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A late-night television show on Creator/{{CBS}}, directly following ''Series/TheLateShowWithStephenColbert''. Previous hosts include Tom Snyder (1995-98), Craig Kilborn (1999-2004), and Creator/CraigFerguson (2005-14).

The current host for the program is English actor-comedian James Corden (who you might remember from ''Series/GavinAndStacey'', ''Series/TheWrongMans'', and [[Recap/DoctorWhoS31E11TheLodger two]] [[Recap/DoctorWhoS32E12ClosingTime episodes]] of ''Series/DoctorWho''). He is accompanied by musician Reggie Watts and a respective band. From time to time, Corden's family also drops in on the show for some added hijinks. The show airs new episodes regularly during the first four nights of the week, then takes a break on the last night with a rerun.

Not to be confused with the second longest-running chat show of all time (after ''Series/TheTonightShow''), which is made and broadcast in Ireland on Creator/{{RTE}}.

Specific series who have their respective pages:

* ''Series/TheLateLateShowWithCraigFerguson''
!!Tropes associated with ''The Late Late Show'' include:


[[folder:Tom Snyder's run]]
* BroadcastLive: In Eastern and Central time zones; also simulcast on CBS radio so listeners could call in.
* CatchPhrase: "...so fire up the colortinis and watch the pictures as they fly through the air." When the show was simulcast on CBS Radio, "colortinis" was replaced by "simultinis".
* GuestHost: On occasions when Snyder was ill, Jon Stewart and Martin Mull filled in.
* InstrumentalThemeTune: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnogdGj9U7U A saxophone piece by David Sanborn]] really captures the feel of a city at night.
* {{Motormouth}}: Snyder had mellowed a bit from his ''Tomorrow'' days but still tended to be extremely chatty.
* RearrangeTheSong: While the basic tune remained the same, the show used three different versions of the theme tune in the first year:
** When the show started, a [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o0_8B_DvR8 slower saxophone piece]] was used.
** By March 1995, this gave way to [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7RsqvGmkFQ a faster tune]] that finally was replaced by the theme that was used for the rest of the run by December of that year.
* SpiritualSuccessor: To Snyder's old ''Tomorrow Show'' on Creator/{{NBC}}, which was replaced by Creator/DavidLetterman's ''Series/LateNight'' when a disastrous format change killed it.
* StudioAudience: None. The guffaws you heard when Tom recounted his day (where the monologue would go in a more traditional show) were from the crew.
* VariationsOnAThemeSong: The show used [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3xFRvhf2X0 an even more upbeat version]] of the theme for at least the second anniversary week in 1997.

[[folder:Craig Kilborn's run]]
* {{Asexuality}}: A recurring skit featured Kilborn portraying "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdlVAvjvKec Sebastian, the Asexual Icon]]", whose entire gimmick is a complete disdain for/obliviousness to any form of sexual activity whatsoever, as well as a possible lack of (functioning) genitals. On a demonstration of the former:
--> '''Sebastian''': Whenever I get the urge to...''[[ADateWithRosiePalms touch it]]''...'''''[[SelfHarm I mace myself]]'''''.
* GuestHost: After Kilborn left, several people rotated as guest hosts[[note]]including Jason Alexander, Jeff Altman, Tom Arnold, Tom Caltabiano, Drew Carey, Adam Carolla, Tom Dreesen, David Duchovny, Jim Gaffigan, Ana Gasteyer, ''Late Late Show'' writer Michael Gibbons, David Alan Grier, Lisa Joyner, Donal Logue, Rosie Perez, Ahmad Rashad, Jim Rome, Sara Rue, Bob Saget, and Aisha Tyler[[/note]]. The guests were whittled down to four finalists D. L. Hughley, Damien Fahey, Michael Ian Black, and of course, Craig Ferguson who hosted one week each.
* MythologyGag: Kilborn also had the segments "5 Questions" and "A Moment For Us", which he had originated on ''Series/TheDailyShow''. He brought his "5 Questions" segment to his short-lived weeknight show, ''The Kilborn File''.
* RunningGag: Dick Vermeil's teary Super Bowl victory speech, the [=PG&E=] rapping grandmother.
* TitleThemeTune: "''The Late Late Show'' is starting. ''The Late Late Show'' is starting now...with Mr. Kilborn." Sung by Chris Isaak, no less.

