'''Welcome Freshmen''' is a {{Nickelodeon}} series from TheNineties that took place at a HighSchool. The main characters consisted of freshmen Merv, Alex, Tarah, Kevin, and Walter, and their principal, Elliot Lippman, who often imagined himself as a stand-up comedian. In the third season, Tarah and Merv left and new students Manny, Erin, and Grant were added to the cast.

Originally, the show was a sketch comedy show, with the sketches tied to a theme (such as "money" or "holidays"). In the third season, the format changed to a sitcom.

* ArtifactTitle: Sort of. In the third season, the original cast became sophmores (with the exception of Walter, who was held back), while new freshmen Erin and Manny were added to the cast.
* CollectiveGroan: Whenever Mr. History shows up.
* FakeVideoCameraView: The Merv-U-Mentary segments.
* FiveManBand: Merv, Kevin, Walter, Alex, and Tarah.
* JumpOffABridgeRebuttal: In one episode, Walter's father learns that he's participating in a ridiculous-sounding new sport because everyone else is, and asks him if he'd jump off a bridge if everyone else did. Walter says that he wouldn't, then remarks that kids aren't jumping off bridges anymore, their're jumping off cranes.
* LockedInARoom: In the school play episode, Alex, Kevin, and Mr. Lippman all get locked in a closet before the play they appear in starts.
* PutOnABus: Merv and Tarah both left after the second season.
* ReTool: The format changed from sketch comedy to sitcom in the third season.
* SchoolPlay: In one episode, the school had a Shakespearian play. Many of the actors ended up locked in the closet (Alex was locked in by Kevin because he wanted a girl he liked to play his love interest instead, Kevin was locked in the closet because Grant was so jealous of him and Alex kissing in the show, and Mr. Lippman was locked in).
* SecondYearProtagonist: Obviously averted, considering the title is "Welcome '''Freshmen'''.''
* YouAreGrounded: In "Conformity", everyone is surprised that Kevin isn't going to the big pep rally that everyone else is going to. Kevin claims that he just doesn't do things just because others do, but then Merv reveals that the real reason he's not going is because he's grounded.