A series on the CW based on a book trilogy by L.J. Smith, who also created ''Literature/TheVampireDiaries''.

Cassie Blake thought she was just a normal girl, until her mother is murdered by a witch who makes it look like a gas explosion. She moves in with her grandmother, and soon comes to the attention of five of her new classmates. They're all children of witches, and explain to Cassie that her mother was a witch too. And with Cassie in town, they now have a full "circle" of six members, meaning their powers have increased dramatically. Cassie must decide for herself whether to accept what it appears destiny has in store for her. Meanwhile, her mother's killer is also a resident, and the father of one of the Circle.

Slightly longer version: Following the death of her mother, Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) moves to Chance Harbor, Washington to live with her grandmother. Her attempts to adjust to the new town are crushed when five of her classmates, Adam Conant (Thomas Dekker), Diana Meade (Creator/ShelleyHennig), Faye Chamberlain (Phoebe Tonkin), Melissa Glaser (Jessica Parker Kennedy), and Nick Armstrong (Louis Hunter), reveal to Cassie that she comes from a long line of witches and is the final member of their coven; with her they are able to unlock the full extent of their powers. Initially Cassie refuses to believe that she is a witch, even after Adam helps her to unlock her powers. It is only after she discovers an old leather-bound book of spells left to her by her late mother, Amelia, that Cassie begins to accept her power. Inside the book is a message to Cassie explaining that she kept their real family history and her powers a secret in order to keep her safe; as the circle soon finds out, their powers attract dark and dangerous attention that constantly puts them in harm's way.

The show first premiered on September 15, 2011 and was cancelled on May 11, 2012 after only one season with 22 episodes.

Has a [[Characters/TheSecretCircle Character Sheet]] with the main members of the Circle, the parents/families, the supporting characters and the antagonists/villains.


[[folder: Book I - The Initiation]]

Cassie Blake is a beautiful and insecure sixteen-year old girl who moves to the picturesque town of New Salem, New England to start a new life. As Cassie begins her junior year in high school, she comes into contact with a group of unlikely friends. The students (who all seem to be excessively popular and privileged) dabble in occult practices, and when they realize that Cassie has the powers of a blood witch, they talk her into joining their coven. After Cassie reluctantly agrees to accompany her friends in their group, they soon realize that with a twelfth witch in the coven they are able to cast spells more powerful than they could before. The novel ends with Cassie discovering that she is a "blood witch"; a person who is naturally born with magical powers. Cassie also discovers that she is a descendant of a very long and powerful line of witches, including her mother Alexandra, and her grandmother Jane.

[[folder: Book II - The Captive]]

Upon learning that she is a witch, and that her family members are also and decides to confront them. She receives support from her grandmother. Overwhelmed with the ritual to become part of the circle, Adam walks Cassie to her house and comforts her. Adam tells Cassie that he loves her and they kiss. They were being watched by Faye, who later blackmails Cassie to get what she wants: the skull, and the leadership of the coven. Obeying Faye's first orders as the leader, they unleash Black John souls and he resurrects. Later, Adam and Cassie's relationship becomes public, but the circle, and Diana, accept it.

[[folder: Book III - The Power]]

After Faye becomes the new leader of the Circle, she begins to abuse her new-found authority to dominate over Adam and Cassie. Later, a dangerous and mysterious force known as “The Darkness” begins to terrorize the citizens of New Salem. It is later discovered that “The Darkness” was being controlled by an evil and powerful witch named Black John. Black John was a former member of the Circle many centuries ago, until he began to dabble in black magic, and was killed by the members of his own coven. Yearning to avenge his death, Black John continues to torment the city by unleashing a series of demons upon the town. However, as Cassie and Diana scramble to warn the others that they are in danger, a group of witch hunters attempt to abduct the children and rid the town of them. Later, as Black John continues to wreak havoc among New Salem, Cassie is faced with the decision of which side of the Circle she will stand on. Threatened by the possibility of their demise, together, the members of The Secret Circle unite only to perform a single domain of power, in which they are able to obliterate the forces of evil and to defeat, and kill, the mighty Black John.

[[folder: Book IV - The Divide]]

Keep your enemies close. For the first time since moving to New Salem, Cassie Blake feels normal. She's dating her soul mate Adam and making new friends in town. But between the secret coven of witches she belongs to and the extraordinary power she holds within her, Cassie is leading a far from ordinary life. When tragedy strikes the Circle, Cassie realizes being extraordinary can be a curse. The Circle is being hunted by an unknown enemy—and anyone could be the next victim. As they struggle to protect themselves, alliances are formed and relationships are tested. No one knows who to trust or who to fear. Will Cassie be able to save the Circle . . . and herself? Or will her choices break it apart forever?

[[folder: Book V - The Hunt]]

There's no turning back. For Cassie and her Circle of witches, it's hard to imagine life in New Salem getting any worse. A band of powerful witch hunters is targeting the group, determined to destroy them one by one. And Cassie's half sister, Scarlett, won't rest until she has a spot in the Circle—even if she has to kill Cassie to get it.
The Circle's only hope against their enemies is Cassie's father's Book of Shadows—an ancient guide to the world of dark magic. But Cassie soon discovers that opening the book has grave consequences. Cassie's drawn in by the book's sinister spell, and it starts controlling her emotions and impulses, unraveling her relationship with Adam as it takes over her life. Cassie fights against the darkness inside her as the threats against the Circle grow. But once evil is let in, she may never escape.

[[folder: Book VI - The Temptation]]

It’s always darkest before dawn. Cassie hasn’t felt this alone since she moved to New Salem and joined the Circle – the closest thing to a family she’s ever known. But now that the Circle has been possessed by powerful evil spirits, Cassie is left with no choice but to turn to her dark side to rescue them. As she struggles to get through to her friends, and her soul mate, Adam, she finds an unexpected ally—one who will tempt her more than ever before. With her enemies quickly closing in, Cassie fights to keep her heart true and her soul pure. But she knows better than anyone that all magic comes at a price, especially when Black John’s Book of Shadows is involved. Will Cassie defeat the darkness once and for all.

!!Novel Characters


[[folder: Cassie Blake]]

Cassie Blake is a beautiful and mild-mannered sixteen-year old girl who moves to New England with her strong-willed mother, Alexandra. During her residence in New Salem, Cassie befriends the kind and warm hearted Diana, who welcomes Cassie into her “clique.” Throughout the series, Cassie discovers her family’s lineage of magic and the darkness that threatens both her and her coven. Unlike the rest of her coven she has true dreams which allow her to see past and future events. She is also a fire user like Faye. Her father, Black John, planned for her to be the leader of the circle, but she turned on him and was able to kill him with the help of the circle. She is one of the circle's three leaders with Faye and Diana.

[[folder: Adam Conant]]

Adam Conant is a handsome and kind, all-American, sixteen-year old boy who resides in New Salem with his grandmother whom he takes care of. He and Cassie met briefly before she came to New Salem when she helped him escape witch hunters, but he never gave her his name. He and Diana were involved, having had feelings for each other since childhood, but Adam falls for Cassie without meaning to betray Diana, and at the end of the third book Diana gives her blessing for them to be together. He has a dog named Raj and is skilled in nature magic; he is many times compared with nature gods. He also has a psychic connection with Cassie and always knows when she is in danger.

[[folder: Diana Meade]]

Diana Meade is a kind sixteen-year old girl who resides in New Salem with her father. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, Diana quickly adopts Cassie as her new best friend. Throughout the series, Diana becomes jealous of Adam’s attraction toward Cassie, and also the extent of Cassie’s powers, but eventually gives them her blessing. Traditionally beautiful and incredibly patient, she is a natural leader of the circle but is many times challenged by her responsibilities. She shares the name with the moon goddess, Diana. She founds out to be connected by a "Silver Cord" with Max, son of a Witch Hunter.

[[folder: Faye Chamberlain]]

Faye Chamberlain is a cruel and mischievous sixteen-year old girl who resides in New Salem with her father as her mother passed away. She is described with having wild hair, but very beautiful. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, Faye is hateful toward Cassie, as she sadistically uses magic to cause Cassie harm. Throughout the series, Faye is the best friend of Deborah and Suzan and they are considered the meanest girls in New England. She blackmails Cassie with the knowledge of her relationship with Adam. She allies herself with Black John and falls in love with him before she realizes that he is just using her and turns against him with the circle. She is skilled in fire magic and can communicate with cats, who she uses to spy on people.

[[folder: Nick Armstrong]]

Nick Armstrong is a dark and mysterious sixteen-year-old boy who resides in New Salem with his family. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, Nick instantly becomes attracted to her, which sparks a rivalry between him and Adam. Throughout the series, Cassie begins to show affections for Nick, as she finds kindness and love inside of him.

[[folder: Christopher & Douglas Henderson]]

Christopher and Douglas Henderson are two eccentric and free-spirited sixteen-year old twin brothers who reside in New Salem with their family. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, both Christopher and Douglas agree to help Faye taunt Cassie, in exchange for Faye convincing her friends, Deborah and Suzan, to go out with them. Throughout the series, Cassie discovers that Christopher and Douglas also had a sister, whom had mysteriously died on the night of her fifteenth birthday, shortly after Cassie arrived in New Salem. They were both devastated by her death and tried many times to convince the circle to take action against the outsiders who they suspected to be involved. Eventually it was revealed that their sister was killed by Sean under Black John's influenced and they were able to forgive him. They are both skilled in thunder magic.

[[folder: Kori Henderson]]

Kori is Chris and Doug's younger sister, she was murdered before she could enter the coven and close the circle. She was a sophomore and was nice to Cassie.

[[folder: Deborah Armstrong]]

Deborah Armstrong is a cruel and selfish sixteen-year old girl who resides in New Salem with her family. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, Deborah is initially hateful toward Cassie, however she later becomes an unsuspected ally of Cassie, after the discovery of Cassie’s exceedingly powerful magic. Throughout the series, Deborah is the best friend of the equally mean Faye Chamberlain. Despite her attitude, she respects those who stand up to her and likes Cassie because she has a hidden strength. She is compared to the goddess of hunting Artemis.

[[folder: Laurel Quincy]]

Laurel Quincey is a kind sixteen-year old girl who resides in New Salem with her family. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, Laurel initially finds Cassie unappealing, however she later becomes a good friend of Cassie, and helps her to control her powers. Throughout the series, Laurel is commonly noted for her proficiency of brewing magical potions, and casting spells to heal her alcoholic step-father. She is compared with the vegetation goddess Persephone.

[[folder: Melanie Glaser]]

Melanie Glaser is a charismatic sixteen-year-old girl who resides in New Salem with her family. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, Melanie becomes friends with her. She has a lot of knowledge on crystals, which is vital for the final battle with Black John. She is compared to the wisdom goddess Athena.

[[folder: Sean Dulaney]]

Sean Dulany is a sixteen-year-old boy who resides in New Salem with his family. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, Sean is initially weary of Cassie, and finds her to be an “unnatural witch”. Throughout the series, Sean has a very distant relationship with everyone except Faye, for whom he has an undying respect. It's later revealed that Black John possessed him to commit several murders but the circle was able to heal him from the curse. He later develops a good relationship with Cassie because "she is nice to him".

[[folder: Suzan Whittier]]

Suzan Whittier is a kind sixteen-year-old girl who resides in New Salem with her family. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, due to Suzan's friendship with Faye, Suzan is initially cautious of Cassie, however later becomes a good friend of Cassie's. Throughout the series, Suzan also becomes a good friend with Diana, despite Faye’s disapproval. Suzan is shows a good sense of humor and a good appetite for sweets. She is compared with the beauty goddess Aphrodite

[[folder: Scarlett Palmer]]

Cassie's half sister. She appears on The Divide, by Aubrey Clark. She is daughter of Black john too. She comes to New Salem to kill Cassie to gain a spot on the circle, become its leader as she was "meant to". She was born in November following the other kid's birthdays. Scarlett is very familiar with dark magic, as both Black John and her mother used it. In consequence of her mother's use of dark magic, she couldn't stay in New Salem, and was later killed by witch hunters. As Cassie, Scarlett is also connected to Adam by a "silver cord", making them possible soul mates, creating tension in Cassie's and Adam's relationship.

!!Show Characters


[[folder: Cassie Blake/Blackwell]]


Cassie '''(portrayed by Britt Robertson)''' is the lead female witch of the Circle and is the series heroine and main protagonist. She was born March 28, 1995. She is the daughter of Amelia Blake and John Blackwell, best friend and older paternal half-sister of Diana Meade, ex-girlfriend and best friend of Adam Conant and also a member of the Chance Harbor Circle. Cassie was a happy, normal teenage girl until her mother Amelia died in what appeared to be a tragic accidental fire but not such as an accident. Orphaned and deeply saddened, Cassie moved in with her warm and loving grandmother Jane in the beautiful small town of Chance Harbor, Washington - the town her mother left so many years before - where the residents seems to know more about Cassie than she does about herself. As Cassie gets to know her high school classmates, including sweet-natured Diana, her handsome boyfriend Adam, brooding loner Nick, mean-girl Faye and her sidekick Melissa, strange and frightening things begin to happen. When her new friends explain that they are all descended from powerful witches, and they've been waiting for Cassie to join them and complete a new generation of the Secret Circle, Cassie refuses to believe them - until Adam shows her how to unlock her incredible magical powers. But it's not until Cassie discovers a message from her mother in an old leather-bound book of spells hidden in her mother's childhood bedroom, that she understands her true and dangerous destiny. What Cassie and the others don't yet know is that darker powers are at play, powers that might be linked to the adults in the town, including Diana's father and Faye's mother - and that Cassie's mother's death might not have been an accident. But the more time passes by, the more Cassie gets confident of herself and develops her incredible potential. Shortly before Cassie's birth John betrayed Amelia by having an affair with Elizabeth Meade which resulted in Diana Meade being born less than a month later. John also summoned demons which resulted in Amelia leaving him prior to the Boatyard Fire. Sara Armstrong stated in the Witness flashback that Amelia would never forgive John for what he did to her and she said that Amelia helped Ethan in his plot to killed John which backfired. Later consumed by guilt and stripped of her magic, she later abandoned what was left her coven by moving to Los Angeles with Cassie. Amelia had to keep witchcraft and Cassie's magic legacy along with the truth about her father a secret from her daughter prior to her death in Pilot. Despite Cassie's independent and strong-willed persona, she is a very kind and loving young woman who cares deeply about her family and friends. When she uses dark magic she is seen with an evil look in her eyes. At any rate, it seems grief mold her personality in more ways than one. First her mother died and the loss, along with the realization she will have to start doing things on her own, mae her tougher. Then her grandmother died and she channeled all the anger she felt against the witch hunters.

After the horrific death of her mother, Cassie travels to the picturesque town of Chance Harbor to live with her warm and loving grandmother Jane Blake. As Cassie begins her first day at her new high school, she comes to know the gentle and kind Diana Meade who invites Cassie to join her and her friends at the Boathouse Bar and Grill. Later, while awaiting for Diana at the Boathouse, Cassie is introduced to Faye Chamberlain and her best friend Melissa Glaser Becoming annoyed by Faye, and impatient with Diana, Cassie decides to leave until her car inexplicably catches fire. After being rescued by the good-looking Adam Conant, Cassie instantly becomes attracted to the young-man. However after the discovery of Adam's relationship with Diana, Cassie backs off. The following day, Cassie runs into Diana, who tries to apologize for the other day. However, as Cassie struggles to adjust in her new hometown, Diana persuades Cassie to accompanying her to an old abandoned house. Once there, Adam, Diana, Faye, Melissa, and Nick all convince Cassie that they are descended from a long and powerful line of witches, and they've been waiting for her to join them and complete a new generation of the Secret Circle. Refusing to believe them, Cassie runs away, until later when Adam shows her how to harness her magical powers.After witnessing the efficiency of their power, Adam and Cassie fall into a trance where they nearly kiss. Once Cassie realizes what was happening, she pulls away from Adam and runs off again. Later that night, Cassie pays a visit to Adam's father, Ethan Conant, who explains that she and Adam are destined to be together After leaving the Boathouse, Cassie meets up with Diana who tries to explain the history of their magic, and the importance of staying together. Meanwhile, down by the pier, Faye conjures a storm that nearly destroys the entire town. Despite her effort to counteract the spell, Cassie is the only witch strong enough to reverse the damage and to stop the storm. Later that night, after Cassie returns home she discovers a hidden passage in the wall of Amelia's childhood bedroom. There she discovers an old leather-bound book of spells with message from her mother that explains Cassie's dangerous destiny and the darkness of her past. The following morning, in an effort to distance herself from the Circle and establish a normal teenage life in Chance Harbor, Cassie befriends Sally Matthews, a non-witch Concerned their powers are getting out of control, Diana pushes everyone to bind the Circle, but Faye is thrilled with the increase in her powers and refuses to participate, while Melissa flirts with Nick despite Faye's warnings. Meanwhile, Adam fights his growing feelings for Cassie, but circumstances continue to throw them together, forcing Cassie to make a decision. Later, the annual Chance Harbor Celebration Festival, Sally is fatally harmed when Faye Chamberlain accidentally pushed her over a balcony. However after Dawn Chamberlain uses a crystal to magically heal Sally, who had little to no memory of what happened After realizing the dangers of their magic, the Circle finally comes to terms with binding their powers. The next day, a cute jock named Luke asks Cassie to the school dance, and after watching Adam spend time with Diana at the Boathouse, she accepts his offer. Meanwhile, Melissa sees the dance as an opportunity to get closer to Nick Faye, on the other hand, has no plans to go and remains focused on finding a way to control her powers. After Dawn discovers an intense man named Zachary Larson, had recently returned to Chance Harbor, she asks Charles to keep an eye on him after he begins asking questions about Cassie and the Circle.

However, after Charles confronts Zach about his intentions, Zachary attacks Charles and later sets off to kill Cassie and her friends.
After the "disappearance" of Zachary Larson, Cassie looks up an old friend of her mother's named Heather Barnes and discovers she has been in a catatonic state since the night of the fire sixteen years ago. Feeling guilty that her mother and her Circle may have had something to do with Heather's current state, Cassie tells Diana that she wants to use magic to help Heather. However, after Diana refuses to help, Cassie reluctantly turns to Faye, who is more than happy to conjure up a spell – for a price After Cassie and Faye unknowingly release a demon from its prison, as Faye skims through Cassie's Book of Shadows, the girls are later attacked by Abaddon, who wishes to kill the Circle and steal their powers. However, after the untimely death of Heather Barnes, the demon exits her body and later enters within Melissa. The following day, torn between her loyalties to the Circle and her family, Cassie wrestles with the secrets she must keep from her grandmother. Nick is thrown for a loop when Melissa adopts a new attitude and enlists his help to track down her family's Book of Shadows Faye is also recruited but isn't happy about being the third wheel. Meanwhile, Diana is craving some alone time with Adam and arranges a date night so they can rekindle the spark in their relationship, but all six of them are brought together to fight off a dark force that threatens to destroy the Circle from within. Completely unaware of the new danger encroaching on their children, Dawn joins Charles aboard his boat to further their plans for the Circle, but is surprised to find that Charles may have more than business on his mind. After countless battles between the Circle and "Melissa", Cassie finally turns to her grandmother for help However after the demon takes Nick to be his next host, the demon is later killed by Charles Meade. Following the death of Nick, when his older brother Jake returns to Chance Harbor, he learns a lot has changed since his last visit. For one, the girl he left behind, Faye has discovered she's a witch and has plans to get even with the handsome guy who broke her heart. To complicate things further, he sets his sights on the alluring Cassie, much to Adam and Faye's dismay. However Cassie is attacked by a witch hunter named Simone, the Circle must come together to fight off yet another enemy who threatens the coven. Deciding the Circle needs to have a little fun, Faye convinces Cassie to throw a Halloween party. Intent on wooing Jake back, Faye goes all out on her Halloween costume. After a fight with Diana, Adam turns to Cassie for advice. Meanwhile, some dangerous, uninvited guests set their sights on the Circle. With the help of Jake, a group of witch hunters are successfully able to kidnap Cassie an her friends. However the hunters find killing the witches easier said than done, especially with Cassie’s powers growing stronger by the day. One week has pasted since the Circle's encounter with the witch hunters, and with Melissa away visiting relatives the Circle isn't as strong. Meanwhile, after not hearing from her grandmother for a couple of days, Cassie becomes concerned and wants to go look for her. Diana decides the entire Circle should go in case Jane is in trouble. She also invites Jake along, much to Adam's dismay. A storm turns the day trip into an overnight excursion, so Faye suggests a little game of Truth or Dare to liven up the evening. However, things take a horrible turn when Faye is forced to reckon with someone from her past. As Cassie helps Faye deal with demons of her past, she makes a horrifying discovery when she magically unearths the murdered body of Henry Chamberlain, Faye’s beloved grandfather. As Cassie becomes more and more curious of ancestry, she and Jake begin to look into her father's side of the family, hoping to discover more about her lineage and why she has powers separate from the Circle. Meanwhile, Adam becomes protective of Cassie when Faye reveals that Jake might be hiding something dangerous from them. At the same time, Adam's equally concerned when Melissa's cousin Holden comes to town and catches Diana's eye. A power shift forms between Charles and Dawn that threatens to destroy their plan. Later, the Circle is attacked by yet another attempt from the witch hunters to kill the Circle. However, after the discovery of Jake's affiliation with the hunters, the Circle begins to doubt the trust of their friendship.