[[folder:James Corden's run]]
* {{Adorkable}}: James is unabashedly gleeful at having this gig. He squees his way through each show and it makes him all the more endearing.
* BattleRapping: The "Drop The Mic" segment on James' run eventually got picked up by TBS for [[SpinOff it's own show,]] hosted by Method Man and Hailey Baldwin.
* BitingTheHandHumor: James gently tweaked CBS for their decision to fill the summer gap in the 11:35 slot between David Letterman's retirement and Stephen Colbert's debut with episodes of various prime time dramas by doing cold open sketches with a ''[[Series/TheWalkingDead Talking Dead]]''-style [[CompanionShow companion talk show]] for its reruns of ''Series/TheMentalist'', ''Talking Mentalist''. Later accompanied by a spin-off, ''[[ShapedLikeItself Talking Talking Mentalist]]'' (in which they talk about the previous ''Talking Mentalist''), and a successor in ''Talking Series/HawaiiFive0'', complete with bonus Chris Hardwick.
* CampStraight: James is an {{Adorkable}} musical theater star who loves 1990's Boy Bands and gushes over the likes of Lady Gaga and Madonna. If he wasn't married to a woman with two kids, you'd be forgiven if you assumed he was as gay as the day is long.
* ColdOpen: Unusually for a late night talk show, James does his monologue before the title sequence.
* {{Corpsing}}:
** In [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LWZQTm6_jQ&index=3&list=PLZ1f3amS4y1cTOLBfsuKTIoNKbw3C2GWD this installment]] of Celebrity Noses, the guitarist behind Reggie is just barely keeping it together whenever the camera cuts back to them.
** The members of Music/OneDirection are clearly laughing during the "BALL IN YOUR FACE" scene in the "Dodgeball with One Direction" sketch - the camera pans quickly so it's less obvious, but they're obviously laughing.
** James himself can't quite hold it together after a few choice ad-libs from Creator/NeilPatrickHarris during their Riff-Off.
** He also is visibly smiling when the audience starts singing [[Music/BillyJoel "Uptown Girl"]] in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ5G2-cvDQ0 this installment]] of "Audience Q&A."
* EvenTheGuysWantHim:
** Speaking of guest Creator/ChrisPine:
--->'''James:''' I don't know whether to shake his hand or lick his face.
** Creator/MattBomer evokes a similar reaction (complete with fantasy sequence!).
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Harry Styles of Music/OneDirection is a frequent guest and good friend of James.
* HiddenDepths:
** Despite his major role in the musical ''Theatre/IntoTheWoods'', celebrities in the Carpool Karaoke are usually baffled when James busts out a hell of a tune.
** James' dad is surprisingly good at playing the sax, as evidenced in his [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqfAlRclqqE&t=216s jam]] with Anderson.Paak.
* OhCrap:
** Eddie Redmayne's reaction when James shows a clip of him singing [[Theatre/{{Cats}} "Memory"]] from their high school years.
--->'''Eddie:''' I ''knew'' coming onto this show was a bad idea!
** Creator/NataliePortman reacts similarly when her old environmental pop group, the Earth Patrol Kids, are shown.
* OldShame: James loves to {{invoke|dTrope}} this by bringing up an embarrassing early project/experience of one of his guests and showing a clip or picture (much like Graham Norton, whose show's format is very similar to James'). The reaction of the guest usually elicits an OhCrap moment.
* PlatonicLifePartners:
** Creator/AnnaKendrick has been a frequent guest and good friend of James.
** Creator/EmilyBlunt is verging on this as well.
* PleaseSubscribeToOurChannel: On the June 8, 2016 episode, Corden brings up that Creator/WayneBrady had made a joke about a website called [=YourMomMassagesMe.com=] on the last episode, and learned it was network policy that CBS had to buy any fictitious domain name mentioned on his show so it doesn't get squatted by someone else. However, Corden agreed that this was an opportunity that they just had to seize, so [[LoggingOntoTheFourthWall they made it a real site where you could upload pictures of yourself and your mom to place in a picture of a stick figure massaging another]]. His discussion of it then turned into a ticket plug, suggesting that you should take your mom to a taping, and massage each other there. Then, it turned into a plug for his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, which turned into an OverlyLongGag in which Corden listed off every single social networking service or app he is supposedly on.
