
* A butterfly helps Lalu with the banner at the beginning along with a frog and cockatoo also helps Lalu around the house. [[Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs Sounds familiar]]?
* After Gilda states the caution tape wrapped around the furniture is not only for kids but for frogs:
-->'''PC:''' Frogs? You're talking to PrinceCharming, I'm just [[Literature/TheFrogPrince one kiss away]] man.
* While singing "Dump for Someone New," Alvin dresses up like Music/ElvisPresley.
* Jeanette's not the [[WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime first]] [[Series/SesameStreet character]] who didn't use contractions.
* Honking from a car is heard outside:
-->'''PC:''' (''eerily'') [[Film/{{Poltergeist}} They're heeeeeere]].
* Alvin plays the role of ''Literature/PeterPan'' whilst Lalu is Captain Hook.
* Simon shouts "[[Film/{{Frankenstein 1931}} IT'S ALIVE]]!" when he thinks he brought a dead plant back to life.
* Lalu reads ''Theatre/TheBlueBird'' to the Chipmunks and Chipettes.
* Lalu's toilet isn't the [[Film/LookWhosTalking first talking toilet]] around.

[[folder:Alvin and the Chipmunks]]
* Coming home from getting fired:
-->'''[[Creator/JasonLee Dave]]:''' You know, [[Series/MyNameIsEarl if I made a list of my worst days ever]], guess what, [[ActorAllusion today would be at the top of the list]].
* Alvin does [[Film/TheKarateKid the crane pose]] when playing with Simon and Theodore at Ian's mansion.
* In a couple scenes, the Chipmunks watch ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'', in what is most likely a nod to director Tim Hill's work as a writer on that show.
* While "helping" Dave on his date with Claire:
-->'''Alvin:''' Tell her she [[Film/JerryMaguire completes you]].
* Ian's show is a pun of [[Film/TeamAmericaWorldPolice King John Ill]]'s dedication.
* When the Chipmunks deliberately ruin the concert after realizing they've been tricked by Ian, Alvin shouts "[[Franchise/DieHard Yippee ki yay, mamacita]]!" alluding to his voice actor [[ActorAllusion Justin Long]] appearing in ''Live Free or Die Hard'' as Matthew 'Matt' Farrell.
* Alvin plays ''[[VideoGame/ProjectGothamRacing Project Gotham Racing 3]]''.
* A ''VideoGame/GuitarHero'' CD is seen at one point in the movie.
* At one point, Alvin plays ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas''.
* The rocket Alvin fires at Simon and Theodore [[Film/TheMatrix slowly knocks them backwards as it flies past them]] in BulletTime.
* And the Chipmunk trio aren't [[WesternAnimation/{{Hoodwinked}} the first rodents]] to go on a coffee rampage.
* Covers for ''[[Series/TheXFiles The A-Files]]: Alien Songs'', ''Sing Again with The Chipmunks'', ''The Chipmunks Rock the House '', ''[[WesternAnimation/TheChipmunkAdventure The Chipmunk Adventure soundtrack]]'', ''Christmas with The Chipmunks'', ''Christmas with the Chipmunks: Vol. 2 (album)'', ''The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)'' (single), ''Chipmunk Rock'', ''Alvin's Harmonica'' (single), ''Let's All Sing with The Chipmunks'', ''David Seville and the Chipmunks sing Ragtime Cowboy Joe'' (single), ''[[WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow The Alvin Show soundtrack]]'', ''Sing Again with the Chipmunks'', ''The Chipmunks and The Chipettes: Born to Rock'', ''David Seville and The Chipmunks presents Alvin's Orchestra'' (single), ''[[WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunks Rockin' Through the Decades soundtrack]]'', ''Chipmunk Punk'', ''Alvin for President by David Seville and The Chipmunks'' (single), and ''Chipmunks in Low Places'' are seen at the end of the credits.
* In TheStinger, Ian Hawke tries to get three squirrels to sing, a nod to scat singing virtual band formed in imitation of the Chipmunks known as Music/TheNuttySquirrels that had a Top 40 hit in late 1959 with the song "Uh-Oh."