Cassie turns to Adam when she uncovers a secret about herself that she needs kept from the rest of the Circle, including Diana. Meanwhile, Diana is thrilled when her grandmother Kate drops in for a visit, but Charles is suspicious of his mother's motives after Kate takes an unusual interest in Cassie. Meanwhile, Faye recruits a mysterious stranger named Lee to help her with a spell that could change the balance of the Circle forever. After Cassie asks Adam for help when she wants to look into her father's past, and their search leads them to an eerily familiar place. It also rekindles an old flame when Adam, thrilled to be spending time with Cassie again, asks her to the Fire and Ice dance. But because of her friendship with Diana, Cassie is forced to give a surprising response. In an effort to be a better father, Ethan offers to chaperone the dance, much to Adam's dismay. Faye asks Lee to help her with a spell that would grant her individual magic. Unfortunately, the spell has some terrifying side effects that nearly destroy the Circle. After Jake returns to Chance Harbor to warn Cassie that unless they find out how her father was killed in the boat fire sixteen years ago, she'll meet with the same tragic death. However, after Jake suggests an extremely dangerous method to finally uncover what happened on that fateful day, Adam and Diana suspect he may have an ulterior motive. In an effort to usurp the other, both Charles and Dawn try to get Ethan on board as an ally. Faye gets trapped in a dangerous situation when one of Lee's friends, Callum stops by the shop. After receiving a frightening warning about the witch hunters' return, Cassie enlists the Circle's help. At the same time, her true feelings for Adam and Jake surface during a birthday party that Ethan decides to throw with the help of Diana. Meanwhile, Faye and Melissa take their inner power to a chilling new level when they try a little of Lee's "Devil's Spirit." In honor of the holiday, Faye and Melissa throw a girls only anti-Valentine's Day slumber party for themselves and fellow witches Diana and Cassie. But the night gets wilder than expected when Melissa offers Diana some mood altering "Devil's Spirit" and the first person Diana loosens up around is Lee, who crashes the party to help Faye achieve her own power. Meanwhile, Cassie is forced to turn to Adam and Jake after she becomes haunted by the spirits of some vengeful witches. Cassie is stunned when a notoriously evil figure from her past shows up on her doorstep. However, her surprise quickly turns to suspicion when he asks her to return the medallion she found in the wreckage of the fire that killed their parents. Cassie storms off but is captured by Eben and his band of witch hunters. Jake offers to trade himself for Cassie's freedom and when Adam realizes they're in trouble he calls the Circle. Meanwhile, Faye and Diana are concerned when Melissa starts spending more time with Callum. Cassie catches Blackwell sneaking around the abandoned house. After confiding in Adam, he tells her he knows Blackwell was looking for a device to drain witches' powers and clearly back to his old ways. Faye shows up at Lee's house to invite him to the school fundraiser, but is taken aback when Eva greets her at the door claiming to be Lee's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Melissa encourages Diana to date a normal guy and points her in the direction of a new, handsome guy in town. Dawn runs into Blackwell at the school but the reunion isn't quite what she expected. Blackwell warns Cassie and Adam that their love may be destiny, but it's also a curse. He suggests they go visit her grandmother, Jane to find out if there is a spell to reverse it. Jane warns Cassie that someone in the Circle will die if the curse is awakened. Meanwhile, Eva starts stalking Faye and Charles makes his next move against Blackwell.

Jake gets a surprise visit from an old acquaintance named Samuel, a witch hunter, who has a message for Blackwell about Eben's surprising next move. Cassie intervenes, forces Samuel to reveal his news and is stunned to find out what Eben is trying to resurrect. Meanwhile, Diana is frustrated that keeping the secrets of who they are is building a barrier between her and Grant. Faye and Melissa agree to help out Adam at the Boathouse and in return get him to help them use their magic to enhance their love life. In Crystal, Cassie finds out that Diana was her half sister because Royce, Jake's grandfather, said that his Crystal was hidden in a mine and he spelled it so that no Witch with Dark Magic can acess it. When Cassie and Jake got to the mine to rescue Adam and Melissa, Cassie started choking and couldn't go in, since she had Dark Magic. Later, Diana said that she couldn't help Melissa and Adam out of the mine either because she was choking as well, meaning that she has dark magic and is the other child of Blackwell in the Circle. In Traitor , Cassie realized that her grandmother (Jane Blake) is dead, so she falls into sadness and anger believing the witch hunters had killed her grandmother. Adam tried to comfort her and she accidently kissed him, resulting her to be very sorry.While Cassie confronted John that she wants to kill the witch hunters now more than ever. At the Abandoned House, Faye and Jake brought some good news that they found a crystal, but its energy was drained out, but was stolen by the traitor later in the episode. This resulted Cassie, Diana,Jake and Faye into going the most creepiest place on earth-as Faye mentioned, but before that Jake wanted to asked about the witch who was working for Eben so he arranged a meeting with Issac so they came there first. Instead of Issac there, it was Ian who told Jake that Eben had killed Isaac because he had let the traitor escaped and informed him that he never met the traitor. Cassie then attacked Ian by sufficating him causing Diana and Jake to try and stop her, after that Ian critisized Jake and went away.When half the circle and Cassie arrived there, the creepiest place on Earth actually was an The Abandoned Carnival. As the circle went in they were seperated into two groups; Faye with Jake and Cassie with Diana even though Diana wanted to go with Faye instead because she doesn't want to talk with Cassie about her being half-sister of Cassie, but Faye said she doesn't want to go with any of the dark magic super twins with her which changed Diana's mind of going with Faye. Cassie tried to talk with Diana that dark magic isn't that bad, but it can save people like she saved Diana during the time Luke almost killed Diana (Masked). When both Diana and Cassie heard a noise they ran there and saw the traitor.Cassie decided to kill the traitor, but Diana insisted not to so she just knock him down. They discovered the traitor was Nick who they believed to be dead. They then chased him saying they don't want to harm him, but just wanted the crystal which he dropped and ran away.


[[folder: Adam Conant]]


Adam '''(portrayed by Thomas Dekker)''' is the first male witch of the Circle and is the series hero, male lead and deuteragonist. Adam Conant is a witch, son of Catherine and Ethan Conant, ex-boyfriend of both Diana Meade and Cassie Blake, who is also his best friend. He is also a member of the Chance Harbor Circle. Adam found out about his magic with the help of his girlfriend Diana sometime before Cassie Blake arrived into Chance Harbor, Washington. But as soon as he saw her, the two felt a mutual attraction which led them to grow closer. Always feeling responsible for Cassie, his behavior raised question for Diana, and when Adam's father told her Cassie and Adam's love was meant to be, she broke up with him. After trying to win her trust back, he became more and more confident about his relationship with Cassie and the two officially started to date, until John Blackwell, Cassie's newly returned father, told them their love was a curse more than a destiny. Adam was born on January 28, 1995 to Catherine and Ethan Conant, but only grew with his father, because his mother died in the Boatyard Fire sometime after his birth. However, he was really close to his grandfather, James Conant who used to distract him by cloaking and uncloaking objects, as well as telling him stories. At the age of 10, he broke his arm and it was Jane Blake who fixed it. During his teens, Adam began a romantic relationship with Diana Meade which grew stronger and stronger, until Diana found out they were witches that she and Adam were too, in her mother's Book of shadows. s soon as he learnt Cassie Blake was moving in, Adam was excited she would complete the Circle. He first saw her in Chance Harbor High School's hallway, but properly met her at the Boathouse, where he works as a bus boy for his father. A few minutes later, he saved her when her car mysteriously caught on fire and brought her back to her grandmother's house. The following day, Adam and Cassie met at the Abandoned House where Diana revealed to Cassie she was a witch too - born to be in a coven along herself, Melissa Glaser, Nick Armstrong, Faye Chamberlain and Adam. Scared, Cassie took off and Adam followed in the woods, where he calmed her down and showed her the truth, by making the drops of water levitate. At night, he came to apologize for trying to kiss her during the afternoon and told her she was not alone. After Cassie provoked an accident in chemistry class, Adam suggested to help her control her undeniable magic. But again, while they were practicing, their "connection" made the spell stronger and a light bulb exploded. When Diana told him she was afraid of his sudden friendship, he reassured her and kissed her. Later at night, he picked up Cassie and went to the beach and bound himself and his magic with the others, completing the Circle, after Faye almost killed Sally Matthews. A friend of Adam, Luke, asked him if he could invite Cassie to the School Dance, and to protect his relationship with Diana, Adam helped him approach Cassie. During the Dance however, Cassie soon distanced herself from Luke, and as nobody was dancing, Sally pushed Cassie to dance with Adam. Later, when Cassie was attacked, Adam helped the Circle defeat Zachary Larson. After learning that something bad happened to Heather Barnes, and that it might have been Amelia Blake's fault, Adam agreed to accompany Cassie to Finn Creek in order to investigate. He and Cassie later searched for an explanation in the Blake Family's Book of Shadows that Cassie showed to him, and found out what was keeping Heather away was a suppression sigil. Diana however told Cassie it is too dangerous to undo it, and Adam learned with Diana's own Book that the sigil was used to counteract possession. Trying to warn her, it was too late however, as she had undone the spell and Heather attacked Cassie and Faye. He and Diana came to help, but Heather was hit by a car. Adam and Diana were having a romantic diner at Diana's to spend some quality time together, apart from the Circle, when Cassie texted them about troubles. They rushed to the Abandoned House to see what was happening and found out Melissa was possessed. In the end, the Circle failed to get the Demon, who had sneaked into Nick's body, out of their friend Melissa before he "supposedly" drowned himself to kill it. Adam is described as a nice, patient and loyal friend by everyone. Adam's maturity when making difficult decisions draws people in. His ability to charm those around him and his utter devotion towards people are other admirable traits. When someone needs help, he is always the first to offer support and guidance. Adam likes to consider himself loyal but when Cassie arrived in Chance Harbor, he felt a undeniable connection towards her and no matter how hard he tried to ignore the spark between them, he felt himself suddenly questioning all of his intentions. Adam has displayed considerable use of magic through the series. He has been capable of setting off fires that were burning through the metal of a car, although that might be linked the fact he has an affinity for Hydrokinesis (even if he didn't set it off with water), open locks and even cause electrical surges. He has also been able to combine his powers with other circle members on several occasions, such as when they tossed around Zachary Larson through the halls of the school or when he lead the attack on Eben by piercing him with a branch he threw at lethal velocity. At the begining of the series he used his magic mainly to tutor Cassie on how to use her magic through such spells as levitating water droplets and lighting a bulb. Adam is often the one leading a spell showing considerable knowledge of spells and magic. It should be noted that, while Adam couldn't use his individual power for as long as the Circle was bound, whenever he combined his power with someone the results seemed more powerful when he was extremely determined in getting the job done and/or protecting someone, thus giving more credibility to Jake's theory that strong emotions can fuel the power of witches. He also inherited his grandfather's affinity for cloaking spells.

[[folder: Diana Meade/Blackwell]]


Diana '''(portrayed by Shelly Hennig)''' is the second female witch of the Circle. She is a witch, Cassie's half-sister, and the responsible, but strict leader of the Circle. She is the daughter of John Blackwell and Elizabeth Meade, best friend and paternal younger half-sister of Cassie Blake, ex-girlfriend of Adam Conant, girlfriend of Grant and also the leader of the Chance Harbor Circle. Diana's mother married Charles Meade, however, she is the result of an affair between her mother and John Blackwell. Therefore, Charles Meade is her adoptive father, and the only paternal figure she's ever had. She is very loyal and will do whatever it takes to protect her friends, family and anyone else she cares for. Diana is the head of the circle which means she is very protective of it and also a very strong leader. She feels confused about her magic after finding out that her and Cassie are sisters. She's very intelligent and smart. She really loves Cassie, but she isn't sure how she feels about finding out that Cassie is her sister and that John Blackwell is her biological father. Diana was the first in the circle to discover her powers and find her Book of Shadows. She was the one who started the circle in the Wicca way of life. She also has dark magic because her father is John Blackwell. She and Cassie share this ability. However, unlike Cassie, she couldn't use her dark magic even after learning she had it because she needed a near-death experience for it to be activated by saving her. That happened when Cassie tried to kill her so they could free themselves from the barrier of the colocasia powder. Afterwards, she stated that she does not want to use her dark powers because she "hates the way it makes her feel." She also has a strong leadership ability. Even though Cassie is, technically supposed to be the leader, Diana is the leader of the circle. It is possible that she is the second most powerful witch in her circle due to her Blackwell Bloodline. Diana and her group of friends aren't like most kids their age. Diana, Adam, Cassie, Faye, Melissa, and Nick (now Jake , after Nick's death) make up what is known as a circle of witches. The Secret Circle is a powerful coven that consists of at least six witches or more. Although it is known that every witch is born into a circle, The Secret Circle is possibly one of the most powerful covens in existence. Diana and the rest of are descendants of the The Secret Circle. Sixteen years ago, the former members of the Secret Circle, their parents, began to dabble in the dark arts of magic. Along their journey, an "accident" occurred which left majority of the members dead. The only known survivors were Amelia Blake, Charles Meade, Dawn Chamberlain, and Ethan Conant. After the Circle was stripped of their powers, Amelia (Cassie's mother) abandoned her coven by moving to Los Angeles with her young daughter, Cassie. Determined to reunite the coven, Charles Meade killed Amelia in order to lure Cassie, back to Chance Harbor, Washington so that the Circle could be together once again.

Diana and her group of friends aren't like most kids their age. Diana, Adam, Cassie, Faye, Melissa, and Nick (now Jake , after Nick's death) make up what is known as a circle of witches. The Secret Circle is a powerful coven that consists of at least six witches or more. Although it is known that every witch is born into a circle, The Secret Circle is possibly one of the most powerful covens in existence. Diana and the rest of are descendants of the The Secret Circle. Sixteen years ago, the former members of the Secret Circle, their parents, began to dabble in the dark arts of magic. Along their journey, an "accident" occurred which left majority of the members dead. The only known survivors were Amelia Blake, Charles Meade, Dawn Chamberlain, and Ethan Conant. After the Circle was stripped of their powers, Amelia (Cassie's mother) abandoned her coven by moving to Los Angeles with her young daughter, Cassie. Determined to reunite the coven, Charles Meade killed Amelia in order to lure Cassie, back to Chance Harbor, Washington so that the Circle could be together once again. That is where the story begins. Faye decided that it would be fun to get Cassie to use her powers by setting her car on fire. Little did she know that at that time, Cassie had no idea of her powers. Insert worried Diana and Adam and they immediately realize the cause of the fire, and the fact that Cassie knows nothing of the power inside her. After the discovery of Cassie's car accident, Diana confronts Faye Chamberlain and warns her about the dangers of their powers. The following day, Diana introduces Cassie to their coven, and tries to teach her about their families' legacy of witches. Cassie of course thinks that they are all crazy. Later that night, as Faye conjures a massive thunderstorm, Diana attempts to stop her but is struck by lighting. She then starts trying to encourage the others to join her in binding the circle as it could be dangerous otherwise, keeping the secret that once the circle is bound, members of the circle can only do magic in pairs. The strength of the magic depends on how many members of the circle there are. As the weeks passed, Diana and Adam's relationship began to falter. Adam's father made it known to Diana that Adam and Cassie's relationship was written in the stars. It was predestined, and it was going to happen. No matter what Diana did that thought kept haunting her. She knew that she would never be the girl he wants. On the night of Nick's wake, Diana went to The Boathouse Bar and Grill and broke up with Adam. In Wake, Diana notices that Adam's getting more and more upset about Jake's closeness to Cassie. The meaning of Adam's interest isn't lost on Diana. She knows Adam has feelings for Cassie, and that he's jealous of newcomer Jake. Faye tries to warn Cassie that Jake is bad news.Ethan tells Diana that cassie and adam have to be together. It's their destiny, but he's torn up because he still wants Diana to be happy. Diana decides to break up with Adam. In Masked, Adam and Diana are still pining for each other, and Adam is angry at his dad for encouraging the break-up. At the party, Adam is still trying to get Diana back but she's still refusing to say yes. Diana goes off alone and is taken by the witch-hunters.

In Beneath, Faye suggests that the Circle play Truth or Dare, which results in Diana taking off her top. Adam tries once again to get back with Diana, at first they fight but ultimately end up spending the night together in a shed outside the house having sex. Diana breaks it off with Adam, saying that she needs to find herself. In Balcoin, Melissa has returned and she has her cousin with her, a cousin whom Diana takes a liking to. Good thing too, since she and Adam are still on the outs. In Darkness, at Diana’s, Kate Meade, Diana’s grandmother, pays a surprise visit. Diana reveals that Charles is dating Dawn (this is the cover they fed Diana to explain the time they spend together). Kate is not shocked; Charles had a crush on Dawn during their high school years. Diana leaves for school. Kate tells Charles that she is there because Diana broke up with Adam. At the abandoned house in the woods, Diana catches Adam researching dark magic and wants to know why he’s doing that. Cassie overhears Adam tell Diana about Cassie’s heritage, which makes Cassie’s anger erupt. She chokes Adam with her mind. Diana walks into Cassie’s room and discovers Cassie performing a spell. Cassie wants Jake back in town, which stuns Diana because Jake is a witch hunter. Because Jane is away, Diana wants Cassie to stay with her. Because Cassie is staying with Diana, she meets Kate. After dinner, Adam goes over to Diana’s and apologizes to Cassie. For years he told Diana everything, and old habits are hard to break. Cassie tells Diana about Kate sensing her power. Cassie did not tell Kate about the circle. Diana tells Cassie that her grandmother is amazing and can be trusted, so Cassie should do the ceremony in the woods with Kate. Diana puts towels in the guest room for Kate. She sees items in her grandmother’s suitcase and investigates. One of the items Diana finds is mandrake root. Diana runs out of the room. Diana finds Adam and tells him about the mandrake root. Mandrake root kills witches. They rush to Cassie’s aid. Faye finds fake feathers and blood at Lee’s. Meanwhile, Diana and Adam arrive at the woods. Cassie is free. Adam and Diana find Cassie. Diana apologizes for her grandmother’s actions; she is shocked that her grandmother tried to kill Cassie. Cassie admits that she was scared; she had never felt so much fear. The fear flooded her body and erupted in a wave of power. It felt good to let the fear save her. She was scared by the power, but she liked it. Diana then asks Cassie just how powerful is she to which she looks down the window. In Fire/Ice, Diana and Cassie waking up after the sleepover from hell that included Cassie nearly being buried alive last week. The pair playfully decide to use magic to change the color of Diana's dress, but thanks to Cassie's dark nature, the dress catches fire instead. Diana has made it clear that she is moving on. Like I should be doing. Cassie notices a symbol in the basement of the Abandoned House that she's seen in her Book of Shadows. While she's talking about this with Diana and Melissa, she realizes there's a page missing from her book. She figures out that Faye must've taken it and calls her to demand it back. Diana makes herself dance with a guy who isn't Adam, who later tells him how happy this made him and manipulates her into agreeing to give Cassie a pass to date him. In Witness, Diana Helps Adam and Cassie held in memory of Jake. In Medallion, Diana made a speech to celebrate Adam's birthday. After the party, Cassie tells the Circle about the medallion ritual. Faye is jealous and thus reluctant, but Diana is all for it, and Melissa – stoned – is up for anything. Jake’s already in. In Valentine, in honor of the holiday, Faye and Melissa throw a girls only anti-Valentine’s Day slumber party for themselves and fellow witches Diana and Cassie. But the night gets wilder than expected when Melissa offers Diana some mood altering “Devil’s Spirit” and the first person Diana loosens up around is Lee, who crashes the party to give Faye a present to help her improve her own power. When Melissa was "sick" by the Devil's Spirit, and instead of taking Faye's hand, she take Diana's head instead. In return, in Crystal, Diana helps the circle while she continues to struggle between helping them search for the crystal and her feelings for Grant. She tried to help Adam and Melissa by going into the mine but couldn't due the spell that keep witches with dark magic from entering. She talked to Cassie about her leaving the circle so she can be with Grant. Diana told her about her trying to get into the mine but couldn't get in. Cassie figured out that Diana is the other Blackwell and her sister. In Traitor, Diana struggles coping with the possibility John Blackwell could be her biological father. She confronts Charles with her concerns and was surprised to discover her mother's affair with John Blackwell which Charles was unaware of. Later, while trying to find the Chamberlain crystal which had earlier been stolen, she expresses her concern to Cassie about dark magic, stating her distaste for violence and her fear of becoming like Cassie herself. Cassie reaffirms her that it doesn't feel good to kill but she does what has to be done, though Diana still persists in her efforts to prevent Cassie from killing, which she successfully manages to do before Cassie could stab the traitor witch but merely knocking him over. As they run towards the traitor witch he releases the crystal and they realize who he is, Nick.

