One of the first [[FantasticComedy fantasy sitcoms]] (if not ''the'' first), ''Topper'' aired on Creator/{{CBS}} from 195355.

Based on two novels by Thorne Smith and three ScrewballComedy movies, the series starred Leo G. Carrol as Cosmo Topper, a stick-in-the-mud banker who buys a house formerly owned by victims of a freak avalanche.

Topper soon discovers the place is haunted by the ghosts of the couple, George and Marion Kerby, along with the ghost of Neil, the perpetually drunk Saint Bernard that [[SaintBernardRescue tried to rescue them]]. The Kerbys try to make up for wasting their lives by helping Topper loosen up and enjoy life more.

This was one of StephenSondheim's first writing jobs, and he wrote 11 episodes of the first season.

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!!This work provides examples of:

* FollowTheLeader: ''Topper'' lead the way for other [[FantasticComedy supernatural/fantasy sitcoms]] such as ''Series/{{Bewitched}}'', ''Series/IDreamOfJeannie'', ''Series/MrEd'', and ''Series/MyMotherTheCar''.
* OurGhostsAreDifferent: George and Marion are trying to help Topper, not haunt him.
* RealLifeRelative: Robert Sterling and Anne Jefferies.
* SaintBernardRescue: The reason Neil's a ghost now.
* YetAnotherChristmasCarol: The first-season Christmas episode has Topper falling asleep after watching ''Literature/AChristmasCarol'' on TV and dreaming he's Scrooge, with the Kerbys and Neil as the three spirits.