A Canadian show aired by [=MuchMusic=] (and recently picked up by Fuse in 2011; they actually ''used'' to be the official American version of said channel way back when), where 5 different comedians give their reviews and critiques to 5 different music videos. Of course, because these are [[RuleOfFunny comedians]] we're dealing with, this will often involve trying to [[{{MST}} make a mockery]] out of what happens in the video, and [[AcceptableTargets trying to find a real-life occurrence to connect it to]].

Given the title of the show and its structure, the show does use some justice system-based motifs and imagery, including referring to the panelists as the jury and songs as cases, the introduction to a case featuring what they were "accused" of (followed by a humorous "sentencing" at the conclusion of the case), and more. The fifth season dropped the courtroom theme from the show in favor of a more futuristic look (and also dumped the accusations/verdicts too, leaving just the comedy), but most of the formula still there, at least.

'''This show provides examples of:'''
* BrokenAesop: During [[LadyGaga "Born This Way,"]] Trevor Boris points out that Lady Gaga wasn't born Lady Gaga, and that her real name is Stephanie.
* CampGay: Trevor Borris is caught sporting a pink [[JonasBrothers "Mrs. Jonas"]] t-shirt on episodes featuring the famous DisneyChannel heartthrobs' videos.
* ChromaKey: They sometimes use a green screen for jokes or backgrounds, but most of the time the jury is just in front of a plain black wall.
* CulturalCringe: Videos featuring [[CanadianMusic Canadian artists]], of course, get their [[IncrediblyLamePun day in court]] quite often here, since mocking them still gets the show Cancon credit (but the mere presence of the mockery is probably enough to qualify to begin with)
** The "Oh Canada!" episode featured ''only'' Canadian music. Of course, [[CanadaEh the stereotyping got cranked up to eleven]].
* ChristmasEpisode: The "Holiday Crap" specials.
* ForeignRemake ''[[Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit Special Videos Unit]] Video on Trial'', the U.S. version on Fuse
* HalloweenEpisode: Several, such as the "Halloween Spooktacular"
* LogicBomb: "Music/EnriqueIglesias is my favorite male lesbian".
* {{Mondegreen}}: No, the first case isn't actually named "Katy Swan", though the voiceover makes it sounds like it is.
* SpinOff: ''Stars on Trial'' aired as a year-end special, focusing on celebrities in general
** The regulars also hosted a "Top 50 Funniest Videos" special, complete with their traditionally snarky remarks to introduce eachvideo.
* SpiritualSuccessor:
** [=MuchMusic=] used air a special called "Fromage" with Ed the Sock during its year-end programming, where he reviewed the cheesiest or worst music videos of the past year, in a similarly comedic and DeadpanSnarker style. After an absence from Much for the longest time, he returned as a panelist on a 90's special in 2013.
** Beginning in 2008, a direct successor to the later format used by Fromage (a countdown of the cheesiest videos of the year) was created for a new series of year-end specials, "Video on Trial: Best of the Worst"
** Oddly on Fuse, the 2011 BotW premiered at [[NotAMorningPerson 6am on a random Thursday]], four days before the Canadian premiere (though it did get a re-air later at a saner time).
* ToiletHumor: Once in a while. A noted instance came in "Opposites Attract" by Paula Abdul, where a panelist [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] the peculiarity of her interacting with a [[RogerRabbitEffect cartoon character]] named MC [[HaveAGayOldTime Skat]] Kat. Much of the following "review" ended up being sprinkled with jokes about litter boxes.
* WhamEpisode: An ''entire'' episode was devoted to ''Music/{{Telephone}}''.