In Prom John Blackwell is trying to talk to Diana but she leaves along with Jake and Faye. While Cassie is at the school she sees her mother wanting to talk to Diana's mother, Elizabeth Meade. Cassie goes to Diana's house to try to convince her to go back in time to see if they can see more and see if they can see Diana's mother. Diana agrees to help Cassie. Charles asks Diana if she is going to prom and gives her Elizabeth's necklace. Charles then gives Diana a ride to school. Dawn Chamberlain is outside waiting for Charles and they discuss over John. The circle is getting ready for prom. Diana and Cassie go to Java Brew and Diana sees Grant. She tells Grant to meet her later after prom. John does a spell to make Charles think that Amelia's ghost is haunting him. The circle arrives at prom. Diana and Cassie go back in the past and see their mothers. Amelia tries to warn Elizabeth not to go to the ferry and that she knows about Diana being the other Blackwell and warns her to get out of Chance Harbor with her family. Elizabeth refuses as she sees making a peace treaty with the witch-hunters as a protection for them. Amelia then goes and sees James Conant telling him she's leaving Chance Harbor with her daughter and he tells trusting the witch-hunters is reckless. Also she tells him to tell Ethan she doesn't love him even though she does, but is putting her daughter first instead of her own needs. After they come back, Diana starts to blame Cassie that it's her fault that she brought Blackwell back into their lives and that it's his fault that her mother is dead. Diana finds out that her father killed Amelia. The circle finds Nick and try to get the crystal. Nick tells Eben he wants to trade the crystal for the demon. In Family, Diana wakes up in Grant's car and he tells her that she has some text messages from her friends. She looks at her phone and realizes that Faye is in trouble and that she needs to get to the Abandoned House right away. When she arrives the Circle starts speculating about how they can get Faye back from Eben and the Witch Hunters. Cassie's phone rings and she sees it's from Faye. When she answers Eben says he will trade Faye for one crystal and that they should take it to the Boatyard where the Circle's parents died 16 years ago. Jake, Adam, and Melissa go to the boatyard. Faye is in the boat and she's scared of the guys who are handcuffing her to the same post that John Blackwell was on when they tried to kill him. Diana and Cassie go with John to a lake somewhere out in the woods near the Abandoned House. They make the crystal skull and then they realize that John is selfish and going to use the power for his own gain so they try and stop him but he knocks both of them out. They wake up in the Abandoned House and John is chanting. He turns the skull dark and he explains that he's going to kill all the other witches that aren't descended from Balcoin blood. He also tells them that there are 4 more Blackwell children coming to Chance Harbor. John explaining what he's doing with the Crystal Skull. The other members of the Circle start to burn but Adam is at the Abandoned House and he tries to use his solo magic from where the Circle is broken, but he is too weak and John starts beating him up and Cassie is screaming and crying, but, she and Diana can't get out of the circle of ash John put them in. That's when Cassie realizes what she must do to save Adam. She turns to Diana and starts to choke her. When Diana asks her what she's doing Cassie says "Killing You." Cassie does this to trigger Diana's dark magic. When she does it breaks the spell with the circle of ash. Cassie grabs the Crystal skull and tries to kill John with it but she's not strong enough by herself and John is about to stop her when Diana runs up and puts her hands on top of Cassie's and together they kill John. Cassie checks on Adam and they all head to Cassie's house. The entire circle is there and they all discuss binding the circle again but Diana leaves and she tells Cassie "No matter where I go, you will always be my sister, but now that I've felt the power of the dark magic I don't want to ever feel it again." She goes home and cries since Charles is dead and then she packs her bags and meets Grant at Java Brew. As she gets in the car and starts to buckle her seat belt she sees her hand and the symbol of Balcoin is on her hand. She gets scared but hides it from Grant and they start to leave. As the show is ending, you see 4 people standing on a hill overlooking the town. As they zoom in on the people you see the symbol of Balcoin on their hands also.

[[folder: Faye Chamberlain]]


Faye '''(played by Phoebe Tonkin)''' is the third female witch of the circle. She is an eccentric and free-spirited witch who uses her powers recklessly and selfishly. She is the daughter of Dawn and Thomas Chamberlain, girlfriend of Jake Armstrong, ex-girlfriend of Lee Labeque, best friend of Melissa Glaser, and a member of The Chance Harbor Circle. Faye found out about her magic sometime before Cassie moved to Chance Harbor, Washington with the help of Diana Meade and the others. Out of all the Circle members, Faye is the one with the most ambition and is always searching for more power, and when she gets it, uses it recklessly and selfishly. She often challenges authority, especially Diana's, who she thinks doesn't deserve to be the leader of the Circle. She did not want the Circle to be bound initially, until her powers nearly killed someone because of it. However, she's still looking for ways to get her solo magic back. When the Circle was unbound by the destruction of the family Crystals, Faye got her solo magic back, and immediately began enjoying it along with her best-friend Melissa. Faye was born on the 25th of February in 1995, to Dawn Chamberlain and Thomas Chamberlain, who she never met as he died in the Boatyard Fire. Despite her lack of a fatherly figure, she was close to her grandfather, Henry Chamberlain, who saved her from drowning at the age of six at his own Lake House. In her teens, Faye began a romantic relationship with Jake Armstrong, however, the two broke up. Faye suffered so much heartache from this break up that she was almost put into an asylum. Sometime before Cassie Blake arrived, Faye found out she was a witch and, with the help of Diana who discovered her Book of Shadows, learned about the Circle history. Faye has a very complex array of emotions, mostly maintaining her tough overconfident and arrogant girl attitude in front of people and bottling her emotions up inside of her. She is able to maintain a normal attitude even under stressful situations, such as being in a room with a dangerous drug dealer with a knife.[10] Yet, she has a heart and sometimes cannot bear the emotional burden of some events, such as after her break-up with Jake or when she discovered her grandfather was dead or else when the Circle ganged up against her, accusing her of being reckless, unconscious, dangerous, and mostly bitchy. At the end of the day, though, she appears to be caring, nice, and loyal towards her Circle, her mother, and others she cares about. She also appears to have inherited traits fom her parents, such as being brave, emotionally strong, and determined. Faye met Cassie at Chance Harbor High School during Cassie's first day there. She introduced herself with Melissa. Cassie was later taken to the Circle's base where Diana was reluctant to tell her the truth, but Faye hardened the blow by bluntly stating that Cassie was a full-blooded witch. With the Circle complete, Faye took full advantage of its full potential, creating a powerful storm, which she was unable to stop. It was, however, stopped by Cassie. Faye later continued to abuse magic, until Sally's near death, which made it obvious to the group the Circle had to be bound. After it was bound, Faye found it difficult to cope with not having solo magic anymore, especially to protect themselves, after Zachary Larson and Abaddon attacked the Circle. After the death of Nick, his older brother Jake returned. Faye took the opportunity to hook back up with him, however, she was rejected. Faye continued to try and rekindle her relationship with Jake, but was unable to do so. While at her grandfather's house, Cassie found her grandfather's body under the docks. Faye was heartbroken over his death, but her mother was not upset in slightest. Faye found on the internet Lee Labeque, a voodoo practitioner, hoping to get help with a spell that would help her get her powers back. He agreed to perform it, however, the spell failed. Faye continued to stay in touch with Lee, who came to her with a solution on how to steal Cassie's dark magic at the Fire and Ice Dance. Lee performed the spell, giving Faye her own power, however, it did not take Cassie's power, and was only killing the other members of the Circle by stealing their bound magic. She caught the gym on fire, threatening everyone's life, and quickly went to undo the spell. This caused a break between her and the Circle, since she felt they gave Cassie a "free pass", whereas she's "burned at the stake". Faye met a man named Callum, who sent Lee to fetch some Devil's Spirit, which he then told Faye about, even giving some of it to her. She organized a party at her house for Valentine's day , but the party fastly got out of hand when Melissa had an overdose of Devil's Spirit. While Melissa was at a party at Callum's despite what had happened to her some days ago, Faye discovered that Lee used a totem he had given her on Valentine's Day to syphon her energy. Angry, she faced him, but he admitted his love for her by breaking the totem and saying they would find another way. She later discovered Eva, Lee's ex-girlfriend , had awaken from her coma and was living at Lee's house when she invited him to Casino Night. Lee chose Faye over Eva and the two shared a passionate kiss. After she noticed Lee was long missing, Faye went to his place to talk to him, but Eva always pushed her away. She came again during the night and discovered Eva had witch's powers. Guessing that was hers, Eva asked Faye for help, admitting she had unwillingly killed Lee after the Casino Night. Faye tricked her into thinking she could help just to break the totem. When it was done, Eva lost her powers and Faye left, telling she could not revive Lee. After the Circle met Samuel, they learned the witch-hunter Eben was willing to release demons to get rid of all witches so they tried to stop him. However, they were too late; while Samuel was keeping them busy, Eben managed to release all the demons and take them into his own body before running away. The Circle, influenced by John Blackwell, agreed to gather the family Crystals in order to fight the witch hunters off, for once and for all. First trying to find one her mother could have hidden after Henry's death, she found out Dawn and John secretly dated. When Royce Armstrong claimed Blackwell wanted children from the former Circle, Faye feared she could be his daughter and tried to unlock her possible dark magic to stop Callum, but she failed. Confronting John about it, he told her Dawn used to be very imaginative and obsessed and told her she was really Tom's daughter. After Jane's surprising death, Faye and Jake discovered a Crystal in Dawn's purse and brought it to the Abandoned House, where it was stolen by a traitor witch, working with the witch hunters. Along Cassie, Diana and Jake, Faye went to an old carnival to get it back. During 2012's prom, Faye, along with the rest of the Circle, went to the school to look for the last Crystal. However, after the Circle chased Nick down to a junkyard, she stayed behind John Blackwell to help him, and supposedly sacrificed herself to save him, before she was captured by Eben. While held captive, Faye was tied to a pole inside the hunter's base. After the circle had been unbound, Faye used her solo magic to escape her imprisonment. She ran into Melissa and Jake, who had come to rescue her, but ended up being captured again. The three of them were rescued by her mother, and after the defeat of John Blackwell, she started using her magic for fun again.

[[folder: Melissa Glaser]]


Melissa '''(played by Jessica Parker Kennedy)''' is the fourth female witch of the Circle. Melissa is a witch, daughter of Sophie Ann and Patrick Glaser, best-friend of Faye Chamberlain, former girlfriend of Nick Armstrong, and also a member of the Chance Harbor Circle. Melissa was born on May 6, 1995. About sixteen years ago, the former members of the Circle began to dabble into the dark arts of magic. Along their journey, an "accident" occurred which left the majority of the previous members dead. The only known survivors were Amelia Blake , Charles Meade, Dawn Chamberlain, Patrick Glaser and Ethan Conant. After the Circle was stripped of their powers, Melissa was later raised by her father and stepmother. Despite her relationship with bad-girl Faye, Melissa is a very caring and down-to-earth young woman who cares deeply about her family and friends. Melissa has displayed competent use of circle magic though the extents of her full potential with solo magic is unknown. Apparently she has a strong affinity for Aerokinesis. She also has a lot of knowledge of the properties and uses of herbs for potions, thanks to Nick's help who taught her what he knew, but it is also possible it is a natural "ability" coming from her mother, as John Blackwell mentioned. After the arrival of Cassie Blake, both Faye and Melissa discover that with Cassie in their Circle, they are able to cast spells more powerful than they ever could before. The following day, as Faye tries to convince Cassie, Melissa, and Nick into voting against Diana Meade’s plan to bind the Circle, Melissa believes that it would be better if they listened to Diana and later participated in her ritual. Melissa also had an on-and-off relationship with bad-boy Nick Armstrong of whom she was truly in love with. After Cassie and Faye unknowingly released a demon from Heather Barnes, Melissa was later possessed by the spirit of Abaddon, whom had attempted to use her power to free the other demons of his tribe. With the help of Jane Blake, The Secret Circle were successfully able to exorcise the demon and save Melissa. However, after Abaddon was expelled from Melissa's body, the demon had later taken over the body of Nick; which lead to his untimely death. In the wake of Nick's death, Melissa struggles to deal with moving on. However with help and tough love from Faye, Melissa is able to grow into a mature young woman. The following week, After Melissa attends a Halloween party with her friends, she is later kidnapped and nearly killed by a group of witch hunters. Feeling depressed and still hurt, Melissa's cousin Holden comes into town to cheer Melissa up. During his stay, Diana - whom she had a childhood crush on - starts to flirt with Holden. Protective over her cousin, Melissa tells Diana not to use Holden to get over Adam. In episode Darkness, Melissa tries to help Faye in her quest for solo magic. So she went to Lee Labeque's house and get protective over her best friend during the vodoo ritual. Later, when Faye discovered that Lee lied to her, Melissa said that she took her own decision now and she wasn't follow her every time. Trying to move on, in episode Fire/ice, Melissa help to prepare the fire/ice dance with Diana and Cassie. She went to the dance with Cassie and Diana. But Faye's ritual affected her and drained her magic first. After being saved by Jake during the fire, she revealed to Diana that Faye was starting to scared her. In Medallion, Melissa kept her friendship with Faye. She experienced a drug named "Devil's spirit" and met Callum, who felt attracted to her. During the ritual that activated the medallion, she was the first one to feel that something's wrong in their energy, just like the fire/ice dance, according to her. In Valentine, Melissa invited Diana and Cassie in Faye's "against Valentine's Day party". It was revealed that she kept using "devil's spirit" and gave some to Diana. She casts a spell with Faye and Diana to make the pizza boy hot. Later, all girls play with the "ouija board". After Cassie left, Melissa had a bad reaction with the "devil's spirit" and passed out. Faye and Diana helped her, but she accepted only Diana's help. In Return, Melissa got herself in a lot of problems when she went to Callum's party. She discovered that the voodoo totem which Lee gave to Faye was to extract energy, and not for dark magic. When Callum discovered that she had a lot of power, he tried to confront her to discover if she was witch, but Melissa threatened him and left with Diana and Faye. The three girls joined Adam to rescue Jake and Cassie from Eben and the witch hunters. In the episode Lucky, Melissa helped Diana to prepare the special "Casino party" at school. When they met the new guy, Grant, Melissa encouraged Diana to date him, but Diana was resistant about that. Later, when Diana, Melissa and Faye were huddled, Melissa gave them some advice and Faye and Diana noticed that she became more perspicacious. During the night, Melissa tried to comfort Faye about Lee's betrayal and then said to give him a second chance. She hung out with them and helped Faye to win for a casino game with magic. Later, she tried to help Jake with his obsession for Cassie. In the episode Curse, Melissa hung out with Faye and Diana to help Faye's boy trouble. She unlocked Lee's car with both Diana and Faye to find a clue about Lee's desperation, and the three girls were arrested by a cop after they did a spell for opening Diana's blouse. But, they are released thanks to Eva. Later, Melissa helped John Blackwell with the potion to save Jake, and gives him some advice. He told her about her mother and how much she looks like her, supposing that Sophie Ann was a good and also a very creative witch in potion and herbs. In the episode Sacrifice, Melissa felt sorry for Adam and Cassie about their lost feelings and accepted to help him at the Boathouse with Faye. She tried to attract a hockey player with Adam's help. But later Faye, who wanted to attract the guy too, used magic with Adam to impress him. But, they find out that the hockey player has a girlfriend and Adam punched him. Melissa and Faye comfort him and speak about his heartbroken. Melissa, Faye and Adam met the other members of the circle at the abandon house, but John Blackwell was missing. The circle look for him and find where the demons were trapped. They fight with Samuel, possessed by a demon and they were saved by John Blackwell, so the circle discovered that he always had his dark magic. At the end, the circle find out that they need crystals to defeat the witch hunters. In the episode Crystal, Melissa helps Faye find the crystal of her family, in her house, but they find the diary of Dawn, Faye's mother, and discover that Dawn and John secretly dated. Later the two girls meet the rest of the circle in the Blackwell's house. The circle decided to research their crystals, so Melissa makes a team with Adam and Diana to find her crystal in her grandmother's house. She met up with Callum, who tries to be friends with her, but Jake came up and fought with him, after Callum finds out he's a witch too. When she went to her grandmother's house with Adam, she discover a lot of crystals, and asked Diana some help to find which one is the right crystal. Later, Cassie told them that Callum stole a map to find the Armstrong's crystal, so they try to get it before him. She felt scared in the mine and heard some noise. Adam takes some risks to have the crystal and missed to fall into a hole, but Melissa saves him. When they try to go out, Callum stops them with a gun. He asks Melissa to go with him, but she refuse and gives him the crystal. The rest of the circle came to rescue them and stop Callum. Melissa, Adam and Jake take him out of Chance Harbor and Jake put a spell on him, similar to what Dawn did to Lucy and Zachary.

[[folder: Nick Armstrong]]


Nick '''(played by Louis Hunter in season 1; episodes 1–5, recurring 20-21)''' was the second male member of the Circle. Nick was the younger brother of Jake Armstrong, the son of Sara and Richard Armstrong, the boyfriend of Melissa Glaser, and also a member of the Secret Circle. Born in August 29, 1994, Nick discovered his powers with the help of Diana and Adam, sometime before Cassie Blake moved to Chance Harbor. He started a "friends with benefits" relationship with fellow witch, Melissa Glaser, but the relationship became real after he was threatened by Faye Chamberlain. However, the relationship was short lived, as he was possessed by the demon, Abaddon, and was murdered by Charles. He was born to Sara and Richard Armstrong, and spent his first few months of life with his older brother, Jake Armstrong. However, when he just a toddler, both of his parents were killed by witch hunters on the night of the Boatyard Fire sixteen years ago. Because of this, he was raised by his aunt and uncle. He occasionally went fishing with Diana Meade. In his teens, he started a sexual relationship with Melissa Glaser. Sometime before Cassie Blake arrived, Nick found out he was a witch with the help of Diana, who discovered her Book of Shadows and learned about the Circle's history. Upon taking up ownership of the Abandoned House, he and Adam searched the place throughly, taking up magical artifacts that could be potentionally dangerous to the Circle. While not as well trained or experienced as his brother Jake, Nick still shown remarkable use of magic. He knew a lot of the properties of herbs for different spells. He could combine his powers with his circle members to further his abilities. When Abaddon possessed him, Nick seemed to be trying to fight the possession and, while he failed, it was implied he had some sort of limited metal resistance that could have been developed further. He also seemed to have a particularly powerful affinity for Pyrokinesis, which he however never displayed onscreen. When he was resurrected, Nick seemed to regain his solo magic. Why that was the case is not confirmed but it possibly because in the time he stayed dead Jake took his place in the circle, thereby breaking his connection to the bound magic by the time the Witch Hunters brought him back to life. During Witch hunter service, Nick's powers seemed to have grown considerably. The reason for that is not confirmed either but it could be that when he outlived Abaddon, Nick held on to part of his powers and when he regain his solo magic his individual potential was not restrained anymore. He also displayed enhanced physical strength and speed after reviving. He could snap a grown man's neck swiftly with his bare hands, outrun Cassie and Diana in the abandoned carnival, and nearly overpower his older brother Jake when fighting over a knife. Nick and Melissa started a sexual relationship sometime before Cassie arrived. Melissa fell in love with Nick, but he did not return his feelings because he thought she was using him. Melissa wanted to go to the school dance, which Nick refused at first, but he finally ended up going. When Faye threatened Nick to be nicer to Melissa, he became aware of his emotions for her and acted nicer towards her. After the defeat of Heather Barnes, Melissa was possessed by the demon Abaddon. "Melissa" tricked Nick and the rest of the Circle into helping her open a case full of demons. However, Jane Blake was able to de-posess Melissa with the help of a magical crystal. Unfortunately, Abaddon possessed Nick. He tried to pass off as a member of the Circle, but Jane's crystal proved too much for him to handle, causing him to retreat. Abaddon met up with Dawn, and with the help of Charles, Nick was drowned, killing both him and Abaddon. A wake was held in his honor. This marked the return of his brother Jake, and a long trail of heartbreak for Melissa. In the end it appears that he did become the guy she wanted him to be. Months after his apparent death, Nick was somehow resurrected by an organization of witch hunters, known as the True Believers. He was sent to retrieve a crystal and thwart the circle's attempt at getting it. Nick came back to the Abandoned House, and he wanted Melissa to give him a Crystal because he was dying. Nick started to smash things and ran away after Adam arrived. He broke into the school by killing a security guard and heard from a discussion between Cassie, Melissa, and Adam where the last Crystal was hidden. He stole it from the showcase and then ran to Eben. It was revealed he had no demon inside of him, which was killing him, so the crystal was his bargaining counter for living. When Cassie took the Crystal, he tried to get it back and attacked his brother, Jake. Before Jake could die, Melissa stabbed Nick, admitting "There was no Nick anymore".


