''We're in touch so you'll be in touch.''

This PrimeTimeNews series on Creator/{{ABC}} began in 1978. Longtime anchors Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters previously worked together on Creator/{{NBC}}'s ''Series/{{Today}}''. Reporters on ''20/20'' have included John Stossel, Geraldo Rivera, Lynn Sherr, Bob Brown and the ever-popular Sylvia Chase. Began as a hard-news program but slowly devolved until it is now mainly a purveyor of MissingWhiteWomanSyndrome stories, fawning celebrity profiles, and Barbara Walters interviews.

By the 2010s, the show only aired a handful of times a year.

* StartMyOwn When John Stossel left 20/20 for Fox Business he started his own show "Stossel".
* MissingWhiteWomanSyndrome
* TrueCrime
* TheWorldIsJustAwesome: Those shows that are all celebrity profiles, and the People of the Year episodes.
* YetAnotherBabyPanda: The real specialty of latter-day ''20/20''.