BBC series premiering in December 2011 staring David Jason.

Guy Hubble is an ex guard who works as chief of security in Buckingham Palace. He's unhealthy, accident prone, overambitious and easily confused, and his antics often cause dire situations for all involved, especially those security members who are aware of exactly how incompetant he is. However through some combination of dumb luck and leaps of logic he repeatedly manages to save the Royals from a variety of threats and gain the favour of the Royalty, much to the frustration of the competant staff who would like him removed from office, and kept as far away from them as possible.

!!Tropes include:
* DodgyToupee: Worn by Hubble to look younger: other characters claim it looks like a furry animal gripping his head
* FakeUltimateHero: Hubble
* TheFaceless: All Royal family are either obscured, covered or seen from behind when they appear.
* SerialEscalation: Most of the antics Hubble gets himself into which usually involves everything working out through a series of bizarre mishaps getting worse, and worse, until they work themselves out in the end... by sheer accident.