Series about young performers trying to make it big in Hollywood, all living in a converted motel called the Deluxe Suites (or "Luxe for short), produced by Epitome Pictures (the people behind ''Series/{{Degrassi}}'' and ''InstantStar'').

!! Tropes applying to this series:
* TheAllegedCar: Abby's mid-90s Honda Civic in the {{Pilot}}. Partly her fault; it has a huge pile of unpaid parking tickets and still sports Ontario plates six months after she arrived in L.A. so no surprise it gets booted and is never seen again.
* {{Bishonen}}: Nick. Joe Dinicol's [[OlderThanTheyLook 28]] and this is his first [[DawsonCasting post-teenage role]].
* BlackBestFriend: Discussed by Raquel, who thinks it's unrealistic.
* CaliforniaDoubling: Inverted. Mostly shot in Toronto.
* ChurchOfHappyology: The Church of Scienetics gets involved at one point. There's a reference to "Nexu" (pronounced knee-zoo).
* {{Expy}}: Abby's basically Manny Santos, down to the same actor and her boyfriend back in Toronto being a mechanic.
* IJustWantToBeSpecial: All the major characters want to be actors or other performers.
* OldMediaPlayingCatchUp: Subverted. It's been renewed on the strength of online views at []
* SelfHarm: Connor poured boiling water on himself, deliberately crashed his car and set his house on fire. [[spoiler:His sister]] used to cut too.
* ShoutOut: Tariq's first job in the music industry? Coming up with beats for an upcoming Music/{{Drake}} project.
* StageMom: Beth's a stage ''older sister'' to Simon.
* StylisticSuck: Nick's standup routine.
* WhiteDwarfStarlet: Raquel.
-->-We had a lousy timeslot.