* RailEnthusiast: The whole joke in the ''Film/FiftyShadesOfGrey'' parody with Creator/JamieDornan is that James's deep secret is his enthusiasm for model trains rather than BDSM.
* {{Retool}}: This version of the show shakes up the format somewhat by having multiple guests come out and be interviewed together for the duration of the show (a common mechanic of British talk shows), rather than having them come out one at a time and sometimes having the first guest leave (the U.S. standard). Also, the seating arrangement is flipped with James sitting to the left of the screen rather than the right like every other host does. James also pulls his chair right next to the couch rather than interviewing from behind his desk.
* RunningGag: Reggie Watts announces James as being from a different city at the start of each episode. In recent episodes, he has begun saying a city, but attaching it to a completely different location. For example, he introduced James as being from Milwaukee, Illinois. There is no town in Illinois called Milwaukee.
* SerialEscalation: Music/{{Sting}} and James performed a sketch where they played [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y8UVtJbNJY rival singing waiters engaged in a war of oneupsmanship]] with each coming back with a more ludicrous way of performing for the restaurant's patrons.
* SideEffectsInclude: Invoked by a recurring sketch, showing side effects of various activities.
* TroubledProduction: [[invoked]]
** "I smell a good time, ''you'' smell a good time: it's time for Celebrity Noses!" It is purportedly some type of game, but [[https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ1f3amS4y1cTOLBfsuKTIoNKbw3C2GWD it promptly goes wrong in various ways]] (such as Reggie having issues getting the theme music right, the intro graphic glitching, James losing the cards, Reggie insisting the segment be broadcast online via Periscope even though it's going to be on TV eventually, "human error" causing intros for other segments to come up instead, and then the backdrop spontaneously catching on fire), then they run out of time and can't even do the segment. The Christmas edition went as far as doing a SmashToBlack after James was repeatedly told by the producer ([[CreatorCameo specifically, Ben Winston, the actual co-executive producer]]) that they were out of time. Of course, something eventually going wrong is the point of the sketch, but [[TheUnreveal it is still not completely clear]] [[{{Calvinball}} what Celebrity Noses is actually supposed to involve]].
** Also, one of the writers will play a fictional expert in some field (from science to even gift-wrapping) with the name of a European soccer player (especially those who played in the UsefulNotes/EnglishPremierLeague) to do a segment towards the end of the show. Unfortunately, Reggie and the band don't stop playing, causing there to be no time left for the segment. This usually results in the "expert" taking their anger out on James, to the point that they storm out of the studio, or James has to call for security.
** A segment where James is to take questions about him or the show from the audience is always thrown off by someone asking something irrelevant. Once, it was nothing but questions about the parking situation at CBS Studio City.
* WhatAnIdiot: [[invoked]] People who pick anything but "D: None of the above" in the studio audience game ''called'' "None of the Above."
-->'''Audience member:''' I'm going to go with "B".
-->'''James:''' I'm going to make sure you'd like to go with "B" even though the game is called "None of the Above."
-->'''Audience member:''' Can I change my answer?
-->'''James:''' Oh, no, noooo, you can stick with B if you want!