A [[FiveTokenBand Six Token Band]] children's show on Creator/{{PBS}} done with puppets. You can read more about it on TheOtherWiki [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Puzzle_Place here]]. The show lasted 3 seasons and a total of 75 episodes, and ran from January 16, 1995 to December 4, 1998, with reruns airing until March 31, 2000.


[[folder: The Boys ]]

* '''Ben Olafson:''' European (German and Norwegian)
* '''Leon [=MacNeal=]:''' African-American.
* '''Skye Nakaiye:''' Apache.
* '''Kyle O'Connor:''' Irish-American (and a Disabled wheelchair user). A SixthRanger who appeared late in the series' life.


[[folder: The Girls ]]

* '''Julie Woo:''' Chinese-American who grew up in UsefulNotes/SanFrancisco.
* '''Jody Silver:''' Lithuanian Jewish.
* '''Kiki Flores:''' Mexican-American.

Also in the cast: a cat and dog named Sizzle and Nuzzle, who usually took the role of the B-Plot. There's also the multicolored gibberish-speaking Piece Police who run the place.

The puppets were well done and the stories were quite {{Anvilicious}} but enjoyable even to a teenage viewer.
!!This show provides examples of:
* CaptainErsatz: The [[Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles Mighty Magic Pigeon Pirates]].
* ColdTurkeysAreEverywhere: When Jody was avoiding all bread during the Passover, everyone wanted her to try this special bread someone's mom had made.
* DeadpanSnarker: Leon.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: One early episode had Jody sporting ''straight hair'' instead of curls with no explanation whatsoever.
* FearOfThunder: Leon.
* InstantThunder: Averted in the thunderstorm episode. The kids learned to count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder.
* NiceCharacterMeanActor: One episode had Julie and Kiki meet their idol, a self-proclaimed "cute" singer. They later find out she's incredibly mean underneath.
* ShamefulShrinking: In an episode, Ben chews out at least two characters while he's trying to work out a puzzle. They visibly shrink as he yells at each one.
* SoapWithinAShow: One episode in which Kiki accidentally broke Julie's horse figurine spoofed ''Series/DaysOfOurLives'' as part of an ImagineSpot.
* SweetAndSourGrapes: Inverted here: In one episode about decision making, the Piece Police make different varieties of doughnuts for each of the kids, but they have to choose one at a time. Leon wants the cruller, but Jody has a hard time choosing which doughnut she wants, preventing everyone else from doing so. Through the process of elimination, she rejects the least desirable doughnuts until the cruller is left. Leon eventually tries to convince Jody that the cruller is "too plain" and trade with him, but that fails. After some thought, however, he realizes that the one he has probably won't be so bad, though all that is done away with when Sizzle and Nuzzle steal and eat it behind his back.
* ThemeTuneRollCall
* TitleThemeTune
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Kiki loves cinnamon, even putting it in her chili as part of a chili cook-off. It won first prize.
* TheUnintelligible: The Piece Police.
* WhenYouComingHomeDad: Jody's father.
* YouHaveToHaveJews: The show used Chanukah as the major winter holiday opposite to Christmas (including Jody getting mortally offended when Ben innocently stuck her menorah on the Christmas tree).