''The Jim Henson Hour'' was Creator/JimHenson's last television series, and aired from April to July of 1989 on NBC. The first half of most of the hours was [[TheMuppets 'Muppetelevision']], with the second half a half-hour special showcasing what else Henson could do with puppetry (and one Muppet special, ''Miss Piggy's Hollywood''). Several episodes of ''Series/TheStoryteller'' that hadn't yet aired in North America were originally aired here, as was the one-off special ''Dog City'', which inspired [[DogCity a TV series of the same name]]. One character named Clifford would go on to appear in other Muppet productions, such as hosting ''Series/MuppetsTonight'' and appearing in ''Film/MuppetsFromSpace''.

Unfortunately, it didn't catch on. ExecutiveMeddling resulted in a far less structured show than Henson had in mind, leaving audiences confused, and the new Muppets were largely a disappointment. A common refrain from critics was that people should skip the first half of each episode, and only tune in for the ''Storyteller'' segments. As a result, the show was a ratings disaster. Twelve episodes were produced, but the ratings were so bad that NBC cancelled it after only nine of them aired.

!!Tropes featured include:

* BunniesForCuteness: Bean Bunny's role as the RidiculouslyCuteCritter is repeatedly lampshaded.
* ComplimentBackfire: Kermit gets the compliment-that-makes-you-feel-old from Vicki, who's been a huge fan of ''Series/TheMuppetShow'' since kindergarten.
* DancePartyEnding:
** At the end of "The Ratings Game", Kermit laments that the show's fallen to pieces and needs ''something'' to save it -- so Bean Bunny launches into "La Bamba" and the rest of the cast (including characters from the preceding sketches) joins in.
** The closing number for "Videotape", when Buster Poindexter hosts an "All Night Party".
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs: One episode that never aired on NBC, ''Living With Dinosaurs''. It subsequently aired in TheNineties on Nickelodeon.
* GreenAesop: In one story narrated by Clifford, and in others.
* HostileShowTakeOver: Gonzo and Leon try this, but it's less hostile than usual as Kermit relishes the opportunity for a break. Consequently, things fall to pieces as no one can decide who should have Kermit's job.
* LaughTrack: In ''Miss Piggy's Hollywood'', Fozzie Bear's set at The Comedy Store (a RealLife stand-up comedy club) is heckled by StatlerAndWaldorf. He then reveals he brought a laugh track with him just in case, and when he uses it for the same routine, it works so well that they wind up ''surrendering'', complete with little white flags.
* MassiveMultiplayerCrossover: In ''Secrets of the Muppets'', Rowlf oversees a meeting of various Muppet/Creature Shop dogs such as [[Film/{{Labyrinth}} Ambrosius]], [[Series/FraggleRock Sprocket]], the ''Dog City'' characters, and Series/TheStoryteller's dog.
* OminousMultipleScreens: Well, maybe not so ominous. The Muppet control room on consists of hundreds and hundreds of TV screens. This made sense, as the idea was that Kermit the Frog assembled the show by tuning into every television feed in the universe and picking the best stuff. This being the Muppets, characters could also get flung out of screens and into the control room itself.
* {{Revival}}: Of ''Series/TheMuppetShow''.
* TheScottishTrope: In the cheeky behind-the-scenes special ''Secrets Of The Muppets'', another program that wouldn't air during the NBC run but later appeared on Nickelodeon, it's revealed that most of the Muppets are very sensitive about "the 'P' word".
* SerendipitousSymphony: In ''The Song of the Cloud Forest''.
* SimilarSquad: An episode featured the characters receiving footage of an alien TV show starring the [[SdrawkcabName Teppums]], including Timrek the Gorf and Oznog.
* TheTapeKnewYouWouldSayThat: Gonzo leaves to do a poultry show across town, but has Digit 'pre-record' himself to make an appearence on [=MuppeTelevision=], and is just ''that good'' at predicting what will happen.

See the ''DogCity'' page for tropes from that special.