Incredibly successful {{Western}} series about a group of pioneers heading out west after UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar. The show lasted eight years (1957-62 on Creator/{{NBC}}, 1962-65 on Creator/{{ABC}}), thanks in part to the broad range of story lines that its WalkingTheEarth format provided. These days, however, it's more well-known for being the first two of those [[WagonTrainToTheStars five famous words]] Gene Roddenberry used to pitch ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries''.
!!Provides Examples Of:
* AdventureTowns
* ActorExistenceFailure: Series star Ward Bond unexpectedly died of a heart attack in 1961, necessitating a change to John [=McIntyre=] as the new lead. Interestingly, no episode actually deals with Maj. Adams' (Bond's character) leaving/retiring/dying, and so the next episode is [=McIntyre=]'s character taking over from a tyrranical replacement played by Creator/LeeMarvin.
* InstrumentalThemeTune
* SyndicationTitle: ''Major Adams, Trailmaster'' (Bond episodes); ''Trailmaster'' (post-Bond episodes)