''That '80s Show'' (2002) was a [[ShortRunners short-lived]] Creator/{{Fox}}-network spin-off of their popular ''Series/That70sShow'', with a new batch of characters living in San Diego during the eponymous decade. The show mainly centered around 22-year-old hopeful musician Corey Howard (Creator/GlennHowerton), who puts off his career plans and works at the local Permanent Record store with the mercurial mohawk-coiffed clerk June Tuesday (Chyler Leigh) and sarcastic, sixties-in-the-mind owner Margaret (Margaret Smith). Living at home with his yuppie, hip, new-money dad RT (Geoff Pierson) and college drop-out, earth-hippie sister Katie (Tinsley Grimes) who mostly runs the house and puts together a string of enviormentally-conscious (or so she thinks) home-business ideas. Rounding out the cast of characters is Roger (Eddie Shinn), Corey's Ronald Reagan-and-self-help-tape loving best friend and wannabe-rich-guy, with an endless supply of hair gel and [[BadBadActing incredibly awkward (and random) dance moves]], and Sophia (Brittany Daniel), Corey's openly bisexual ex-lover who becomes marketing director at Videx, leading to some unwelcome intrusions into the Howard Home and with a none-too-subtle crush on Katie. No doubt plenty of the usually wacky sitcom shenanigans, terrible hairstyles and jokes about giant cell-phones and Reagan-era material excesses in bunches.

No doubt inspired by the surprise sleeper success of Series/That70sShow, and given plenty of promotion for it's hyped mid-season slot back in 2002, the show instead flopped hard, receiving terrible reviews and overall derided as a work too beholden to the cliques of the 80s rather than one interested in character devolopment and coming up with more unique storylines. Despite being favored by the network, ratings never caught on and eventually the show was cancelled after it's one half-season of 13 episodes.

!! Tropes in this {{series}} include:

* BelligerentSexualTension: Corey and Tuesday, [[spoiler: of the SlapSlapKiss trajectory]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Margaret, to everybody.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Katie, who recieves plenty of attention from men... and Sophia.
* RecycledInSpace: Basically the same style and template of Series/That70sShow, only transported to a campier 80s setting.
* ShipperOnDeck: Margaret seems to be one for Tuesday and Corey, frequently tricking them into spending more time with each other.