GameShow created by Creator/MarkGoodson-Bill Todman Productions in which two teams (six men vs. six women) played general-knowledge and survey questions, with one team attempting to bluff the other into a right answer. Whichever team knocked out the other won $1,000 and a shot at $5,000 in the BonusRound.

The show aired on Creator/{{ABC}} from July 18, 1977 to January 13, 1978 and was unusual in that it had two hosts CountryMusic singer Music/BillAnderson (who later hosted TNN's long-running game ''Fandango''), and former talk show host Sarah Purcell. Director and producer was Creator/PaulAlter.
!!GameShowTropes in use:
* BonusRound: An unusual variant involving 30 opposite-sex members from the studio audience. Each team member was asked a question, which was then asked of the members as well. Any member could agree or disagree with the answer given, and they sat down if wrong. Play continued for six questions or until the entire audience was eliminated. Any left standing after six questions split $500.
* Personnel:
** TheAnnouncer: Goodson-Todman stalwart Gene Wood.
** GameShowHost: As mentioned above, two of them.
** StudioAudience: Used in the bonus round.
!!This show provides examples of:
* OpeningNarration: "It's men versus women in a battle of the sexes!" (''portion of theme song gibberish plays amid vignettes of Anderson and Purcell "arguing"'') "Women or men, which is [[TitleDrop the better sex]]?"
* {{Pilot}}: Pretty much the same, except each team had ''seven'' people.
* SpellMyNameWithAThe: Invoked in the ''Magazine/TVGuide'' listings. Normally, the magazine removes the word "The" if it's in the beginning of a title...but they realized that people might be (understandably) turned off by seeing "Better Sex" in the listings, so "The" was maintained.
* SurrealThemeTune: "Hormonal Imbalance", by John Franklin Grimsley...which is male and females singing in scat.
* TransatlanticEquivalent: Despite the show's brevity, twice.
** An [[ Australian version]] aired on the Nine Network in Summer 1977 or 1978.
** There were two British versions. [[ The first one]] aired on STV in 1978, then moved to Thames. The second one went by the name [[ "Who's Bluffing Who?"]], and ran for a brief period in 1991.