[[folder: Jake Armstrong]]


Jake '''(portrayed by Chris Zylka)''' is the older brother of Nick Armstrong, the son of Richard and Sara Armstrong, boyfriend of Faye Chamberlain, a former witch-hunter, and a current member of The Chance Harbor Circle. Charming and devilishly handsome, Jake joined a dedicated group of Witch Hunters known as "The True Believers" after leaving Chance Harbor and developed hatred toward witchcraft, swearing to kill all witches in his hometown. He was later known for his feelings towards Cassie and helped her escape from the witch hunters who captured her, only to sail away afterwards. He later returned to protect Cassie, and became an official member of the Circle. Jake was born on October 8, 1992, to Sara and Richard Armstrong, according to the episode Crystal. Almost two years later his little brother, Nick, was born on August 29, 1994. When he was a few years old, he snuck into his parents car unaware they would later be killed that day. He escaped the boat fire that day and started to block the memory of what he saw and what happened. In his teens he worked at the Boathouse Bar and Grill until he stole money, for which Adam holds a grudge against him. He also dated Faye Chamberlain, leaving her heart broken. He left Chance Harbor and joined "The True Believers", a witch hunter club, after discovering he was a witch. He was not close to Nick when he left and later came back only after Nick had been killed by Charles Meade. Jake is a loner very much like Cassie was before coming to Chance Harbor, but also according to Jane Blake "a troubled young man." Jake doesn't care about what anyone thinks of him more particularly Adam and his girlfriend Faye. The first person he is shown to care about is Cassie, even to the extent of betraying Isaac and the witch hunters. He strangely didn't grieve when his brother Nick died and his lack of emotion surprised Melissa. It's suggested his apathy is due to Jake's belief that "emotion leaves the door open to unwanted emotions such as grief, sadness and possibly love." He hides his real feelings behind his secondary emotions as noted by Faye who knows him the best. It's shown and mentioned his hatred of witchcraft. Isaac convinced him that witchcraft is what killed his parents, which led him to follow "The True Believers". When Cassie helps him access his blocked memories, Jake discovers that Witch Hunters set the fire at the Boatyard. He now wants nothing more than vengeance against the people he once felt he could trust. Jake was born on October 8, 1992, to Sara and Richard Armstrong, according to the episode Crystal. Almost two years later his little brother, Nick, was born on August 29, 1994. When he was a few years old, he snuck into his parents car unaware they would later be killed that day. He escaped the boat fire that day and started to block the memory of what he saw and what happened. In his teens he worked at the Boathouse Bar and Grill until he stole money, for which Adam holds a grudge against him. He also dated Faye Chamberlain, leaving her heart broken. He left Chance Harbor and joined "The True Believers", a witch hunter club, after discovering he was a witch. He was not close to Nick when he left and later came back only after Nick had been killed by Charles Meade. After commiting countless acts of trouble, Jake left Chance Harbor, but later returned to pay his respects for his brother's untimely death. Unbeknownst to Jake, with his presence in Chance Harbor, his bloodline completed the Circle, restoring the power of Adam Conant, Cassie Blake, Diana Meade, Faye Chamberlain, and Melissa Glaser. After being attacked by a witch hunter named Simone, Jake helped Cassie by casting a spell that made her flee. After stealing blood from Cassie Blake, Jake visited Simone at a motel, where he helped witch hunters in their attempt to rid the town of witches. However, after Simone tried to kill Jake, with the help of Cassie, Jake murdered Simone with a silver dagger.

In Masked, Jake was invited to a Halloween party from Cassie, which he rejected. When he found out Cassie was going to ask Mr. Wilson about the piece of silver dagger she found at the bottom of a small table, he paid a visit to his shop and threatened him. He told him that if Cassie came to his shop to ask about anything to say he didn't know anything or Jake would kill him, this includes telling Cassie about Jake's threat. In Beneath, Jake went to speak with Isaac who reminded Jake why he was trying to get close to Cassie and not let any feelings blind him to his mission. Jake said not to worry; he only wanted to get close to kill Cassie. During the car ride to the lake, Jake and Cassie, however, had more sexual tension, and once the Circle arrived at the house, they were puzzled to find a lack of Henry and Jane. Cassie and Jake lit a fire and shared the warmth together, but Adam was in the shadows, watching the love of his life slip away from him. Faye suggested to play Truth or Dare, which resulted in Diana taking off her top, Faye admitting that she's only slept with two guys, and Jake and Cassie kissing. This sent Faye into a fury and she and Cassie had an argument. Later, Jake and Cassie started to kiss but Jake suddenly interrupted. In the end, Jake talked to Isaac and declared it was time to finally kill off the whole Circle. In Balcoin, Faye spoted Jake at the clubhouse and confronted him about stealing something from the Circle. He claimed that the stone he took belonged to his family and that he was only going to place it on Nick's grave. Cassie told Jake that her father died in the fire that took the lives of so many others, so she didn't know too much about him. She and Jake discovered the Blackwell family tree , which revealed that the Blackwells were once called the Balcoins. Therefore, Jake spoke to Isaac and warned him about Cassie and her powerful Dark Magic, inherited from her father's bloodline - the bloodline of the most powerful Dark witches family. Isaac then declared he needed to talk to the Council to figure out what to do with Cassie. Later, Cassie asked Jake to be her date at the fundraiser, but he refused. Cassie attended the fundraiser anyway, and Jake eventually showed up, admitting their growing feelings for each other. Adam warned the rest of the Circle that Jake was a witch hunter, from what he heard from a conversation with Isaac and the group left to find her. However, Cassie had already left the party with Jake. He tried to explain Cassie about her ancestors, who were purveyors of dark, evil magic and also to convince her to run away from town. Adam texted Cassie and warned her that Jake was a witch hunter and Cassie told Jake that she needed to go home to pack, to run away from him. But Isaac was already waiting for her in her room. After recovering from being knocked-out, Jake convinced Adam and Faye he wanted to help Cassie and they teamed up to find her. While Adam rescued Cassie, Jake struggled to fight with Isaac, telling his mentor he believed Cassie could fight off her Dark Magic, but Isaac wasn't. Furthermore, Isaac admitted Cassie wasn't the only child of Blackwell in the Circle, therefore convincing Jake to stay with them. In Darkness, Jake appeared in a dream, in which he told Cassie that she could not control her Dark Magic, angering her and making him choke. Later in the episode, Cassie performed a spell to attract him in Chance Harbor.

In Fire/Ice, Jake was around Chance Harbor, into hiding, and saved Cassie and Melissa from a fire caused by Faye at the High School. Later, he went to the basement of the Abandoned House, interrupting Cassie and Adam kissing. In Witness, Jake returned to town and warned Cassie and Adam that the witch hunter council had decided to come and kill Cassie. Jake revealed that when he was 4 years old, he had hidden in the car and went out to find his parents and saw what happened at the Boatyard. He offered Cassie to go into his memory to see what happened there. Adam refused to let Cassie risk her life to do something for Jake, but she did it anyway. In Jake's memory, he and Cassie saw his parents and wanted to follow them to see if they could lead them to the other parents. But when they were getting closer, Jake's head started to ache, and Cassie told him to stay where he was, and she followed them on her own depsite Jake's disapproval. The memory started to blur and Jake came back to reality, trying to get Cassie back but he failed. Adam hurried to Cassie's side and angrily asked Jake what he did to Cassie. They later worked together to bring them back into the memory and save Cassie. Later on, Cassie went back to the boatyard to pick up the Medallion she had seen her father dropping, where Jake caught her up and talked to her about how he shouldn't have blocked his memory. In the night, Cassie wanted to see if her father was still alive, so she asked him to help digging his grave, but what they discovered was animal's bones, meaning John Blackwell was maybe still alive. In Medallion, Cassie met up with Jake at the Abandoned House. Once again, she had the Medallion. Jake suggested that since the symbol on the Medallion matched the one in the ceiling downstairs, they should go there. Cassie tried to align the Medallion with the symbol, and when she did, she became stuck in a trance while the energy around caused a weak earthquake. Cassie told Jake to run but Jake ran back and tackled her, therefore interrupting the magical connection. Later on, after Adam awoke doubts about Jake, Cassie asked him if he’d ever killed a witch, but didn't answer, proving Adam was right. In the end, Faye met up with Jake and the two hooked up. In Valentine, Issac turns up to talk to Jake and says that Jake needs to find the medallion so that Issac can trade it for Cassie's and Jake's freedom. Jake then sets out to find Cassie, along the way he finds out that Cassie was being haunted by the Nidaros Coven, he teams with Adam so he can find Cassie. They set out to an abandoned church, where Cassie was trapped by the Coven. After Cassie broke the medallion to save Adam's life, he gave a broken piece to Issac. In Return, he made a deal with Eben after Witch Hunters captured Cassie. He offered Blackwell instead of Cassie but when he brought Blackwell to Eben, the latter changed his mind and let both Blackwell and Cassie go, having Jake taken as hostage instead. However, it was a trick since Cassie was spelled with Linden, being forced to kill her father. In the last moments, the Circle freed Jake and pushed magically Eben onto a tree, being impaled by a branch, yet not killing him, and went to save Cassie and John. In Curse, John Blackwell had spelled him so that he would feel ill and the fake curse that he told Cassie and Adam about would seem real. Jake began seeing Calvin Wilson's ghost. After Adam and Cassie drank the potion, John Blackwell spelled him again so he would start feeling better. In Sacrifice, a man named Samuel is being chased through the woods by Eben and the other witch hunters. When he enters into Chance Harbor, Eben lets him go. Samuel goes straight to Jake's house and Jake attacks him. Cassie sees somebody in the Armstrong house fighting with Jake from her room and runs over. Samuel and Jake are friends - or were, in Jake's witch hunter days. In Crystal, Cassie and Diana arrive at the abandonded house where they meet Jake and Adam. Jake comes and it wasn't that pleasant for Callum, because Jake thought Callum is threatening Melissa. Jake and Melissa then leave to go back to their mission. In the car, Jake asked why did Cassie said that she is already going with him to Adam. She said that it just felt very hard when she with Adam. Jake told Cassie that he thought the Elixir erased their feelings for each other. Royce Armstrong arrives home and sees the three, pushing the table to the corner to stop them from going anywhere. Jake yelled out that he is his grandson, Royce then realized that it is his grandson, Jake. Royce explains that his family crystal is hidden in a mine that is spelled so that no witch with dark magic can enter. Jake calls Melissa and tells her where to find the crystal so she heads there with Adam. Melissa and Adam find the crystal but as they're leaving the mine they run into Callum. He and Adam start fighting and Callum pulls out a gun. Then Diana pulls up and hears the gun shot. That's when Cassie, Faye, and Jake get to the mine. Cassie realizes she can't get in so she waits for them at the door. Diana walks up as Jake and Adam pull Callum out of the mine. They mark him and tell him to leave Chance Harbor and for him to never come back. In Traitor, Faye and Jake tried easing the “pain” of Cassie’s loss with Dawn’s prescription pills, but all they found in the bottle was Faye’s family’s crystal. At the abandoned house, John and the others were looking for the remaining crystals, at which point Faye and Jake showed up with the crystal they had found. When Jake informed them it was dead, John told them it could be recharged with the power of the Circle. Jake thought to reach out to Isaac, who he believed would have turned on Eben. When the Circle went to rendezvous with Isaac in the woods, Ian another witch hunter told them Isaac had been killed by Eben. He also informed them the traitor had run away and is hiding from Eben. In Prom, the circle is discussing Nick being the traitor witch. Melissa is telling the circle thay they need to help Nick. Jake then tells Melissa to move on but she leaves the abandon house. Faye goes to Jake's house to see why he was being a jerk to Melissa. Jake then gets a knife for protection, in case Nick comes back looking for the crystal. Faye decides to invite Jake to prom which he stood her up 2 years ago. Faye then tells Jake she wants to dance with him. The circle finds Nick and try to get the crystal. Nick tells Eben he wants to trade the crystal for the demon. Nick is fighting Jake and just as he was about to kill him Melissa kills Nick. John goes to the circle and tells them that Eben got away and he took Faye. He says that they got the sixth crystal and can make the crystal skull to save Faye.

[[folder: Charles Meade]]

Charles '''(portrayed by Gale Harold)''' is a witch, former member of The Chance Harbor Circle and the step-father/adoptive father of Diana Meade. Charles is also responsible for killing Amelia Blake, Nick Armstrong, Abaddon and accidentally Jane Blake. In the Pilot, Charles was responsible for Amelia Blake's death by fire using a magic crystal because he no longer has magic. Later in the episode Charles seems to have a scheme planned with Dawn Chamberlain. In Bound, after Dawn learns he used magic on Ethan Conant from her father-in-law, she demands he gives her the crystal, not to waste his power. In Loner, Charles and Zachary Larson had a fight concerning the latter's plan to destroy the Circle, but without magic, Charles is beaten, and his opponent goes away to kill Cassie Blake. However he fails to do so he and Dawn run him out of town. In Slither Charles after getting a phone call from Dawn then kills Nick Armstrong who is possessed by the Demon, Abaddon by drowning him at the end of the ordeal he's noticeably shaken and runs away when with Dawn when he hears Cassie and Jane approaching. In Wake after being forced by Dawn to killed Nick Armstrong who was possessed by the demon, Abaddon in the episode Slither. Charles is haunted by his guilt at Nick's wake and confused Nick's brother Jake for him. Later on Charles told Dawn he wouldn't like let another event like Nick happen. In Masked he erases Jane Blake's memory by a Crystal after she finds Henry Chamberlain dead body. In Beneath he hides Dawn's dead Father In Law Henry Chamberlain who she killed in Bound in a lake near his house in Pine Lake. So no-one would find him, but Cassie finds him with help from Faye''s memories. In Balcoin he sees concerned for Jane at the town dance when he realizes he messed up erasing Jane's memory In Masked as she thinks He and Dawn are teenagers and that her daughter Amelia is still alive and is her grandmother Cassie. It's presumed he had a hand in helping Jane get out of town for her "Early On-Set Dementia" because he's showed with remorse. In Darkness his mother comes to town which causes halts on Charles and Dawn's plan.Later on his mother tells him she knows he has magic from a crystal as she knows his imprint on magic and warns him not to lose him to the darkness of witchcraft. In the same episode Cassie comes and lives with the Medea's for a short while until the episode Return when Cassie returns to her house clamming she needs to get the house ready for when Jane comes back. Charles is seen looking worried over this as he was the one who send Jane to the doctors in the first place. In Medallion he brings back a dead Dawn who had been fatally wounded by Lucy Gibbons with the help of the Crystal he got back from Ethan. In Crystal his daughter Diana finds out Charles is legal father as her birth father is John Blackwell. Ironically John had a run in with Charles trying to make amends for Elizabeth's death, but Charles still shows bitterness of this this as John took away his daughter's mother and his wife. Also he tells John he'll follow him in "blind" faith like he when was a teenager. Later he he killed Jane by accident with a Witch Cruid which John Blackwell switched he left Charles alive as he still had a "use for him". In Traitor, Diana informed him she is not his biological daughter, but John's. Charles is seen shaken by this, but tells Diana he was her father from the moment he first held her in his arms and nothing will change that. He also warns her to keep away from Blackwell which she promises she'll do that. Later he gets in a confront with John punching him in a bar telling he's taking Diana away from Chance Harbor, but mostly him. As Diana is the only "good thing in his life". But Dawn convince him to stay because if he goes anywhere Diana and the circle are still bound. In Prom John Blackwell releases a curse (assumed to be like how he did to Jake to the person he murdered to haunt him) on Charles. When Dawn called, the phone seem to have a voice. Charles heard Cassie voice, and assume it is her, but then he realized that it is Amelia. Then suddenly the stove's fire begin to fire and water everywhere. Suddenly big flames start, and Charles murmur that he was so sorry. John Blackwell stops. Later on when Diana came, he confess that he killed Amelia. In Family , Charles "sacrifices" himself and performs a chant to gather Eben 's demon inside him, which allows Jake Armstrong to kill Eben. At the end of Family , Kate Meade performs a spell to petrify Charles to trap the demons inside him (like Amelia Blake did to Heather Barnes). Charles was first shown as a relentless, calculating and methodical man who wants his power back just as much as Dawn does. He was able to orchestrate Cassie's arrival in Chance Harbor through the death of her mother, which he himself made possible. He isn't above threatening people when they stand in his way. However, when he was forced to kill Nick Armstrong to purge the demon inside him, a notable change in him starts to happen. Since then, he abandoned his previous objectives. When Dawn wouldn't change her ways, he refused to join forces with her once again and chose to deal with things alone. It is because of this that they were seen fighting for the possession of the only source of power they once had - crystals. As the series went on, he has shown how much he loves his step-daughter, even if he finally realizes that she wasn't his. In the end, he decides to regain his power once more, not for himself, but for his step-daughter and her Circle, even if he had to sacrifice himself in the end.

[[folder: Ethan Conant]]

Ethan '''(portrayed by Adam Harrington)''' is a witch, the son of James Conant, the husband of Catherine Conant and the father of Adam Conant, as well as a former member of the Chance Harbor Circle. Ethan used to love Amelia, but she loved John Blackwell instead. So, Ethan married Catherine and had a son, Adam. Ethan and Amelia were involved in boatyard fire, he gave Eben powers to kill John but also to kill the other witches including his wife, but he didn't know about Eben's plan of killing the other witches. Right after his wife's death John Blackwell's supposed death and Amelia left Chance Harbor, Ethan became an alcoholic while still raising his son Adam. Ethan, despite being a frequent alcoholic, owns and successfully runs (and bartends) the Boathouse Bar and Grill in Chance Harbor. His son, Adam works there as a waiter. Due to his sobriety issues, Ethan begins to converse with Cassie about things that are initially meant to be kept secret and speaks with her about how the Blake and Conant family are "written in the stars". Charles Meade becomes afraid that he will say too much to Cassie and threatens to kill him with a Signa Spell, nearly drowning him. Upon his arrival in town, Henry Chamberlain converses with Ethan, and he asks him about things in Chance Harbour. Ethan tells Henry about Charles' attack, insinuating that both Dawn and Charles have found a way to practice witchcraft again. This leads Henry to investigate, and ultimately to his death (by heart attack) at the hands of Dawn. Ethan appears to be trying to clean up his act and stay sober. When he was drunk during Nick's wake, he told Diana about Cassie and Adam being destined to be together, causing Diane to break up with Adam and made the latter be really mad at his dad. In Witness, when Cassie was in Jake's memories, she saw Ethan. It's implied he brought witch hunters on the boat so that they would help him get rid of John Blackwell, Amelia's lover. However they also killed everyone on the boat except him, as he slipped out the backdoor while John Blackwell faked his own death. When Cassie tells Adam about the endeavor, he can't believe her since his father told him he was never there that day. Meanwhile, Ethan seems to become power crazed when he steals the crystal from Charles. In Lucky, Adam asked him what happening in the boatyard fire which Ethan refuse to tell and told Adam not to let the past get between Adam and Cassie. At school, Ethan stabbed John in Cassie's sight and he ran until Cassie used her dark magic to stopped and nearly kill him until John stopped her. John confronted Ethan about giving Eben power to destroy the circle, he wanted it to be Blackwell. John kept Ethan's secret if he kept what he did to John and what Cassie nearly did a secret. He revealed that Amelia was involved in John's attempted death so he and Amelia could be together like Adam and Cassie (Although this could be ruse she told Ethan to protected the unborn Cassie Blake at the time and didn't want be with Ethan since their "fated" love was "cursed" unknown to Ethan at the time). John then told him in return that the Blake's and Conants written in the stars is not only fate but is also a curse. In Curse, Unaware of the multitudes of dead birds outside, Cassie and Adam revel in their post-coital afterglow. Blackwell is the first to discover the birds. Cassie is afraid her dark magic killed them, but Blackwell seems to already know they slept together, and that their togetherness is what caused the bird massacre. He says the curse has been activated, a curse that prevents their families from joining bloodlines. That’s what drove Cassie’s mom Amelia from Adam’s father, Ethan. Dawn confronts Blackwell – there is no curse after all. Blackwell orchestrated the whole thing with his magic and he’s driving them apart because he’s afraid of their destiny. He tells Dawn that Amelia and Ethan wanted out of their circle, which would have left the rest of them vulnerable. He also brings up the witch hunters and that they must be working with a witch to use magic.

