2000-02 comedy series that aired on Creator/{{FX}}, which was more or less a satire of ''Series/{{Baywatch}}''. It focused on world-renowned lifeguard Notch Johnson (played by Timothy Stack), who was to this show what Creator/DavidHasselhoff was to the original. Creator/HowardStern was the show's executive producer.

The show poked fun at the genre in general, particularly the non-stop T&A and sexual content, by cranking it UpToEleven.

!!This show provides examples of:

* AbhorrentAdmirer: Mayor Massengil is this towards Chip.
* TheAhnold: Chip Rommel, the lifeguard played by Roland Kickinger, was a parody of Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger. Kickinger eventually played the young Schwarzenegger in the made-for-TV {{Biopic}} ''See Arnold Run'', and also appeared in ''Film/TerminatorSalvation''.
* BaitAndSwitchComment: When Notch is trying to infiltrate a porn ring.
-->'''Notch''': Here's my head-shot... and here's a picture of my face.
* TheBeautifulElite: Just as much as the genre it was ridiculing.
%%* BlackBestFriend: Jamaica
%%* BringMyBrownPants
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Mayor Massengil was dropped from the show when the actress playing her became pregnant.
%%* DoubleEntendre
%%* DoubleStandardRapeMaleOnMale
%%* DumbBlonde: B.J.
* FanService: Lots and lots and lots...of fanservice.
* GeniusCripple: Professor Milosevic, an {{expy}} of StephenHawking.
* GoldDigger: Porcelain Bidet, who is constantly scheming to flirt, sleep or marry herself into a fortune or an acting career.
%%* HelloNurse
%%* ImagineSpot
* InformedAttractiveness: In a deliberate parody everyone on the show apart from [[OnlySaneMan Kimberlee]] regards Notch as the hottest guy on earth. Meanwhile the viewers can plainly see that he is out-of-shape, pasty white, middle-aged and balding.
** Even Kimberlee and Massengil are pining for him.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny
* OnlySaneWoman: Kimberlee, who was the only one that seemed to realize how goofy everyone else on the show acted.
* ParodySue: Everybody is contstantly [[CharacterShilling shilling]] Notch's beauty and superhero-like abilities.
* PunnyName: '''B.J.''' ''Cummings'' (parodying C.J. Parker from ''Baywatch''). Supposedly got the nickname from her [[ReallyGetsAround "high school football team"]].
* RagingStiffie: Chip gains one while the gang went through a nude beach. Of course, we don't see it, but Notch tells Chip to stop bumping into him even though he's only a feet away.
** In the episode where an elderly Japanese man (played by Creator/GeorgeTakei) reads the events of the episode, his grandson gains one then it shrinks down.
* SorryIAmGay: Chip tries this to get rid of the major.
%%* TeenyWeenie: [[spoiler:Notch]]
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist: You wonder how a great guy like Tim Stack can play someone as ''revolting'' as Notch Johnson.
* VirginPower: B.J. is emphasized to be a virgin.