[[folder:Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel]]
* While looking for Theodore at the zoo, Toby is asked to "look among [[Film/TheWizardOfOz the lions, the tigers and the bears]]."
* When the Chipettes introduce themselves to Ian, Jeanette mentions often feeling like an "Olivia", a nod to the girl who first took care of the baby Chipettes in the 80s/90s cartoon show.
* "[[Film/{{Taxi}} You dirty rat]]!" is said twice, the first one to [[YouDirtyRat an actual rat]].
* When Ian's taking the Chipettes to his "penthouse apartment:"
-->'''Brittany:''' Isn't that [[Film/BeverlyHillsChihuahua the Chihuahua from that movie]]?
** Upon the Chipettes entering Ian's 'penthouse', Eleanor mentions that it's the best tree house ever, referring to the tree house they lived in during the 80s/90s cartoon show before they moved in with Miss Miller.
* Looking out Ian's so-called apartment window:
-->'''Brittany:''' [[Series/GreenAcres I just adore a penthouse view]].
* Alvin sings part of [[Series/TheMonkees Daydream Believer]].
* "[[Film/JamesBond The name's Seville, Alvin Seville]]."
* To Ian:
-->'''Alvin:''' O-o-oh it's on like Franchise/DonkeyKong!
* '''Toby:''' There are going to be [[Film/FistOfFury fists of fury]] a flyin'.
* Creator/AnnaFaris previously voiced an [[ActorAllusion intelligent, bespectacled character]] in a [[WesternAnimation/CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs movie]] released three months prior.
* Another movie starring Alvin's voice actor [[ActorAllusion Justin Long]] is referred to during dodge ball, between Alvin and Ryan:
-->'''Alvin:''' [[Film/TaxiDriver You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Well, nobody else is here so you MUST be talking to me]].
* While playing dodge ball:
-->'''Alvin:''' C'mon Alvin! Remember your [[Film/DodgeballATrueUnderdogStory five D's of dodge ball]]: [[ActorAllusion Dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge]]!
* Alvin sings a parody of "[[Film/SaturdayNightFever Stayin' Alive]]" when trying to open the bag of cheese balls.
** It could also be a reference to the song by the [[Music/TheBeeGees Bee Gees]].
* Upon entering classroom:
--> '''Alvin:''' [[Film/ApocalypseNow I love the smell of zit cream in the morning]].
* "[[Series/{{Jeopardy}} I'll take 'Frightening Thoughts' for $500, Alex]]."
* During the football game:
-->'''Ryan:''' (''he and team are huddled in a circle'') All right boys, time to bring out the Big A.\\
'''Alvin:''' (''Jumps onto Ryan's shoulder'') I'm gonna crush them! I'm bringing the pain! [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} The Alvinator]] is in the house!\\
'''Xander:''' A chipmunk?\\
'''Ryan:''' Coach said we need to go with a secret weapon. Time to make history boys.\\
'''Alvin:''' (''to opposing team member, after everybody gets into position'') I'm gonna crack you like an acorn and eat you for dinner! With some [[Literature/TheSilenceOfTheLambs fava beans and a nice chianti]]!
* When the Chipettes are singing to Ian on the rooftop, a poster advertising ''Series/TwentyFour'' can be seen in the background.
* An ''Film/IndianaJonesAndTheKingdomOfTheCrystalSkull'' poster can be seen.
* Honor Society, Charice, Quest Crew and UsefulNotes/{{NASCAR}} mascot [[Creator/EricBauza Digger the Gopher]] appear.
* The cover case for ''[[VideoGame/SoulSeries Soul Calibur III]]'' appears on a table.
* To Ian, after rescuing the Chipettes on the borrowed scooter:
-->'''Alvin:''' In the words of [[UsefulNotes/DonaldTrump The Donald]]: "[[Series/TheApprentice You're Fired]]!"
* When Toby's sleeping in bed, a ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' video case is seen next to him.
* The Chipmunks watch ''Series/MeerkatManor'' on TV, [[spoiler:which ties in with their need to live with each other as family]].
* After their first day of school, the Chipmunks are playing the ''[[VideoGame/WiiSports Wii Bowling]]'' game with Toby.

[[folder:Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked]]
* In the teaser trailer, a portion of Music/CelineDion's "My Heart Will Go On" can be heard at the beginning.
** Not to mention in both said trailer and movie, Alvin's standing at the bow's railing:
--->'''Alvin:''' [[Film/{{Titanic 1997}} I'm king of the world]]!
* Alvin tears off his pajamas to reveal [[Film/{{Goldfinger}} a white tuxedo]].
* Both Chipmunks and Chipettes become [[Literature/TheSwissFamilyRobinson shipwrecked on an island]].
* Captain of the ship is named [[Literature/CaptainCorellisMandolin Captain Corelli]].
* After [[spoiler:Simon reassures Dave]] that [[CassandraTruth he wasn't gambling]], a pit boss brings him a basket of chips:
-->'''Casino Pit Boss:''' [[Film/{{Casablanca}} Your winnings, sir]].
* Ian mentions turning down Music/JustinBieber twice.
* Theodore is seen watching ''Series/BigTimeRush''.
* Zoe has been [[Literature/RobinsonCrusoe stranded on an island for too long]] and has [[Film/CastAway five sport balls]] for friends.
** Zoe's basketball friend resembles [[Anime/MyNeighborTotoro Totoro]].
** She even has individual names for each ball. Rawling, the baseball, is named for baseball equipment maker Rawlings. Spalding, the basketball, shares its name with an American sporting goods manufacturer. Callaway, the golf ball, is named for the Callaway Golf Company. And Nerf, the football, is named for the toy brand best known for foam-based weaponry and similar toys.
* When Eleanor grabs a hold of the mango that she, her sisters and the Chipmunks are fighting over:
-->'''Eleanor:''' [[Film/TheLordOfTheRings My precious! My precious!]]
* In the end, [[spoiler:Ian reveals that he sold Zoe's story]] to Hollywood and actress Creator/KeiraKnightley has expressed in playing her, thus restoring his career.
* While on the island, toward the end, Jeanette sees a basketball heading her way, invoking her [[Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk to run from it]].
* [[spoiler:Simon's alter ego 'Simone' somewhat resembles [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Pepé Le Pew]].]]
** [[spoiler:Simon was first referred to as 'Simone' (pronounced "See-mon") in the Chipmunks' 1967 track ''Sorry About That, Herb''.]]
* There's even a [[Film/KingKong1933 log bridge]] scene.

[[folder:Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip]]
* In-universe the Chipettes host ''Series/AmericanIdol''
* Suggs stops an elevator door from closing and as it reopens he says "[[Film/TheShining Heeere's Suggsy!]]