[[folder: John Blackwell]]

John '''(portrayed by Joe Lando)''' was the father of Cassie Blake, Diana Meade and four other Blackwell children, the ex-boyfriend of Amelia Blake and Elizabeth Meade and an extremely powerful Witch with Dark Magic.According to Royce Armstrong John is not from Chance Harbor and came into town with one mission: to have children. He managed to catch the eyes of Amelia Blake, Elizabeth Meade and Dawn Chamberlain thought he fathered the former two's daughters and also it was found out in Prom that he used his magic to made the 4 remaining females in the circle highly fertile that they would each, respectively, get pregnant and have a child to make up the third generation of the Chance Harbor Circle, the one he knew his daughters would eventually join. He was also friends with half the circle and told them they could beat the Witch-Hunters, which lead to the night of Boatyard Fire. He escaped, but his actions had the effect of killing half of the circle as well as getting the survivors' powers stripped. This caused them to keep magic a secret from their children for fear that the same would happen to them. The survivors also split up never speaking to each other ever again and if they did it was not for long. Although they eventually found out and Jake Armstrong becoming a Witch-Hunter since he believed magic is what got his parents killed in the first place. John had an affair with Elizabeth Meade which resulted in another child. It was mentioned in episode Witness and Lucky that Amelia left John due to his betrayal, but in Prom his daughters especially Cassie find out why her mother did leave and was because he was using the circle through Amelia and would eventually do the same through their daughter. Its was also found in Family he sired 4 more children in the 2 circles on the east coast. Three sons and another daughter part of his plan to make a circle of Balcoin blood and also full of Dark Magic. He has three daughters and three sons total. John Blackwell is, without a doubt, a master at deception and manipulation. Both with the second generation of the Chance Harbor Circle and with the current generation, he managed to convince most of them to trust him and to follow his lead. He also succeeded in keeping his true motives hidden until it was too late to stop his manipulations the first time and almost too late the second time. He also seems willing to do whatever it takes to get his plan accomplished, such as when he tricked Charles into admitting to his daughter he killed Amelia, or when he poisoned Jake to stop the Adam/Cassie relationship, or when he killed Jane to make the Circle head their anger onto the Witch-hunters. Despite this, he cares about Cassie and Diana and believed that everything he did was for them. In Witness, We see him seemingly escaping the fire in the past memories of this event, which hinted that he could still be alive. This theory was confirmed when Jake Armstrong, and Cassie Blake dug up his grave expecting to find his body, but instead finding the bones of a dog. He was also seen carrying a special medallion when Cassie peered into Jake's memories from sixteen years ago. He used the medallion to reverse a Ritual used by the Witch-Hunters to kill witches that possess the power of strong Dark Magic. Cassie later found the Medallion but destroyed it in Valentine. In Return, Blackwell claimed that he had lost his powers after the ritual which stripped the parent's coven of their powers, although he indicated that he was unsure why. However in Curse, it's revealed he lied to his daughter about his lack of power. He does have magic and it can fake a curse, spell Jane, kill birds and put Jake in agony but not powerful enough to help Cassie if her Circle is destroyed. In Crystal, John stops Faye from misusing Cassie's crystal and advises the Circle to leave in pairs so they can use Circle magic. John is invited to coffee by Jane but she is working with Charles in order to kill him. When he sits on the spelled chair, it weakens him and Charles is about to light the Witch Cruid but is stopped by Jane who wants to question him about her daughters death. When Blackwell is proved to be innocent Jane wants to spare him but Charles lights the Cruid anyway. John reveals that he's had days alone in the house and discovered the Cruid and changed it to Jane's. He brings Charles to his knees and takes the crystal, telling Charles he is still alive because he is of use to him. In Family , John used Cassie and Diana to create the crystal skull by destroying the original six crystals. While Cassie held the skull, John told her to give it to him causing Diana and Cassie to ask why she couldn't hold it. Which in turn caused John to use his magic to render Cassie and Diana unconscious. At the Abandoned House he trapped them in a circle with Colocasia Root so they couldn't use their magic to escape while he spelled the skull to kill all witches except those who are of the Balcoin bloodline. As he finished the spell, Cassie began to choke Diana to release her dark magic, resulting in Diana successfully breaking the circles bindings. Cassie together with Diana reversed the spell put onto the skull to kill John.

[[folder: Dawn Chamberlain]]

Dawn '''(portrayed by Natasha Henstridge)''' is a former member of the Chance Harbor Circle, the wife of Thomas Chamberlain and also the mother of Faye Chamberlain. After a surprise visit from her father-in-law, Henry Chamberlain, he discovered that she and Charles Meade had been using a forbidden crystal to perform magic, even though they had been stripped of their powers. After he demanded that she hand it over to him and threatened to tell the Elders, Dawn used the crystal to kill Henry. After Charles and Dawn fought over how to continue their quest to return their powers, Dawn wanting to kill Kate Meade to cover their tracks, she has been seen attempting to have John Blackwell help her regain her power. Dawn was born a witch of her own Circle but her powers were stripped and destroyed by Elders after the Boatyard Fire that claimed the lives of half her Circle. At first, Dawn is portrayed as a cunning, diabolical and power-hungry woman, who after losing her powers when her Circle was stripped of them, has been occupied with nothing but finding ways to regaining the power she once lost. She is willing to work her way through various obstacles, even innocent people, to accomplish her ends and keep other people from finding out about her schemes. She has even gone to the extent of killing her father-in-law, Henry Chamberlain, just to stop him from reporting her actions to the Elders. As the series went by, Dawn slowly sets aside her selfish ambitions and, in the season finale, decides to regain her power in an attempt to save her daughter and her Circle. By then, she has shown a new resolve to protect her daughter from the malicious forces that seek to harm her and her Circle. Dawn was very welcoming to Cassie Blake whose mother, Amelia had recently passed away. She is later shown to have been in on Amelia's death. She plotted with Diana's father Charles Meade to have her killed to bring Cassie to Chance Harbor to join the most recent Circle. Henry Chamberlain, Faye's grandfather, came to visit. He found out about the Circle between Faye and her friends and wanted to put a stop to it, ending with his death by Dawn's hands. When Zachary Larson tried to kill Cassie, Dawn and Charles put a tracking spell on him and threatened him if he ever came near their children, they would kill him. They tried the blood moon to summon back their powers when their crystal died out of energy. Nick was soon possessed by a demon and was drowned by Charles at Dawn's insistence, though he deeply regretted it afterwards. After killing Henry Chamberlain Dawn and Charles put his body at the lake house so no one would suspect they were responsible for his death. But Jane went to Henry's cabin for the weekend and find him dead. She searches in his house for his crystal (in the hopes of reviving him), but then Charles knocks her unconscious and grab Henry's crystal. Dawn suggests that Charles leaves the crystal with her, but he refuses and say that this time he would be with the crystal. He put a spell on Jane so she couldn't remember what she saw at the lake house, but somehow the spell went out wrong and she starts to forget parts of her past. In Medallion, she notices a cut on her hand. This is in fact a mark she had put on Lucy Gibbons which warns of her return in Chance Harbor. She then goes to Lucy's motel to talk about redemption - because she reveals Lucy betrayed the Circle sixteen years ago ; and she suggests her to help finding the family Crystals. Later, Dawn opens her door to Lucy, who stabs her and leave, letting the ex-witch bleeding on the floor. In the end, she's saved by Charles, who got the crystal back from Ethan. In Lucky Dawn tells Faye to behave herself at the casino night fundraiser tonight. Dawn suggests her mom bring a date, maybe Cassie's dad. It's the first Dawn has heard that John Blackwell is back. Dawn sneaks up on John Blackwell in the hallway. He violently throws her against the wall. She immediately starts flirting with him and suggests they find a way to get their power back. John is looking for Ethan and ignores her flirting. Adam arrives and apologizes to Cassie. Cassie says that she is sorry for accusing his dad and Adam concurs. He suggests they hear her dad out. Adam walks off. Dawn bumps into Cassie and tells her that her dad is looking for Adam's father. In Curse Dawn tells Charles that Blackwell has visited Jane and worries that she might regain her memory. We are reminded that Charles killed Amelia, and if Blackwell finds out, he’s sure to want revenge. They pay a visit to Jane and out comes the crystal to mind-wipe her. Dawn confronts Blackwell – there is no curse after all. Blackwell orchestrated the whole thing with his magic and he’s driving them apart because he’s afraid of their destiny. He tells Dawn that Amelia and Ethan wanted out of their circle, which would have left the rest of them vulnerable. He also brings up the witch hunters and that they must be working with a witch to use magic. In Crystal Faye and Melissa looking for a crystal at Dawn's house. Along the way, Faye finds Dawn's old journal wrapped in a silver ribbon. Faye reads that Dawn wrote down about her romance with John Blackwell and that she couldn't keep it from Tom and Amelia. Faye suggests that Dawn and John Blackwell were "secretly hooking up". In Traitor Faye and Jake tried easing the "pain" of Cassie's loss with Dawn's prescription pills, but all they found in the bottle was Faye’s family’s crystal. Elsewhere, John paid Dawn a visit and asked her to keep a close eye on Charles, who was planning on leaving town with Diana. For her cooperation, John promised Dawn her powers back. He also revealed his plan to get rid of the elders. It’s clear John is manipulating the Circle to get what he wants, but we’re still not sure what his endgame is. In Prom Charles asks Diana if she is going to prom and gives her Elizabeth's necklace.Charles then gives Diana a ride to school.Dawn Chamberlain is outside waiting for Charles and they discussed John.

[[folder: Jane Blake]]

Jane (portrayed by Ashley Crow) was the mother of Amelia Blake and grandmother of Cassie Blake, former member and former leader of the Chance Harbor Circle, and was an Elder. She was residing in Chance Harbor, Washington. She welcomed Cassie in her house after Amelia passed away, and tried to help her get used to her new life. Even if she knew Cassie would meet the other members of the Circle, she first wanted to have her staying away from magic. Soon, she got suspicious of Cassie's behaviour, and when Cassie revealed her she knew the truth about her powers, Jane wasn't really surprised. After the arrival of witch-hunters in Chance Harbor, Jane tried to contact a friend of her, Henry Chamberlain, but she was attacked at his house, and began to suffer from amnesia. It was revealed Charles Meade used a Crystal to have her under his control. She then went to a nursing home to get her memory back, and later returned, after Charles freed her of his spell. Trying to kill John Blackwell, it was however her who died from the Witch Cruid, leaving alone a grief-stricken Cassie. Not much is known about Jane's early life. She was born into the Circle and was free to practice her witchcraft in her youth. She must have got married and then had a daughter, Amelia Blake. It is revealed she wasn't pleased by Amelia and John Blackwell's relationship, to the point she had prepared a Witch Cruid to kill him. When a fire occurred sixteen years ago, leaving most of their children dead, Jane and the other parents agreed to strip the survivors of their powers and to banish witchcraft, so that no one would get hurt anymore. After this, Amelia left town with her baby, Cassie, far from Chance Harbor and her mother. Jane was seen to be a loving mother and grandmother. Since Cassie's arrival, and before she had neurological issues, she was always there when her granddaughter needed help. If at first, she tried to make Cassie stay away from witchcraft, she soon had to teach her about magic, both time in order to protect her and not to allow what occurred sixteen years ago to happen again. She was also very protective, to the point of preparing a Cruid to kill her daughter's boyfriend, whose dark side was threatening her family's safety. After her daughter died, she seemed to regret the behaviour she had toward Amelia, which caused a break between them. But still, she would have avenged Amelia's death if John had been guilty of it. After the arrival of a newly orphaned Cassie, Jane welcomed her granddaughter with open arms and began teaching her about her mother’s past in Chance Harbor. At first, she tried to maintain Cassie away from magic, asking Dawn Chamberlain for help in watching over the children and preventing from practicing. After Cassie revealed to her grandmother she knew about her magic and asked her for help in defeating Abaddon, Jane began telling her about the dangers of witchcraft, and also gave her the family crystal to help her protect herself. After she didn't receive news from Henry Chamberlain, an old friend of her, Jane decided to visit him. She however found his dead body inside of his house, and tried to revive him with another Crystal she took out of hiding. Once the Crystal was revealed, Charles Meade came behind Jane and hit her at the back of the head. He then used the Crystal to make her forget about what she saw at the lake House. Jane returned to Chance Harbor with no memories of Henry's death. After Cassie returned from Henry's house, she questioned her grandmother about it, but Jane found herself unable to tell what happened. At the Gala organized by Dawn Chamberlain and Patrick Glaser, it became obvious to Charles and Dawn that the spell had gone wrong, as Jane was witnessed several times having blackouts or mistaking Cassie for Amelia. Therefore, she went to a nursing home to have some rest and try to get her memory back. Cassie visited her sometimes since then, often being mistaken for her mother, and once, she came with her newly returned father John Blackwell, to whom Jane showed a really cold welcoming. Both asked Jane about a curse placed on the Blake and Conant families, which Jane described as being the result of jealousy from a Seer witch, and would Cassie and Adam get together, a member of their Circle would die. It was later revealed in a discussion between John and Dawn that the curse was absolutely faked by John's magic, who manipulated Jane into telling Cassie the curse really existed. At night, Charles freed Jane of the influence of the Crystal. She returned to Chance Harbor healthy and surprised Cassie with her presence. Planning a dinner with John Blackwell following Cassie's request, she in fact prepared a trap. Paralyzing John onto a chair, she tried to learn the truth about Amelia's death, but as the Crystal didn't react to Blackwell claiming his innocence, Jane concluded he was telling the truth. She then refused to kill him, so Charles lit the Witch Cruid on his own, but Jane suddenly died in the place of John. Blackwell revealed to Charles he had some time in the Blake House to find the Cruid and made it into her Cruid, perfectly aware of Jane's plan to kill him sixteen years ago. A wake was held into her favour at the Blake House, which a lot of people attended.

[[folder: Lee Labeque]]

Lee (portrayed by Grey Damon) was a Voodoo practitioner, ex-boyfriend of Eva and ex-boyfriend of Faye Chamberlain. He was killed by Eva when he told her that he was in love with Faye. Not much is known about Lee's life prior to Darkness, except that he was once a drug dealer until his girlfriend Eva overdosed from Devil's Spirit. He also met Callum during this time. Faye Chamberlain found a website online about a guy who was a descendant of Voodoo practitioners and who could potentially help her getting her magic back, so she asked Melissa Glaser to come with her and also stole a spell from Cassie Blake's Book of Shadows. When the two met Lee, they asked him to help them perform the spell. However, it happens that he performed a fake ritual, and when Faye realized it, she came back to his place and trashed it, until he showed up and told her he knew about her being a witch. He told her he would help her if she made a deal that could benefit them both. Some days later, Lee talked with Faye about her having lost her magic since she bound her Circle. When she came to his place, he told her that he assumed someone in her Circle had Dark Magic and that he could extract it in order to put it into her. After having stolen a necklace from Cassie's, Lee tethered Faye to her Dark Magic and when the ritual was complete, Faye got supposedly what she wanted. While Lee kept secretly some of Faye's blood, she discovered she didn't get Cassie's magic but the Circle's magic, so she threatened the Voodoo practitioner to tell her how to break the spell, and reversed the spell. After the Fire and Ice Dance events, Lee was still helping Faye with her magic, when a old acquaintance of him, Callum, arrived and asked Lee to get him some Devil's Spirit, revealing to Faye Lee used to deal. Lee came back with the drug for Callum and after a brief fight, Callum left. He later told Faye why he stopped dealing - that his ex-girlfriend Eva got an overdose of it and stayed in a coma since then. Still trying to help Faye, Lee offered her a voodoo totem supposedly to help get her more energy. When Diana Meade accidentally pushed Faye, breaking the totem, Faye called Lee so that he would fix it. Having made a spell to call a handsome pizza guy, Diana rushed to the door to kiss him, but it happened to be Lee she was kissing - Lee then fixed the totem. He was later seen putting a similar totem, along Faye's blood taken at the Fire and Ice Dance, under Eva's bed. After Diana learned Melissa had gone to a party at Callum's, she and Faye asked Lee to help them find their friend. There, he told them that there are "good" and "bad" voodoo users. Arriving at the party, Diana pointed out how Lee was protective of Faye, before they split up to find Melissa. When Melissa explained Faye that totem takes energy rather than gives it, Faye understood Lee used her. Lee was waiting for Faye in her room when she returned from the woods, and the two of them kissed after Lee broke the totem to show how much he loved her. Meanwhile, Eva woke up from her coma. Planning to invite Lee to Casino Night, Faye went to his place, but he answered he couldn't come. Returning later, decided to get another answer, she discovered Eva was still alive, and that Lee had lied to her, and she left, broken-hearted. However, Lee finally joined her at the party and told her he wanted her and only her, but Eva followed him. When he joined her, he told her he was sorry and told her their relationship was over. Lee was killed by Eva at the very end, due to her rapidly shifting his age forward, with Faye's witch powers that were transferred through the totems that Lee created.

[[folder: Other Characters]]

!!'''Henry Chamberlain (portrayed by Tom Butler)'''

Henry was the father of Thomas Chamberlain, grandfather of Faye Chamberlain and father-in-law of Dawn Chamberlain. After receiving a call from Ethan Conant about Charles Meade using magic against him, Henry began to investigate the problem in Bound. After he discovered the truth about Charles and Dawn having located a magic crystal, while witnessing his daughter-in-law resurrecting Sally Matthews, he demanded that she handed it over and threatened to tell "The Elders". Afraid of the consequences, Dawn used the crystal to kill Henry by making him having a a heart attack. His body was found at the end of Masked by Jane Blake , visiting him since she hadn't had any news for awhile. She tried to resurrect him with the crystal she took out of its hiding, but Charles attacked her and took the crystal. In Beneath, we learn that Charles put Henry's body into the lake so that no one would find him, but with the help of Henry's energy taking the shape of Faye's memories, Cassie was able to find his body laying beneath the end of the bridge. Before Cassie discovered the body she did magic by taking her hand right above the water and it was bubbling up then Henry's body shown which makes Cassie gasped and Faye started crying when she knew her beloved grandfather is dead.

!!'''Amelia Blake (portrayed by Emily Holmes)'''

Amelia was the mother of Cassie Blake, daughter of Jane Blake, ex-girlfriend of John Blackwell, and true love of Ethan Conant. She was also a former member and leader of the Chance Harbor Circle. Years after leaving Chance Harbor, Amelia was murdered by Charles Meade, forcing her daughter Cassie to move in Chance Harbor to live with her grandmother. Amelia Blake is the first and only child of Jane Blake. Amelia was once a member of the previous generation of the Secret Circle along with Ethan Conant, Catherine Conant, Charles Meade, Elizabeth Meade, Thomas Chamberlain, Dawn Chamberlain, Patrick Glaser, Sophie Ann Glaser, Sara Armstrong, Richard Armstrong and John Blackwell. However, they did not bind their circle, leading to some dangerous consequences. Amelia, as part of the Blake Family, was said to be destined with Ethan Conant and their fates were said to be "written in the stars". It is apparent she at first defied destiny to be with John Blackwell, with whom she had a child, Cassie Blake. John Blackwell, supposedly afraid of Ethan and Amelia's destiny, told her her love for Ethan was rather a curse than a destiny. However, she must have found John had invented this curse and, at a moment, she had planned to run away with Ethan far away from the Circle. At the same time, the Circle was suffering from Witch-Hunters' assaults, lead by Eben. While John was willing to summon demons to fight them off, the whole Circle refused and some wanted to make a truce, swearing never to use magic again. But John summoned the demons despite the Circle's decision, and Amelia had to help the Circle defeat them - both the demons and the hunters. Unable to stop them all, her human friend, Heather Barnes, became possessed by Abaddon, and Amelia decided to spell her so that she would cause no harm, placing her into a coma. In the same time, the truce was revealed to be a trap organized by the Witch Hunters, Amelia and Ethan to kill Blackwell, but the witch hunters took advantage of Ethan's magic and slaughtered most of the members of the Circle. Despite the fact Amelia had tried to warn some of them, like Elizabeth, to prevent them from being killed, they all went to the Boatyard on that night. After that, Amelia was stripped of her powers by the Elders along the four other surviving members - Dawn, Patrick, Charles and Ethan. She soon left Chance Harbor with her baby, far from her mother, from Ethan and from her memories of what happened. Amelia raised Cassie alone, often moving one place to another to prevent Cassie from facing her destiny. One night, after Cassie called her mother to report a flat tire, Charles Meade began to light matches outside of her home, causing everything to catch flame. Amelia tried to escape, but slipped on a puddle of water, rendering her unconscious. Her body was burned up in the fire, killing her. Amelia was a loving woman who cared for her family and friends, a trait which she passed to her daughter Cassie. According to her former friend Elizabeth Meade, Amelia was the one who brought John Blackwell into their lives, only seeing the good in him. She trusted him until his lies and deceptions caught up to him. Amelia then could not forgive him for betraying her. Amelia was very protective of her friends and family, as she tried to have John out of their lives for ever, even working with Witch Hunters to accomplish that goal, and tried to warn her friends of the danger of going to the Boatyard. Later consumed by guilt over her fallen circle members, she left Chance Harbor, Washington with Cassie and lived a nomadic life with her daughter until her death. Amelia left Ethan, her true love, and her mother Jane to protect Cassie from witchcraft during all her life, never letting her daughter know who she really was.

!!'''Elizabeth Meade (portrayed by Elise Gatien)'''

Elizabeth was a witch, a member of the Chance Harbor Circle, the wife of Charles Meade and the mother of Diana Meade, whom she conceived during an affair with John Blackwell. Elizabeth during her teens attended Chance Harbor High School and began dating Charles Meade. During her younger years she as well as several others discovered their witch powers and bonded their Circle. Her Circle would consist of witches from the Armstrong, Blake, Chamberlain, Conant, Glaser, and Meade families, all descended from the Salem Circle. Some time later Elizabeth and Charles' relationship turned much more serious and Elizabeth would eventually invite Charles to join her Circle of witches. Some time in the summer of 1994, Elizabeth and Charles had a "rough patch" and the two broke up for a couple of weeks. During the time of their breakup, Elizabeth sought comfort with John Blackwell, who had recently broken up with his girlfriend Amelia Blake. It was during this period that John and Elizabeth had a one-night stand and conceived a child. She made up with Charles soon after, but knew that her child was John's. She did not want to lose Charles, however, so she never told him the truth. On April 18, 1995, while she was still in high school, she gave birth to a daughter whom she and Charles named Diana Meade. Although she fully intended to keep Diana's paternity a secret, somehow Amelia found out about it and told her that she knew the truth on the day of the Boatyard Fire and tried to save Elizabeth's life by telling her to take Diana and leave town. On the night of the Boatyard Fire, Amelia Blake attempt to warn Elizabeth not to trust Blackwell. Elizabeth didn't heed the warning and instead call Amelia out on her hypocrisy and later went to the boat with other circle mates to discuss a truce between the Circle and a group of Witch-Hunters. Arriving early, Elizabeth would be one of the first to be attacked by the Witch-Hunters. Elizabeth died from exsanguination after her throat has been slit by one of the many Witch-Hunters that she had tried so hard to forge peace with. Elizabeth's death would leave emotional scars on both Charles and her daughter, Diana.

!!'''Eben (portrayed by Sammi Rotibi)'''

Eben was the main antagonist and a leader of Witch Hunters, responsible for the slaughter on the night of the Boatyard Fire. Eben first appeared in Jake Armstrong's memories from the night of the Boatyard Fire which occurred sixteen years ago. It has been revealed that on this night, a part of the Circle was willing to have a truce with the Witch Hunters after several "fights". However, the meeting was in fact a trap, in which most of the witches present on that day were killed, leaving their children alone. One of the few survivors was John Blackwell, whom Eben tired to kill personally. Until nowadays, he thought he had succeeded, not knowing Blackwell had escaped and survived. It was revealed later on that Eben was helped by a witch from the Circle sixteen years ago, and that this witch was in fact Ethan Conant, who gave Eben the "squag", a device which could lend a witch's power to a mortal. Despite the fact Ethan wanted the artifact to be used on John Blackwell, the Witch Hunter used it on the whole Circle. It was also revealed by Ethan he wasn't the only one wanting to kill Blackwell, as he was helped by Amelia Blake too. When Eben learned about Cassie Blake from Isaac, he first sent Lucy Gibbons, John Blackwell's psychic and also a traitor, to get rid of John Blackwell's daughter, who had therefore inherited his dark magic. However, she failed in stripping their powers and when she returned to him, he killed her. He later came to Chance Harbor by himself and kidnapped Cassie Blake. He then spelled her to kill John Blackwell, by making her lose control of her very own will. Not knowing this, John Blackwell took his daughter back whereas Jake was being taken in exchange. While Cassie was under the effect of the Linden, the Circle saved Jake by throwing Eben on a tree and impaling him on a branch. However, he was later missing, and the Circle assumed he ran away and had mysteriously survived. While John Blackwell guessed Eben was being helped by a witch, he confronted Ethan Conant and assumed the latter was not working with the Witch Hunters anymore, leaving the identity of the traitor still unknown. A few weeks later, Eben offered Samuel as a sacrifice in his ritual to call upon Demons. If the latter fled, it was already too late, as a demon had already entered his body. He warned John Blackwell about Eben's move and the two of them went to the place where the Demons would be summoned. Eben there attacked Blackwell, and while the Circle and John were fighting off with Samuel, Eben was completing the ritual. By the time Samuel had died, Eben had succeeded in hosting the Demons in his body, and ran away. However, working in the shadows with a witch and summoning Demons made him unpopular among some groups of Witch Hunters, and he was said to have killed any resistance. According to the Witch Hunter Ian, once Eben got the Demons, he killed Isaac who disagreed with his choices and also began to hunt his witch partner, who was revealed to be Nick Armstrong. Sometime later, Eben was contacted by Nick Armstrong, who had succeeded in stealing a crystal and wanted to trade the crystal for a demon, which would maintain him alive. Before the bargain could be made, Cassie arrived and took back the crystal, which angered Eben. He displayed some magical abilities to sent Cassie flying back in the air and was interrupted in his assault by John Blackwell. What happened between the two is unknown, but Blackwell told the Circle Eben kidnapped Faye Chamberlain before leaving. To save everybody, Charles Meade ended up taking the demons away from Eben, then Jake Armstrong came and stabbed him. Without the demons and witch's powers, he died.

!!'''Kate Meade (portrayed by Stepfanie Kramer)'''

Kate is a witch, the mother of Charles Meade and the mother-in-law of Elizabeth Meade, as well as the legal grandmother of Diana Meade. As an Elder, she returned to Chance Harbor, Washington to investigate her fellow Elders' sudden decline. Not much is known about Kate's early life except that she is the mother of Charles Meade, who entered a Circle involving the Salem Original families that settled in Chance Harbor after the Burning Times. She was also among the Elders who stripped of their powers the survivors of the Boatyard Fire, with among them Charles. Coming in Chance Harbor to investigate Henry Chamberlain's death and Jane Blake's neurological issues, as well as checking if Diana was feeling better since her break-up with Adam Conant, Kate arrived on the Meade House doorstep and was warmly welcomed by her granddaughter. After discussing with Charles and Diana, she left to discuss with her son's surprising date, Dawn Chamberlain. Perfectly aware something is going on in Chance Harbor, she quickly suspected Dawn and Charles to be involved with this. Kate threatened Dawn not to mess with her son and told her she would find out what she was up to. When Diana introduced her grandmother to Cassie Blake, Kate soon sensed Cassie's Dark Magic. Seeing Cassie was troubled, she told her that there is a way to remove it. She went in the woods with Cassie to perform a ritual that would use Nature to cleanse Cassie's Evil. But it turned out this ritual would kill Cassie, who would be buried deep into the ground. After trying to kill Cassie, Kate left Chance Harbor. Before her departure, Kate revealed to Charles she was testing Cassie's power, which she admitted was strong enough to tip the balance between Good and Evil. She also told him she wouldn't contact the other Elders, as she knew Charles was also involved in Henry's death and Jane's sudden mental deterioration. In Family, Kate return to Chance Harbor, Washington to help Charles Meade and Dawn Chamberlain. Because she and the Elders had stripped the surviving members of previous Circle's magic and had it destroyed, Kate decided give her magic to Charles and Dawn Chamberlain. After Charles sacrificed himself to stop Eben by taking the demons inside and drowning himself, Kate retrieved his body and performed a spell sigil to seal demons inside him.

!!'''Grant (portrayed by Tim Phillips)'''

Grant sailed into Chance Harbor, Washington on an impressive yacht in the episode Lucky. He is described as good-looking, preppy, spontaneous, playful and confident. Said to be the life of any party, this worldly bon vivant is Diana Meade's boyfriend. In Lucky, he constantly tried to flirt with Diana, who told Melissa she couldn't date a "normal guy". Melissa, however, advised her to see where he would lead her. Later, he attended the Casino Night and talked with Diana. With what he earned, he bought two toy monkeys and offered one to Diana. At the end of the night, she asked him when he was leaving, and answered tomorrow. Diana then kissed him. Grant, happy, told her he would come back soon. As he started to walk away, he took a quick glance at Diana as she was getting in her car and smiled. In Sacrifice, Grant returned to Chance Harbor and asked Diana for a date at the skating rink. However, it was later revealed Grant lied to Diana about who he was to impress her, and she told him to leave her alone, since she couldn't deal with liars. Fortunately for Grant, Diana decided to give him another chance. In Crystal, Grant asked Diana for a date in the boat which his captain let him borrow for a day.Diana said yes, but because of the circle's problems Diana acted suspicious to Grant. Finally Diana said she couldn't go since the circle has an emergency problem which she couldn't tell Grant that she is a witch, but tell him she will spend a day with him and explain everything. Grant told her there might be no come back for him, because he is going tomorrow and he is unsure if he will come to Chance Harbor again. In Prom, Grant was at the coffee shop, and they started a conversation. Grant asked Diana if they could have dinner, though Diana declined because of the Prom, though she insisted that they could do it afterwards. When Diana found out that her dad killed Amelia, she panicked and went outside crying desperately. Grant came and attempted to calm her down.

!!'''Eva (portrayed by Alexia Fast)'''

Eva is Lee Labeque's ex-girlfriend who was stuck in a drug-induced coma before Lee used Faye's powers to release her from it. Not much is known about Eva's early life except that she used to practice Voodoo and was Lee Labeque's girlfriend, before she fell into a coma when she overdosed on Devil's Spirit. Eva was previously known as a sweet and demure girl, as well as loving. However, after she awoke from her coma, she seemed to have a few cracks in her personality.After several attempts, Lee Labeque finally succeeded in awakening his old girlfriend Eva, by using a Voodoo totem which connected her and a witch, Faye Chamberlain. However, it didn't only transfer lifeforce, but power too, as Eva was revealed to have powers she didn't before. Upon her return to life, Lee had already fallen in love with the witch whom he was stealing energy from. Trying to hide it from Eva, Lee went to a party with Faye. Eva however discovered the truth and when her boyfriend told her he chose Faye, she killed him, making him grow old quickly with her new found powers. Suspicious about Lee's sudden disappearance, Faye tried to sneak out into his house to see if he was there, but Eva told her to stay away. Later learning Faye was the witch who she got her power from, Eva revealed the truth about Lee's death and begged her rival to help her resurrect him. However, Faye was unable to do this and tricked Eva into performing a fake ritual, before she broke the totem, and rendered Eva powerless again.

!!'''Lucy Gibbons (portrayed by Lauren Stamile)'''

Lucy was a powerful psychic who shared an important connection to Amelia Blake and John Blackwell. It was revealed that though she was John Blackwell's own psychic, she was also a traitor, working in the shadows with the Witch Hunters. She was killed by Eben after she failed to make the Circle powerless. In her youth, it is highly suggested Lucy was living in Chance Harbor, and maybe attending the town's High School, as she was shown to have a strong connection to the Circle's members. She was also John Blackwell's own psychic, as said by Dawn Chamberlain. At some point however, the Circle had some issues with Witch Hunters, and some of its members wanted a truce with the hunters. Meeting at the Boatyard, where Lucy was present too, the truce was in fact a trap organized by Witch Hunters, aiming to kill the Circle and John Blackwell. Once again, as said by Dawn, Lucy betrayed the Circle on that day, not warning them of the threat of such a meeting, and therefore the witch marked her, so that she would know if she would come back in Chance Harbor. Years later, after she felt Cassie Blake changing the psychic imprint of the events of the Boatyard Fire by visiting Jake Armstrong's memories, Lucy warned the Witch Hunters Cassie knew what happened on that day and that Blackwell was alive, so Eben sent her to Chance Harbor so that she would find a way to weaken them. So, she returned to Chance Harbor and met Cassie at her house to warn her that the Witch Hunters were coming back to kill her. Cassie later went to Lucy's motel room to asks her about the Balcoin Medallion and how to use it. Lucy answered that to be used, the Medallion should first be unlocked, and she convinced Cassie and her Circle to perform a ritual to supposedly activate the Medallion. Before the ritual, Lucy, who had previously been threatened by Dawn for what happened sixteen years ago, came to the Chamberlain house and stabbed Dawn with a knife, leaving her laying on the floor. She arrived at night in the woods, where she was supposed to meet with the Circle, and helped them start the ritual. However, feeling something wasn't right, Cassie stopped the ritual and scared the psychic with her dark magic , threatening her never to come back, and before Lucy ran away, she asserted John Blackwell was indeed alive. In the end, as she failed to bring back the Medaillion and to weaken the witches, the Witch Hunter Eben killed her.

!!'''Calvin Wilson (portrayed by Hiro Kanagawa)'''

Calvin was a witch residing in Chance Harbor and also the owner of an antique store. Calvin met Cassie Blake and Faye Chamberlain while they were shopping for Halloween outfits and props. Even if he didn't recognize her at first, when he saw her name written on her credt card, he soon made the link with Amelia Blake and John Blackwell. Calvin was later visited by Jake Armstrong, who threatened him with a Witch Cruid. Jake wanted Calvin to tell Cassie he didn't know the meaning of the symbols she would ask about. Later, after paying a visit to Ethan Conant to discuss Cassie's dark magic, Calvin ignored Jake's warnings to warn Cassie, not about the witch-hunters but about her dark magic, which he thought she should overcome and fight off. After he delivered her her family tree , hidden in a paper, Calvin was approached by Jake, who killed him with the Cruid. Calvin Wilson appeared as a ghost twice while Jake was under John Blackwell's spell. Suffering from the Blake and Conant curse, Jake had hallucinations and thought Calvin was haunting him.The curse was later proven to be fake and Calvin wasn't a ghost, but just an illusion John Blackwell made to create a fake scene of the curse effect. Calvin most notable trait seems to be his belief that redemption is not only possible but that people should try to work on it. Even after Jake's death threat, he refused to let Cassie remain ignorant of the darkness in her ancestry and thus tried to warn her. Even after Jake's taunts that people couldn't not change who they were he remained adamant and repeat his belief even though he knew the person in front of him was holding his life in his hands.

!!'''Callum (portrayed by Michael Graziadei)'''

Callum is a drug dealer occasionally who was interested in Melissa Glaser. Callum first appeared introducing himself as a friend of Lee Labeque, asking him for Devil's Spirit and while Lee was out looking for some, Callum had the time to talk about the "non-addictive" drug with Faye Chamberlain, who showed some interest in getting some. Later, when Faye introduced Melissa Glaser to the drug, her friend quickly became addicted, always getting more from Callum, which seemed to have an interest in Melissa. However, Melissa had an overdose of Devil's Spirit on Valentine's Day, after she had too much fun with it along Diana Meade. Some days after, when Melissa felt better, Callum invited Melissa to a party, where he suggested they should have fun with Voodoo . Using a totem, they made a "connection" exercise, but feeling too much energy returning from Melissa, he discovered she was a witch. Then, he got suspicious of Lee's friendship with a bunch of witches, wondering if he was using them in some ways. Callum returned weeks later, after having called and e-mailed Melissa without answer, trying to apologize for his behaviour at his party. But when Jake Armstrong arrived to protect Melissa, Callum discovered Jake was a witch too, and seemed interested in taking some blood from him, telling some witch's blood worth a lot on the black market. Callum later followed Faye, Cassie and Jake who were heading to Royce Armstrong's. He then broke into the house and stole the map which would lead to the Armstrong Family Crystal , hidden into a mine. However, Adam Conant and Melissa had already arrived and taken the Crystal out of its secret compartment, but even if they tried to fight him off, the mine was filled with iron , which blocked their magic and made them powerless against Callum's gun. He therefore ran away with the Crystal, only to be stopped by Cassie Blake. Finally, the Circle took back the Crystal and marked Callum, so that they would know if he ever comes back to Chance Harbor and know when to kill him. While Callum was not a witch in the genetic sense, he was by no means truly powerless. As a practitioner of the "Left-Hand Path" of the Voodoo religion, Callum knew of a few magical rituals of his religion and of objects with magical properties to achieve his goals. He appears to periodically use his totem to increase his energy by getting it from another person, like Melissa Glaser, although as she was a witch Callum received far more energy than he expected. As a drug dealer he has consumed Devil Spirit, thus expanding his extrasensory perception. He seems to know of efficient methods to deal with witches as shown when stating that witch blood (an essential ingredient to kill witches with cruids) was expensive in the black market. He also knew that Adam and Melissa were powerless in the mine because of the iron sulphate. He is also assumed to have contacts in the supernatural world when he mentioned he could sell the Armstrong family Crystal to someone interested in its magical properties. He possess some knowledge in the use of firearms too.

!!'''Luke (portrayed by Zachary Abel)'''

Luke was a hot jock who asked Cassie Blake to the school dance in Loner. It was later revealed that he was actually a Witch Hunter. He was also a formerly close friend of Adam Conant. Luke came from a family of witch hunters and was raised to believe that all magic is "evil" and that witches needed to be killed to stop them from hurting others. At some point he was assigned to go to Chance Harbor and investigated the possible mystical activities there. It was revealed he befriended Adam Conant in order to accomplish that goal. When he first saw Cassie, he seemed interested in her and Adam encouraged him to ask her out. While on their date, the Circle had to deal with Zachary Larson, who was threatening Cassie's life. Because of this, Cassie ignored him during their date, causing him to tell her he couldn't be with her until she sorted out her life.[2]
Weeks later, on Halloween Night, Faye invited him to Cassie's party and he accepted. In reality, Luke and other witch hunters were planning to attack the Circle. Luke kidnapped Cassie while the others were captured by other witch hunters. In an abandoned part of the Harbor, they intended to kill the Circle by using witch cruids. After a fail attempt on Diana, Luke tried to kill Cassie. She however stopped him by using unknowingly her Dark Magic, making him be burnt alive.

!!'''Isaac (portrayed by JR Bourne)'''

Isaac was the leader of a group of Witch Hunters whose mission is to rid the world of all witches. He was also Jake Armstrong's mentor and close friend. Not much is known about Isaac's early life. Two years before Cassie Blake's arrival in Chance Harbor, he met Jake Armstrong, a troubled young witch who was suffering from his parents' death, and triggered his anger toward witchcraft. He taught Jake how to be a Witch Hunter and helped him enter the society of the "True Believers", also taking advantage of Jake's knowledge and magic to kill other witches. Isaac was first seen in an old part of the harbor, discussing with Jake of Simone's murder, despite the fact that she was a fellow witch-hunter and doubting his loyalty in this mission. He planned an assault on the whole Circle during Halloween Night using the help of Jake's magic to prepare Witch Cruids, so that their magic wouldn't grow stronger or pass down onto other witches. He also managed to have Witch Hunters, Luke and Ian, invited at the party Cassie Blake was organizing. Once they were all captured, he let Luke kill them and left. He learned from Jake that Cassie had Dark Magic inside her and that she couldn't be killed this way, but he didn't listen, until he saw Luke being burnt alive by Cassie. Isaac decided it was urgent to strike the Circle after an Elder, Henry Chamberlain, was killed by someone who wasn't a Witch Hunter. After Jake found out what was Cassie's true origin, he went to tell Isaac, who was surprised to learn that the Balcoin line had survived and renamed itself in Blackwell. Isaac told Jake they couldn't kill Cassie anymore but had to take her to their headquarter so that the Council could deal with it. Isaac later informed Jake they would leave with Cassie during the night because they were something more important beside all of this. The Council also wanted to use Cassie's powers as an advantage. After Isaac captured Cassie, Jake tried to stop them with the help of the Circle. While he was distracting the hunters, Adam freed Cassie and both left. Before leaving Chance Harbor, Isaac told Jake Cassie wasn't the only child of John Blackwell in the Circle. Isaac returned and asked Jake to bring him the Balcoin medallion, so that the plan to kill Cassie and the Circle would be given up. But the true reason was that without it, she wouldn't be a threat for them anymore and she would be easy to kill. After Cassie destroyed the Medallion to save Adam Conant's life, the Hunters were reassured and felt it would be easy to kill Cassie. According to Ian, Isaac was killed by Eben after he disagreed several times to use the Demons after he refused Eben's order to kill the Witch traitor, in fact Nick Armstrong.

!!'''Zachary Larson (portrayed by Dave Baez)'''

Zachary is a fisherman and former resident of Chance Harbor, Washington. As a teenager, Zachary was friend with Amelia Blake and Heather Barnes. At one point, Amelia stopped spending time with them, since she had joined the Circle, and he and Heather began to wonder why. On the night of the mysterious Boatyard Fire, Heather followed Amelia and returned left in a catatonic state, for which Zachary blamed the Circle. Amelia then departed town and Zachary remained the next years traveling as a fisherman and only coming back occasionally. While in town, Zachary heard about Amelia's death and that her daughter Cassie had moved with her grandmother. He threatened her for being a witch like her mother but was stopped by Diana and left. In the Circle's lair , he scared Faye and there realised they had bound their Circle. Then, he confronted Charles about letting the children form a new Circle, knowing what had happened the last time and the two had a fight in which Zachary had the upper-hand. Instead of killing him, he left to kill one of the younger witches to destroy their bond. At the school dance, he chased and attacked Cassie, but the other members appeared and together created a small storm that knocked him out. When he woke up, he found himself at the back of Charles' car, where he and Dawn warned him that if he ever as much as look at their children again, he would suffer a fate worse than Heather's. To have an advantage on him. Dawn marked Zachary with her blood, therefore being able to sense if he would come back to Chance Harbor.

!!'''Ian (portrayed by Richard Harmon)'''

Ian was a Witch Hunter from Salem who was called to get rid of the Circle based in Chance Harbor, Washington. Ian was one of the Witch Hunters who were sent to Chance Harbor to attack the Circle on Halloween Night, along Isaac, Luke and Jake Armstrong. During the assault, Ian captured Diana Meade and all the other Circle members except Cassie Blake and delivered them to the place where Luke was supposed to kill them. But he fled with the other hunters when they saw Cassie burning Luke alive, while she was supposedly unable to do magic. When Jake Armstrong came in the woods to get some help from Isaac, Ian came and informed Jake that Isaac was killed by Eben after he led the traitor witch escape. Cassie then let him choke out blood. He was killed by the witch traitor at the old Carnival where he, along other witch hunters, tried to capture him.

!!'''Holden Glaser (portrayed by Arien Escarpeta)'''

Holden is Melissa Glaser's cousin and was interested in Diana Meade. Not much is known about Holden's early life except that he had already came in Chance Harbor and met Diana during the summer. Holden returned to Chance Harbor, Washington and attempted to reduce his cousin's depression after her boyfriend Nick Armstrong died by filling her life with fun and laughter. He also met Diana for the second time and the two seemed to have a mutual attraction. He, Diana and Melissa were helping out for the preparation of the upcoming gala organized by Dawn Chamberlain and Patrick Glaser. He also danced with Diana during the party.

!!'''Sara Armstrong (portrayed by Cindy Busby)'''

Sara was the wife of Richard Armstrong and the mother of Jake and Nick Armstrong. She perished in the Boatyard Fire that occurred sixteen years ago on the same night as her husband. She appeared to be a very caring witch, affectionate with her husband, concerned for her children, and genuinely distressed about the conflict within the circle. Sarah was blonde, with a youthful appearance, indicating her age to been late teens/early twenties at the time of her death. She has a slight resemblance to Cassie, indicating that they could possibly been distant relations. During her teens (or early twenties), Sara Armstrong married Richard Armstrong and had two sons, Jake and Nick. Because of Jake's age in comparison to other members of the current Circle, Sara and Richard likely married before any of their other counterparts. She was also involved in a Circle of witches that included members from the Blake Family, Balcoin/Blackwell Family, Chamberlain Family, Conant Family, Glaser Family and Meade Family. On the night of the Boatyard Fire, Sara and her husband went to the boat to discuss a truce between the Circle and a group of Witch Hunters. While her husband Richard was adamant about the truce being necessary, Sara was unsure because of how divided the group was. However she eventually agreed because she wanted to protect her children. After agreeing to the truce, Sara witnessed her husband being murdered by Eben, a Witch Hunter Leader. Unlike the others who had agreed to the truce, Sara was not killed directly by the Witch Hunters, but rather taken to the room where the ritual on John Blackwell was being performed, place where she saw Lucy, a non-circle member who she recognized and embraced. It is possible that Sara was left alive because she had been hesitant about the truce or because her magic was needed to perform the ritual against Blackwell. It is likely that Sara was the only witch in the Circle to actually die because of the fire itself rather than trapped by the witch hunters.

!!'''Royce Armstrong (portrayed by John De Lancie)'''

Royce is the grandfather of Nick and Jake Armstrong, the father of Richard Armstrong and the father-in-law of Sara Armstrong. Royce is also an Elder and is described by many of Jake's relatives to be a crazy man. Royce Armstrong is described as the powerful, yet recluse grandfather of Jake and Nick Armstrong. He was considered as a crazy person by many people including his son, daughter in law, Jake, Cassie and Faye. Jake said that in his parents' funeral. Royce said something about we are all be dead. Upon coming out of hiding, he reveals some disturbing new conspiracy theories about the events that occurred sixteen years ago and how the present day Circle is involved. He believed that what John Blackwell really wanted from the Circle is children so they can pass down Dark Magic from generation to generation and tilt the balance between power, which could cause Good vs Evil. He also revealed that he hides his Crystal at an old mine where no human eyes could see and will prevent Witches with dark power from coming in. He made a suffocating spell so if any dark magic witches come in they won't be able to breathe. Royce Armstrong lived in a small house that seems to be full of papers, research about Balcoin and Dark magic.Royce Armstrong is an elder who is describe as a crazy old man by many people. His theory about Blackwell is confirmed to be true but base on his many researches he seems like an expert at this as Cassie realized his theory about "The Other Blackwell Child" was right when she had a Epiphany about Diana being her half-sister. He is calm down by Jake when he tries to attack him, Faye and Cassie. He's overjoyed to see Jake, but he is heartbroken when he's informed of Nick's death by his grandson. He states it too late being in the circle will kill them implying he was one of Elders who strongly supported these who Survived the Boatyard Fire get their powers stripped. He has knowledge A lot on the Circle's history and is showed cynical as he hidden his Crystal in a mine. 'Which he spelled so witches with Dark Magic couldn't get in such as' Cassie Blake and Diana Meade. This spell help Cassie realized Diana Meade is her half sister all thanks to Royce's theory. Royce appears to be a highly intelligent man with hinting he may have Aspergers as he has show some of the traits such Jake implying Royce is bit of "recluse" whereas people with Aspergers have trouble in social situations and the fact that he been carefully studying the Last Circle's children for the past 16 years as to discover which one was John's other child and was right about John faking his death which the other Elders dismissed it. He's seen to care for Jake as they're both the Armstrong last living members in the circle. Royce cares for his grandson Jake a lot which shown in episode Family when he sent a message that the other Four Balcoin children will come to Chance Harbor. He also sent Jake an odd object that looks like a bracelet with white beads in it. Despite the fact that many of his abilities have not been shown from what we have seen he is a very powerful witch. Even without the aid of any crystals he was able to easily push a pool table with magic to send it towards Jake, Faye, and Cassie. He was also able to spell the mine where he hide his crystal with a barrier type technique that can repel those with dark magic. That is huge considering those we have seen with dark magic so far are able to easily overcome powerful spells.

!!'''Sally Matthews (portrayed by Logan Browning)'''

Sally is the class president of Chance Harbor High School and close friend of Cassie Blake. When Sally introduced herself to Cassie, the two girls instantly became friends. After convincing Cassie to volunteer at the town's annual Sea Fair, she asked her to send tickets. During the fair, at night, Sally is fatally harmed when Faye Chamberlain, overpowered by a potion Nick prepared, accidentally pushes her over a balcony. Luckily, Dawn Chamberlain uses a crystal to revive Sally. The following day, Sally has little to no memory of what happened to her, but still gets flashes of Faye being responsible for this. She also notices how Adam Conant and Cassie can't stop staring at each other. She later pushes Adam and Cassie to dance together, supposedly to make other people dance. When everyone is gone, she checks the corridors and discovers all lockers unlocked and papers on the ground, despite not knowing what happened. Sally is shown to be a sweet and kind person, and is open to everyone.

!!'''James Conant (portrayed by Chad Willett)'''

James was the father of Ethan Conant, grandfather of Adam Conant, and the father-in-law of Catherine Conant. He used to be a history teacher at Chance Harbor High School as well. Not much is known about James except that he must have been a member of the first generation of the Chance Harbor Circle. It is revealed James never trusted John Blackwell, like many other Elders. When Amelia Blake also uncovered the truth about him, he gave her the Conant Crystal so that she could protect herself. After she planned with Ethan to use a truce with the hunters to kill John Blackwell, she came to give him the Crystal back and ask him to lie to Ethan, to tell him she doesn't love him anymore before she would leave Chance Harbor on her own. After this, he hid and cloaked the Crystal in the school, beside a trophy in the gym. Not much is known neither on what happened to him after the events of the Boatyard, except that he surely was among the Elders who stripped the survivors of their magic and that he sometimes took care of his grandson, Adam Conant, telling him stories and playing with cloaking spells.

!!'''Richard Armstrong (portrayed by Marcus Rosner)'''

Richard was the husband of Sara Armstrong and the father of Jake Armstrong and Nick Armstrong. He was murdered by Eben, leader of a group of Witch Hunters, with whom he was trying to make a truce with the night of the Boatyard Fire sixteen years ago. During his teens (or early twenties), Richard Armstrong married Sara Armstrong and had two sons. He was also involved in a circle of witches that included members from the Blake Family, Balcoin/Blackwell Family, Chamberlain Family, Conant Family, Glaser Family and Meade Family. Because of Jake's age in comparison to other members of the current circle, Richard and Sara likely married before any of their other counterparts. On the night of the Boatyard Fire, Richard and his wife went to the boat to discuss a truce between the circle and a group of Witch Hunters. While Sara was unsure about the truce, because of the division of the Circle, Richard believed it was necessary, and was likely involved heavily in negotiating it before that night. Just moments after Sara agreed to the truce, Richard was murdered by Eben, a Witch Hunter who he was previously acquainted with and called by name. Richard had brown hair, with an athletic build and a strong jaw. His youthful appearance, indicates that he was in his late teens/early twenties at the time of his death. Despite their differing hair color, both of his son's Jake and Nick resemble him closely. Richard appears to have had a protective and strong willed personality. It is possible that he resented John Blackwell for some reason, as he was quite annoyed that his wife and others seemed swayed by him. Among all, Richard seems to have valued family most. It is possible that his determination to protect his family with the truce prevented him from suspecting it was a trap.

!!'''Patrick Glaser'''

Patrick is the husband of Sophie Ann Glaser and the father of Melissa Glaser. After his wife perished in the Boatyard Fire sixteen years ago, he was the only member of the Chance Harbor Circle to remarry. During his late teens (or early twenties), Patrick married Sophie Ann Glaser and had one daughter. He was also involved in a circle of witches that included members from the Armstrong Family, Blake Family, Balcoin/Blackwell Family, Chamberlain Family, Conant Family, and Meade Family.
On the night of the Boatyard Fire, his wife, Sophie Ann went to the boat to discuss a truce between the Circle and a group of Witch Hunters. It is likely that she was killed by the Witch Hunters rather than perished as a result of the fire. Because Patrick is known to have survived but was not seen with Ethan Conant or mentioned to be on the boat deck with Dawn Chamberlain and Charles Meade, it is likely that he was one of only two circle members not on the boat that night.

!!'''James Blackwell'''

James was the father of Samuel Blackwell and also an extremely powerful Witch. He has yet to physically appear on the show, but was listed on the Blackwell family tree. He was born in 1880 and died in 1924.

!!'''Samuel Blackwell'''

Samuel is the father of John Blackwell and also an extremely powerful Witch. He is also Cassie Blake, Diana Meade and John Blackwell's four other unknown children's paternal grandfather.

!!'''Wade Barnes (portrayed by Ben Cotton)'''

Wade is the brother of Heather Barnes. Following Heather's possession by the demon Abaddon and Amelia Blake's suppression sigil effects on her, his sister fell into a long coma, and for sixteen years, he's been watching over his sister. When she awoke, she attacked him and fled, and when he found her, she was just being hit by a car, dying in front of his eyes.

!!'''Heather Barnes (portrayed by Camille Sullivan)'''

Heather Cecilia Barnes was a friend of Amelia Blake and Zachary Larson. She used to date Zachary in high school. Back in High School, Heather was a friend of Amelia and Zachary Larson's girlfriend. But when Amelia started spending more and more time with her Circle, the two others started to worried about her. One night, Heather followed Amelia to a meeting with the Circle at the Boatyard, but she got possessed by a demon, named Abaddon despite the fact Amelia tried to fight them off. To prevent the possessed Heather to harm people, Amelia helped her by sealing the demon with a sigil, leaving her friend in a catatonic state. However, sixteen years later, Amelia's daughter, Cassie Blake found out that Heather was in a coma since the events of the Boatyard Fire and to learn more about it, she tried to free her from the spell. Upon investigation, she found the spell in the Blake Book of Shadows and asked Faye Chamberlain for help. While it was initially believed that Amelia had done it maliciously, upon reversing the suppression spell , Heather woke up with a strange and aggressive behaviour. When she reached Cassie's house, she told her "the evil got inside her" that night and that Amelia had helped her by putting it asleep. Few minutes after, the demon took over Heather's body, attempting to kill Cassie and Faye. When the Circle arrived to help, Heather fled and got hit by a car. Thinking it had killed the Demon, the Circle felt saved.

!!'''Jane Thomas'''
Jane was the wife of E. Blackwell and the mother of Joseph Blackwell. She has yet to appear physically on the show, but was listed on the Blackwell Family Tree.

!!'''Francis Balcoin'''

Francis Balcoin was an extremely powerful witch and probably the first to use Dark Magic. He was the ancestor of Cassie Blake, Diana Meade and of the four other children of John Blackwell.

!!'''Catherine Conant'''

Catherine Conant was the mother of Adam Conant and wife of Ethan Conant. It's suggested by Adam that Ethan used his mother to get over Amelia, but never loved her in return. However, their one sided union resulted in Adam before Catherine died in the Boatyard Fire sixteen years ago.

!!'''E. Blackwell'''

E. Blackwell was a witch, the first known descendant of Francis Balcoin, the husband of Jane Thomas and father of Joseph Blackwell. According to Isaac, the Balcoin line was eradicated but it was then revealed that the name was changed to Blackwell instead. However, it is unknown if E. Blackwell is the one that changed his name or if his predecessors in the Balcoin line had already changed it.

!!'''Joseph Blackwell'''

Joseph Blackwell was the father of James Blackwell and also an extremely powerful Witch. He has yet to physically appear on the show, but was listed on the Blackwell family tree. He was born in 1839 and died in 1920.

!!'''Emma Watkins'''

Emma Watkins was the wife of James Blackwell and the mother of Samuel Blackwell. She has yet to physically appear on the show, but she was listed on the Blackwell Family tree. She was born in 1915 and died in 1985.

!!'''Simone (portrayed by Luisa D'Oliveira)'''

Simone was a ruthless female witch hunter that was sent to Chance Harbor by a group of witch hunters to kill all of the witches in the area. She failed and was murdered by fellow witch hunter, Jake Armstrong. Simone's first actions in Chance Harbor were to burn a crescent moon shaped fires near the lands of witches in Chance Harbor to scare them. The symbol meant "conquest" and was set aflame upon a witches' land to let them know they'd been marked for death. The group initially assumed it was Jake Armstrong, but Simone was actually the culprit, intent on killing the Circle. She first attacked Cassie in her home, slicing open her arm with a rune-inscribed ritualistic dagger. She was attacked by Jake and was driven out with a spell performed by both Jake and Cassie, but not before she retrieved a cotton swab of Cassie's blood. Jake later found her in her motel room and mentioned it being too soon for "blood letting", insinuating that as the usage for Cassie's blood. This is when it is shown that Jake is actually a witch hunter himself, and has been sent to Chance Harbor along with the same group as Simone. Simone met up with Jake again later during Nick Armstrong's wake, and confronted him about his true intentions concerning the circle. She attempted to kill Jake, but was intercepted by Cassie, giving Jake the upper hand, and he killed her by rolling her onto her own knife. Unknown to Simone, her attack on Cassie damaged her dagger which left a piece of it under a couch in Cassie's house. Cassie found the piece and later found that it belonged to a clan of witch hunters.

!!'''Melissa's Unnamed Grandmother'''

Melissa's grandmother is a witch living in or around Chance Harbor, Washington. As a member of one of the founding families of the Chance Harbor Circle and an Elder, she was in possession of her family Crystal. She had it hidden among several other crystals with no magical properties and had it spelled so that it wouldn't be discovered. She is Melissa Glaser's grandmother. It is still unknown whether she is Patrick Glaser or Sophie Ann Glaser's mother. Due to this uncertainty, we are unable to tell if Holden Glaser is her grandson. While she has yet to appear in the series, she is implied to be somewhat powerful with magic as she is an experienced Elder and she was capable of hiding the identity of her family crystal from two witches simultaneously.

!!'''Melissa's Unnamed Stepmother'''

She is the wife of Patrick Glaser, the step-mother of Melissa Glaser. Some time after the Boatyard Fire and the death of Sophie Ann Glaser, Patrick's first wife, she and Patrick met in unknown circumstances and probably fell in love and married. It is unknown as for now whether she's a witch. She is possibly a member of the Glaser Family, since it is still unknown if that surname came from Sophie Ann or from Patrick.

!!'''Adam's Grandparents'''

They are the parents of Catherine Conant, the parents-in-law of Ethan Conant and the grandparents of Adam Conant. In Crystal, Adam mentioned they were out of the country. They are both implied to be Witches and Elders.

!!'''Unnamed Second Wife of Patrick Glaser'''

She is the second wife of Patrick Glaser as well as the step-mother of Melissa Glaser. Patrick married her some unknown time after the death of his former wife, Sophie Ann Glaser, who perished during the night of the Boatyard Fire. It is unknown whether she is a Witch. In Beneath, Faye declared Melissa's mom had taken Melissa away for a while, in order to make her forget about Nick, but she was rather talking about her step-mother.

!!'''Thomas Chamberlain'''

Thomas "Tom" Chamberlain was a witch, the son of Henry Chamberlain, the husband of Dawn Chamberlain and the father of Faye Chamberlain. Sixteen years ago, Thomas and his Circle began to dabble in the dark arts of Magic. Along their journey, an "accident" occurred sixteen years ago and left Thomas and many other members of the Chance Harbor Circle dead. Both Thomas and his wife Dawn were members of the second generation of the Circle sixteen years prior to the events of Pilot. In Crystal, John mentioned to Faye he and her dad were good friends. On the night of the Boatyard Fire, Thomas was massacred along with the other Circle members who believed that the Witch Hunters were willing to negotiate a truce. Based on what John Blackwell said, Thomas wasn't a jealous person. He deeply loved Dawn and her passionate personality, even if she had an obsessive crush on John.

!!'''Sophie Ann Glaser'''

Sophie Ann was the wife of Patrick Glaser and the mother of Melissa Glaser. She perished in the Boatyard Fire sixteen years ago and was killed by a group of Witch Hunters. During her teens (or early twenties), Sophie Ann married Patrick Glaser and had one daughter. She was also involved in a circle of witches that included members from the Armstrong Family, Blake Family, Balcoin/Blackwell Family, Chamberlain Family, Conant Family, and Meade Family. In Curse, John Blackwell mentions that she was a kind witch and they were very close. She taught him about the different medicinal herbs that grew in the forest in Chance Harbor. She was clearly an expert herbologist. John also relays to Melissa, that she loved her very much. On the night of the Boatyard Fire, Sophie Ann went to the boat to discuss a truce between the circle and a group of Witch Hunters. Richard Armstrong mentions that she is already in the meeting room, along with Thomas Chamberlain. When Sara Armstrong enters the meeting room immediately after the death of her husband, she sees numerous bodies, indicating that both Sophie Ann and Thomas had likely died before Richard was attacked. Because her husband survived but was not seen with Ethan Conant or mentioned to be on the boat deck with Dawn Chamberlain and Charles Meade, it is likely that he was one of only two circle members not on the boat that night. Sophie Ann was a very intelligent, exceptionally kind-hearted and talented witch as described by seemingly close friend, John Blackwell. Sophie Ann was also described as diligent, having a knack for potions and plants, all traits which she passed down to her daughter, Melissa. She was also brave, as she was one of the brave members of her circle that went to the Boatyard (arriving with Thomas Chamberlain) and tried to make peace with the Witch Hunters by calling a truce with them. Blackwell also claimed that she loved her daughter very much and that Melissa meant the world to her.


Abaddon, aka Ubilaz, is a powerful Demon known for causing chaos and destruction. The origin of Abaddon's existence remains a mystery, but it is known that he was once summoned by a powerful Circle of Dawn Chamberlain's presumably to ask for greater Power. When he was freed while still possessing Heather Barnes he went to the Blake House looking for Amelia but he instead found Faye and Amelia's daughter, Cassie. While possessing Nick Armstrong, Abaddon was drowned by Charles Meade, killing his host in the process. Though Nick was later resurrected, it is not confirmed if Abaddon was also resurrected.

!!'''Calvin's Niece'''

Calvin's niece has been taking care of the family business following her uncle's disappearance on Halloween Night. She may be a witch, as she has a lot of knowledge on herbs and artifacts as shown in the episode Curse. She seems to know what Jake was having when she looked at him.

!!'''Nidacros Coven'''

The Nidaros Coven was a coven of six witches who came to Chance Harbor and are from old blood who were killed by John Blackwell, using the power of his Medallion in the church of Sacred Heart. Therefore, they had their powers taken and put in the Medallion along with thousands of other witches powers. In the episode Valentine, as Cassie Blake activated the Medallion, they were awaken and attracted to their powers, which they stated they wanted back, but Cassie destroyed the Medallion while they were possessing Adam Conant, also destroying the powers in it and making the Nidaros ghost coven powerless. While most of their powers were taken from them as they were killed, the members of the mighty and ancient coven displayed astonishing power even in death. While ghosts they had the power to become invisible, to teleport and to possess another witch; even making said witch cut his own flesh with a blade. They also have some degree of elemental control. While the full extents of their powers are unknown they are implied to be vast in the days before they were taken by the medallion, as they were from bloodlines of old Magic. Moreover, Jake declared that if the coven recovered their powers and used the extra part from the medallion they will be unstoppable.

!!'''Four Unknown Balcoin Children'''

The Four Unknown Blackwell Children are John Blackwell's children he had with unknown women, apart of the Circle and outside of Chance Harbor. Those kids possess Dark Magic. The four children were conceived and born right around the time Cassie Blake and Diana Meade were. It appears that there are three boys and one girl. John Blackwell had planned to kill all witches without Balcoin blood, seeing them as the superior race of witches using Dark Magic. He had planned to unite his six children to create a Dark Circle, each of them branded with the mark of Balcoin. In Family, Jake Armstrong's grandfather, Royce Armstrong sent him a note and a bracelet with some kind of bottle filled with white beads inside and the note said that the circles are coming together and that their fight was far from over, thus implying that the Blackwell siblings were coming to complete their father's task. At the end of the episode, all four of them were standing on-top of a cliff, looking down into Chance Harbor, revealing that they have already arrived at the end of the episode with The Blackwell Symbol on their hands. It is unknown if the four children are descendants from the twelve families of Salem that stayed East after the Burning Times, though it's highly possible. It is possible John Blackwell knew who they were and reached out to them. According to John Blackwell, he's summoned his other four children to Chance Harbor to bind a Dark Circle with only Balcoin blood with Cassie and Diana. It is possible that they are all more skilled and more experienced in using Dark Magic than their two half-sisters, Diana and Cassie, as their father taught them dark magic.

!!Tropes in this {{series}} include:
* ActionGirl: Cassie, Diana, Faye and Melissa all fit this trope. All of them are engaged within the midst of all of the action on this show.
* AdaptationDyeJob: Cassie is a brunette in the books but on the show, she is blonde.
** Diana in the books is a blonde but on the show, she is a brunette.
* AmusementParkOfDoom: Described by Faye as the "creepiest place on earth'', with MonsterClown statues and murals, dark and dirty rooms, and not improved by the addition of real corpses.
* [[{{Antihero}} AntiHero / AntiHeroine]]: Almost all of the characters on the show fit this criteria of anti-heroes, with the exception of Adam and Diana.
** Cassie is a Type II after she discovers that she is a witch. She becomes more of a Type III as the series progresses later on after she discovers her heritage of Dark Magic. When she lets her dark magic overtake her, she becomes a Type IV or Type V. As the series progresses, although Cassie has good intentions and uses her powers to save people, she also becomes much of a darker individual especially when she discovers her Dark Magic ancestry.
** Faye could be classified as a Type III or a Type IV.
** Melissa could be classified as a Type II, possibly Type III.
** Nick could be seen as a Type III, possibly Type II.
** Jake starts off as a Type IV or Type V. As the series progresses, Jake becomes more of a Type III.
** Charles could classify as a Type V in the beginning. As the series progressed, Charles became more of a Type III.
** Dawn could classify as a Type III or a Type IV
* AnyoneCanDie: As you'd expect from the team behind ''The Vampire Diaries''. Significantly speaking, it starts with [[spoiler: Nick]] and continues on through [[spoiler: Jane]], much to the Circle's grief.
* [[spoiler:BackFromTheDead]]/[[spoiler:CameBackWrong]]/[[spoiler:FaceHeelTurn]]: [[spoiler:Nick]], though [[spoiler: Melissa finishes him off to save Jake]].
%%* BadassGrandpa: Jane.
* BadPowersGoodPeople: Cassie at first, though [[spoiler:Diana]] fits this more now.
* BeautyBrainsAndBrawn:
** Beauty - Cassie
** Brains - Diana
** Brawn - Faye
* BecauseDestinySaysSo: A major theme of the series, with just about everything happening because of it. As well, Adam's father claims that he and Cassie's mother were destined to be together, and things went wrong because that didn't happen.
* BatmanGambit: Apparently the binding of the new circle's powers is exactly what Dawn Chamberlain and Charles Meade wanted in the first place.
* BelligerentSexualTension: Cassie and Jake have it as do Charles and Dawn
* BigBadEnsemble: So far, there's at least both Charles and Dawn -- who often seem on the verge of stabbing each other in the back -- and the [[KnightTemplar witch hunters]] (especially Eben), neither of whom really seem to know about each other. There's also the threat of demons, along with anything else that may come up.
** BigBadDuumvirate: [[spoiler: John Blackwell]] and Eben are the real BigBad(s) in the season finale.
* BlackMagic: John Blackwell and his two daughters, Cassie and Diana all possess dark magic due to their ancestry. Dark magic is the most deadly and dangerous form of magic.
** Dark Magic possess the same capabilities as regular magic, though it appears to be slightly more potent. Unlike regular magic, dark magic is not limited by coven laws, as witches bound within circles are capable of using their dark magic without collective aid. Cassie Blake has successfully performed dark magic on several occasions while bound to her circle and was also capable of using regular magic as well, revealing witches that perform both dark magic and "white magic" appear to be able to distinguish the two apart and use them separately.
** Dark magic has been shown to penetrate an iron sulphate circle which is supposed to block a witch's magic while inside the circle. Cassie Blake was capable of setting a witch hunter on fire using her dark magic, despite the fact that she was inside the iron sulphate circle as well.
** Dark Magic also appears to grant its users a unique connection to other's minds, allowing them to view another's memories. Cassie Blake was able to see an apparition of Faye's memory while others could not with the exception of Faye. This connection was seen again when Cassie performed a spell to recall the "lost" memories of Jake Armstrong.
** Dark magic also appears to have a unique connection with other forms of magic (though the exact nature is unknown), as Cassie and Diana were noted to be the only witches that could form the crystal skull. Dark magic mostly appears to be an innate quality, however Royce Armstrong mentioned that John Blackwell wanted to teach the circle dark magic. Because dark magic is rooted and accessed by negative emotions (anger/hate), it's possible to some degree it can be achieved by those that do not come from dark lineage like the Blackwells.
* BlackMagicianGirl: Primarily Cassie and even Diana. Both possess dark magic and can be dangerous.
* BrainyBrunette: Diana. She is the smartest one of the core group and often takes the lead because of her smarts and capability. Later on, Cassie seems to take the lead more often alongside Diana as Cassie begins to accept her witch ancestry.
* BreakTheCutie: In the past few episodes, Diana [[spoiler: found out the man who raised her wasn't her father, her mother cheated on him, and, worst of all, he murdered Cassie's mother]]. Cassie has suffered just as much, though, what with [[spoiler: being manipulated into making Adam forget his love for her and ''then'' losing her grandmother, her only blood family aside from her half-sister and their father]].
* ButNowIMustGo: Jake does this after saving Cassie, though he soon returns.
** [[spoiler: Diana]] does the same in "Family", since [[spoiler: she's lost her father and can't handle having dark magic]].
* CanonForeigner: Jake didn't exist in the books.
* TheChessmaster: Blackwell to the extreme. Not only does he seem to have a plan for everything, "Prom" reveals that he [[spoiler: planned the entire existence of the Circle by casting a fertility spell]].
* TheChick: Cassie of course. She's the central figure of the series.
* CuteWitch: Cassie, Diana, Melissa all classify as this.
* DawsonCasting: Played straight, naturally. The youngest cast member of the main cast, Britt Robertson, is 21 and the oldest, Jessica Parker Kennedy is 27. The rest of the cast members include Thomas Dekker who's 24, Phoebe Tonkin who's 23, Louis Hunter who's 22, Chris Zylka who's 27, and Shelly Hennig who's 25.
** Not to mention Adam Harrington plays the younger version of Ethan from the 90s (Adam Harrington is 42).
* DemonicPossession: [[spoiler: Heather had been possessed by the demon Abaddon, which is why Cassie's mother put a binding spell on her. Heather eventually dies after being run over by a car and the demon then proceeds to possess Melissa at the end of episode 4, before eventually being killed while possessing Nick.]]
* DemotedToExtra: Nick was Cassie's love interest in the books. In the series he is quickly [[spoiler: killed off]] and replaced by his older brother Jake (who wasn't in the books).
** Jane was also prominent in the first nine episodes. Since then, she's only appeared a couple of times [[spoiler: before getting killed off like Nick]].
* DeadpanSnarker: Cassie certainly is this.
-->'''Jake''': A storm is coming. *a storm in the sky*
-->'''Cassie''': You think? What gave it away, the clouds or the thunder?
** Faye is equally snarky.
** Jake is also a snarky individual.
** Even Adam has his witty moments.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Charles is horrified when [[spoiler: Dawn suggests that they kill his mother]] and the other witch hunters are genuinely afraid of [[AxCrazy Eben]].
* EvilAllAlong: [[spoiler: John Blackwell]], though this was fairly obvious to some people.
* EvilSoundsDeep: A side effect of DemonicPossession, natch.
* FakeAmerican: Phoebe Tonkin, the actress who plays Faye, is actually from Australia.
** Louis Hunter and Jessica Parker Kennedy are from Australia and Canada, respectively.
** Natasha Henstridge is Canadian as well.
* FantasticDrug: The concoction Nick and Faye were taking in Episode 2. [[AddictiveMagic Magic itself could also count.]]
** "Medallion" introduces us to a magical "enhancer" called Devil's Spirit.
* FateDrivesUsTogether: Adam and Cassie's relationship. Fate and destiny is a driving force of their relationship. It has been repeatedly stated throughout that Adam and Cassie are destined and fated to be together.
** The same was said for Cassie's mother, Amelia and Adam's father, Ethan.
* FiveManBand
** TheHero: Cassie
** TheLancer: Faye
** TheSmartGuy: Diana
** TheBigGuy: Adam
** TheChick: Melissa
** TheSixthRanger: Nick [[spoiler: before he dies]]. Jake seems to be a more traditional type.
** TeamDad: [[spoiler: John Blackwell, who is Cassie's]] and [[spoiler:Diana's]] actual dad.
* FreudianTrio:
** Cassie (Ego)
** Diana (Superego)
** Faye (Id)
* TheHeart: Cassie. She brings everyone together within the Circle.
* TheHecateSisters: Cassie, Diana and Faye, with Cassie as the Maiden, Diana is the Matron and Faye as the Crone.
* HeelFaceTurn: Jake.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Faye and Melissa. Also Diana and Cassie.
* HeWhoFightsMonsters: Eben seems to have become this from fighting [[spoiler:John Blackwell]]
* HughMann: Abaddon doesn't do an especially good job pretending to be [[spoiler: Melissa]], and ends up holding Nick at scissor-point to make the others obey when they catch on.
* {{Hypocrite}}: [[spoiler: Eben, leader of the witch hunters, employs a witch -- thought to be a former member of the old Circle, but it's actually Nick -- and kills witches with magic even when they're defenseless.]]
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Cassie, especially at the beginning of the series. At first, not only is Cassie skeptical of witches and witchcraft, but when she does eventually come to accept her witch heritage, she wants nothing to do with it and tries to escape it as much as possible, feeling that it brings nothing but trouble and pain.
* IJustWantToBeSpecial: Faye.
* {{Jerkass}}: Nick, at first; also Callum.
** Jake as well. Although, like Nick, he changes and evolves as a person.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Faye, most definitely so far...at least where Melissa is concerned.
** Also, Jake. Jake appears to be rather brooding, cocky and overconfident. However, much of this is a facade to hide his inner vulnerability.
* KilledOffForReal: See AnyoneCanDie above.
* KillItWithFire: [[spoiler: Luke, the witchhunter]]; also the demon snakes.
* KillItWithWater: [[spoiler: The demon Abaddon is killed when Diana's father drowns his host body, Nick, at the marina.]]
* LoveTriangle: [[TriangRelations Type 10.]] Adam is in a relationship with Diana, but has {{UST}} with Cassie. [[spoiler: Diana breaks up with him in "Wake" because of it.]]
** Also, there was a love triangle between Adam/Cassie/Jake later on in the season.
* MoralityPet: Melissa for Faye.
** Interestingly Diana for Cassie.
** Also, Adam for Cassie. Adam prevents Cassie from going over the edge, especially in regards to her Dark Magic. Adam, along with Diana, is one of the few people who can actually get through to Cassie.
** Diana for Charles.
** Cassie for Jake.
** Melissa for Nick.
* MsFanservice: Each of the girls gets a turn at winding up in her undies or just a ModestyBedsheet, particularly Melissa in the first few episodes.
* MurderIsTheBestSolution: Cassie seem to think this in the latest episodes but before killing someone a MoralityPet stops her.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Cassie and Faye [[spoiler: free Heather from her mother's binding spell, unaware that it was stopping the demon [[DemonicPossession possessing her]] from A: hurting her and B: hurting other people]].
* NobleMaleRoguishMale: Adam is the Noble Male to Jake's Roguish Male.
* OffscreenTeleportation: One moment [[spoiler: possessed Melissa]] is tied up and lying on the couch, then the camera and the characters look away for a second. When they look back, she's untied and standing next to them. It's not clear if this is done by magic or demonic speed, but it's a fairly creepy moment.
* OohMeAccentsSlipping:
** Phoebe Tonkin pulls off a pretty convincing American accent, but you can detect the barest hint of her Australian accent on certain words. It's especially evident if you're familiar with her voice from [[Series/H2OJustAddWater her other major role]].
** Nick's Aussie comes out when [[spoiler:Charles is drowning him to kill Abaddon]].
** Shelley Hennig and Britt Robertson both have noticeable Southern accents despite being from Washington and California.
* ParentalAbandonment: Several of the main characters have a parent that is dead or that has not been mentioned. Cassie, Jake and Nick have lost both of their parents. [[spoiler: This turns out to have been deliberately engineered by Cassie's father, actually alive, so that he could manipulate them better by offering them a connection to their dead parents or acting in a ParentalSubstitute role.]]
* PlayingAgainstType: Chris Zylka usually plays BrainlessBeauty types. Not so much here.
* PlayingGertrude: Occurs naturally with DawsonCasting. The most egregious examples are Cassie and her mother and Charles Meade and ''his'' mother, both only thirteen years apart.
** To be fair, Cassie's mother did have her in high school so this isn't that bad.
* PlayingWithFire: [[spoiler: Cassie uses dark magic to set Luke on fire.]]
* {{Protagonist}}: Cassie. The story focuses on her life, journey asa new-found witch and her relationships with other characters.
* RedOniBlueOni:
** Cassie (Red) and Diana (Blue)
** Cassie (Blue) and Faye (Red)
** Diana (Blue) and Faye (Red)
** Faye (Red) and Melissa (Blue)
** Adam (Blue) and Jake (Red)
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: [[spoiler: Charles]] in the season finale, though [[spoiler: he may still be alive -- we see him in a catatonic state at the end of the episode, with his mother doing something to his body]].
** [[spoiler: this is likely to be the same binding spell that Cassie's mother had placed on the demon host in the show previously. So he's still alive, just catatonic.]]
* RefusalOfTheCall: Cassie, at first.
* ReincarnationRomance: Adam and Cassie's relationship. They are destined to be together. In the novel series, Adam and Cassie are tied together by the RedStringOfFate.
* ScrewedByTheNetwork: Despite decent ratings, the show was cancelled by Creator/TheCW after one season. Apparently, [[KickTheDog it's not even going to get a DVD release]].
** Though the complete series is available for streaming on {{Creator/Netflix}}
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Adam and Jake. Adam is the Sensitive Guy to Jake's Manly Man.
* SeparatedAtBirthCasting: Andrea Brooks, who plays the teenage version of Amelia looks likes she could be Britt Robertson's twin.
* SixStudentClique:
** The Head - Cassie
** The Muscle - Adam
** The Quirk - Nick
** The Pretty One - Melissa
** The Smart One - Diana
** The Wild One - Faye
* ShipperOnDeck: Ethan is a hardcore Cassie and Adam shipper, believing that they're destined to be together. He even convinces [[spoiler: Diana to break up with Adam]].
* ShirtlessScene: Nick. Lampshaded by Cassie when she wonders [[WalkingShirtlessScene if he even owns a shirt]].
* SingleLineOfDescent: The coven are all descendants of six witch families (twelve in the books). How six families managed to intermarry for 300 years without inbreeding is a hefty bit of FridgeLogic. It's later explained that there are other witches and circles within Chance Harbor, allowing for new blood to enter the coven, and while the Circle is made of six witch families, the previous Circle contained twelve witches (a member from each of the families and their spouse).
* TheSmartGirl: Diana. She is the one who is the brains and logic of the Circle.
* StarCrossedLovers: Adam and Cassie. Something...or someone, whether it is Cassie's father John Blackwell, or Jake Armstrong, is always trying to keep Adam and Cassie apart. Also including all of the other outside obstacles surround Adam and Cassie that manages to come between them.
* SuperpowerLottery: All of the witch and warlock characters have various strong powers and abilities. The powers vary amongst the witches and warlocks. Some of the common powers include:
** [[SimplifiedSpellcasting Spellcasting]]: The ability to cast spells.
** [[SummonMagic Conjurgation]]: The ability to call or summon an object, person, element or spirit.
** [[ElementalPowers Elemental Control]]: The ability to control different elements such as water, air, fire, ice, etc.
** [[MindOverMatter Telekinesis]]: The ability to move objects with the use of the mind.
* TheReveal: In "Balcoin", Isaac tells us that [[spoiler: not only is Cassie the child of John Blackwell, but someone else in the Circle is as well]]. This is just one of many during the series, though...
** "Crystal" reveals the child to be [[spoiler: Diana]].
* TokenEvilTeammate: Faye is a [[SubvertedTrope subversion]]: she has all the surface traits, but doesn't want to hurt anyone and is scared of losing control of her powers. [[spoiler: Jake, on the other hand...]]
* TroubledButCute: Nick, Jake.
* TrueCompanions: The members of the Circle, but some more reluctantly than others. (Faye in particular wasn't much of a team player at first.) Of course, in their case they don't really have a choice, since their powers only work when two or more of them are together.
* WhamEpisode: "Witness", which ups the [[HolyShitQuotient HSQ]] with its revelations that [[spoiler: the members of the old Circle were killed by witch hunters, ''not'' their unrestrained power, and the fire itself was started to kill Cassie's father, John Blackwell -- but he turned it back on the hunters and escaped, ''and is still alive''. Oh, and Adam's dad, Ethan, was present at the old boat and has his own dark side, demonstrated when he used the crystal to nearly drown Charles]].
** "Crystal" kills off [[spoiler: Jane]] and reveals that [[spoiler: Diana]] is Cassie's half-sister.
** "Traitor" reveals that [[spoiler: Nick is alive]] and has killed a number of the witch hunters.
** "Prom" [[KilledOffForReal kills]] [[spoiler: [[KilledOffForReal Nick]]]] [[KilledOffForReal off for good]] and reveals that [[spoiler: Blackwell arranged for the Circle to be born]] -- oh, and [[spoiler: Diana discovers to her horror that Charles killed Amelia]].
** "Family" [[UpToEleven outdoes them all]], fitting for a season finale -- [[spoiler: the Circle gets unbound by the creation of the Crystal Skull, Jake kills Eben and Charles drowns himself to get rid of the demons, Blackwell plans to kill all witches without Balcoin blood and build a Circle of pure darkness, and Cassie and Diana manage to turn the tables on him after the latter's own dark magic is unleashed]]...oh, and [[spoiler: Diana leaves with Grant at the end, unable to handle everything that's happened, though not before making some kind of peace with Cassie]]. However, it seems that [[spoiler: the other four Balcoin witches have arrived in Chance Harbor and are already connected to Cassie and Diana...]] It's a shame the show's been canceled.
* WhamLine: Specifically, the moment in "Crystal" when [[spoiler: Diana reveals she didn't help Adam and Melissa because she ''couldn't'' enter the mine -- she's Blackwell's other child and thus has dark magic]].
** Moreso the line that set it up from "Balcoin" from Isaac. "Cassie Blake is not the only child of Balcoin in the circle."
* WhiteMagic: This is the type of magic that all of the witches within the inner circle (Cassie, Adam, Diana, Melissa, Faye, Nick and Jake) all practice. Although, Cassie, along with Diana, have dabbled in BlackMagic from time to time.
** White Magic is the influencing of events by supernatural means. White Magic can often be split into dark and light, though depending on the situation, can also be neutral. Magic is both a genetic heredity and a studied technique that connects a person to the elements and forces of nature in order to practice sorcery.
** With White Magic, you don't have to worry about malevolent side effects. (There may be a sacrifical cost to prove your commitment.) Whereas evil gods tend to despise their human patsies, genuinely good deities tend to genuinely like their devotees.
* WitchSpecies
* [[YouKilledMyFather You Killed My Parents]]: Jake gets his revenge on [[spoiler: Eben]] in "Family" -- and it was a long time coming.